Hello and a warm welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and coverage of the India versus Pakistan match in the T20 World Cup. This is Abhishek Mukherjee, and I will be bringing you the live cricket scores and live cricket updates of the Match No. 19 in the T20 World Cup, to be played at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The build-up to this match has nowhere been close to the excitement that is generally around the India versus Pakistan matches, nevertheless, this game on Saturday night promises to be yet another thrilling contest. While the tournament’s red-hot favourites India are coming off a 47-run thrashing at the hands of New Zealand, Pakistan slammed a lowly Bangladesh by 55 runs in their first match earlier this week. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Pakistan, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, Match 19 at Kolkata

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 119/4 | Overs 15.5(18) | Win by 6 wickets with 13 balls to spare | Rohit Sharma 10(11) Shikhar Dhawan 6(15) Virat Kohli 55*(37) Suresh Raina 0(1) Yuvraj Singh 24(23) MS Dhoni 13*(9) Mohammad Aamer 3-1-11-1 Mohammad Irfan 2.5-0-25-0 Mohammad Sami 2-0-17-2 Shahid Afridi 4-0-25-0 Shoaib Malik 2-0-22-0 Wahab Riaz 2-0-16-1 Man of the Match: Virat Kohli

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 119/4 | Overs 15.5(18) | Win by 6 wickets with 13 balls to spare | Virat Kohli 55(37), MS Dhoni 13(9) | Irfan is back, Dhoni has got his helmet back. ONE. Dhoni steps out, Irfan changes his length, Dhoni adjusts and plays to deep third-man. FOUR! Short-pitched, and Kohli pounces on to it in a flash, cutting to the point boundary. ONE. Slow bouncer, Kohli controls that well, drops it down to his feet. SIX! Dhoni goes downtown, lofted on-drive, crosses the fence! ONE. Short, and Dhoni pulls, that was easy in the end.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 106/4 | Overs 15(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 50(35), MS Dhoni 5(6) | Afridi to bowl out, Dhoni now summons a cap. ONE. Dhoni is not going to take risks, he plays to long-off for single, hundred for India. FOUR! Kohli looks to finish things off in a hurry, glorious timing past cover! ONE. Off-drive, fifty for Kohli, what an innings this has been! DOT. That turned and brushed Dhoni’s back thigh, they appeal, not out. ONE. Dhoni flicks, he is happy to take singles. DOT. That takes the leading edge, no harm done.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 99/4 | Overs 14(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 45(32), MS Dhoni 3(3) | Aamer is back, as is Dhoni’s helmet. ONE. Kohli steers to deep third-man. ONE. Dhoni pushes to mid-wicket, all they need are these singles. ONE. Kohli calmly plays to deep third-man, Pakistan need Aamer to strike. ONE. Dhoni shuffles across and plays to long-leg, Pakistan need to stop these singles. DOT. Aamer comes round the wicket, Kohli tries to steer but is beaten, Pakistan need a couple more of these. FOUR! That is simply gorgeous, Kohli comes on the front-foot and cover-drives, he makes them look so easy!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 91/4 | Overs 13(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 39(28), MS Dhoni 1(1) | Afridi is back. FOUR! Regal! Afridi tosses up, Kohli drives it wristily through extra-cover, he makes them look so easy! DOT. Kohli defends. DOT. That turns sharply and beats Kohli’s edge! ONE. Kohli pushes to long-on. ONE. Afridi tosses up, Dhoni drives through cover. ONE. Kohli drives to long-on to retain strike.

Dhoni has walked out without a helmet…

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 84/4 | Overs 12(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 33(23), MS Dhoni 0(0) | Wahab. SIX! That is a Yuvraj classic, slightly short, the ball soars over mid-wicket into the stands. ONE. Outside off, Yuvraj has a go, top-edges, that was completely unnecessary. ONE. Kohli is as calm as a cucumber, steers that to third-man. ONE. No rush of adrenaline there, short-pitched, Yuvraj plays it past point. ONE. Kohli drops it close to his feet and sets off, sensible cricket. OUT! Was that a tad slower? Rank long-hop, Yuvraj hits it high, and straight down the throat of deep mid-wicket, that was not required, terrible stroke of a terrible delivery! OUT! Yuvraj Singh c Mohammad Sami b Wahab Riaz 24(23)!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 74/3 | Overs 11(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 31(21), Yuvraj Singh 16(19) | Malik. TWO WIDES. Fired down leg, Yuvraj tries to sweep and misses, that was wide. ONE. Flicks past square-leg. ONE. Yuvraj sweeps but does not connect. SIX! Into the stands! Kohli sweeps over deep square-leg, as clean as they make them, superb timing! DOT. Plays that cautiously to mid-wicket. FOUR! Malik tosses up, Yuvraj gets down on one knee and thrashes it through mid-wicket, fifty partnership between Kohli and Yuvraj! DOT. Kohli steers, but in vain.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 60/3 | Overs 10(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 20(16), Yuvraj Singh 15(18) | Wahab. FOUR! Kohli pulls through mid-wicket, and Sharjeel makes a complete hash of it at deep mid-wicket, very, very ordinary effort. ONE. Plays towards third-man, now they can relax. DOT. Plays outside off, Yuvraj misses. DOT. Straight on target, Yuvraj blocks. ONE. Short-pitched, Yuvraj controls the pull, the ball goes towards long-on. DOT. Slow off the pitch, Kohli plays it safely.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 54/3 | Overs 9(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 15(13), Yuvraj Singh 14(15) | Malik on, can he get the turn that Afridi did not? ONE. Malik begins round the wicket to Kohli, easy single with a flick to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Turn and bounce, brushes Yuvraj’s thumb and rolls towards third-man! WIDE. Malik bowls straight outside leg. ONE. Flicks past mid-wicket, fifty for India! TWO. Tosses up, Yuvraj sweeps, keeps it on the ground, Sharjeel is slow on the ropes. DOT. Tries to sweep and misses. TWO. Yuvraj plays through wide mid-on, Malik has to chase it himself, Kohli runs ferociously to complete the second run!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 46/3 | Overs 8(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 13(11), Yuvraj Singh 9(11) | Afridi. ONE. Yuvraj reaches out for it and pushes to long-on. ONE. Neatly placed by Virat to deep extra-cover, Yuvraj wanted a second, this time Kohli sends him back. ONE. Yuvraj sweeps, easy single. ONE. Goes on back-foot and plays to deep point, considered a second for a while. ONE. Yuvraj leg-glances, they are getting risk-free runs, the momentum is shifting ever so slowly. ONE. That typical wristy off-drive from Kohli, good batting.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 40/3 | Overs 7(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 10(8), Yuvraj Singh 6(8) | Sami. FOUR! Kohli! Short outside off, Kohli gets on to his toes and punches it behind point, that was top-notch! ONE. Kohli flicks towards deep square-leg, wants a second, Yuvraj says no, Aamer was the fielder. FOUR! Vintage Yuvraj, scorching drive between point and cover, a diving Aamer cannot cut that off! ONE. That was quick off the pitch, Yuvraj tries to pull but mistimes, that lobs safely in an empty space. TWO. Sort of inside edge, that goes towards deep fine-leg, good running. DOT. Plays to cover.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 28/3 | Overs 6(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 3(4), Yuvraj Singh 1(6) | Afridi on. ONE. Short, Kohli tries to pull but the ball comes on slower than he expected, does not time well. ONE. Turn, Yuvraj flicks behind fine-leg. ONE. Short, Kohli tries to cut but changes his mind in the last moment, drives to long-off. WIDE. Down leg, Sarfraz gathers well. DOT. Yuvraj flicks towards mid-wicket. DOT. Flicks to square-leg this time. WIDE. Once again, down leg, and once again Sarfraz does an excellent job. DOT. Bounce, lobs off the bat towards the empty short-leg.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 23/3 | Overs 5(18) | Target 119 | Virat Kohli 1(2), Yuvraj Singh 0(2) | Sami comes on, this may be an interesting move. FOUR! Excellent shot from Dhawan, pierces the gap between cover and point with remarkable precision! NO-BALL. Outside off, Dhawan plays and misses, but this will be a FREE-HIT! DOT. Dhawan hits it extremely hard but can only hit straight to point. OUT! That was quick and grew big on Dhawan, all he could do was to chop on to the stumps! OUT! Sami on a hat-trick! Raina is cramped for space, the ball takes the inside edge and sends the leg-stump cartwheeling! DOT. Wonderful bowling from Sami, once again cramps the batsman for pace; short of a length, ramming into Yuvraj’s bat. DOT. Straight on target. OUT! Shikhar Dhawan b Mohammad Sami 6(15)! Suresh Raina b Mohammad Sami 0(1)!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 18/1 | Overs 4(18) | Target 119 | Shikhar Dhawan 2(11), Virat Kohli 1(2) | Irfan. ONE. Short and rising on leg, Kohli is off with a flick to long-leg. DOT. Bang on target, Dhawan blocks again. DOT. Dhawan plays to point, Irfan is responding to Aamer’s good work. DOT. Plays on the back-foot towards cover-point, Dhawan wants a run, Kohli sends him back, Akmal can always be dangerous on the field. ONE. Dhawan is looking a bit impatient now, goes for the big shot but never times, the ball was in air and goes past square-leg. DOT. Takes off from a length, excellent change in pace, Kohli eventually leaves it.

Will the “ordinary bowler” remark come back to haunt India?

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 16/1 | Overs 3(18) | Target 119 | Shikhar Dhawan 1(5), Virat Kohli 0(0) | Aamer. OUT! Rohit goes after Aamer, that was overpitched, Rohit never timed it, that went up vertically, Malik took the skier at extra-cover. TWO LEG-BYES. Dhawan tries to flick but misses, that went to deep fine-leg, good running. DOT. Bang on target, Dhawan blocks. DOT. Excellent line and length, Dhawan blocks off back-foot. DOT. Once again, excellent line and length, Aamer has been impressive today. OUT! Rohit Sharma c Shoaib Malik b Mohammad Irfan 10(11)!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 14/0 | Overs 2(18) | Target 119 | Rohit Sharma 10(10), Shikhar Dhawan 1(2) | Irfan. FOUR! He gets the bounce, but Rohit is up to the challenge, cuts over point, and Eden erupts! WIDE. Irfan comes round the wicket, on the leg, Rohit attempts a pull and misses, a bit too wide. DOT. Outside off, Rohit lets go, Sarfraz collected it beside his ears! DOT. Rohit punches off back-foot, but Shehzad is electric out there, excellent stop! DOT. That was quick, there was bounce as well, hurried on to Rohit, he somehow keeps it out! FOUR! This time Rohit pulls it hard, off the middle, sounded like a whiplash! ONE. Down leg, Rohit leg-glances, easy single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | India 4/0 | Overs 1(18) | Target 119 | Rohit Sharma 1(4), Shikhar Dhawan 1(2)Aamer. Mohammad Aamer. DOT. Whooshes past Rohit’s edge. Remember, Rohit had called Aamer an “ordinary bowler” some time back, so expect Aamer to be pumped up. DOT. Aimed at Rohit’s hip, tucked away, no run. WIDE. Very wide outside off. LEG-BYE. On leg-stump, brushes Rohit’s pad, they run, Dhawan now. ONE. Dhawan flicks, they do not risk the second run that was probably there. ONE. Rohit plays to deep third-man, he looks composed out there. DOT. Ooooh, outside off, beats Dhawan!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 118/5 | Overs 18(18) | Sharjeel Khan 17(24) Ahmed Shehzad 25(28) Shahid Afridi 8(14) Umar Akmal 22(16) Shoaib Malik 26(16) Sarfraz Ahmed 8*(6) Mohammad Hafeez 5*(5) Ashish Nehra 4-0-20-1 Ravichandran Ashwin 3-0-12-0 Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-32-1 Ravindra Jadeja 4-0-20-1 Suresh Raina 1-0-4-1 Hardik Pandya 2-0-25-1 FIRST INNINGS HIGHLIGHTS: India vs Pakistan, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, Match 19 at Kolkata

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 118/5 | Overs 18(18) | Sarfraz Ahmed 8(6), Mohammad Hafeez 5(5) | Bumrah (why not Ashwin, may we ask?). ONE. Yorker, Hafeez blasts it to long-off. ONE. Good slower delivery, Sarfraz tries to pull but it almost does not arrive. TWO. Tries to pull but inside-edges, Jadeja cuts off the boundary, good fielding. ONE. Slower, again, all Hafeez can do is to sweep for a single. BYE. Sarfraz misses but they run anyway, Dhoni misses the direct hit! LEG-BYE. Slower, again, hits Hafeez somewhere close to the thigh, they get a run, Pakistan finish on 118.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 111/5 | Overs 17(18) | Sarfraz Ahmed 7(4), Mohammad Hafeez 1(1) | Nehra. TWO. Outside off, Malik cuts, easy runs. OUT! Malik went for the pull, top-edged, Ashwin takes the skier at long-leg, huge wicket! Hafeez emerges. ONE. Excellent yorker, Sarfraz connects, they run. ONE. Hafeez sweeps that, risky but connects. FOUR! Sarfraz at his best! Nehra attempts the yorker but gets a full-toss, Sarfraz was ready, he semi-swept it behind square-leg! DOT. Good bouncer, on target! OUT! Shoaib Malik c Ravichandran Ashwin b Ashish Nehra 26(16)!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 103/4 | Overs 16(18) | Shoaib Malik 24(14), Sarfraz Ahmed 2(1) | Jadeja. DOT. Turns and bounce, Akmal is squared up. ONE. Akmal waits and plays to point, back to the dangerous-looking Malik. FOUR! Jadeja pitches up, Malik sweeps hard and with panache, finds the fence, hundred for Pakistan! ONE. Nice turn again, Malik plays to point and runs. OUT! Akmal falls! That turned, Akmal went for the cut, was not short enough for the cut, takes the top edge, and Akmal walks! TWO. Sarfraz tries to flick, that takes the leading edge and lobs over Jadeja’s head, these are important runs. OUT! Umar Akmal c MS Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja 22(16)!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 95/3 | Overs 15(18) | Umar Akmal 21(13), Shoaib Malik 19(12) | Bumrah. ONE. Over-pitches, Malik blasts it through off but there is a fielder. NO-BALL + ONE. That came back, hitting Malik on the bat, FREE HIT. ONE. Intelligent bowling, wide yorker, single to deep point. ONE. Takes off from a length, easy run to third-man. FOUR! Low full-toss, these is regulation for Malik, smashes it to the cover-point boundary! FOUR! Not again! Another full-toss, and Malik casually flicks it, no chance of stopping that! DOT. Finally the yorker, and no run! India have conceded 28 from their last 2 overs, both off seamers.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 82/3 | Overs 14(18) | Umar Akmal 19(11), Shoaib Malik 9(7) | Pandya to continue. ONE. That takes off from a length, Malik counters the bounce and pushes it to long-on. ONE. Slow bouncer outside off, Akmal waits for to cut but that does not come on to the bat, plays to third-man for a single. DOT. Excellent slow bouncer, Malik did not expect that! SIX! Pandya pitches up, Malik reads the slower delivery and gives it his everything, that flies into the stands over wide long-on! ONE. Full-toss, Malik flicks to deep mid-wicket. SIX! Over-pitches again, right in the slot, this time Akmal gives it the full throttle and launches it into the stands over mid-wicket!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 67/3 | Overs 13(18) | Umar Akmal 12(9), Shoaib Malik 1(3) | Nehra-ji comes back. DOT. Akmal plays to cover-point, no run. DOT. Excellent cover-drive, but cannot beat a flying Rohit! ONE. Easy single to third-man, Bumrah cannot prevent that. DOT. Malik pushes to mid-wicket, no chance of a run. DOT. Outside off, huge swish and miss, not a wide. ONE. Low full-toss outside off, Malik plays to sweeper cover.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 65/3 | Overs 12(18) | Umar Akmal 11(6), Shoaib Malik 0(0) | Pandya (why, on a turning track?). LEG-BYE. Afridi tries to pull but does not connect, they run anyway. FOUR! Pandya bowls short outside off, Akmal waits for it and pulls coolly through mid-wicket. ONE. Pushes to Bumrah at third-man and sets off, Lala is back on strike. DOT. Bouncer, Afridi hooks, misses, and looks at the leg-umpire, but no luck for him. OUT! Pandya strikes, Afridi is late on to the shot, Kohli catches it, running in from long-on! FIVE! Overthrows! Akmal plays it to point and sets off, Jadeja’s throw hits the bail and runs to the fence! OUT! Shahid Afridi c Virat Kohli b Hardik Pandya 8(14)!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 54/2 | Overs 11(18) | Shahid Afridi 7(11), Umar Akmal 1(3) | Jadeja. DOT. Beats outside edge, once again. ONE. Afridi lofts but it is not the trademark booming drive, single to long-0ff. DOT. The edge goes towards point, Afridi calls for the run but Akmal sends it back. DOT. Turn and pace, that was flat and beat Akmal’s ege. ONE. Picked up by Bumrah at sweeper-cover. ONE. Slower, Afridi waits for it and places to the right of point.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 51/2 | Overs 10(18) | Shahid Afridi 6(8), Umar Akmal 0(0) | Back to Bumrah. FOUR! Good thinking! Shehzad gets down on his front knee and scoops that over fine-leg, Pakistan need more of them! OUT! Shehzad went for another one, he is unfortunately not Afridi, does not connect well and is caught easily by Jadeja, who ran backwards from point. FOUR! Lala goes big, Bumrah bounces, Afridi hooks, the top-edge falls just short of the fine-leg fence, where are those yorkers? Meanwhile, fifty comes up for Pakistan. The next ball goes below Afridi’s bat, that moved almost like an off-break. DOT. Afridi pulls, straight to Dhawan at square-leg. ONE. That bounces and pops up off Afridi’s bat (or glove), they get the run, where are those trademark Bumrah yorkers? OUT! Ahmed Shehzad c Ravindra Jadeja b Jasprit Bumrah 25(28)!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 42/1 | Overs 9(18) | Ahmed Shehzad 21(26), Shahid Afridi 1(4) | Jadeja. ONE. Shehzad plays to mid-wicket. DOT. HUGE turn, Afridi beaten. DOT. This time Afridi lets it go. ONE. Afridi sets off for a desperate single, gets there somehow. ONE. Quicker through the air, they get a run. DOT. HUGE turn, takes the outside edge, survival looks difficult on this pitch, let alone scoring. Afridi should, really, really, go for his shots.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 39/1 | Overs 8(18) | Ahmed Shehzad 19(22), Shahid Afridi 0(2) | Raina. ONE. Sharjeel plays to leg and sets off. TWO. Shehzad steps out, goes for the big shot, that drops just short of wide long-off. ONE. Shehzad plays to deep point and gets the single. OUT! Magical from Pandya! Sharjeel went for the short-arm pull, Pandya ran in and tumbled to take a spectacular catch! DOT. Plays back to Raina. LEG-BYE. Huge appeal, that brushed Lala’s pad and rolled towards deep third-man. Pandya, meanwhile, has left the ground. OUT! Sharjeel Khan c Hardik Pandya b Suresh Raina 17(24)!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 34/0 | Overs 7(18) | Sharjeel Khan 16(22), Ahmed Shehzad 16(20) | Jadeja. Remember, Jadeja was India’s best bowler when these sides played at Eden Gardens the last time. WIDE. Down the legs. DOT. Jadeja bowls straight and fast, hits Sharjeel on his thigh. DOT. Sharjeel sweeps, that brushes his gloves. DOT. Pitches on a length and beats the ball, what kind of pitch is this? FOUR! Well-played, or edged? The ball turned and somehow took Shehzad’s edge, or maybe he hit it, to the ropes. DOT. HUGE, HUGE appeal, that was straight and quick, the Indians go up in unison, why was that not out? DOT. Shehzad, desperate, dances down the track and adjusts at last moment, that looked comic.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 28/0 | Overs 6(18) | Sharjeel Khan 15(20), Ahmed Shehzad 12(16) | Ashwin continues. DOT. Shehzad plays to third-man but cannot get the single. ONE. Shehzad on-drives, comfortable single. ONE. Sharjeel plays with soft hands to point, they get another single, one gets the feeling he may cut loose some time soon. ONE. Short, but not that short, Shehzad cuts but does not time it. DOT. Slow and straight, massive turn, teases Sharjeel. ONE. Places to deep mid-wicket, once again, there should have been a second run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 24/0 | Overs 5(18) | Sharjeel Khan 13(17), Ahmed Shehzad 10(13) | Bumrah. ONE. Shehzad cuts the first ball past backward-point. DOT. Sharjeel lofts, does not time, that falls just short of Rohit at wide mid-on! DOT. Straight and length, Sharjeel attempts a pull, misses completely. DOT. Bang on target, Sharjeel blocks. DOT. Slower delivery, Sharjeel has a go, the ball almost rolled on its way to Dhoni. FOUR! Short and wide, easy picking, the pressure releases, end of Powerplay.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 19/0 | Overs 4(18) | Sharjeel Khan 9(12), Ahmed Shehzad 9(12) | Ashwin, that live-blogger’s nightmare, is back to bowl one of those 2-minute overs. ONE. Shehzad cuts and sets off. DOT. Woah, that turned and bounced, and took the leading edge, but Sharjeel survives. ONE. Sharjeel steers it to third-man, easy single. FOUR! Shehzad steps out and lofts over mid-on, lovely shot, that is also Ahmed Shehzad’s 1,000th T20I run! DOT. Lovely variation in pace, slow through the air, Shehzad defends. ONE. CRAZY turn, came back almost at right-angle, Shehzad gets it away with trouble towards cover-point.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 12/0 | Overs 3(18) | Sharjeel Khan 6(10), Ahmed Shehzad 3(8) | Nehra resumes. ONE. Shehzad flicks and sets off. ONE. Sharjeel times this one towards mid-on, easy single. DOT. Excellent line and length from Nehra, all Shehzad can do is to push it back, one can almost feel the electricity simmering underneath. DOT. Loose delivery outside off, Shehzad does not time. ONE. Shehzad flicks off back-foot, Raina dives full-length at mid-wicket to prevent any damage. FOUR! Sharjeel special! Over-pitched, Sharjeel simply lofts it off his leg over square-leg!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 5/0 | Overs 2(18) | Sharjeel Khan 3(8), Ahmed Shehzad 1(4) | Ashwin to open at the other end. DOT. Sharjeel tries to leg-glance the first, but does not get it going. DOT. Lovely loop and turn, beats Sharjeel’s outside edge, he may be tempted to go after Ashwin any time now. DOT. Fantastic stuff from Ashwin, SUBSTANTIAL turn! DOT. Excellent length, that one sped through, Sharjeel defends. ONE. Sharjeel plays to mid-wicket and sets off, a sigh of relief, perhaps, back to Shehzad. BYE. Oh dear, that went through Shehzad and beat Dhoni, they run a bye. Is Afridi ruing not picking the extra spinner?

LIVE CRICKET SCORES | Pakistan 3/0 | Overs 1(18) | Sharjeel Khan 2(3), Ahmed Shehzad 1(3) | Sharjeel takes guard, Shehzad at the other end. Nehra to start with the new ball. ONE. Nehra bowls short, Sharjeel pulls, that should have been two, but they decide against it. ONE. Shehzad drops it at his feet and sets off, back to Sharjeel. DOT. Outside off, Sharjeel cuts hard, but Jadeja is ever alert at point. ONE. Sharjeel pulls again, not the best connection, they get one. DOT. Shehzad flicks, straight to Yuvraj at square-leg, no chance of a run. DOT. What happened there? The ball stopped on Shehzad and popped up, but it was not possible for Nehra to reach there!

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE: The national anthems to start, this time in the presence of Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of Bengal. The Pakistan anthem to tee off proceedings, Shafqat Amanat Ali leading proceedings. Amitabh Bachchan did the honours for India. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, it’s playtime!

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE: INDIA: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah. PAKISTAN: Shahid Afridi (c), Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Sharjeel Khan, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Aamer, Mohammad Irfan. India go in unchanged despite the defeat, which is a smart move. The same side had won them the Asia Cup, and it had looked balanced throughout the tournament till the collective failure against New Zealand. Pakistan go in with the experienced Sami instead of Imad Wasim. I dare mention they will try to bowl India out with pace, with Aamer leading the pack.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE: India have won the toss and have elected to bowl. Dhoni says he wants to bowl first on a pitch that has been under cover. India have retained the same XI. India have retained the same team.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (7.55 PM): Good news! Toss is at 8.10 PM, match to begin at 8.30 PM, it will be an 18-over contest with 5-over Powerplays. If it does not rain anymore, that is. The Indians are out there, playing football, and Virat Kohli looks like he is having a lot of fun. The camera cannot help but focus on Rohit Sharma, who has seldom failed at this historic ground.

Picture perfect Eden Gardens. Photo courtesy: Tanmay Mukherjee.
Picture perfect Eden Gardens. Photo courtesy: Tanmay Mukherjee.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (8.09 PM): MS Dhoni and Shahid Afridi walk out, along with Chris Broad and Nasser Hussain. One can only hope there is no speech. Dhoni wins the toss and elects to bowl because “the pitch has been under cover for some time.” They retain the same team.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (7.44 PM): Imran Khan, no less, is out there. He thanks India and Kolkata for ‘the warm reception’. Next up is Sachin Tendulkar, who starts with kemon achho? “India-Pakistan matches have always been exciting,” the master announces. Mamata Banerjee thanks BCCI and ICCI (?). She also welcomes Amitabh Bachchan (her “friend, philosopher, and guide”, apparently) to the stage, and signs off with Jai Hind. Bachchan confirms that he is, indeed, Kolkata’s jamai-babu before moving to business. He signs off with a short speech.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (7.21 PM): Blue tarpaulin being pulled off the ground. The ground is being mopped up. The pitch looks fine. Super Sopper is on. The ground is jam-packed. Had Ravi Shastri not been Team Director, his voice would have been reverberating across the ground by now. This is Eden Gardens at its best, today, ready for India vs Pakistan, Virat vs Aamer, Ashwin vs Afridi.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (7.09 PM): As I told earlier, covers are coming off. Eden Gardens has clayey soil, and CAB came up with a novel idea to combat that. They had covered the entire ground with covers, with groundsmen sitting all over to stop water from seeping in. As the covers come up, let us see what lies underneath. One thing is for sure: we will have a delayed start.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (6.58 PM): They keep peeling the covers off at Eden Gardens. Meanwhile, Pakistan Women have beat India Women by 2 runs (Duckworth-Lewis Method) at Feroz Shah Kotla.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (6.50 PM): It seems the Eden Gardens ground-staff has done a tremendous job, now that covers are coming off. Local experts (read: old-timers at the ground) claim that play will start on time if there is no more rain. Meanwhile, play at Kotla continues to remain elusive…

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (6.40 PM): Rain has finally stopped at Eden Gardens, and covers are coming off. Meanwhile, it is raining in Kotla as well. India Women had scored 96 for 7, and Pakistan Women reached 77 for 6 in response after 16 overs. If there is no more play (cut-off is at 6.55 PM), Pakistan Women will win by 2 runs (par score is 75).

Eden Gardens, 6.40 PM. Rain has stopped, and covers are coming off. Photo courtesy: Tanmay Mukherjee.
Eden Gardens, 6.40 PM. Rain has stopped, and covers are coming off. Photo courtesy: Tanmay Mukherjee.

LIVE CRICKET UPDATE (6.15 PM): Chances are looking extremely bleak out there at Eden Gardens. There was steady rain in the morning, and it poured in the afternoon. It is still drizzling out there. Tanmay Mukherjee, one of our readers, has just sent in this photograph from Eden Gardens. They have managed to cover the entire ground.

Eden Gardens, at 6.15 PM; it is still drizzling
Eden Gardens, at 6.15 PM; it is still drizzling. Photo courtesy: Tanmay Mukherjee.

The Indian cricket team was shocked by New Zealand at Nagpur by 47 runs, as they were bowled out for mere 79 in their chase of a paltry target of 127. India started off on a poor note with New Zealand selecting as many as three spinners, who did the job for their side. Only one wicket fell to the right-handed pacer Adam Milne as New Zealand spinners Ish Sodhi, Mitchell Santner and Nathan McCullum shared a total of nine wickets between them. India did well with their bowling, but too many soft dismissals hurt their cause.

On the other hand, an erratic Pakistan produced an emphatic show in their first match to end their losing streak against Bangladesh. Before their ICC World T20 2016 match, Pakistan had lost as many as 5 limited-overs games on the trot to Bangladesh, but their batsmen finally stood up. Pakistan scored more than 200 runs, and Bangladesh did not have enough gumption to chase those many when their turn came. ALSO READ: World T20 2016: Why Dhoni should bat up the order on turning pitches

India are not likely to change their team for this match against Pakistan. India have a fine balance in their side, and their batsmen need to bounce back after the poor show against New Zealand. Pakistan too, are not expected to tinker with their playing XI. There was a bit of rain around in Kolkata on Saturday afternoon and the evening game is not expected to be affected by it. ALSO READ: India vs Pakistan, T20 World Cup 2016: Do India really need to change team composition after loss against New Zealand?


India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Ravichandran Ashwin, Hardik Pandya, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Jasprit Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Mohammed Shami, Pawan Negi, Ashish Nehra.

Pakistan: Shahid Afridi (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Anwar Ali, Imad Wasim, Khalid Latif, Mohammad Aamer, Mohammed Hafeez, Mohammad Irfan, Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Sami, Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Shoaib Malik, Sharjeel Khan, Umar Akmal, Wahab Riaz.

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