Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Day 3 of the first Test between India and South Africa at the PCA Stadium in Mohali. I am Shiamak Unwalla, and I will bring you all the live updates and scores from this match. India were poor with the bat on Day One, but their bowlers ensured that South Africa did not fare any batter. Ravichandran Ashwin was the star for India with yet another five-wicket haul. His 5 for 51 also helped him reach 150 Test wickets. In doing so, he became the fastest Indian to the landmark, with 29 Tests. Ravindra Jadeja and Amit Mishra took five wickets between them as well, as South Africa were bowled out for a paltry 184. Cheteshwar Pujara is unbeaten on 63, with Virat Kohli on 11 as India went to stumps on Day Two well placed with a 142-run lead. Live Cricket Scorecard: India vs South Africa 2015, 1st Test at Mohali

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 109 | Overs 39.5 | BATSMEN: Kagiso Rabada 1(12) | Ravichandran Ashwin takes out Dale Steyn! Steyn went for a big slog, ended up hitting it to Murali Vijay at long on. Ravindra Jadeja continues, he has four wickets. AND THAT’S FIVE! Jadeja’s love of five-fors continues! India win by 108 runs! OUT! Dale Steyn 2(9) c Murali Vijay b Ravichandran Ashwin, Imran Tahir 4(5) LBW Ravindra Jadeja MATCH REPORT: India pound South Africa by 108 runs in 1st Test at Mohali; take 1-0 lead in four-Test series

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 105/8 | Overs 38 | BATSMEN: Dale Steyn 0(5), Kagiso Rabada 0(0)| Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin are absolutely scything through the South Africans! Eight down now, and both van Zyl and Harmer are back in the hut! OUT! Simon Harmer 11(30) c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja, Stiaan van Zyl 36(82) c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravichandran Ashwin

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 87/6 | Overs 33 | BATSMEN: Stiaan van Zyl 27(73), Simon Harmer 5(24) | Stiaan van Zyl and Simon Harmer are sticking it out in the middle right now. Ravichandran Ashwin and Amit Mishra are the bowlers at the moment. Just seems like a matter of time now before the match finishes. And now here comes Ravindra Jadeja.

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 75/6 | Overs 28 | BATSMEN: Stiaan van Zyl 22(56), Simon Harmer 2(11) | Umesh Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja in operation, but Ravichandran Ashwin now comes back on. India need four wickets to go 1-0 up in the series. Incidentally, on South Africa’s last two tours of India, the first Test has been won by the Proteas.

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 60/6 | Overs 24 | BATSMEN: Stiaan van Zyl 17(41) | Sir Ravindra Jadeja strikes yet again! He gets rid of Dane Vilas cheaply and India are now just four wickets away from winning the Test and taking a 1-0 lead in the series. This is Jadeja’s third wicket. OUT! Dane Vilas b Ravindra Jadeja 7 (22)

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 59/5 | Overs 23 | BATSMEN: Stiaan van Zyl 17(41), Dane Vilas 7(18) | Ravindra Jadeja and Umesh Yadav start off after tea. This will be an engaging period of play. Both van Zyl and Vilas could look at this as an opportunity to boost their reputation in Test cricket. India, meanwhile, will want to finish the match and enjoy a couple of days off.

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 56/5 | Overs 20 | BATSMEN: Stiaan van Zyl 15(33), Dane Vilas 6(14) | Amit Mishra and Varun Aaron in operation at the moment. They are bowling quite well. Stiaan van Zyl and Dane Vilas are battling for survival. They will want to survive till Tea and take it from there. And they do. India will target finishing the match in the next session. The only way they will not is if one of these two batsmen plays out of his skin. TEA REPORT: South Africa tottering at 56-5 chasing 218 vs India at tea on Day 3 in 1st Test at Mohali

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 45/5 | Overs 17 | BATSMEN: Stiaan van Zyl 10(21), Dane Vilas 0(2) | Ravichandran Ashwin has now been taken off, and Varun Aaron is brought on to bowl alongside Amit Mishra. Given how well the spinners were bowling it is perhaps a strange decision. Anil Kumble on commentary points out that it is possible he is just on for an over to change ends. OH HE GETS HIM! Would you believe it? Short ball, and Elgar gets the most innocuous of top-edges that balloons in the air that is snapped up by Virat Kohli. OUT! Dean Elgar 16(47) c Virat Kohli b Varun Aaron

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 39/4 | Overs 14 | BATSMEN: Dean Elgar 15(38), Stiaan van Zyl 6(14) | Ravichandran Aswhin and Amit Mishra the two bowlers in operation right now. Dean Elgar and Stiaan van Zyl are batting in the first 10 overs despite batting four wickets apart! The batsmen are battling for survival. The 218-run target looks extremely far at the moment. It is important that Elgar and van Zyl break up the chase.

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 32/4 | Overs 10 | BATSMEN: Dean Elgar 14(27), Stiaan van Zyl 0(1) | Amit Mishra now comes on to bowl the 10th over of the innings. He had taken out AB in the first innings. India would love it if he can do it again. AND HE DOES! AB IS BOWLED! SOUTH AFRICA ARE FOUR DOWN! OUT! AB de Villiers 16(18) b Amit Mishra

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 30/3 | Overs 9 | BATSMEN: Dean Elgar 13(24), AB de Villiers 15(16) | Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin are bowling beautifully, but AB is unsettling them by moving around in his crease. This man is truly a class above the competition. Elgar is being careful at the other end. It will be a wonderful battle of mental toughness for both teams from here.

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 20/3 | Overs 6 | BATSMEN: Dean Elgar 10(14), AB de Villiers 8(8) | Ravichandran Ashwin comes on to bowl again. Nearly gets Dean Elgar caught behind, but Saha drops the chance! Meanwhile, AB has come out with only goal in mind: to win the Test. Ravindra Jadeja continues to bowl great lines.

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 10/3 | Overs 3 | BATSMEN: Dean Elgar 7(6), AB de Villiers 0(1) | Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin will dobutless have a huge role to play if India are to win this Test. Amit Mishra too. OUT! BOWLED HIM! Amla leaves alone a ball on middle stump that comes in to take out the leg stump! What on Earth was Hash thinking!? OUT! Hashim Amla 0(6) b Ravindra Jadeja

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 9/2 | Overs 3 | BATSMEN: Dean Elgar 7(6), Hashim Amla 0(4) | Ravi Ashwin and Ravi Jadeja are operating in tandem, and on a crumbling wicket they will be tough to play against. Faf is a good player of spin though, while Elgar has shown he has the ability to hang around. Ashwin continues. GONE! Faf edges to slip! India are on fire! OUT! Faf du Plessis 1(4) c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravichandran Ashwin

Live Cricket Score: South Africa 9/1 | Overs 2 | BATSMEN: Dean Elgar 7(6), Faf du Plessis 1(4) | Well, well, well! This is quite a surprise. Vernon Philander has come in to open batting! Remember, he had opened bowling as well. This does make sense though; Philander has NEVER been dismissed in the fourth innings of a Test! Dean Elgar to take first strike to Ravichandran Ashwin. Elgar gets an outside edge for three. Philander takes a single. Elgar gets a boundary. So an eventful first over. Ravindra Jadeja opens bowling from the other end. GONE! First ball! Jadeja strikes with his first ball in both innings, and Philander is dismissed for the first time ever in the fourth innings. Faf du Plessis is the new man in, on a pair. And he takes a single. OUT! Vernon Philander 1(2) LBW Ravindra Jadeja

Live Cricket Score: India 200 | Overs 75.3 | BATSMEN: Varun Aaron 1(7) | India living on a prayer at the moment. Simon Harmer has been getting some turn. Wriddhiman Saha helps India get to 200 with a couple of boundaries. Varun Aaron has managed to hang on for long enough to India to the landmark. Whatever runs come now are a bonus for India. Important innings for Saha. Imran Tahir continues. OH GONE! Saha looks to leave, ends up feathering an edge behind. That’s the last nail in India’s coffin, India bowled out for exactly 200, South Africa need 218 to win! OUT! Wriddhiman Saha 20(58) c Dane Vilas b Imran Tahir INNINGS REPORT: India set 218-run target vs South Africa in 1st Test at Mohali in Gandhi-Mandela Series 2015

Live Cricket Score: India 188/9 | Overs 71 | BATSMEN: Wriddhiman Saha 9(34), Varun Aaron 0(4) | Umesh Yadav comes out to join Wriddhiman Saha after lunch. How will Saha play now? One would think he will try to go into IPL mode now. Another 20 runs here will be good for India. Of course, even this 200 will not be too easy to chase. GONE! Simon Harmer takes his fourth, that’s the end of Umesh. Tried to go for a big shot, the ball bounced off his body and onto the stumps. OUT! Umesh Yadav 2(4) b Simon Harmer

Live Cricket Score: India 185/8 | Overs 69.1 | BATSMEN: Wriddhiman Saha 8(31) | Imran Tahir to bowl the final over before lunch. Saha has been solid at one end, but wickets have tumbled at the other. GONE! Tahir gets Ashwin to edge to slip, this is all going south for India. They have lost six wickets in the session, all of which have been in the last hour. That will also be lunch for India, who lead by 202 but with just two wickets remaining. OUT! Ravichandran Ashwin 3(9) c Hashim Amla b Imran Tahir LUNCH REPORT: South Africa fight back to reduce India to 185/8, lead of 202 at lunch on Day 3 of 1st Test at Mohali

Live Cricket Score: India 183/7 | Overs 67 | BATSMEN: Wriddhiman Saha 6(20), Ravichandran Ashwin 1(2) | Vernon Philander and Simon Harmer are pegging away. Wriddhiman Saha and Ravindra Jadeja have batted nicely. OUT! Harmer bowls a straight one on a turning track, and that has got him the wicket of Jadeja! And another! Mishra tries to sweep his way out of trouble and ends up giving a simple catch to Faf du Plessis! OUT! Ravindra Jadeja 8(24) LBW Simon Harmer, Amit Mishra 2(5) c Faf du Plessis b Simon Harmer

Live Cricket Score: India 172/5 | Overs 63 | BATSMEN: Wriddhiman Saha 5(13), Ravindra Jadeja 3(19) | A sudden spate of wickets has India in a tizzy at the moment, but Wriddhiman Saha and Ravindra Jadeja do not look very flustered, which is good for India. Saha has come out looking positive, and is defending well.

Live Cricket Score: India 165/5 | Overs 59 | BATSMEN: Wriddhiman Saha 0(5), Ravindra Jadeja 1(3) | Simon Harmer has not looked too threatening so far, but with a couple of wickets having just fallen India will be a bit more circumspect. OH HE’S GOT HIM! Rahane snapped up at short leg, and India lose their third wicket in four overs! OUT! Ajinkya Rahane 2(9) c sub (Temba Bavuma) b Simon Harmer

Live Cricket Score: India 164/4 | Overs 58 | BATSMEN: Ajinkya Rahane 2(6), Wriddhiman Saha 0(5) | Simon Harmer continues from the other end. Ajinkya Rahane picks up a couple of runs. So finally Imran Tahir comes into the attack on Day Three. GONE! Wicket off the first ball! Why on Earth was he not brought on before this? He gets the big fish, Pujara is out edging to slip! OUT! Cheteshwar Pujara 77(153) c Hashim Amla b Imran Tahir

Live Cricket Score: India 161/3 | Overs 56 | BATSMEN: Cheteshwar Pujara 76(161), Ajinkya Rahane 1(1) | Stiaan van Zyl and Simon Harmer are bowling quite well at the moment. They have not posed any tough questions, but the runs are not coming at a quick rate either. OH GONE! Against the run of play, Stiaan van Zyl has got Kohli to edge to Dane Vilas! OUT! Virat Kohli 29(71) c Dane Vilas b Stiaan van Zyl

Live Cricket Score: India 157/2 | Overs 53 | BATSMEN: Cheteshwar Pujara 74(146), Virat Kohli 27(59) | This has been a slightly passive passage of play. The bowlers are keeping it tight, and the batsmen are patiently biding their time. Stiaan van Zyl has started to bowl his medium pace as well. Simon Harmer bowling from the other end.

Live Cricket Score: India 152/2 | Overs 49 | BATSMEN: Cheteshwar Pujara 71(130), Virat Kohli 25(51) | Kohli has been quite impressive today. He is not batting with his usual fluency, he is playing a watchful innings. He has shown uncharacteristic patience, which bodes well for India. Meanwhile Pujara has been unflappable at the other end. Kohli picks up a couple of boundaries off Kagiso Rabada. Simon Harmer finally comes on to replace Vernon Philander. READ: Ravindra Jadeja: Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni have own ways of giving confidence to players

Live Cricket Score: India 132/2 | Overs 44 | BATSMEN: Cheteshwar Pujara 66(117), Virat Kohli 11(34) | Kohli and Pujara quite happy to keep defending. There are three full days left in this Test, so they can afford to take as long as they need to. Vernon Philander and Kagiso Rabada are bowling in tandem. This is one of the few occasions in this Test that two pacers have operated together. I expect we will see a bit of spin sooner than later.

Live Cricket Score: India 128/2 | Overs 41 | BATSMEN: Cheteshwar Pujara 66(107), Virat Kohli 11(28) | Vernon Philander is in for the first over and he keeps the line directed on the wickets. Cheteshwar Pujara does well to block a few of them, and the one that was on pads was flicked away for a boundary. India added three runs from the first over of the day. .

The big news of this morning is that the South African pace spearhead Dale Steyn will remain confined to the dressing room. He did not bowl yesterday because of the groin strain.

As reported by AFP, Ravichandran Ashwin battered top-ranked South Africa with a five-wicket haul to leave India in control of the bowler-dominated first Test in Mohali. India, shot out for 201 on a dusty, dry wicket, hit back to skittle the Proteas for 184 on the second day at the I.S. Bindra stadium.At the close tThe hosts were 125 for two in their second knock,an overall lead of 142 in conditions that are tailor-made for the bowlers. Murali Vijay followed his top-score of 75 in the first innings with 47, sharing a second wicket partnership of 86 with Cheteshwar Pujara, who remained unbeaten on 63. READ: Cheteshwar Pujara lays to rest No. 3 debate for India in Tests with steely knock against South Africa in 1st Test


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra, Umesh Yadav, Varun Aaron.

South Africa: Dean Elgar, Stiaan van Zyl, Hashim Amla (c), Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers, Dane Vilas (wk), Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Simon Harmer, Imran Tahir, Kagiso Rabada.

Live Cricket Scorecard: India vs South Africa 2015, 1st Test at Mohali