Hello friends! Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the fourth day’s play between India and South Africa, in the final match of the Test series at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi. This is Suvajit Mustafi, bringing you the updates on this blog. Yes, fourth day I mentioned. We finally have a Test that has gone this far and India are now once again comfortable placed, eyeing  3-0 win over the No.1 ranked South Africans. The wickets have been difficult to bat on but the surface at Kotla has held itself together better. While South Africans faltered again, India have shown how to bat on this surface. On Day 3, the hosts managed only 190 runs but lost just two wickets. We witnessed solid batsmanship from Indian captain Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane followed up his first innings century with another fifty. For South Africa, Morne Morkel bowled brilliantly with little support. Live Cricket Scorecard: India vs South Africa 2015, 4th Test at Delhi

Kohli and Rahane have put up the first hundred partnership in this series. Can they go and score their hundreds or will South Africa stage a remarkable comeback? Day 4 promises a lot of action with India on the verge of being the No.2 side in Test cricket. Catch all the updates here. Kohli is on his way to what will be well-deserved century if he gets it. As for Rahane, he has been sublime once again after being brilliant in the first innings also.

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Live Cricket Score: SA 72/1 | Over 72| Target 481 | AB de Villiers 11(91), Hashim Amla 23(207): Long hop from Ashwin and the 4th delivery has been cut to the fence by AB. First boundary for AB. Ashwin had once again bowled a leg-spin here. Last ball of the day and it’s a ripper. Missed the bat and stumps. AB gets beaten outside the off-stump.

It has truly been an interesting day of Test cricket. South Africa have scored 72 runs from 72 over and mind you it’s not easy to score like that. South Africa really batted well. To bat five sessions to save the Test, that’s the way to go and in today’s cricket we don’t often see such displays. Amla has led from the front with an unbeaten 23 from 207, and he received good support from Bavuma (34 from 117-balls) at first and then AB (11 not out from 91-balls).

South Africa have lost the series but it will be a monumental achievement if they can bat three sessions and save this Test. They will leave India with much more confidence ahead of their series against England. Here’s Pramod Ananth’s end of the day report

Live Cricket Score: SA 67/1 | Over 69| Target 481 | AB de Villiers 7(84), Hashim Amla 22(196): This has been some display of patience by South African batsmen. By the way Virat Kohli can afford to be more aggressive and have more men around the batsmen. He still has more than 400 runs to defend. Here’s another maiden over from Jadeja.

Live Cricket Score: SA 61/1 | Over 63| Target 481 | AB de Villiers 3(47), Hashim Amla 19(167): Fourth maiden on a row. This time for Ishant. Here’s an interesting Tweet:



Live Cricket Score: SA 60/1 | Over 57| Target 481 | AB de Villiers 3(47), Hashim Amla 19(167): So it’s Vijay and Dhawan bowling. The duo are now in a new partnership. Something that even they themselves might not have thought.

Live Cricket Score: SA 58/1 | Over 55| Target 481 | AB de Villiers 1(33), Hashim Amla 19(163): Would you believe it? It’s Shikhar Dhawan bowling the 54th over. And he creates two opportunities. An edge off Amla and Saha has dropped that. Was a difficult chance here. No, he didn’t edge it. Next ball, he gloves another one and Pujara’s at silly mid-off drops that one. Another difficult chance. Dhawan is tossing it up and Amla gets two boundaries in the over as he drives two through cover region. Jadeja bowls the next over and AB gets off the mark on his 33rd ball. Whew!

Live Cricket Score: SA 49/1 | Over 50| Target 481 | AB de Villiers 0(20), Hashim Amla 11(146): So Umesh Yadav has been introduced into the attack. He replaces Jadeja. The fourth ball bounced awkwardly and smashed to Amla’s gloves. There’s medical attention for Amla. So it’s another maiden over. These two have now batted 43 balls and the partnership is 0.

Live Cricket Score: SA 49/1 | Over 43| Target 481 | AB de Villiers 0(2), Hashim Amla 10(119): Ashwin has bowled brilliantly so far. The third ball was a leg-spinner and then with a classical off-spinner’s delivery he cleans up Bavuma. Ashwin breaks the resistance. That was a well flighted ball that pitched outside off-stump, came in, went past his outside edge to its destination — stumps. Bavuma wasn’t on the front foot nor back foot. You can’t play Ashwin like that. It’s an evident weakness spotted in Bavuma’s batting. To crowd’s delight, it’s AB de Villiers who walks out. What an ovation he got! OUT! Temba Bavuma b Ravichandran Ashwin 34 (117)

Live Cricket Score: SA 44/1 | Over 41| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 30(110), Hashim Amla 10(119): Oh! What have we witnessed just now. Amla drives that ball from Ashwin to the cover boundary. First four for Ashwin and it has taken him 115-balls. That has surely boosted his strike-rate. It’s not easy to curb your natural game and play like that.

South Africa start after Tea. Meanwhile, Murali Vijay has been fined for showing dissent on Day 3 after e was given out caught off elbow guard. You can read the report here.

Live Cricket Score: SA 40/1 | Over 39| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 30(104), Hashim Amla 6(113): It’s TEA on Day 4. Amla and Bavuma have provided some resistance. Only 35 runs have been scored in this session from 34 overs. Even crawl would be an understatement but South Africa have to play this way if they want to save this Test. It has been a wicketless session for South Africa. Read Pramod Ananth’s Tea report here.

Live Cricket Score: SA 38/1 | Over 34| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 28(93), Hashim Amla 6(94): Ishant Sharma now comes round the wicket. He is angling it across Bavuma. Both the batsmen have applied themselves and are looking pretty solid. It’s a maiden over

Live Cricket Score: SA 36/1 | Over 30| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 26(83), Hashim Amla 6(79): It’s Ishant brought into the attack. Bavuma plays that with an angled bat for a boundary. Next ball, Bavuma gets a thick edge and it goes between the fielders for a boundary. Runs after a long time for South Africa.

Live Cricket Score: SA 21/1 | Over 21| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 14(60), Hashim Amla 3(49): It’s drinks and so far in this session only 16 runs have been scored in 16 overs. Amla finally gets some runs. Well Amla couldn’t break that record and I am sure we wouldn’t mid that.


Live Cricket Score: SA 18/1 | Over 18| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 14(51), Hashim Amla 0(40): Sixth ball, short from Ashwin and Bavuma smacks that for a six. Boundaries have been rare here.

Live Cricket Score: SA 12/1 | Over 17| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 8(45), Hashim Amla 0(40): Fourth ball of the over and Jadeja gets that to turn big. It turns away from Amla and he is still to get off the mark. It’s now spinners on operation from both ends.

Live Cricket Score: SA 11/1 | Over 13| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 7(37), Hashim Amla 0(24): So finally some runs. Ishant bowls one outside off-stump, Bavuma pokes at that one. Gets an outside edge and goes for a boundary.

Live Cricket Score: SA 6/1 | Over 9| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 2(24), Hashim Amla 0(13): Indian bowlers aren’t giving anything away here. It’s another maiden from Ishant. South Africa are being extra cautious here. They have to bat for five sessions in order to avoid another defeat.

Live Cricket Score: SA 5/1 | Over 6| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 1(13), Hashim Amla 0(6): Play resumes after lunch and Umesh Yadav has been brought into the attack. His dismissal of JP Duminy in the first innings was fine example of fast bowling. Umesh knows this ground well. He has played enough cricket at this venue for Delhi Daredevils in the IPL. However, it’s a surprise that Ashwin isn’t bowling from this end. Spin is expected to yield most of the wickets for India. Umesh starts with a maiden and it’s Ishant from the other end.

Live Cricket Score: SA 5/1 | Over 5| Target 481 | Temba Bavuma 1(13), Hashim Amla 0(0): A wicket maiden. Elgar’s dismal tour comes to an end and once again it’s Ashwin who gets him out. Last ball of the over, Ashwin bowls a flighted one, beautifully angles it in, pitches and spins, Elgar looking to play a drive gets an outside edge straight to Rahane at first slip. Birthday boy Ravindra Jadeja bowls the last over before lunch and it’s a maiden. Read Pramod Ananth’s Lunch reportOUT! Dean Elgar c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravindrachandran Ashwin 4 (17)

Live Cricket Score: SA 5/0 | Over 2| Target 481 | Dean Elgar 4(11), Temba Bavuma 1 (1): Ishant to start the proceedings for India and he bowls a one-run over. Ashwin starts with the new ball. Elgar gets an outside edge and it runs away for four.

Live Cricket Score: India 267/5 declare| Overs 100.1| Lead by 480 | Ajinkya Rahane 100(206), Wriddhiman Saha 23(51): South Africa get the field in for Rahane to prevent the single. Rahane tucks it off the pad and gets a quick single. That’s his second hundred of the game. He joins the club of Vijay Hazare, Sunil Gavaskar (3 times), Rahul Dravid (2 times) and Virat Kohli. All these gentlemen have scored two hundreds in a Test match. Rahane has shown that batting wasn’t impossible here. This is  a step up for the young Mumbaikar in his career. He has shown tremendous patience and application. Read Pramod Ananth’s India’s innings report.

India have declared their innings. so South Africa need 481 to win this match.

Live Cricket Score: India 266/5 | Overs 100| Lead by 479 |  Ajinkya Rahane 99(205), Wriddhiman Saha 23(51): Rahane moves to 99 with a single from Elgar’s second last ball. South Africa have now bowled 100 overs.

Live Cricket Score: India 254/5 | Overs 97| Lead by 466 |  Ajinkya Rahane 94(196), Wriddhiman Saha 16(42): India going after Imran Tahir. Rahane got a six in the previous over from Elgar and now Saha has hit two boundaries. The short ball was dispatched to the mid-wicket boundary while the second one he times it well straight past the bowler for a four.

Live Cricket Score: India 237/5 | Overs 95| Lead by 450| Ajinkya Rahane 87(191), Wriddhiman Saha 6(34): Rahane belts the first ball from Tahir over mid-wicket for a six. Another hundred on the cards for Rahane. Hasn’t he been wonderful to watch. India’s lead has reached 450. This has been a dominant show by India.

Live Cricket Score: India 221/5 | Overs 90| Lead by 434| Ajinkya Rahane 75(177), Wriddhiman Saha 2(19): Abbot bowls a two-run over. The bounce has troubled the batsmen. There has been low bounce on offer and the odd one has jumped and taken the batsman by surprise.

Ravindra Jadeja, who is slated to bat next, is celebrating his 27th birthday today. Here’s his teammates wishing him on his special day.

Live Cricket Score: India 211/5 | Overs 86| Lead by 424| Ajinkya Rahane 68(169), Wriddhiman Saha 0 (2): Abbott strikes for South Africa. That’s bad luck and Kohli misses out on a hundred. Abbott gets that to pitch on good length. The ball comes in slightly and stays very low. That’s very difficult to play. Well played, Kohli. Wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha is out in the middle and Abbott bowls a maiden wicket. OUT! Virat Kohli lbw b Kyle Abbott 88 (165)

Live Cricket Score: India 211/4 | Overs 85| Lead by 424| Virat Kohli 88(161), Ajinkya Rahane 68(169): Last ball of the over, Morkel gives Rahane width outside off-stump and Rahane beautifully guides that over the third-man boundary for a six.

Live Cricket Score: India 195/4 | Overs 83| Lead by 408| Virat Kohli 84(156), Ajinkya Rahane 56(162): There’s no doubt that Rahane plays the new ball better. Morkel lands that outside off and gets it move a bit in but Rahane makes use of the width as he plays a confident square drive for a boundary. Five from the Morkel over.

Live Cricket Score: India 190/4 | Overs 82| Lead by 403| Virat Kohli 83(154), Ajinkya Rahane 52(158): Kyle Abbott starts the day with the new ball and bowls a maiden to Rahane.

Shaun Pollock during the pitch report said that it has worn out a bit and there will variable bounce hence batting won’t be easy on Day 4 and Day 5. It will be a difficult task for South Africa to save the Test. The players are out in the middle.


India: Virat Kohli (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane,Rohit Sharma, Saha(wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

South Africa: Hashim Amla (c), Temba Bavuma, Dean Elgar, AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis, JP Duminy, Dane Vilas (wk), Dane Piedt, Kyle Abbott, Imran Tahir, Morne Morkel.

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