Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and live cricket score updates, of the second Twenty20 International (T20I), between India and Sri Lanka. This is Suvajit Mustafi, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over live cricket updates and live cricket scores of the second T20I, which will be played at the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) Stadium in Ranchi on Friday night. The game at Indian captain MS Dhoni’s hometown Ranchi is an extremely crucial one for the Indian cricket team, as the touring Sri Lankan side are 1-0 up in the three-match series, and will be looking to seal their win in the second game itself. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs Sri Lanka 2015-16, 2nd T20I at Ranchi

Dhoni gets a huge cheer from the crowd. He did try out a lot of new things today but says that “experiment is a word that’s banned from Indian cricket.” Well, hasn’t he received a lot of flak in the past when they haven’t worked out. Shikhar Dhawan gets the Man-of-the-Match award for his blitz of 51 from 25. Now to Visakhapatnam for the decider.

India used as many as seven bowlers and these are the figures: R Ashwin 4-0-14-3, A Nehra 3-0-26-2, Yuvraj 3-0-19-0, R Jadeja 4-0-24-2, S Raina 2-0-22-0, J Bumrah 3-0-17-2 and H Pandya 1-0-5-0.

It was a complete team effort from the Indian side with everyone contributing. India have leveled the series.


 Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 124/9 in 19 overs | Milinda Siriwardana 28(20), Kasun Rajitha 3(7): Last over. Three comes from it. Rajitha fends the last three bowls from Bumrah to ensure they are not bowled out. India win by 69 runs. This is India’s third largest win in terms of runs.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 124/9 in 19 overs | Batting: Milinda Siriwardana 26(18), Kasun Rajitha 2(3): So Hardik Pandya will get an over here. Over goes: 1,1,0,1,1,1. Five from it. Now Sri Lanka require 73 from the final over.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 119/9 in 18 overs | Batting: Milinda Siriwardana 22 (15): Bumrah continues. Starts with a slower one and then fires in another brilliant yorker. Now it is a straight delivery and Senanayake is caught leg-before. Chameera is the new man in and he is bowled with a fast one that comes in. That breaks the stump. Brilliant over from Bumrah. Isn’t he a find? All deliveries were full length. OUT! Sachitra Senanayake lbw b J Bumrah 0 (2) OUT! Dushmanta Chameera b Bumrah 0 (3)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 118/7 in 17 overs | Batting: Milinda Siriwardana 22 (14), Sachitra Senanayake 0(0):Ashwin is into the attack and he bowls a leg-spin. It’s a long hop, Shanuka looks to clear long-off but finds Raina there. It is Perera who departs next. Earlier, he took a hat-trick and now gets a duck. Goes for a wild swing and finds Rahane at short thirdman. Ashwin finishes with 4-0-14-3. OUT! Thisara Perera c A Rahane b R Ashwin 0 (1) OUT! Dasun Shanaka c S Raina b R Ashwin 27 (18)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 115/5 in 16 overs | Batting: Milinda Siriwardana 19(10), Dasun Shanaka 27(17):Bumrah is finally into the attack and he starts with two brilliant yorkers. Bumrah brings something to India’s bowling that was not a regularity. SL batsmen get into the act and 13 comes from it.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 102/5 in 15 overs | Batting: Milinda Siriwardana 14(8), Dasun Shanaka 20(13):Shanaka is a dangerous batsman and can he do it for SL today. He smacks Raina for two sixes in that over. 16 comes from it. It may be out of Lanka’s reach but they won’t be too upset if they come close to India’s total.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 86/5 in 14 overs | Batting: Milinda Siriwardana 12(6), Dasun Shanaka 6(9): Jadeja tosses the first ball up and Siriwardana clears the midwicket fence for a six. 11 from the over. Good one for SL but it maybe a bit too late. But this game is full of uncertainties.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 75/5 in 13 overs | Batting: Milinda Siriwardana 4(3), Dasun Shanaka 3(6): Raina is into attack. The over goes: 0,2,1,1,1.1.Only six from it.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 69/5 in 12 overs | Batting: Milinda Siriwardana 0(0), Dasun Shanaka 1(3): Jadeja finally gets Kapugedera. Pandya takes a running from long-on. And Dhoni gets into his stumping act again. Incredible piece of glove-work. The well set Chandimal is dismissed stumped. OUT! Chamara Kapugedera c H Pandya b R Jadeja 32 (27) OUT! Dinesh Chandimal st MS Dhoni b R Jadeja 31 (30)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 53/3 in 11 overs | Batting: Dinesh Chandimal 30(28), Chamara Kapugedera 32(26): Yuvraj to continue. Kapugedera steps out lookigng to clear the long off, Yuvraj drops it short and Rohit takes a magnificent catch. Well replays show, it grazed the grass. So that’s not out. But what an effort. Chandimal now goes hard towards long-off boundary and Rohit misfields this time. Jams his knee on the turf and hurts himself. Nothing serious though. India can’t afford serious injuries.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 59/3 in 10 overs | Batting: Dinesh Chandimal 24(25), Chamara Kapugedera 30(23): Jadeja bowls another good one. SL can’t break free. Only six runs comes from it.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 53/3 in 9 overs: Kapugedera clears the long-off and that’s a six. He can hit those. However, Yuvraj comes back strong. and concedes three from his next five balls. SL need big hits and both these batsman can get them.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 45/3 in 8 overs | Batting: Dinesh Chandimal 19(20), Chamara Kapugedera 21(12): Jadeja is into the attack. So Dhoni now attacking Lankans with two left-arm spinners. Here’s another left -arm spinner more renowned for his batting, tweets:

Another good over for India, only five from it. Truly, SL are missing Kusal Perera, who bats a lot like Jayasuriya himself

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 40/3 in 7 overs | Batting: Dinesh Chandimal 17(18), Chamara Kapugedera 18(12):With Dhoni, you can’t predict anything, can you? It’s Yuvraj Singh into the attack and he bowls a tight one. Only three from it. India getting away with some precious overs. Yuvraj uses experience here and outdoes the Lankan batsmen.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 37/3 in 6 overs | Batting: Dinesh Chandimal 16(14), Chamara Kapugedera 16(10): Nehra to continue. It is his third over. Sri Lanka trying to break loose.  The over goes 2, 0, 1 and then Kapugedara smacks one in the mid wicket region for a four. The next one is a better shot. Caresses that one through covers for a boundary.12 from the over.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 25/3 in 5 overs | Batting: Dinesh Chandimal 13(11), Chamara Kapugedera 7(7): Another dry over for Sri Lanka. Ashwin sneaks in another tidy over and only four comes from it.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 21/3 in 4 overs | Batting: Dinesh Chandimal 11(8), Chamara Kapugedera 5(4): Chandimal drives the first ball, three runs comes from it. Pandya stretches full to prevent that one from going to the boundary. Gunathilaka is dismissed. Gets an inside edge and Dhoni grabs it. Brilliant stuff from Nehra. Good bouncer to Kapugedara, gets top edge to boundary. OUT! Danushka Gunathilaka c MS Dhoni b A Nehra 2 (7)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 13/2 in 3 overs | Batting: Danushka Gunathilaka 2(6), Dinesh Chandimal 8(7): Another very good over from Ashwin as only four comes from it. India are tightening things right from the start.

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 9/2 in 2 overs | Batting: Danushka Gunathilaka 0(2), Dinesh Chandimal 6(5): Nehra to start from the other endPrasanna looks to clear the in field and Yuvraj dives forward to take that one. Brilliant catch and Sri Lanka is in some deep trouble. Captain Chandimal walks out. Ends the over with a boundary through the cover region. OUT! Seekuge Prasanna c Yuvraj Singh b A Nehra 1 (4)

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka 3/1 in 1 over | Batting: Danushka Gunathilaka 0(2), Seekuge Prasanna 1(3): Ashwin starts with a wide and then gets the big wicket of Dishan. Teases him with a tossed up and Dishan is out of the crease and that’s a lightening fast stumping from the local boy. Isn’t he the best with stumping? He holds the record for most stumpings in international cricket and the tally only increases. OUT! Tillakaratne  Dilshan st MS Dhoni b RAshwin 0 (1)

Do you think India have done enough? This is a game of uncertainties and India have a good score on the board. However, they were 70 for no loss after 6 overs and 220 from there should have been the target. Sri Lanka’s batting wears a strong look with the return of Dilshan. Chandimal is there but also they have Shanaka, who carries a massive reputation. It will be an interesting run chase.

  This had to be the highlight. Good ball and brilliant catch:


Live Cricket Score, India 196/6 in 20overs | Batting: MS Dhoni 9(5), Ravindra Jadeja 1 (1): Chameera to bowl the last over of the innings. Dhoni gets a single, Jadeja gets his captain on strike. Dot ball, two and another two, thanks to a misfield. Can Dhoni clear his home ground? No, he doesn’t, gets an inside edge to the fine-leg boundary for a four.

Live Cricket Score, India 186/6 in 19 overs | Batting: MS Dhoni 0(0), Ravindra Jadeja 0(0): Perera comes into the attack and this will be a crucial over. He starts with a low full-toss and Raina gets a single. Bowls a wide and India steal a quick single. Raina now clubs one to the long-off for a single. Pandya moves to off-side, Perera follows him but the batsman intelligently places that in the vacant mid-wicket region and runs two. Perera bowls another wide. Pandya now goes for an ambitious shot and is caught at long-on. Dhoni walks out to bat and fans at Ranchi erupt. Pandya plays his part well. Raina looking to scoop one is caught at square-leg. Perera is on a hat-trick and he gets it! Yuvraj looks to clear the long-on boundary and is held there. You can’t blame the batsman, he had to go for the big one. Good bowling, it’s the fourth T20I hat-trick.  

OUT! Hardik Pandya c D Gunathilaka b T Perera 27 (12)

OUT! Suresh Raina c D Chameera b T Perera 30 (19)

OUT! Yuvraj Singh c S Senanayake b T Perera 0 (1)

Live Cricket Score, India 179/3 in 18 overs | Batting: Suresh Raina 28(16), Hardik Pandya 25 (10): Raina anticipates the short ball from Chameera, walks across the stumps and pulls it in the short fine-leg region for a boundary. He belts the second one to the mid-wicket region for a four. Raina gets into the act. Raina moves back and Chameera follows it with a wide ball outside off-stump. Another run for India. Doesn’t time that one well, misfield and another boundary in the mid-wicket region. A dot ball and Raina now gets an outside edge for a boundary. The 50-partnership is up between the two in 23 balls.

Live Cricket Score, India 161/3 in 17 overs | Batting: Suresh Raina 11(10), Hardik Pandya 25 (10): A bit too short from Senanayake and Pandya sends it deep midwicket stand for a six. He follows that with another one over long-on. This man can hit. He recently hit a Delhi bowler for 34 runs in an over in Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy in January. Senanayake bowls a yorker to Pandya. Good comeback from the off-spinner. 16 from the over.

Live Cricket Score, India 145/3 in 16 overs | Batting: Suresh Raina 9(8), Hardik Pandya 11 (6):Rajitha to Pandya and the Baroda lad smacks that one to midwicket boundary. Well played! This guy can hit some big ones, we have seen it in IPL. 1, wide, 1 and the whips one past cover in Dhoni-style for 2. Pandya is playing his part. He has been asked to go and express and he is doing that. Now tries a slog and gets outside edge to thirdman for a single. Raina to play the last ball. Raina plays an uppish drive over the cover, beats the man for a boundary.

Live Cricket Score, India 131/3 in 15 overs | Batting: Suresh Raina 4(6), Hardik Pandya3 (2):Rahane is too early for a pull, gets a top edge and its straight to Dilshan at cover. Pandya comes ahead of Yuvraj. That is interesting. OUT! Ajinkya Rahane c T Dilshan b S Senanayake 25(21)

 Live Cricket Score, India 127/2 in 14 overs | Batting: Ajinkya Rahane 25(19), Suresh Raina 4(3): Chameera takes an outstanding caught and bowled to send back Rohit Sharma. He is one a hat-trick. Brilliantly set-up. Slower ball and Rohit is early into his shot, ball lobs and the bowler dives full length on the pitch to pouch that. Wonderful stuff! He peppers Raina with a couple of short balls. Only five from his over. Impressive OUT! Rohit Sharma c & b D Chameera 43 (36)

Live Cricket Score, India 122/1 in 13 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 43(35), Ajinkya Rahane 24(18):The other hero of the Pune game, Dasun Shanaka is brought into the attack. He claims to be a batting all-rounder and has two T20 hundreds. He picked 3 wickets in the last game. He starts with a dot and only two comes from next two. Fourth ball, Rahane drills one over mid-off for a boundary and can you believe it, Rahane looks to run one down the third-man and Rajitha misfields and it’s a boundary. The over ends with two. Good over for India. They are back on track.

Live Cricket Score, India 110/1 in 12 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 42(34), Ajinkya Rahane 13(13): Prasanna to bowl his third over. Considering the way India were batting, his figures of 2-0-11-0 looks wonderful. Four singles from the first four balls, can he pull off another good over? Rohit goes for a heave and misses out. The final ball is a short one, Rohit pulls it over deep mid-wicket region for a massive six.

Live Cricket Score, India 100/1 in 11 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 34(30), Ajinkya Rahane 11(11): Rajitha comes for another spell. Four runs from the first four balls and then he bowls a bouncer. It is called a wide. He bowls a much better over.

Live Cricket Score, India 93/1 in 10 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 30(27), Ajinkya Rahane 9(8): Another good over from Prasanna. Six comes from it. Meanwhile, Twitterati troll the Ranchi pitch:




Live Cricket Score, India 87/1 in 9 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 27(24), Ajinkya Rahane 6(5): Now it is time for some left-arm spin. Siriwardena is into the attack. He starts with an unplayable one. That grips the surface and spins away sharply to the keeper. Fifth ball is on the shorter side and Rahane dispatches it to the deep-mid-wicket region for a boundary.

Live Cricket Score, India 80/1 in 8 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 25(20), Ajinkya Rahane 2(3): Seekuge Prasanna is into the attack. Dhawan scored the fifth fastest fifty in T20I for India. Here’s the list. 12-Yuvraj Singh 19- Gautam Gambhir 20-Yuvraj Singh 20-Yuvraj Singh 22-Shkhar Dhawan Another good over for Sri Lanka. They won’t mind these five-run overs.

Live Cricket Score, IND 75/1 in 7 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 22(17), Ajinkya Rahane 0(0): Dushmanta Chameera has been brought into the attack. Dhawan gets a two off the second ball in the point region and brings up his maiden T20I fifty. Last ball from Chameera gets him a wicket. A faster one from Chameera, catches Dhawan with a surprise as he looks to chip it over third-man, edges it to the wicketkeeper. Good over for Sri Lanka and a very good knock from Dhawan comes to an end. India need to carry the momentum. OUT! Shikhar Dhawan c D Chandimal b D Chameera 51 (25)

Live Cricket Score, India 70/0 in 6 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 20(15), Shikhar Dhawan 48(21): Perera is back in the attack. The over goes: 1, wide,1,1, 2 from a misfield and another wide. Indian batting has had a plan but Chandimal seems to lack one. You can’t give easy extras. Dhawan is batting outside the crease, makes one on off-stump a half-volley and caresses through covers for a boundary. Follows it with another boundary in the fine-leg region. Read: India off to explosive against Sri Lanka in 2nd T20I at Ranchi

Live Cricket Score, India 55/0 in 5 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 18(13), Shikhar Dhawan 37(17): Senanayake continues. Three singles and then one short and he is pulled towards square-leg region for a boundary. Another sweep from Dhawan, this time from outside off-stump for a four. What a start!

Live Cricket Score, India 44/0 in 4 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 16(11), Shikhar Dhawan 28(13): Change of ends for Rajitha and Rohit hammers him over mid-off for a boundary. The run riot seems to have just begin. Two nights before, he seemed unplayable and now Indians are having a great time. Dhawan smacks one in the cover region for a boundary and not good bowling, he follows that with a full-toss and Dhawan places it to the off-side boundary. Guess what, the final ball is a wide one and Dhawan launches on to it and smacks it for another boundary. 17 from the over.

Live Cricket Score, India 27/0 in 3 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 11(9), Shikhar Dhawan 16(9): Straight away SL go with spin. Senanayake is into the attack.  Dhawan sweeps him over the square-leg boundary for another massive six. Nine from the over. The game is being played in Dhoni’s home ground. Isn’t he a brand’s favourite?

Live Cricket Score, India 18/0 in 2 overs | Batting: Rohit Sharma 9(7), Shikhar Dhawan 9(5): Thisara Perera to start from the other end. Rohit gets a single and Dhawan flicks one in the deep mid-wicket region for two. The deck looks very good to bat on. Dhawan beautifully times the last ball over mid-wicket for a six.

Live Cricket Score, India 7/0 in 1 over | Batting: Rohit Sharma 7(4), Shikhar Dhawan 0(2): Kasun Rajitha to start the proceedings. Remember the havoc he created in his first over in the last match. Can he have another dream start here? The pitch looks more true here. first ball, outside off-stump, Rohit makes use of the width and smacks it for a boundary. There is some stoppage in the play , thanks to the movement behind the sight-screen. How many times have we seen this in international cricket? Rohit now flicks the second ball for two runs. Rohit glides one down to the third-man for a single. Do you think India have missed out the chance to play Pawan Negi or Harbhajan Singh. The track at Ranchi is expected to turn.


TOSS UPDATE: Sri Lanka won the toss, elect to field first. As expected, Dilshan will replace Dickwella. India go with an unchanged side.

Sri Lanka trumped India by 5 wickets in a low-scoring encounter on Tuesday night. India were bowled out for a paltry 101 in 18.5 overs — their second lowest T20I total at home — with Ravichandran Ashwin top scoring with 31 runs. India’s top-order sorely missed the presence of Virat Kohli, as they struggled to put runs on board. ALSO READ – MS Dhoni and Ranchi: Will India vs Sri Lanka 2015-16 2nd T20I finally see a big innings from Captain Cool?

The pitch for the first T20I surprised one and all — it resembled a typical English wicket with lot of grass over it. Dhoni admitted that the pitch was double-paced and the batsmen faced difficulties scoring runs. However, the pitch should not be a worry at the JSCA Stadium in Ranchi, as it looks like a thoroughly dry deck with plenty of turn in offering. ALSO READ – India vs Sri Lanka 2015-16, 2nd T20I at Ranchi: Five things the hosts must do to win

Both India are likely to retain their playing XI, while a fit Tillakaratne Dilshan will walk into the Lankan side. While the touring side Sri Lanka will not want to tinker with their winning combination, India will bestow trust on the combination that looks best on paper. Ajinkya Rahane will continue to play in place of Virat Kohli, who has been given a rare leave.


India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Manish Pandey, Hardik Pandya, Pawan Negi, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Harbhajan Singh, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

Sri Lanka: Dinesh Chandimal (c & wk), Dushmantha Chameera, Niroshan Dickwella (wk), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Milinda Siriwardana, Asela Gunaratne, Danushka Gunathilaka, Chamara Kapugedera, Thisara Perera, Binura Fernando, Seekkuge Prasanna, Dilhara Fernando, Kasun Rajitha, Sachithra Senanayake, Dasun Shanaka, Jeffrey Vandersay.

LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD & BALL-BY-BALL COMMENTARY: India vs Sri Lanka 2015-16, 2nd T20I at Ranchi