Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the third Test between India and Sri Lanka at SSC, Colombo. India will look to recover on the second day after a shaky start to their first innings, on the rain-curtailed first day on a lively first-day wicket. After having opener KL Rahul and his replacement in the middle Ajinkya Rahane dismissed within the first four overs of the day, Cheteshwar Pujara, who was brought in to replace the injured Murali Vijay, and Virat Kohli struck together for 11.2 overs, surviving a few chances and intermittently stroking a few boundaries. Dhammika Prasad, the fast bowler, would have got more than a wicket (that of Rahul) had the wicketkeeper Kusal Perera not spilled his seemingly straightforward chance off an inside edge from Kohli. There were a couple of other edges that fell short of slip fielders. Catch live cricket scorecard and ball-by-ball updates of India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test, Colombo

Despite the rain having stopped, and sunshine resuming to warm the the SSC, play is called off for Day Two due to wet outfield. Play will begin again tomorrow at 9. 45 am.

Five wickets have fallen, but largely due to the eighth-wicket stand between Cheteshwar Pujara and Amit Mishra of 104 runs, the day has belonged to India. Pujara’s ton has been special not only due to the wickets falling around him and quality, testing seam bowling by Sri Lanka, but also due to his batting position, and the pressure on him on his return to Test cricket. For Sri Lanka, Dhammika Prasad was the star, with his four wickets in the innings.

Live Cricket Score India 292/8 | Overs 95.3: Pujara is aware of the gaps around him: he cuts Prasad for one to deep point and turns him to leg for two. He also tries an untypical stroke — a paddle sweep — to collect two to fine leg. He plays the hook off Prasad to the fielder at deep backward square leg. Rain starts pouring heavily, however, and forces the players to leave field and the groundsmen to run in with their covers. Batting: Pujara 135 (277), Ishant Sharma 2 (6)

Live Cricket Score India 286/8 | Overs 93: Mishra has departed after facilitating a fruitful partnership, in an unconventional manner. Against Herath, he came down the track got a thick-ish inside edge to his pads; the ball trickled behind him, and the wicketkeeper Kusal Perera seized the opportunity to grab the ball and hit the stumps with Mishra still outside the crease. Ishant Sharma is the next man in. He gets off the mark by turning to the vacant midwicket region. Batting: Pujara 129 (264), Ishant Sharma 2 (4)

OUT! Amit Mishra st Perera b Herath 59 (87)

Live Cricket Score India 282/7 | Overs 92: Mishra brings up the 100th run in the partnership with Pujara, via a paddle sweep to fine leg. Earlier, Pujara hit a nice cover drive off Angelo Mathews. The Sri Lankan unit looks a little deflated with the fatigue that has set in and the frustration that the Indian duo has given them. Batting: Pujara 129 (264), Amit Mishra 57 (85)

Live Cricket Score India 271/7 | Overs 89: India bring up their 250 in the 86th over from Prasad. Mishra hits the seamer for a brace twice in that over. The new ball, it is clear, is not creating much trouble for these batsmen. Pujara punishes a leg-sidish ball from Pradeep to the leg side for a boundary. Pujara almost gave away his wicket at 117, however, as he hooks Mathews. A tumbling Pradeep, at fine leg, misjudges the catch. The pair create the record of the highest eighth wicket partnership at the venue in that over from Mathews, and Mishra gets to an attractive 50 off Herath in the next over. Batting: Pujara 121 (256), Amit Mishra 54 (75)

Live Cricket Score India 247/7 | Overs 85: Mishra, off Nuwan Pradeep, and Pujara, off Prasad, stay solid. There are leaves and defensive stroks played. But Pujara saw the slight width ideal for him to unleash his cut, and deposited him along the ground to the extra-cover fence. He kept strike with a tightly run single off the last ball of the over. He negotiates the next over from Pradeep safely. Batting: Pujara 110 (245), Amit Mishra 41 (61)

Live Cricket Score India 238/7 | Overs 82: Mishra, who is playing with an attacking eye, has cut Nuwan Pradeep sweetly past backward point to bring up the fifty partnership. The care with which that shot was played suggests the work of a top-order batsman. Amid all the talk of Pujara’s century, it has been Mishra who has dominated the latest stand, with a contribution of 34. The latest boundary by Mishra is an easy one: a cover drive off a full toss from Dhammika Prasad. He is bowling, and with an attacking field because the new ball has been taken. Batting: Pujara 105 (231), Amit Mishra 38 (58)

Live Cricket Score India 228/7 | Overs 80: Pujara plays gently and with loose hands the two balls of the first over post tea. Mishra guides a ball fine to the leg side, to take three, off Kaushal. There are two more singles milked from that over. The two batsmen safely play Herath, in the 80th over. Mishra is generating promise of providing a meaningful contribution. Batting: Pujara 103 (224), Amit Mishra 30 (53)

It’s TEA, on Day Two. Although Pujara has been careful and confident to get to a gritty century, the seventh of his career, his equally comfortable-looking partners at the other end have not been able to stick through with him for any significant partnership. Naman Ojha played some sweet strokes, and with a fifty-plus stand the duo were looking ominous. But in a bizarre choice of shot, he lofted Kaushal to provide a straightforward catch to long-on. Seven-wicket down India will not be overly happy at their position, but the team management will be thankful for Pujara, without whom it would have been a lot worse. Read more on the second session here. This is also probably not a bad time to go through what situation Pujara has been in, ahead of playing this game.

Live Cricket Score India 220/7 | Overs 77: Pujara gets to his century! He has finally got to an oasis after wading through miles of desert, both in his career and in this innings. Herath had close-in fielders to apply pressure on him, and Pujara stepped down the track to get to the pitch of the ball, stroked it to mid-off, and ran a quick single. The last over before tea has him playing three dot balls, and gently turning a ball to the leg side for a single. Batting: Pujara 101 (219), Amit Mishra 24 (40)

Live Cricket Score India 216/7 | Overs 75: Herath surprises Pujara with sharp turn. After a single is taken, Mishra goes down the track to smash the bowler hard, but lofts it imperfectly to long-on. Pujara defends Herath fo three balls when on 99. Kaushal, from the other end, gets the ball to go the other way and has Mishra surprised. There is a leg-before-wicket shout from a conventionally spinning delivery, but the ball seemed to be going down the leg side. Batting: Pujara 99 (209), Amit Mishra 23 (37)

Live Cricket Score India 214/7 | Overs 73: Herath is played with calmly and with a straight bat for two singles in the 72nd over. There was a moment of excitement when Kaushal looked to have got Pujara to spoon a bat-pad catch to short leg, but the fielder could reach ahead enough to hold the catch, and moreover, it was a no-ball from the offspinner. Pujara, after playing three dots, goes down the track to on-drive him for a single, to move to 97, and repeats it on the final ball to move to 98. Batting: Pujara 98 (204), Amit Mishra 22 (30)

Live Cricket Score India 208/7 | Overs 71: Mishra has stroked a few confident boundaries off Prasad. One was off a shot ball, and the other was a straight drive down the ground, in the same over. Pujara uses his feet well to play Tharindu Kaushal. A fierce cut to deep point results in a single, and brings Mishra on strike. Mishra goes down the track and slogs one through long-on; the mistimed shot just evades the mid-on fielder, and results in three runs. Batting: Pujara 95 (196), Amit Mishra 20 (25)

Live Cricket Score India 192/7 | Overs 68:  Mishra gets a ball on his pads, and so he flicks Prasad to midwicket to collect his second boundary. Then he attempts a cut shot off a short and wide ball from Prasad, but doesn’t connect. Off the last ball of that over, he gets under a short ball. Russel Arnold, in the commentary box, said about him in that last over, ‘he is looking good here’. Is that an omen for another against-the-run wicket? Batting: Pujara 90 (188), Amit Mishra 10 (15)

Live Cricket Score India 184/7 | Overs 66: Kaushal is milked to the leg side for two singles to the leg side. Prasad, the chief wrecker, is brought back into the attack and he immediately goes about doing his business. He induces an edge off Ashwin outside off stump, and India have lost their fourth wicket to Prasad, and seventh wicket overall. Amit Mishra, the No. 9, plays a potent short ball with caution, and gets a four though point off the next ball. Batting: Pujara 88 (186), Amit Mishra 4 (5)

OUT! Ravichandran Ashwin c Perera b Prasad 5 (14)

Live Cricket Score India 178/6 | Overs 64: Ravichandran Ashwin, the new man, shows signs of playing solidly, playing a pretty cover drive off the final ball of Pradeep’s 18th over. Tharindu Kaushal has been played safely by Pujara, and Pradeep safely by Ashwin. Batting: Pujara 87 (184), Ashwin 4 (9)

Live Cricket Score India 173/6 | Overs 61: Pujara is intent to cash in on any ball slightly loose: he hit two fours off Nuwan Pradeep when the bowler is too full or too short. But Ojha gifts his wicket away, against the run of play — this seems to be the trend in this innings. Ojha lofts the last ball of off-spinner Tharindu Kaushal straight down long-on’s throat. India have wasted another wicket, something Pujara is now used to witnessing from the other end. Batting: Pujara 86 (175)

OUT! Naman Ojha c Tharanga b Kaushal 21 (54)

Live Cricket Score India 153/5 | Overs 56: Pujara comes down the track and on-drives the ball to the mid-on boundary. Off a similar shot off the next ball from Herath, a quick single is run to mid-on. Ojha lofts an overpitched ball on off stump smoothly to long-off. He turns Mathews off his legs for two, and negotiates the rest of the over safely. Batting: Pujara 73 (161), Ojha 15 (37)

Live Cricket Score India 141/5 | Overs 52: Naman Ojha has looked at ease so far at the crease, with two fours off Prasad square in the off side. Pujara has been intent to push the ball into gaps and look to attack. He has attempted a sweep that had him turning the ball on leg past the wicketkeeper in the off side via a top edge, off Herath, and there is a square drive for three off Prasad, too. Batting: Pujara 67 (152), Ojha 9 (22)

Live Cricket Score India 121/5 | Overs 47: GONE! The last ball before lunch, and now the first ball after lunch. The same bowler, Dhammika Prasad. Stuart Binny, the No. 6, gets rapped on the pads by ball angled into him, and is adjudged leg before wicket by umpire Nigel Long. Naman Ojha, the man who makes his debut, has arrived to bat. Pujara plays a couple of pull shots for singles off Nuwan Pradeep. Batting: Pujara 57 (142), Ojha 0 (2)

OUT! Stuart Binny lbw b Prasad 0 (1)

The morning session had Dhammika Prasad and Nuwan Pradeep asking questions of the batsmen, and when the wicket did not come, Angelo Mathews introduced himself and got that wicket, of Virat Kohli, off his slower-medium bowling. Cheteshwar Pujara and Rohit Sharma played the spinners well; Rohit attacked Herath successfully, for two fours and a six down the ground, and Pujara helped get Kaushal out of the attack by plundering 12 off his first over. Just when it looked like India were gaining confidence to make runs flow, Prasad ensnared Rohit at the stroke of lunch. It’s been an intriguing session, more about which can be read here.

Live Cricket Score India 119/4 | Overs 45.5: Kaushal is removed from the attack after two overs for 17 uns. Instead, Herath is brought back in, he is defended for four balls out of six, a single is taken off another ball, and off the last ball, Pujara hits him through square leg for a boundary. Rohit leaves Prasad outside the off stump for four balls, in what looked as if it would be an innocuous over, but Rohit edges a ball outside off to the second slip! Against the run of play, India have lost another wicket. It’s LUNCH, on Day Two, and Sri Lanka have gained the upper hand due to that last wicket. India’s resistance in that session was led by Pujara. Batting: Pujara 55 (138)

OUT! Rohit Sharma c Tharanga b Prasad 26 (65)

Live Cricket Score India 114/3 | Overs 43: Rohit takes on the short ball from Prasad, hooking him to the fine leg fielder for a single. Pujara confidently pushes a short-of-a-length delivery from Prasad to the sweeper cover boundary, and takes three. The confidence in Pujara, after coming through the early tests, is palpable. The ball is coming through straight as well: no swing. He moves to 49 with a slap though extra cover off the back foot off Kaushal, and then he pulls the bowler to deep midwicket to get to his half-century. The landmark has been a reward for his determination and patience, as he is known to display. Batting: Pujara 51 (129), Rohit 25 (57)

Live Cricket Score India 103/3 | Overs 41: Prasad bowls a typically probing line outside off, but Pujara is not tempted to edge it. The last ball was a short one: Pujara jumped to negotiate it, it trickled to the leg side and he ran a single. This was his first run for 24 balls. Tharindu Kaushal, the off-spinner, is introduced to the attack, and the normally dour Pujara drives him through extra-cover for a four, and then late-cuts him through third man for another four. He square drives the third ball for a four through backward point. He clumsily plays a short-ish third ball to the mid-on fielder for Kaushal’s first dot ball. The last two balls are dots as well. Batting: Pujara 44 (122), Rohit 21 (52)

Live Cricket Score India 90/3 | Overs 39: Pujara is happy to leave deliveries outside off, this time off Prasad’s second spell. Rohit defends Heath off the first three balls, then lands his front foot forward and sweetly strokes it past the diving extra-cover fielder to the boundary. Batting: Pujara 31 (110), Rohit 21 (52)

Live Cricket Score India 86/3 | Overs 36: Rohit repeats his belligerence against Herath, going down the track to oft him over mid-on, but this time he connects well, and deposits the spinner over the long-on boundary for a SIX. The ball is adjudged to be out of shape after it was examined y the umpires through a steel ring through which the ball is supposed to pass through. It doesn’t and the ball is changed. Rohit attacks Heath again, this time slogging him through midwicket for a four. Batting: Pujara 31 (104), Rohit 17 (40)

Live Cricket Score India 74/3 | Overs 32: Mathews and Herath now have established a leash over Rohit and Pujara. Mathews has been getting slight movement to test Pujara, and both bowlers have been respected well by the batsmen.  With Mathews having done his job, getting the wicket of Kohli, Pradeep is brought back into the attack. Rohit is intent on leaving him outside off. Batting: Pujara 30 (88), Rohit 7 (26)

Live Cricket Score India 69/3 | Overs 27: Angelo Mathews gets a ball to shape into Rohit’s pads; though close, the ball seemed to be heading above the leg stump. Off another ball, he gets a good length ball to shape away from Rohit. The ball is gently played to point, and a single is taken. Rohit, out of nowhere, attempts a slog after coming down the wicket off Herath: the shot is mistimed, and the ball just evades the clasps of the fielder diving behind, and trickles to the boundary. Batting: Pujara 27 (76), Rohit 5 (14)

Live Cricket Score India 64/3 | Overs 24: Pujara gently turns a full ball off his legs to the midwicket boundary to collect three from Prasad. Rangana Herath, who had bowled what turned out to be the last over yesterday, has been introduced into the attack. Pujara uses is feet well to negotiate this over from the left-arm spinner. Angelo Mathews introduces himself in the 24th over and Kohli gently edges him behind! After negotiating such testing bowling from the pace duo of Prasad and Pradeep, to get out like this to the military medium of the captain is anti-climax. Kohli went forward to defend this delivery, but got the edge instead. Batting: Pujara 27 (69), Rohit 0 (3)

OUT! Virat Kohli c Perera b Mathews 18 (60)

Live Cricket Score India 59/2 | Overs 21: Kohli is surprised by a yorker by Prasad mixed amid his good length deliveries. He jams his bat at the last moment to keep it out, and smiles to the bowler as Prasad looks at him with interest. Kohli got his forward defence nicely tight and defended the bowler for much of that over. Pujara, on the other end, against Pradeep, is intent on leaving deliveries outside off. He drives an overpitched ball through extra cover but is unable to pierce the infield. On the last ball, he flicks off his pads to take two, his first runs of the day. Batting: Pujara 22 (60), Kohli 18 (54)

Live Cricket Score India 55/2 | Overs 19: Swing is being offered by the track, and Dhammika Prasad is making good use of it. There were a couple of big leg-before-wicket shouts against Virat Kohli in the first over of the day, the 16th. But they were marginal decisions that went in favour of the batsman. After two maiden overs, Kohli scored the first runs of the day with a four through point off a square drive. This is followed by another maiden. A bit of uneven bounce is seen on the track.  Batting: Pujara 19 (53), Kohli 18 (47)

There are chances of showers, but the weather seems much better at the venue today. The pitch seems as green as yesterday, and with the moisture gained by rain, it means assistance for seamers and need for caution for batsmen.

At the end of 15 overs, India were positioned at an iffy 50 for 2, when thick, grey clouds engulfed the stadium and prompted the groundsmen to bring the coves on. Before they could complete their process of covering the ground, the rain started pouring heavily, and barring brief pauses now and then, did not relent for the next three hours. The amount of water gathered on the covers, and the wet outfield, did not allow play to resume. READ: India limp to 50/2 against Sri Lanka at lunch on Day 1 of 3rd Test at Colombo (SSC)

India and Sri Lanka came in to this Test with changes. After the retirement of Kumar Sangakkara, Perera was given his Test cap, Jehan Mubarak was replaced by Upul Tharanga, and Nuwan Pradeep replaced Dushmanth Chameera. For India, Pujara came in to play his first Test this year, as an opener for the injured Murali Vijay, and Naman Ojha, the Madhya Pradesh wicketkeeper, gained his Test debut and replaced Wriddhiman Saha.


Sri Lanka: Dimuth Karunaratne, Kaushal Silva, Upul Tharanga, Lahiru Thirimanne, Angelo Mathews(c), Dinesh Chandimal, Kusal Perera (wk), Dhammika Prasad, Rangana Herath, T Kaushal, Nuwan Pradeep

India: Cheteshwar Pujara, Lokesh Rahul, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli(c), Rohit Sharma, Stuart Binny, Naman Ojha (wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav

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