Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the third Test between India and Sri Lanka at SSC, Colombo.  Cheteshwar Pujara scored a patient, unbeaten 135 on his comeback to Test cricket, in trying circumstances, to lift India from trouble on the second day. After witnessing regular wickets falling at the other end, Pujara found a stable and confident partner in Amit Mishra, and piled on 104 runs with the No. 8. Mishra dominated the stand, the highest for the eighth wicket on the venue, with 59 runs to his partner’s 41, before exiting. With about 45 minutes left to go before stumps, heavy showers arrived and stayed on briefly. Despite sunshine taking over within 10 minutes, the umpires ruled stumps due to wet outfield. Catch live cricket scorecard and ball-by-ball updates of India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test, Colombo

Fifteen wickets have fallen in this eventful day, with the only resistance provided by the tail of Sri Lanka’s side, more specifically, Kusal Perera and Rangana Herath. The three wickets India lost cheaply before stumps will evens the contest for what should be an exciting Day Four. More on today’s play can be read here. Play will begin at 9. 45 am tomorrow.

Play has been called off due to rain. Grey clouds have engulfed the stadium.

Live Cricket Score India 21/3 | Overs 8.1: Rohit decides to attack Herath, who bowls Sri Lanka’s first over of spin this innings, by stepping down the track and lofting him straight behind the bowler. He collects a six, but the shot selection seems strange given India’s precarious position. A drizzle prompts umpires to signal the groundsmen to bring on the covers, and within moments, the rain becomes heavy. Play has been paused as the groundstaff spread the covers with urgency. Batting: Kohli 1 (12), Rohit 14 (10)

Live Cricket Score India 10/3 | Overs 6: Pradeep now raps Rahane on the pads, off another inswinger, and the batsman is adjudged leg before wicket. Rahane had committed himself forward to this good length delivery, but had no clue about the swing. Three of India’s top order is back in the pavilion; the new ball, handled well by the seamers, has been doing the trick. Rohit Sharma is the new man. Batting: Kohli 1 (5), Rohit 3 (4)

OUT! Ajinkya Rahane lbw b Pradeep 4 (17)

Live Cricket Score India 2/2 | Overs 4: Bowled him! Rahul has déjà vu with the same type of dismissal after scoring the same number of runs as the first innings. The bowler, however, was different. Pradeep had got that ball to move into him, and he left the ball, anticipating it’ll pass outside the off stump. Batting: Rahane 0 (10), Kohli 0 (4)

OUT! KL Rahul b Pradeep 2 (8)

Live Cricket Score India 0/1 | Overs 3: Pradeep, the other seamer, is defended well by KL Rahul off all short-of-a-length balls. Prasad, on the other hand, has mixed up his lengths well, to bowl another maiden. India haven’t got off the mark yet. Batting: Rahul 0 (6), Rahane 0 (10)

Live Cricket Score India 0/1 | Overs 1: Pujara, the rock of the first innings, is bowled! Prasad gets a ball to pitch on a good length and leave the batsman slightly to beat his defence, off the second ball of the innings. Rahane negotiates the rest of the accurate balls safely to end a testing first over.

OUT! Cheteshwar Pujara b Prasad 0 (2)

From 47 for 5, Sri Lanka recovered nicely through counterattacking batting from Kusal Perera and Rangana Herath. But a deficit of 111 is still significant. Sharma bowled accurately and fast to capture five wickets in the innings. Can Sri Lanka’s seamers emulate him and get early wickets to push India back?

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 201 | Overs 52.2: Prasad comes down the track to Mishra for an almighty heave, misses the ball and is stumped. India have a handy lead of 111 runs. Ishant Sharma is India’s chief wrecker, with 5 for 54 in his 15 overs. Not Out: Nuwan Pradeep 2 (5)

OUT! Dhammika Prasad st Ojha b Mishra 27 (23)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 200/9 | Overs 52: Nuwan Pradeep, the No. 11, gets off the mark with a tightly run single that had him almost run out. He was short of the crease at the non-strikers’ end when the ball passed the stumps. Prasad is intent on aggression; he gives himself good room, and attempts a pull to midwicket. But the ball hits the top half of his bat, and he takes two. Off the next ball, he attempts a similar shot, and gets an edge that travels over the slips for a boundary. He brings up the 200 for his team with a slog through the off side. Batting: Prasad 27 (22), Pradeep 1 (4)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 183/9 | Overs 50: Dhammika Prasad, after hitting a four through mid-on with a slog sweep off Mishra, survives two appeals from the bowler. He tried to play a ball off the back foot, the ball touched Prasad’s inside edge, a big shout for leg before wicket ensued. The Indian unit was quite convinced of an outside edge to the wicketkeeper the next ball, Kohli bore the look of disbelief when he was given not out. But the ball was nowhere near the bat. But India have their ninth wicket as Herath edges behind! Off a good length ball from Ishant Sharma, he gets a thick edge to Ojha, to depart for one short of a half-century. Ojha dives to his left to complete a good catch, his second of the match. Batting: Prasad 11 (13), Pradeep 0 (1)

OUT! Rangana Herath c Ojha b Sharma 49 (84)

Although three wickets have fallen, it has been Sri Lanka’s session. Kusal Perera attacked well to construct a half-century, and with a stable, able partner in Herath, added 79 crucial runs for the seventh wicket. Herath, and for a brief bit, Tharindu Kaushal, collected fours. The determination in Herath is palpable. He is nearing a half-century, his contribution has been vital. Read more on the second session of the day here.

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 175/8 | Overs 48: It’s Tea, on Day Three. Yadav came in to bowl the final over before the end of the session. Herath edges between two slips, and gets a boundary; Rahul, at second slip, dived but could only get a hand to it. Herath has played a fighting knock here. Batting: Herath 47 (79), Prasad 6 (6)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 170/8 | Overs 47: Herath expertly executes a reverse-sweep off a short-ish ball from Ashwin, and a conventional sweep from the next ball on his leg side. Both balls go for boundaries. Off Mishra, too, he uses the sweep well, but fielders are positioned appropriately for those shots. Prasad drives an overpitched ball from Mishra for a four though extra-cover. Batting: Herath 42 (73), Prasad 6 (6)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 156/8 | Overs 45: Mishra has three slips waiting for an edge off Kaushal. But the batsman plays him safely, defending five balls from him, the other ball was single taken by Herath. Kaushal, in the next Mishra over, lofts to deep extra-cover off the front foot and takes two. Then, in the same over, he goes down on a knee and pulls a short ball to deep square leg for four. But Mishra gets the fourth ball to drift, and strike Kaushal’s pads as it turns the other way. He is given out! Replays show he had an inside edge before the ball hit his pads. Prasad, who had retired hurt earlier, is in now. Batting: Herath 33 (64), Prasad 0 (2)

OUT! Tharindu Kaushal lbw Mishra 16 (39)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 147/7 | Overs 41: Ashwin gets noticeable drift, which makes the ball go down the leg side, and Herath manages to get bat on ball with the sweep to send it to fine leg for a boundary. Kaushal, off the next ball, plays an inside-out drive to extra cover. He also sends Mishra, off a shot ball, to square leg for another boundary. Batting: Herath 31 (52), Kaushal 10 (28)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 135/7 | Overs 39: Amit Mishra, the leg-spinner, is introduced to the attack, and bowls six balls to fellow off-spinner Tharindu Kaushal. He defends all the balls. The next over, from Ashwin, is also carefully played, with a single coming off it. Kaushal negotiates Mishra’s leg-spinners and a googly, in the following over, cautiously. Batting: Herath 28 (51), Kaushal 1 (17)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 127/7 | Overs 35: Perera, after slogging a four down the ground, falls trying to repeat the attack, the top edge lobbed up high to Virat Kohli at mid-off. Kohli, after taking the catch, acknowledges the wicket by kicking the ball high. Perera turns around to say a few words to the Indians, but is ushered away by Ajinkya Rahane and Herath. It has been a vital knock from the wicketkeeper, but Sri Lanka are still in dark waters, effectively eight down as Prasad is injured. Off a short-ish ball from Binny, Herath pulls to mid-on, but the ball falls just short of a tumbling Yadav. Batting: Herath 22 (42), Kaushal 0 (2)

OUT! Kusal Perera c Kohli b Sharma 55 (56)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 123/6 | Overs 33: Yadav overcompensates and pitches the ball short, and Perera smashes it for four. There are a couple of braces collected from that over as well, through fine-leg and third man. Sharma stares down Herath as the batsman faces one bouncer after another, and Herath gives a determined look back, even mumbles something to the umpire present nearby. Perera pulls Yadav for a boundary through midwicket, and a brace through the same region, to bring up his fifty. It has been an attacking, smart innings from the debutant. Herath faces another short ball, this time off Yadav. Batting: Perera 51 (52), Herath 22 (36)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 108/6 | Overs 30.1: Sharma has bowled five short balls in the over. Is that a strategy? Perera and Herath face three balls from the over, collecting three runs from it. Yadav’s first ball, in the next over, is an overpitched delivery that is drilled down the ground for a four. Perera, who hit that shot, called for a new bat as he felt something went wrong with the bottom of the bat with that shot. With that, drinks have been called as well. Batting: Perera 38 (42), Herath 20 (29)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 101/6 | Overs 29: Herath now gets himself involved in the run-making. He lofts Binny through extra-cover for a boundary off a full-ish ball. Ishant Sharma chased the ball aggressively, and put in the dive in the end, but couldn’t retrieve the ball in time to save the four. Off a shot ball from Binny, Herath pulls fiercely to square-leg for another boundary. Fifty stand is up for Perera and Herath. Batting: Perera 32 (38), Herath 19 (26)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 92/6 | Overs 28: Binny gets Perera to attempt a cut but the batsman mistimes it back to the bowler. Binny bowls it short, has him attempting a hook, but the ball goes past the bat to the wicketkeeper. An overpitched delivery is smashed to long-off for a single, and then there is a confident shout for caught behind. The Indian unit was convinced about a thin edge, but it seems the bat hit the ground just when the ball was passing the bat. Ashwin gets flight, turn and bounce in his third over, and is nicely played by Perera, including a boundary through backward point. Batting: Perera 32 (38), Herath 11 (20)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 85/6 | Overs 26: Spin is introduced as Ravichandran Ashwin, the highest wicket-taker of the series, bowls accurately and is collected for a four hit through square leg. Binny, from the other end, bowls a maiden over. Perera reverse-sweeps Ashwin off the first ball of his next over, for another four. Ashwin flights the ball more and gets bit of turn, and some respectful defence from the batsmen. Batting: Perera 25 (28), Herath 11 (18)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 76/6 | Overs 23: In an eventful over from Yadav, Perera edges to second slip but the second slip gets a hand on it, and KL Rahul attempts to catch the ball off him, but fails. Perera, off the first and last balls of the over, smashes two boundaries, through mid-on and point. Off Sharma, pulls and cuts to deep-set fielders have brought seven runs to the batting team. Batting: Perera 16 (20), Herath 11 (8)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 59/6 | Overs 21: The sixth wicket falls, after only a ball is bowled in the post-lunch session! Sharma got Thirimanne rooted to his crease and edging to KL Rahul at first slip! Off the next ball, Dhammika Prasad is retired hurt after negotiating a shot ball from the bowler. The ball strikes his hands hard, and he walks off. Rangana Herath and Kusal Perera have hit a couple of boundaries. Batting: Perera 5 (9), Herath 6 (6)

OUT! Lahiru Thirimanne c Rahul b Sharma 0 (7)

The morning session has seen seven wickets fall, but with the top order of Sri Lanka scythed out, India hold a big advantage at lunch. Yadav and Sharma have bowled aggressively with the new ball, but the slower Stuart Binny was a bonus, with his crucial wickets of the counterattacking Chandimal and Karunaratne. Earlier, Cheteshwar Pujara, with his unbeaten 145, carried his bat as India were bowled out fro 312. Read more on the first session on Day Three here.

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 47/5 | Overs 18: Edged and Ishant Sharma gets the Sri Lanka captain! An accurate ball outside off stump is feathered behind, as Mathews is stuck on the crease not knowing whether to be forward or back. With only a few minutes before lunch, it has started raining. Thirimanne, the new man, deflects a short ball from his body and almost gives the short leg fielder a catch. The fielder within the helmet tries to grab hold of the ball before it bounces, but isn’t successful. Close shave.

And a fifth wicket! Binny takes another wicket; he angled this ball across the left-handed Karunaratne, and the batsman edges to slips. This brings the session to a close, with Sri Lanka in trouble and India on the rampage. Not Out: Thirimanne 0 (5)

OUT! Angelo Mathews c Ojha b Sharma 1 (9)

OUT! Dimuth Karunaratne c Rahul b Binny 11 (37)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 45/3 | Overs 16: Yadav and Binny have bowled accurate overs and the Sri Lankan batsmen have been intent to leave and defend. Karunaratne falls over a ball angling into him from Binny; there is a shout for lbw but a stifled one because the ball is going down the leg side. Karunaratne gets old of a flick in the same over, an gets a four through mid-on. Batting: Karunaratne 9 (31), Mathews 1 (8)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 40/3 | Overs 12: Karunaratne inside-edges a good length ball from Yadav onto his thigh pad, but the lobbed ball was some distance away from Yadav completing his follow-through. Chandimal, in the next over, drives Binny through extra-cover for a four, but in the same over, he is rapped on the pads and is adjudged leg before wicket! The ball came into him from a good length, hitting the upper half of his back leg: it is similar to the way Binny was out in the Indian innings. Batting: Karunaratne 5 (14), Mathews o (1)

OUT! Dinesh Chandimal lbw b Binny 23 (27)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 34/2 | Overs 10: Sharma bowls a short ball to Chandimal, but the batsman takes the ball from above his head and upper-cuts it for a four behind the wicketkeeper. Chandimal is a counterattacking batsman, and in his brief stay in the crease, he has shown as much. Stuart Binny has been brought in to the attack, after a quiet five balls, Chandimal cuts him fiercely to the point boundary. Batting: Karunaratne 3 (8), Chandimal 19 (22)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 23/2 | Overs 8.1: Chandimal receives an overpitched delivery, and he duly puts it away with an impressive drive through extra-cover. He also puts away a shot-of-a-length ball from Yadav, in the same over, with a confident cut though point. Umpire Nigel Long calls for a change of ball as he is not convinced with the shape of the current ball being used. As one of the umpiring staff runs in with a bag of balls, reserve players come out with drinks. Batting: Karunaratne 1 (6), Chandimal 11 (12)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 13/2 | Overs 7: Yadav gets a ball to almost scrape off stump as it goes through to the keeper with the batsman beaten. It had pitched on middle stump, Chandimal played all around it as it went past him just outside off stump. Chandimal gets off the mark in the next over off Sharma, with an inside edge to fine leg. Batting: Karunaratne 1 (5), Chandimal 1 (6)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 11/2 | Overs 6: Played on to the stumps! Kaushal Silva gets a short ball on off stump, and he lifts his bat to prepae for a leave, but the ball struck the bottom of his bat just when he was removing it from the way, and went on to hit the stumps. Two new batsmen at the crease now. Batting: Karunaratne 0 (1), Chandimal 0 (4)

OUT! Kaushal Silva b Yadav 3 (11)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 11/1 | Overs 5: Tharanga manages to guide an off-stump delivery from Umesh Yadav through the slips for a boundary through that area. Yadav, in another ball from the over, has Tharanga hanging his bat to reach at a ball passing outside off passing by. But he is out! Ishant Sharma manages to get the edge, and lapped up by KL Rahul at second slip. But is it a no-ball? Sharma’s foot looks like it has landed on the line, perhaps a particle of his foot is behind the crease. Tharanga walks off. Batting: Silva 3 (9), Karunaratne 0 (1)

OUT! Upul Tharanga c Rahul b Ishant Sharma 4 (23)

Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka 5/0 | Overs 3: Dropped! KL Rahul, at second slip, dived to his right to grab the edged ball, but as he tumbled, the elbow hitting the ground made the ball pop out of his hands. Ishant Sharma had Upul Tharanga edging one outside off. Batting: Tharanga 0 (16), Silva 1 (5)

Live Cricket Score India 312 | Overs 100.1: Umesh Yadav’s brief stay at the crease is over as he is bowled by Herath. He went back to a good-length delivery, the ball went on with the arm, brushed his pads and struck timbre. Pujara has carried his bat, his contribution has helped India get to the total they have. Not Out: Pujara 145 (289)

OUT! Umesh Yadav b Herath 4 (14)

Live Cricket Score India 312/9 | Overs 100: India move to 300, but with the loss of one more wicket, early in the session. Against Rangana Herath, Ishant Sharma came down the track to slog towards midwicket, but missed the ball and got bowled. The No. 11 also intends to slog hard, going down on a knee to get leverage on his attempt, but mistimes it to midwicket. Pujara attempts a similarly belligerent stroke, but gets a single in the same direction. Declaration must be in the minds of the batsmen as aggression is palpable. Pujara gets hold of a hook off Prasad, and the ball travels to the boundary. Batting: Pujara 145 (289), Umesh Yadav 3 (12)

OUT! Ishant Sharma b Herath 6 (9)

How many will India end up with in their first innings? Pujara and Ishant Sharma have come out to bat to face the bowling.

Besides Mishra, Pujara’s other significant partnerships were with Naman Ojha, the debutant, and Rohit Sharma. Ojha and Rohit had looked smooth at the crease while the stand lasted, and both got out against the run of play. Rohit nicked seamer Dhammika Prasad to first slip at the stroke of lunch, and Ojha attempted a slog with one knee down off Tharindu Kaushal, only to provide a straightforward catch to long-on. Both stuck through with Pujara to add more than 50 runs — 55 and 54 respectively.

Prasad was the pick of Sri Lanka’s bowlers, with four wickets. He was working batsmen out nicely, as Rohit, Ashwin and Stuart Binny were undone on or outside off stump by him. After removing Rohit right at the stroke of lunch, he dismissed Binny off the first ball of the second session. READ: Cheteshwar Pujara guides India to India 292/8 against Sri Lanka at stumps on Day 2 of 3rd Test


Sri Lanka: Dimuth Karunaratne, Kaushal Silva, Upul Tharanga, Lahiru Thirimanne, Angelo Mathews(c), Dinesh Chandimal, Kusal Perera (wk), Dhammika Prasad, Rangana Herath, T Kaushal, Nuwan Pradeep

India: Cheteshwar Pujara, Lokesh Rahul, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli(c), Rohit Sharma, Stuart Binny, Naman Ojha (wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav

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