India won the toss and elected to field © Getty Images
India won the toss and elected to field © Getty Images

Oct 8, 2014

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(An aggressive West Indies side looks to challenge India on their home turf. Catch live cricket scores and live update of the first match here)

Indian batting had a bad day today. The partnerships couldn’t get going. West Indies will love this win after the two warm-up match losses. Read the match report here by Nishad Pai Vaidya.
A big six to start the over. Ramapaul gets hit a big game from Shami. It just floated into the top tier stands. Four balls and seven runs collected so far. Jadeja puts it away for another single. Rampaul clean him up this time. India lose the match by 124 runs.
OUT!Shami b Rampaul 19(17)
Few fireworks in the end by the batsmen. It has been a poor effort. But this last effort will add a few runs. A boundary to end 40th over. Batting powerplay is also done.


Two runs collected by Jadeja from the first Taylor delivery. Good length ball on the middle stump, Jadeja delicately places it towards the cover fielder and sets off for a single. Low full toss to Shami, he can’t get it away. Shorter delivery which just climbs on Shami but still he manages to fend it away for a single. Another single to Jadeja. Slower delivery floated outside off , Shami has a crack at it but it stays with the 30 yard circle. 156 to win from 72 balls.






Three balls and only one run from this Bravo over. Darts a slower full toss, Shami casually plays it towards square leg. He gets four from the next ball. Quicker ball, Shami just went for it and the ball traveled to the right of third man for a boundary. Dot ball to end the over.

Batting powerplay is taken by India. Rampaul will bowl this over. Jadeja gets of strike on the second ball as he tries to nudge the ball towards square leg but gets hit on the thigh pad. Shorter ball, Mohit Sharma revolves his bat like a sword but still gets no connection. This time much fuller and closer to the off stump, Mohit again misses to connect. A good length on the middle stump, Mohit moves towards the leg side and slices it for a boundary. Sharma.
OUT!Mohit Sharma c Jerome Taylor b Rampaul
Jadeja gets a single from the first delivery. Mishra gets out to a slower delivery which just turned like a off-spinner and hit Mishra on the knee roll. 172 required from 90 balls
OUT! Mishra lbw b Dwayne Bravo 5(13)






Taylor starts with the dot ball. Jadeja tries to cuts the next delivery but it flies past his bat to wicketkeeper. A bouncer now, Jadeja tries to fend it away but no connection. Looks at the umpire for a wide but no signal. Gets a single from the next delivery towards the point region. Shorter delivery outside off, Mishra goes for flashy cut but no bat there. It has turned quiet in Kochi. 177 to win from 96 now. Big ask !
Jadeja plays three dot balls from Samuels. Mishra gets a boundary on the last bowl of the over. Samuels bowls the leg stump line, Mishra gets some bat on his attempted sweep. Four runs to him.





Two dot balls from Taylor to Mishra. A well directed bouncer, Mishra ducks it. A fuller delivery on the off stump, Mishra fires it down to the bowler. Five dot balls now. End of the over, 183 to win from 108 balls.


Jadeja gets a single from the first Samuels delivery. Two dot deliveries to Kumar now. A loopy delivery floated on the off stump which continues it”s line, Kumar commits to it and gets a edge to first slip, Another wicket. It is turning sour for Indian team now. Mishra gets first ball on his pads and pushes for a single on the next delivery.
OUT!Bhuvneshwar c Sammy b Samuels 2(10)






Two dot balls by Taylor to Kumar. Short delivery from Taylor, Kumar goes back and cuts it for a single. Win looks unlikely from here. Slower full toss from Taylor, Jadeja gets it away for single to off side. Sharp delivery on the leg stump, Kumar misses it, Taylor goes for a big shout, umpire turns it down. Kumar survives. It was going down the leg side. Fuller delivery , Kumar taps it down . No run. End of this over.






Marlon Samuels has been brought into the attack. Jadeja sweeps one through mid-wicket and gets a couple. Now, Dhawan goes for the wild sweep slog and misses it totally. He is out. Bhuvaneswar Kumar gets the single from the last delivery.
Dhawan b Samuels 68(92)





Two runs from first three deliveries. Jadeja now gets a boundary . Slashes a length ball away from short cover fielder and gets four runs from it. The run-rate has gone past 8.5 runs per over. Slower delivery from Sammy, Jadeja plays it with soft hands on the on side.. A good length ball, Jadeja punches it firmly for no runs.





Jadeja gets Benn away for a single on the first ball. Dhawan edges the next ball past the first slip and collects three runs. Two dot balls. More pressure on Indian batsmen. Benn floats a good length delivery , Dhawan first tries to reverse sweeps it and then changes the shot at the last moment. Single from the last ball for Jadeja.






Sammy picks up Dhoni’s wicket on the first ball of the over. The pressure which was building has finally gave away West Indies a reward. Jadeja comes out in the middle now. Full delivery outside off and Jadeja slams it straight to the mid-off fielder and collects a single. Shorter delivery next, Dhawan catches it early and middles it towards the square leg region for a welcome boundary. Collects two runs from the last delivery. Sammy follows it up with a inswinging delivery, Dhawan manages to slap it down to his boots. Dot ball to end the over.
OUT!Dhoni b Sammy 8(21)







Two good overs from Benn and Sammy. Indian batsmen are finding it difficult to get them away. The run-rate has already escalated above 8 per over.





Two runs from from the first three balls from Benn. Indian batsmen are not able to get Benn away. Another dot . Dhawan steps down this time and hits it straight to the fielder. Dhawan gets his half-century with a single.






Dhawan moves towards off stump and tries to nudge it towards the third man fielder but doesn’t manage to do it. Three dot balls now. The run-rate has sprung up really high. Dhawan picks up a single and now India needs 220 runs from 170 balls. Two more dot balls. Good over from Sammy.







Benn to continue. Starts with a dot ball. Dhoni gets down the wicket and taps it slowly. Again, steps down and goes for the wild slog but misses it. Third time in a row, he fails to connect even this time. He is looking towards that leg side region. Two more dot balls to end the over.






Darren Sammy concedes a single on the first delivery. Dhawan cuts short delivery from Sammy perfectly to the right of the third man fielder and gets four runs. He is now nearing his half-century. Dot ball next from Sammy. Another dot ball from Sammy. Not giving the width to Dhawan. Dhawan gets a single and with this India get to 100 runs.
Time for spin now. Sulieman Benn will ball. Two tight deliveries straight on. Dhoni tucks away the next ball for a single towards the gap between short fine leg and square leg . A good length ball , spun into Dhawan, he gets a inside edge but the fielder at short leg fails to hold on to the catch. Good, tight over.






One run from first two Russell balls. Short stuff outside off and Dhoni got a thick inside edge. He was lucky the ball didn’t crept on to the wickets. A wild delivery down the leg side, called a wide. Russell just got the angle too wrong and away. Sprays it on the leg stump again , Dhawan casually tucks it away for a single. Wide again. Too many extras from West Indies bowlers.End of the over.


Dhawan gets a single from the first ball of Dwayne Bravo. He gets Raina now. A good length ball, Raina inside edged it and it crashed onto the stumps. He tried to play a straighter delivery towards the cover region and the ball found the huge gap between his bat and pad. Wide first ball to Dhoni. Bravo needed to come up with something good to the Indian captain but leg side wide is not expected. A fuller delivery on middle stump , Dhoni pushes it to short cover. One more wide. Poor stuff. Two runs to Dhoni now. Dot ball to end the over.
OUT!Raina b Dwayne Bravo 0(2)





A dot ball from Andre Russell . Rayudu plays the next ball with straight bat towards short cover. Shorter delivery, on the middle stump , Raydu pulls it away casually for a single towards deep square leg . Another single from Dhawan. Rayudu comes come out and slogs it straight to the mid-off fielder. He just didn’t reach the pitch of the ball. End of the over.
OUT!Rayudu c Benn b A Russell 13(21)


One run from first two balls. Slower third ball from Bravo, Dhawan plays it watchfully. Another single from the next ball. Slower delivery steamed outside off, Rayudu guides it away for single in the gap. Dot ball to end the over.



Russel come to bowl. A good length delivery straight on , Dhawan half-cuts it and places it perfectly just left of the third man fielder. Four runs. Now a single on the next delivery. Flots the next delivery outside off which takes off after pitching and also moves before reaching the wicketkeeper. A sharp ball pitches in and hits Rayudu on the thigh pad, Russell goes for a faint shout. Rayudu gets four from the last ball. Decent delivery pitched full, Rayudu drives it to the right of mid-off.






One run from the first three balls from Bravo. Dhawan will face now. A good length delivery on the pads, Dhawan tried to nudge it away but instead inside edges it on the thigh pad and runs for a single. Rayudu gets a fuller ball on the leg stump , he pushes it down to mid on and set off for a single. Slower delivery, Dhawan watchfully plays it down towards mid-off and collects a run.





Russell will bowl. Three balls and two runs. A shorter delivery outside off , Rayudu delicately places it towards the third man fielder. Dhawan gets a shorter delivery and he undercuts it and misses the opportunity. Another short delivery, Dhawan cuts it straight to the point fielder.






Dwayne Bravo will bowl now. Dhawan collects two runs from the second ball. Wide delivery next. A full length ball, Rayudu plays it firmly towards mid-off . Another wide this time down the leg side. Good length ball outside off , Rayudu tries to guide it towards the third man but instead it goes towards the point fielder. A slower ball floated on a fuller length, Rayudu drives it fashionably and collects two runs. It came from the middle of his willow. Dot ball to end the over.





Virat Kohli will face Taylor now. Leaves the first ball. Good length ball now, Kohli stands tall and plays it easily. Virat Kohli is back ! A fuller delivery drifting on the pads, he just puts it between the mid-wicket and mid-on fielders. Virat Kohli goes. Late outswinger, pitched on the middle which just moved away and got a outside edge of Kohli’s bat.
OUT!Kohli c Sammy b Jerome Taylor 2(5)





Dhawan gets a boundary on the second ball from Rampaul. And now drives a full delivery for a single . Sprayed it down to the leg side and there was some confusion between Rahane and Dhawan. Rahane was all set for the double and reached the other end and finds his partner standing there. Total confusion. Dhawan gets another boundary,short delivery wide outside off and Dhawan just placed it towards right of that third man fielder.
OUT!Rahane run out (Dwayne Smith/Ramdin/Rampaul) 24(22)





Dhawan gets a boundary on the first ball of Taylor. Two dot deliveries now. Slower delivery directed outside off, Dhawan tried to dig it out but doesn’t get a bat on it. Short stuff, Dhawan doesn’t get the connection and the ball just dies as it reaches the cover fielder. Dot ball to end the over.





Single from the first ball. Slower delivery, Dhawan eyes it early and smacks it straight to short cover fielder. No runs. Shorter delivery wide outside off this time, Dhawan doesn’t connect. Rampaul sees Dhawan coming down down the wicket and in return sprays it wide outside off and it is called a wide. Shorter stuff on the middle stump, Dhawan puts it away towards the square leg boundary. Four runs.Good length this time , Dhawan casually taps it . Single for Dhawan on the last ball.
Full first delivery from Holder on the leg stump and Rahane gets it fine away from the short fine-leg fielder. Two good balls from Holder now. Again , floated on the leg stump, Rahane just had to get some bat on it and it races between the square-leg and short fine-leg fielders for a four. Now a wide and batsmen run for a single. This is turning out to be a expensive over. Full delivery wide outside off stump , Dhawan goes for a big drive but doesn’t middle it. Again the drive but no power to take it past the fielders. End of the big over.






Dhawan doesn’t miss this time.He gets a freebie which was asking to be cut and he gave it the right treatment. Another short one from Rampaul, Dhawan doesn’t middle this one, gets a under edge ball travels to the slip cordon. Slower delivery, sprayed outside off, Dhawan had a go at it, but the fielder was already placed in the deep. A short ball on the middle, Rahane tucks it towards the leg-side and sets of for a quick single. Dhawan plays a dot ball now. Last ball to come. Good length ball outside off, Dhawan punches it straight to short covers.





Rahane gets a boundary from the second delivery. Stood up tall and pulled a short delivery from Taylor. Picks up a single from the next ball from Taylor. So far so good. Five runs from three balls. Short delivery wide outside off to Dhawan, he goes for the cut shot but misses it. That was a freebie but he missed. Now he works the next ball on the leg-side for a single. Rahane will play the last ball. Short again, same treatment. Boundary towards square-leg. Rahane is really sharp against those short balls.





A single from the first Rampaul ball. Two dot balls to Dhawan which came back in sharply but he plays it well with a straight bat.Two more dot balls. This is turning out to be a really good over. Ends the over with a dot. One from it.





Taylor starts with a well directed bouncer. Rahane ducks and lets it go. Outswinging delivery Rahane tries to play at it, misses. Leaves the next ball which was pitched far wide outside-off. Shorter length delivery outside off, Rahane tries to tap it towards of but gets thick inside edge towards short mid-wicket, collects one run. Inswinging ball to Dhawan, plays it well with a straight bat. The next ball was drifting on the pads, Dhawan ticks it away for a single.





Ravi Rampaul will bowl the first over. Rahane will face. Good length delivery moving away from Rahane, he lets it go. Another leave from Rahane. He bowls the next ball full on the middle stump, Rahane just casually pushes it away. The next ball Rahane tried to fish at a good length ball outside off but no connection. Two balls to go. Short delivery, climbs on the batsman but he manages to nudge it away to the third-man. First runs for India. Dhawan will face now. Another shorter delivery, swings late into the batsmen , he watchfully tucks it away.








Shami will bowl the final over of the West Indies innings. Starts of with a full toss. Beautiful yorker next, Samuels could only save it from hitting the stumps. No run. Four balls to go. That’s powerfully hit. Shami bowled a full delivery on the middle stump, Samuels gets a high backlift and smacks it over long-off for a six.’One run on the next ball. Sammy facing now. Fuller delivery, Sammy hits that with long handle towards the long-off fielder, Virat Kohli drops it and it goes for a six. One run of the last ball. That’s end of the West Indies innings.





Mohit Sharma comes to bowl from around the wicket. Angles the first delivery away from Sammy who tried to guide it for a single. First dot ball. Slower delivery from Sharma this time, Sammy just leaps it in the air to the right of cover fielder for a single. A slower delivery again which pitches outside off , Samuels gets the high back-lift and tries to carve the off-side field but it goes straight to fielder. Mohit tries to bowl a yorker but it just jumps from his fingers and goes for a wide down the leg-side. This time Marlon Samuels clears the off-side field. Slower delivery , dipping outside off-stump, Samuels watchfully places it for a boundary. Now a fielder placed at the boundary. One more slower delivery , Samuels tried to hoick it away to the leg-side region but instead got a inside edge which goes towards Dhoni. Yorker, finally. Sammy digs it for no run. End of the over.






Shami comes from around the wicket to Samuels. Bowls a wide yorker. Samuels tries to dig it but doesn’t get a connection. The next delivery is bowled on the stumps, Samuels tries to hit it hard but it doesn’t come on the bat too good and he only gets a single. Pollard is bowled on a full delivery on the middle stump where Pollard tries to scoop it and totally misses. There was no one at fine leg, so the idea was good but Shami was accurate. He again gets it really accurate to Samuels, a yorker on middle stump again but he drives it straight to long-off. Russell tries to hit it big over long-off this time but Virat Kohli takes it near the ropes. Another wicket from this over.
OUT!Pollard b Shami 2(4) and OUT!A Russell c Kohli b Shami 1(2)





Mishra will bowl the 48th over. First three balls go for only two runs. Pollard smack a fuller delivery past Mishra and collect a single. Samuels slices next delivery between the cover and point fielder for two runs. One more to go. A fuller delivery darted on leg stump, tucked away for a single.




After conceding a boundary on the first ball, Shami comes backs with a yorker wide outside off-stump. Good comeback from the fast-bowler. Another fuller delivery, Samuels belts that straight to long-off. A low full toss, Ramdin bends down on his knees but doesn’t get the connection on the ball and balls goes straight to long-on fielder. New batsmen is Pollard. He had to wait too much before coming out here. Samuels gets a boundary on the penultimate ball of the over.
OUT!Ramdin c Ravindra Jadeja b Shami 61(59)





That also brings up the highest 4th wicket partnership for West Indies against India. That’s 100 for Marlon Samuels. This will be his sixth century. Now, Denesh Ramdin comes to action. Comes down the track on the bowling of Jadeja and hits it over sight screen. End of a eventful over.






Ramdin gets a single on the first ball reaches his half-century. He is getting runs now. Century in the warm-up game and now this half-century. He has come up good for West Indies in the recent times. Mohit bowls a slower deliver wide outside off , Samuels nudges it for a single towards short third man. Again, slower delivery pitched up outside off-stump, Ramdin doesn’t get a bat. Quicker delivery outside off, Ramdin was quick to splash a bat to it. Four runs for Ramdin. 150 runs partnership now. Another slower ball and a single to end the over.





Mishra to bowl this over. Comes in bowls three quiet deliveries. Samuels cuts beautifully a short, juicy short ball and collects four runs. Dot ball to end the over. West Indies are nearing 300 now.




A good lenght delivery outside off. Samuels gets a big back lift and gets it away from the cover fielder for two runs. A full delivery on the off-stump which was waiting to be hit but Samuels failed to get more wood there. Missed chance. This time it happens, Samuels powers it towards the left of long-off fielder for a boundary. Last will cost another single. Samuel keeps the strike.






Quicker third ball from Mishra. Samuels guides it to a single towards the wide gap on off-side. Ramdin also hits Mishra for a single on the next ball. Another single from Samuels. Dot delivery to end the over.





Five wides from Jadeja. That’s a gift. A good start for the over for the West Indies team. Now a stumping appeal which goes down to the third umpire. Jadeja floats a delivery on the leg stump and Samuels just gets off-balance while playing it. Dhoni collects it and damages the woodwork. But the cameras reveal that the foot was grounded in time. End of this costly Jadeja over.






Ramdin tries to hoick Mohit Sharma over the deep mid-wicket for a big six but misses it totally. Balls a slower delivery next, Ramdin picks it up early and slogs it to deep-midwicket for three runs. That’s a full full delivery outside off and Samuels fails to get a bat on it. Á full toss , Samuels makes room and places it between two fielders on the off-side. He will get four for it. Carved out perfectly. Didn’t try to hit it hard. A slower delivery again , Samuels fails to read it , goes for the big slog misses it completely. Last ball is a slower ball too, but Samuels was waiting for it and taps fora single to the left of cover fielder. End of the over.





Ramdin plays inside-out and hits four on the fourth ball of Jadeja over. Taps the next ball for a single. Samuels plays last ball carefully. End of the over.





Kumar comes in to stop the flow of runs. First three balls give away five runs. Three balls still to go. Shorter delivery on the middle-stump, Samuels hits it well and it somehow reaches it to the boundary. Kumar comes back good with a good length ball outside off which leaps after pitching. Last ball is dot. End of a decent over.






Mohammad Shami is now introduced by Dhoni to bowl the 36 th over. Four runs gathered of the first four balls. So far so good. Full toss from Shami, Ramdin slaps it over deep-point fielder. It has also been signalled as a no-ball. The extra ball also goes for four runs. 16 from the over. The over which started of well has been taken away in the end for runs. 200 comes up.





Kumar will bowl another over. He is getting the late movement away from the right-handed batsman. Ramdin taps it away for a single towards mi-on fielder. It’s Samuels who will face now. Picks up the slower delivery and nudges it to third man. A shorter delivery outside off-stump now, Ramdin clobbers it away to deep mid-wicket. Another single from Samuels. Kumar has been really economical. West Indies batsmen have played him without taking any major risk. Drinks break.
Marlon Samuels reaches his fifty with style. He steps down and crunches it for a six. Another boundary, this time towards the deep mid-wicket region. Good over for West Indies.
Kumar is brought back to get a wicket. Two singles picked up from first two balls. Ramdin tries to tap the third ball towards the third-man for a single but finds the fielder. Now he smacks a shorter delivery to the sweeper fielder on the off-side. One more single. Beautiful last ball, it just shaped away at the last moment when the batsman tried to dab it to the third man.
Raina comes in for Mohit. He comes and bowls a full delivery, batsman gets outside edge and Dhoni fails to hold on to it. Missed chance there. 50 partnership comes up between these two.They both have played well to collect runs and rotate strike efficiently.
Two back to back sixes for Samuels. He is breaking free here. Quicker delivery next, Samuels dabs it and looks for a run but Ramdin is not interested. Two singles back to back. Another single from Samuels.




Short ball from Mohit straight away. Samuels find the fielder in the deep. Sharma looks better when he bowls full. A good length delivery on the middle stump. Ramdin stops it but Samuels doesn’t want a single. Slower delivery, Ramdin watchfully taps it to the short-covers. Good lenght ball from Mohit, Ramdin wanted to cut it but it was not that short. Slower delivery again, Ramdin picks it up early this time dabs it for one run towards the third man. A much fuller delivery this time, Samuels drives it for a single.




Two dot balls followed by a single straight down to the long-on. A shorter delivery wide of the off-stump , Ramdin cuts it for a single.Three from this over




Sharma comes to bowl. Samuels nudges it to third man for a single. Two good length balls, Ramdin plays carefully. Mohit has come back good in the last few overs. But no wickets for him in this match. Another dot ball. Ramdin puts the full delivery in the big gap on the off-side. Gets single. Samuels hits the last delivery straight down to the bowler, Sharma tries to stop it but batsmen still collect a single.




Mishra again starts with the shorter on outside the off-stump. Samuels waits and cuts it late for four runs. Two good deliveries now. The first one being the wrong one. Samuels takes a chance on the next one but only gets a single of it.


Jadeja is bowling well. He is sending in quicker deliveries varied with a few loopy ones. Samuels gets of the strike on the fourth delivery. A straighter delivery, Ramdin brings down his bat and plays it with respect.




Ramdin sweeps Mishra for two runs to the square-leg region. And now he slaps a tossed up delivery to deep mid-wicket boundary. End of 25 overs.




Samuels picks the short ball early, goes back and sends it for a boundary. Four dot deliveries followed by a single. It ends a decent over from Jadeja.


Mishra sends in a loopy first delivery. Samuels digs it towards the sweeper fielder. Big six from Darren Bravo. 83m this one. He goes for it again but slices it straight to Shikhar Dhawan waiting at long-off. All credit to Mishra for tossing it up. Bravo throws it away after spending good time in the middle. Ramdin comes out to bat. he got century in the last warm-up game against India-A. Ramdin gets of the the mark with a push towards cover.
OUT!Darren Bravo c Dhawan b Mishra 28(45)




Jadeja is playing with his length. Fuller deliveries mixed with quicker stuff. Three runs from this quiet Jadeja over.


Mohit Sharma bowls two dot deliveries. He has been not been at his very best today. Not much variations from him. Now he bowls a slower delivery, Smith plays it to mid-off. A fuller delivery, on the middle-stump, no run. So far, a good over from Mohit. Samuels just nudges a length delivery to the third man area where Mishra fails to stop it from going to the boundary. Slower ball guided away for a single towards Mishra. End of the over. Five runs from it.




Jadeja is pulling up his variations. He is not afraid to bowl full. So, far only one run. Another dot delivery. Economical over ends from Jadeja.



Mohit Sharma comes in to bowl. He has been expensive this match. Three runs from the first three balls. Samuels misses the fourth delivery. drives the next ball to the mid-off fielder, get a quick single. Four runs from this over now. Straighter last delivery. Bravo hits it straight to mid-on. No run. End of the over.


Jadeja gets the treatment on the first ball after the drinks break. Smith places it over the bowler. And now, Jadeja takes the revenge. He tossed it up and Smith went for a big hoick and misses it.Smith falls in the trap set up by Jadeja. Marlon Samuels comes in to bat. Two singles and end of a good over from Jadeja.
OUT!Dwayne Smith b Ravindra Jadeja 46(45)



Kumar comes to bowl the seventh over. A string of singles from first few balls. West Indies players have played Kumar with watchful eyes. Smith tries to go for a big shot but the ball takes the outside edge and just falls short of Mishra on third man. Six singles from this over. Drinks break.


Bravo missed to connect that cut short on many occasions. This time too Jadeja balls short. Bravo cuts it hard and gets a boundary this time. Taps it for a single to long-on. End of the over from Jadeja.


Neat first three deliveries from Smith. Last one was on the shorter side but Smith fails to get it away. A straight drive from Smith, gets two runs from it. Last balls goes for a boundary, a gentle flick of his legs and it goes to the deep mid-wicket boundary.




Mishra comes to bowl his second over. Bowls short again and this time Bravo strikes at it and gets a boundary. Now a single on the fifth delivery. Loopy delivery to end the over.





Kumar comes back in to bowl. Two runs come from the first four balls. Kumar has bowled line to line. Another dot delivery. End of the over as Bravo flashes at a ball outside off. Two runs from this one.
Mishra will bowl now. Smith gets a ball on the leg stump away for a single. Shorter delivery from Mishra. Bravo smacks it the sweeper fielder for a single. He next floats a flighted delivery in batsman fails to connect. Shouts for Lbw on the next delivery. Umpire doesn’t give it. End of first over from Mishra.
Jadeja comes on to bowl. Dwayne Smith hits him for a six over long-on. He made it look too easy. Just a plain push and it goes a long way. Gets of the strike with a single now. Gets the left-handed batsman to face the next delivery. Two good deliveries. End of the over. Good one for West Indies boys.
Dareen Bravo plays the third ball with a straight bat and gets it away past the infield for two runs. Shami bowls leg-side wide now. Trying something too much? Bravo fishes out on a delivery shaping away from him. Shami has been too good today. Now, an off-side wide.
Amit Mishra fumbles the ball at third-man and batsmen come back for two runs. Goes for a big shot on the next delivery which safely falls outside the 30 yard circle. Smith now gets a boundary. He slashes at a short delivery and gets it over the slip region for a four. He now goes over the mid-off and again collects four runs. Mohit Sharma is being taken for runs this over. More runs, in the third man area for Smith. Finally, high scoring Mohit Sharma over ends.



First ball, Dwayne Bravo tries to play a good length delivery on the up and Shikhar Dhawan takes an easy catch at second slip. Shami was continously troubling Bravo with his movement and now he has finally got him. Darren Bravo comes in. Plays the first three balls cautiouslly. Drives the fourth delivery straight to the mid-off fielder. Lets go of the last delivery. End of a successful over.
OUT!Dwayne Bravo c Dhawan b Shami 17(24)



Kumar will continue with the ball. Beautiful second delivery , it just pitches and takes of. Bravo leaves it cautiously. He has been swinging it well. Again. Deceiving the batsman with his delicate art of out swinging deliveries. Finally , Dwayne Bravo gets some bat on the straighter delivery and sets off for a single. Inswing ton this occasion, Darren Bravo plays it well. It’s the end of the over. One run from it.



Consecutive boundaries off the first two balls. The first one is a touch short from Shami and the ball keeps low, beats the batsman and the keeper, four byes. The next one is fuller and Bravo goes for an expansive shot, the ball clears the in-field after hitting the toe end of the bat for four. Shami fights back well with one swinging away from Bravo trying to clip it towards the leg. He was beaten all ends up. Fifth ball of the over was a touch straighter from Shami and Bravo glances it beautifully for four more. Shami’s erratic habits continue as he strays down the leg and the batsman take a single.



First ball from Bhuvneshwar swings back in to Smith and hi tries to punch at it, doesn’t get the timing. Bhuvneshwar keeps teasing the aggressive bowler with a probing line. Smith is trying to go after everything and hasn’t succeeded much. Excellent seam presentation from the bowler. He hasn’t tried anything new but has forced Smith to go after the ball. Maiden over.



After just one over, Mohit has been taken off and Mohammed Shami has been brought in. Starts off with a widish delivery and Smith goes after it but misses. Next ball is pitched in line of the off-stump and Smith pushes it back. The third ball is clipped away towards midwicket for a single. Bravo once again is defensive. The last ball was way outside and swung further away. Lucky to get away with that wide. Just one from the over.




Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues. Dwayne Smith doesn’t fiddle with the first ball, the next one is played towards thirdman for a single. Bhuvi sends a wide down the leg-side to Bravo. The West Indian skipper is content in seeing off the new ball. He is playing defensively and letting go off balls outside off.



Mohit Sharma starts from the other end. Dwayne Bravo, his CSK teammate hits a crisp boundary on the third ball. Just punched off the backfoot and the timing was brilliant enough to take it past covers. Mohit strays down the leg-side on the fifth ball and the ball trickles down fine behind the keeper. The last ball of the over was slightly back of length and once again Bravo stands tall and hits through covers for four.



Good length from Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start with. Swings away from Dwayne Smith and he lets it go. Next one is slightly pitched up and Smith goes through with his shot and pierces the off-side field. Four to start with. Next one is cut uppishly towards thirdman for single. Bravo does struggle a bit to get hold of Bhuvneshwar’s swings. Sees of three balls without scoring.


Captain leading from the front. With Lendl Simmons injured, skipper Dwayne Bravo has come out to open with Dwayne Smith.


 Toss: India win toss, elect to bowl

Dhoni says, they want to experiment but winning the series will be their focus. Says dew and rain might be an issue so he wants to bat second. Kuldeep Yadav misses out, Ravindra Jadeja and Amit Mishra will be the two spinners for India in this match.

India: Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Mohit Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami.

West Indies: Dwayne Smith, Marlon Samuels, Darren Bravo, Dwayne Bravo (c), Denesh Ramdin (wk), Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Darren Sammy, Suleiman Benn, Ravi Rampaul, Jerome Taylor.


So it’s confirmed, West Indies players have arrived at the venue and are going through the warm-up sessions. The first ODI will go on as scheduled. Now the next thing fans must be hoping is for rain to stay away.


Latest update of the West Indies players’ strike: The players have left the team hotel and boarded the bus and are heading to the venue.



Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the first One-Day International (ODI) between India and West Indies at Kochi. I am Varun Arora, and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. The West Indians are already trending on social media but unfortunately not for their cricketing exploits. Even before the first match has started, the series is in doubt with the West Indian players threatening a strike over payment structure of the West Indies Cricket board (WICB). They missed the pre-match briefing and practice as well. So everyone is keenly looking forward to the team’s arrival for the customary warm-up session before the match.

Coming back to the series, India look to be favourites to clinch this series. They have a formidable side and there aren’t many surprises in the squad except for left-arm chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav. With a stable batting unit and the pace department pretty much secure, the side hasn’t grabbed the headlines as much as the visitors. Skipper MS Dhoni has hinted that he will try out a few experiments in the match. So it will be interesting to see his picks for the match. See India’s likely XI for today’s match here

Meanwhile the West Indies started off their tour with two tame losses to India A in Mumbai. They were missing their key players and coach Stuart Williams had to step in as 11th player. But with the return of Dwayne Bravo and Andre Russell from the Champions League and Suleiman Benn as replacement for Sunil Narine, they do have a full squad to pick from. Hopefully opener Lendl Simmons has recovered from his injury picked during the practice match. West Indies likely XI for 1st ODI here

Though the Windies are missing their main bowler Sunil Narine, they have a good fast bowling unit in Ravi Rampaul, Jerome Taylor and Kemar Roach. On the other hand, Indian batting looks solid in these conditions. There will surely be a few key battles to watch out for. Read more here

Stats: India have won six of their eight matches here. Team winning the toss have elected to bat on seven of the eight occasions. So that does indicate a pattern at this venue. India have had some fond memories in Kochi. Catch the statistical highlights of India in Kochi here

Below is an image of the Indian team during the practice session yesterday:



India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, Murali Vijay.

West Indies: Dwayne Bravo (c), Leon Johnson, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith, Jermaine Blackwood, Marlon Samuels, Darren Bravo, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Darren Sammy, Jason Holder, Suleiman Benn, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Jerome Taylor.

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