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  • 11:34 PM IST

    Bad news, folks! Play has been suspended due to rain. West Indies win 2-match series 1-0. Indian bowling unit bowled incredibly well to bundle out the batting-heavy West Indies for 143.

    However, the start of the match was delayed due to technical issues. If you think of it, had it started on time, India would have batted for at least 6 overs, which means there would have been a result on D/L method.

    Reports say that IMG Productions provide feed to BCCI, who then provide it to Star Sports, official broadcast partner of BCCI. Hence, the question beckons: who to blame for the delay? Moreover, don’t ICC have any rules in place for the delay?

    Here’s the detailed match report: Play called off as rain plays spoilsport; West Indies clinch series 1-0

  • 10:47 PM IST

    Meanwhile, enjoy West Indies’ fall of wickets:

  • 10:47 PM IST

  • 10:08 PM IST

    Live – India 15/0, 2 Overs | BATTING Rohit Sharma 10 (8), Ajinkya Rahane 4 (4): Leg-spinner Samuel Badree into the attack. It would be interesting to see if he emulates what Amit Mishra did for India. Brathwaite has pushed mid-off and mid-on back. He knows what Rohit can do when the ball is pitched in his favourite area.

    Meanwhile, VVS Laxman showers heaps of praises on MS Dhoni’s decision to often rotate the bowlers.

    Bad news for cricket-lovers, as it starts raining in Florida.

  • 10:03 PM IST

    Live – India 8/0, 1 Over | BATTING Rohit Sharma 7 (5), Ajinkya Rahane 0 (1): Andre Russell to open the bowling for West Indies. SIX, the stylish Rohit Sharma hooks it over fine-leg. Easy pickings for a batsman of his class. In other news, it’s cloudy in Florida.

    Let’s hope we at least get a 6-over game, so that we get a result. Come on, Indra Dev!

  • 9:54 PM IST

    And my colleague Pramod Ananth writes a well-articulated innings report:

    Amit Mishra, Ravichandran Ashwin star as India restrict West Indies to 143

  • 9:42 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 143, 19.4 Overs | BATTING Sunil Narine 9 (7): And we are into the ultimate over of the innings! Shami to end the proceedings for India.

    “Narine, Narine karte hue Sunil Narine ne chakka mara,” says Sehwag, as Narine bludgeons it over long-on. Much needed six at this stage.

    “If the pacer’s job is to bowl fast, why does he bowl a slower delivery?” Sehwag asks a valid question.

    OUT! Shami wastes no time and knocks over Badree with a fullish delivery. WI are bundled out for 143 on the same track they plundered 245 runs. – Badree b Shami 1 (4)

  • 9:37 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 136/9, 19 Overs | BATTING Samuel Badree 1 (3), Sunil Narine 2 (4): Bumrah to finish his four-over quota. With Narine at the crease, Virender Sehwag chants, “Narayan, Narayan.” And Deep Dasgupta, his fellow commentator burst into laughter. Well, we all do when Viru strikes.

    Meanwhile, dark clouds loom over the stadium. And Viru finishes the over chanting “Narayan, Narayan.” 😀

  • 9:32 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 133/9, 18 Overs | BATTING Samuel Badree 0 (1): Brave decision to keep Mishra into the attack, in death overs. The decision backfires as Brathwaite hits a four followed by a colossal six over deep mid-wicket. Few more big hits and West Indies will cross the 150-run mark.

    Oh, OUT! Mishra proves me wrong. He takes another wicket. Castles Brathwaite with a tossed-up delivery. Brathwaite would definitely remember Mishra’s name – Brathwaite b Mishra 18 (10)

  • 9:28 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 123/8, 17 Overs | BATTING Carlos Brathwaite 8 (5): Bhuvi to bowl his ultimate over. Meanwhile, it’s fun listening to Virender Sehwag’s commentary. Don’t tell me you are listening to English commentary!

    FOUR, Braithwaite reads the delivery well, and scoops it past fine-leg. This match is nothing like yesterday’s. However, credits goes to the Indian bowlers. They have been right on the money. It is also an evidence to the fact that no matter how the track, if the bowlers bowl in the right channel, dominating batsmen isn’t that big a task.

    OUT! Russell falls for a low full-toss. WI have already lost wickets – Russell c Kohli b Bhuvneshwar 13 (15)

  • 9:21 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 113/7, 16 Overs | BATTING Andre Russell 12 (12), Carlos Brathwaite 1 (2): Anyone miss Harsha Bhogle in the commentary box? justasking

    Mishra back into the attack. Bowled em! Bravo dances to Mishra’s tune. West Indies’ deep batting line-up is in deep trouble. Mishy bhai gets his second wicket. What a clinical performance by the Indian bowlers!

    Brathwaite is the next man in. Remember the name? Please say yes. Ian Bishop would get offended.

    OUT! Dwayne Bravo b Mishra 3 (6)

  • 9:16 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 110/6, 15 Overs | BATTING Andre Russell 10 (9), Dwayne Bravo 3 (5): Dhoni decides to give Bumrah another over. And he continues bowling bouncers, and Russell muscles it out of the ground. “Badhiya shot. Badhiya striker of the ball” says VVS Laxman on air.

    Yorker, the lethal yorker is back! Russell was down on his feet. Game on, folks!

  • 9:12 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 102/6, 14 Overs | BATTING Andre Russell 3 (5), Dwayne Bravo 2 (3): Ashwin to bowl his third over. He conceded only 4 runs off the over. WI have gone defensive. Nonetheless, they have 7 overs in hand, with Bravo and Russell at the crease.

    R Ashwin 3 – 12 – 0 -2

  • 9:10 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 98/6, 13 Overs | BATTING Andre Russell 1 (2): Bumrah’s slings-shot action has caught West Indies batsmen in trance. The angle at which he delivers the ball is not easy pick. Moreover, his bouncers are even more lethal.

    PEACH OF A YORKER! Bumrah does what he does best. Fletcher departs. With that, Bumrah takes most T20 wickets in a calendar year.

    OUT! Andre Fletcher b Bumrah 3 (9)

  • 9:04 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 92/5, 12 Overs | BATTING Andre Russell 0 (1), Andre Fletcher 2 (4): Ashwin continues, and he traps Pollard in front.He gets his second scalp, and with that, half the West Indian side is back to the dug-out. Had India played an extra spinner in the first contest, would they have won the match?

    A wicket and 3 runs off the over…

    OUT! Pollard lbw b Ashwin 13 (8)

  • 9:00 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 89/4, 11 Overs | BATTING Kieron Pollard 12 (6), Andre Fletcher 0 (1): Andre Fletcher, Kieron Pollard: Jasprit Bumrah, like Mishra and Ashwin, takes wicket off his first over as well. Samuels edges a back-of-length ball to Dhoni. India on top!

    That still wouldn’t put WI on the back foot. Russell and Brathwaite are yet to bat. And then, let’s not forget DJ Bravo. Too much flamboyance, man!

    SIX, Pollard finished the over with a simple flick over deep mid-wicket. What protein shake do these West Indians drink?

    OUT! Samuels c Dhoni b Bumrah 5 (10)

  • 8:52 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 76/3, 10 Overs | BATTING: Marlon Samuels 5 (9): India’s go-to bowler into the attack. Ashwin starts off well, bowling slower through the air. Coming round the wicket has worked, as he invites Simmon to come down the track and bowls away from him. MS Dhoni, like always, makes no mistake whatsoever. WI under fire.

    OUT! Simmons st Dhoni b Ashwin 19 (19)

  • 8:48 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 72/2, 9 Overs | BATTING: Lendl Simmons 18 (17), Marlon Samuels 3 (6): FOUR, Jadeja bowls short and wide, and Simmons scythes it past point. FOUR more, same delivery, same result. Jadeja needs to get his length correct. He needs to bowl slower through the air. In fact, he needs to smartly mix it up. 10 runs off the over.

    The speed at which he is bowling is outrageous, making it difficult for me to blog faster.

  • 8:45 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 62/2, 8 Overs | BATTING: Lendl Simmons 9 (14), Marlon Samuels 2 (3): Jadeja comes into the attack and gives away only a run. A rare sight! A rare sight, indeed! Jadeja bowls according to the field. This is what India need, for West Indies’ batting depth is outrageous.

    Mishra from the other end keeps the runs flow intact. By now, West India had scored 100 runs in the first match. Excellent bowling display by the Indian spinners. To remind you, Ashwin is yet to bowl.

  • 8:40 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 54/2, 6 Overs | BATTING: Lendl Simmons 2 (3), Marlon Samuels 1 (2): Dhoni introduces leg-spinner into the attack and he takes a wicket off his very first delivery in the United States of America. Dangerman Charles tries to clear long-on but holes out to Ajinkya Rahane. He doesn’t drop catches. Safe as a church!

    Two new batsmen at the crease. This will be interesting. At least would get to see some dot ball… Only 4 runs off the over..

    OUT! Charles c Rahane b Mishra 43 (25)

  • 8:35 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 50/1, 5 Overs | BATTING: Johnson Charles 43 (24), Marlon Samuels 0 (0): Excellent cricket by Bhuvi. Must he has regained the forgotten art of bowling in the block hole.

    FOUR, there’s no stopping Charles tonight. Bhuvi misses his length and Charles smashes it over mid-on. Kohli, Dhoni and Bhuvi gather to discuss strategy but that doesn’t work either. FOUR more! Charles goes down the ground this time. Correct line, wrong length. 11 runs off the over.

  • 8:30 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 39/1, 4 Overs | BATTING: Johnson Charles 32 (18): Shami starts off with a yorkers and then follows it up a fierce short-ball. Lewis top-edges it to Amit Mishra at short third-man. The in-form batsman goes back to the pavilion.

    God, how much power does Charles have?! He picks up the length ball well and lofts it over deep square-leg.

    Another boundary for Charles. He top-edges it over Dhoni’s head. Shami needs to bowl in the block hole.

    Well, well! Folks, Charles scores third consecutive boundary. Shami is being annihilated. 15 runs off the over.

    OUT! Lewis c Mishra b Shami 7 (6)

  • 8:24 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 24/0, 3 Overs | BATTING: Evin Lewis 7 (4), Johnson Charles 17 (14): “Huge, that is huge,” as Richie Benaud says it in EA Sports. Johnson sends a short ball soaring over the boundary line.

    And then Bhuvi follows it with a yorker outside off! This, in fact, is something Indians need to bowl. We saw Lasith Malinga outfoxing MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh in the final off ICC World T20 2014.

    Bhuvi bowls four back-to-back yorkers. This is top-drawer cricket. Only 8 runs off the over.

  • 8:20 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 16/0, 2 Overs | BATTING: Evin Lewis 7 (4), Johnson Charles 9 (8): Mohammed Shami to bowl the second over, and he commences with a dot ball. A rare sight, I know. It seems India have decided to bowl at least a short ball every over. Shami was lucky to get away with it, as Johnson pulls it to deep mid-wicket.

    Amit Mishra, you beauty! He saves three runs and then follows it up with an athletic dive at third man to save two more runs. All the same, Indian bowlers are smartly varying their pace and length.

    And Lewis ends the over with a boundary over short third-man! 9 runs off the over.

  • 8:15 PM IST

    Live – West Indies 7/0, 1 Over | BATTING: Evin Lewis 2 (2), Johnson Charles 5 (4): Same opening duo to start the proceedings for West Indies. Meanwhile, Bhuvneshwar Kumar to open the bowling for India, and he starts off his a back-of-length delivery.

    Well, well! Charles clears his front leg and smacks it straight to mid-on. No run.

    FOUR, short and Charles pulls it to deep square leg. Bhuvi needs to be mindful of his line and length. West Indies have made their intent clear: see the ball, hit the ball. However, India give away only 7 runs in the first over.

  • 8:09 PM IST

    Interesting trio of experts on the show today on Star Sports

    Hindi: Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan and Aakash Chopra

    English: Sunil Gavaskar, Ian Bishop and Ravi Shastri

    2 batting openers and one bowling opener.

    Meanwhile, match has been delayed further due to technical issues.

  • 7:52 PM IST

    Virender Sehwag has confessed that Zaheer Khan used to fancy biscuits with coffee in the dressing room. Meanwhile, Sehwag used to whistle while others laid back in the dressing room.

    Amidst all this, Sehwag, who is often at his wittiest best, said MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli would rather talk about fitness than having a coffee or whistling in the dressing room.

    So much fun, this!

  • 7:48 PM IST

    Let’s talk about the forgotten art of bowling yorkers. I, in fact, grew up watching the likes of Ajit Agarkar and Wasim Akram rattling the greatest of batsmen with mind-boggling yorkers. It was a tool often used in the death overs, when the batsmen have no option but to mindlessly swing their bat to scale up the run-rate.

    Point being, with the way West Indians bat in this format, Indian pacers need to bowl the venomous yorkers often. Yes, even in the mandatory powerplay. That would at least put a lid on the runs. Moreover, India have Jasprit Bumrah, who studied the art under Lasith Malinga, can bowl deadly, toe-crushing yorkers with perfection.

  • 7:38 PM IST

  • 7:37 PM IST


Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second T20I between India and West Indies at Lauderhill, Florida. I’m Kaustubh S. Mayekar, and I’ll bring all the live updates from this crackerjack of a contest. All the same, I’m still not over the result of the first match. What looked like India’s match went in favour of the West Indians. 2 runs need of the last ball, with MS Dhoni at one end and Dwayne Bravo at the other. Dhoni, one of the most prolific finishers, had been there and done that with ease and grace. Bravo, on the other hand, had encountered roughest of storms as well. Full Cricket Scorecard: India vs West Indies, 2nd T20I at Lauderhill 

The spectators feared that the match would end in a draw. And let’s be honest, a draw would have been an ideal result, as both teams left no stone unturned to emerge triumphant. However, as fate would have it, Dhoni failed to produce an encore of his last-ball heroics, as he edged Bravo’s slower delivery to Marlon Samuels at short third-man.

We all had déjà vu. Bravo had bowled a similar delivery to Yuvraj Singh back in 2006: a wily change of pace on leg-stump (on Yuvraj’s leg, to be precise). Like Dhoni, Yuvraj failed as well, as Bravo dismantled his defence, guiding West Indies to a one-run win, just like this one.

Nonetheless, it was Dhoni, the man with a Midas touch. He knew what needed to be done. But don’t we too have a bad day at office? Same applies to Captain Cool. Agreed, we often see him victorious, but he is just mortal like us. Also read: MS Dhoni: IND couldn’t have expected more from the batting unit

Let’s acknowledge Bravo’s efforts as well. India needed only 8 runs in the last over. KL Rahul, who was in an ominous touch, was at the crease. He could have easily finished the contest with a few mighty hits. All he had to do was emulate what had been doing. As a matter of fact, even he couldn’t take India over the line, as Bravo was at his absolute best. He coupled slower deliveries with deadly yorker, leaving Indian batsmen clueless as to how to score the winnings runs.

All in all, as Indians say, it was a ‘paisa wasool’ match.

India have no option but to win the match and level the series 1-1 to maintain the No. 2 spot in the ICC T20 rankings.

Featuring a three-seamer attack didn’t help India. In 12 overs they bowled, they conceded 170 runs. Nonetheless, all-rounder Stuart Binny conceded 32 runs in the only over he bowled. Yes, we are talking about the same over in which five sixes were being hit. Another déjà vu, isn’t it? Yuraj Singh vs Stuart Broad in ICC World T20 2007? Also read – Preview and Predictions: MS Dhoni’s men risk dropping down to No. 3 in T20I rankings

In fact, there are similarities as well. Evin Lewis and Yuvraj are southpaws, and the bowlers’ initial name is Stuart, one Binny and the other Broad. To add to the fire, Ravi Shastri was in the commentary box. But Lewis couldn’t do what Yuvraj did, as he failed to smash the sixth six. More importantly, he surpassed Yuvraj, scoring a hundred in T20Is.

Given the match will be played at the same venue, expect similar fireworks, which brings us to another point. Should India play with five specialist batsmen?

Ajinkya Rahane opened the innings with the talismanic Rohit Sharma, with Shikhar Dhawan dropped. Not that Rahane hasn’t provided the much needed impetus in the past, just that he needed stroke of luck in such crucial match. But the tactic backfired, as Rahane could add only 7 runs to the team’s total. Also read: IND vs WI 1st T20I 2016: Dhoni breaks Ponting’s record

To shed some light on the matter, India need someone like Dhawan who can fire on all cylinders, the way West Indian openers did. If truth be told, he is known for such batsmanship. In 22 T20Is, he has plundered 416 runs with a strike rate of 113.35, inclusive of two half-centuries. Considering it’s a belter of a track, he will have a great time annihilating the West Indian bowlers.

However, this brings forth the batting line-up conundrum.

If Dhawan is to play, what position will Rahane bat at? Virat Kohli will undoubtedly bat at No. 3, which leaves KL Rahul and Rahane. Given Rahul can use the long handle to blasting effect, he can bat down the order as well, letting Rahane bat at No. 4. On the other hand, let’s not forget that Rahul scored his maiden T20I hundred at the same position. Hence, would it be fair to demote him down the order? Also read: IND vs WI, 1st T20I 2016, Highlights & Results

Everything boils down to how Dhoni thinks. He might not even make any changes or may replace Rahane with Dhawan. All the same, playing an extra batsmen would help India keep West Indies at bay.

Getting back to Binny: he was annihilated by the blistering Lewis. Moreover, if India decide to play an extra batsman, playing him would put India in further enigma. On the other hand, if India don’t, leg-spinner Amit Mishra is likely to replace him. In fact, there are a lot of permutation and combination to think about.

West Indies, however, would face the same issue if Chris Gayle is declared fit. And they would have to tackle the same question: who will they drop to make way for an extra batsman? Truth be told, this code is even more difficult to decipher.


India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Stuart Binny, Jasprit Bumrah, Shikhar Dhawan, Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Ajinkya Rahane, KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav

West Indies: Carlos Brathwaite (c), Samuel Badree, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Andre Fletcher, Chris Gayle, Jason Holder, Evin Lewis, Sunil Narine, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons

Full Cricket Scorecard: India vs West Indies, 2nd T20I at Lauderhill