Ed Joyce started off nervously but has grown in confidence © Getty Images
Ed Joyce started off nervously but has grown in confidence © Getty Images

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Who deserves the man of the match? Ed Joyce gets the award for his 112. Alex Cusack certainly deserves a mention though. He held his nerve brilliantly.

Zimbabwe: 326| Overs 49.3

BATTING: Chatara 1 (1)

Alex Cusack comes in for the final over. First ball, Chopped on, Chakabva out! This match has been one of the most thrilling ever. Final wicket remains. Cusack has three wickets. Second ball, inside edge and misses the stumps and they run a crucial single. And Mupariwa skies it and is caught at long on. Mupariwa can’t be the hero, Cusack can. He’s taken four wickets.

OUT! Regis Chakabva 17 (16) b Cusack

OUT! Mupariwa 18 (7) c Porterfield b Cusack

Zimbabwe: 325/8| Overs 48

BATTING:  Regis Chakabva 17 (15), Mupariwa 18 (6)

Kevin O’Brien back in the attack. Concedes a boundary of the fourth ball and its whipped through covers for four crucial runs by Mupariwa. Concedes another boundary the next ball. It’s game on. And a six off the next ball just over backward square leg. Seven required off the final over.

Zimbabwe: 306/8| Overs 48

BATTING:  Regis Chakabva 15 (13), Mupariwa 0 (0)

John Mooney, the in-doubt catcher of Sean Williams comes out to bowl and strikes with his fourth delivery as Panyangara fins the man at long on. Just six off that over. 26 required from the final two.

Tinashe Panyangara 5 (5) c McBrine b Mooney

Zimbabwe: 300/7| Overs 47

BATTING:  Regis Chakabva 15 (13)

Kevin O’Brien back in the attack. And he is smashed for a four first up. He’s been bad today. Second ball brings a single to bring Williams on strike. Third ball is a missed run-out chance. Zimbabwe are past the 300-run mark. Zimbabwe could be seen as slight favourites from here. A lot of drama here. Mooney takes the catch in the deep but replays shows his foot maybe touches the boundary rope, but the third umpire rules it in favour of the on-field umpire.

OUT! Sean Williams 96 (83) c Mooney b K O’Brien

Zimbabwe: 293/6| Overs 46

BATTING:  Sean Williams 94 (80), Regis Chakabva 10 (11)

Alex Cusack comes in for his final over, can he pluck a final wicket? First ball brings two runs. Second ball brings a single at long off. Third ball brings another single. Chakabva is supporting Williams very well. Three runs come from an error in fielding on the fifth ball. Two runs of the final delivery.

Zimbabwe: 283/6| Overs 45

BATTING:  Sean Williams 88 (76), Regis Chakabva 9 (9)

Andy McBrine comes in for another over. Six off the third ball! This match is far from over. Anything can happen. Fifth ball yields a risky single. Sean Williams is key to Zimbabwe’s chances here.

Zimbabwe: 273/6| Overs 44

BATTING:  Sean Williams 80 (73), Regis Chakabva 7 (6)

First ball is glanced to leg for a couple of runs. Second ball yields a single. Strays down leg the fourth ball and gets glanced for four. Single off the fifth ball. Eleven runs off that over.

Zimbabwe: 262/6| Overs 43

BATTING:  Sean Williams 73 (70), Regis Chakabva 3 (3)

Andy McBrine is brought back in the attack, tense moments for both sides. And McBrine strikes with Ervine’s wicket. Pressure right back on the Africans. Regis Chakabva gets a couple of runs at the leg-side. And a single off the final delivery.

OUT! Craig Ervine 11 (16) c N O’Brien b McBrine


Zimbabwe: 257/5| Overs 42

BATTING:  Sean Williams 72 (69), Craig Ervine 10 (14)

John Mooney comes in now. Starts off well. Ireland have to take a wicket to win this. John Mooney has bowled a good over under pressure. Zimbabwe need runs at less than 9 RPO. Just three off that over. This match will go down to the wire.

Zimbabwe: 254/5| Overs 41

BATTING:  Sean Williams 72 (66), Craig Ervine 8 (11)

Kevin O’Brien continues. He hasn’t been half as effective Alex Cusack even though they bowl at the same speed. He keeps straying down leg to the left hander.

Zimbabwe: 241/5| Overs 40

BATTING:  Sean Williams 65 (63), Craig Ervine 3 (8)

Match is still in the balance. Cusack has been absolutely crucial for Ireland. The pressure is slightly on Zimbabwe but a few big hits could quickly change this.

Zimbabwe: 224/5| Overs 38

BATTING:  Sean Williams 51 (57), Craig Ervine 0 (2)

Sean Williams has got fifty now and even though his innings has been shadowed by Taylor’s. He’s been the pillar. Brendan Taylor gets out the next ball after a splendid hundred. Cusack has been rewarded for bowling tight.

OUT! Brendan Taylor 121 (91) c Kevin b Cusack

Zimbabwe: 222/4| Overs 37

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 121 (89), Sean Williams 49 (55)

George Dockrell comes in for his final over in hope to pick a wicket. First ball is smashed for six. Two runs of the next ball. Brendan taylor is intent on winning this. Taylor smacks another six off the fifth ball. This is slowly slipping in Zimbabwe’s balance now.

Zimbabwe: 204/4| Overs 36

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 103 (83), Sean Williams 49 (55)

Alex Cusack comes to bowl after the drinks break. Puts the pressure on with a three dots first up. Fourth ball yields a single. Fifth ball yoield two to long off with a chip. Just four from that over, very good in the circumstances.

Zimbabwe: 200/4| Overs 35

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 100 (81), Sean Williams 48 (51)

Brendan Taylor gets to his century which is absolutely amazing given the circumstances he’s batted in. Fine innings by him but the job is not finished. Last ball of the over goes past to the keeper with small noise, given not-out, Ireland review. It returns not-out.

Zimbabwe: 198/4| Overs 34

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 99 (76), Sean Williams 47 (50)

Zimbabwean batting pair of Brendan Taylor and Sean Williams have shown great resolve. The partnership has swelled to beyond a hundred runs. The Irish bowlers are erring on line and length. Kevin O’Brien was poor and has been brought out of the attack. Paul Stirling has been brought on for a surprise factor maybe. But he’s bowled badly too. Pressure on ireland as Tayor inches to hundred.

Zimbabwe: 164/4| Overs 30

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 77 (61), Sean Williams 36 (41)

Andy McBrine is brought back in the attack. Ireland would love a wicket at this point. McBrine concedes four runs of that over.

Zimbabwe: 160/4| Overs 29

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 74 (58), Sean Williams 35 (38)

The Zimbabwean pair here are putting tremendous pressure on the bowlers. They’ve been solid given the state of the game. Kevin O’Brien keeps  one lose delivery per over and that;s hurting his figures badly.

Zimbabwe: 144/4| Overs 27

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 62 (50), Sean Williams 32 (34)

Kevin O’Brien is brought in to the attack now for a second stint. First ball is a poor short ball and is pulled for four by Williams. Last ball is a full toss and is punished for four. Eleven from that over.

Zimbabwe: 133/4| Overs 26

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 58 (47), Sean Williams 26 (31)

John Mooney has been brought in to the attack as if someone gave Porterfield my suggestion from the previous update. First three balls yield a single run. And just a single off the final three, that will put the pressure back on the batsmen.

Zimbabwe: 131/4| Overs 25

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 57 (44), Sean Williams 25 (28)

If Ireland manages to get Zimbabwe out for less than 200, they’ll have a better net run rate than Pakistan. Meanwhile Brendan Taylor has been performing wonderfully. Sean Williams has supported him well. Porterfield may want to squeeze in a couple of overs from the seamers in there to break the monotony and make the batsmen think. Sean Williams has gone past 200 ODI runs.

Zimbabwe: 113/4| Overs 23

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 45 (36), Sean Williams 20 (23)

George Dockrell continues.He’s been bowling quite well. Good mix of pace, line and length. Concedes seven runs off that over.

Zimbabwe: 106/4| Overs 22

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 41 (33), Sean Williams 17 (20)

Sean Williams is also showing some intent now. Second ball of that over is reverse swept for four. Andy McBrine hasn’t been as foxy as Dockrell. Concedes six runs off that over.

Zimbabwe: 100/4| Overs 21

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 40 (32), Sean Williams 12 (14)

Dockrell has been bowling beautifully but the second-last ball of that over is hit to mid-wicket for four by Sean Williams. Ireland are well in the driver’s seat though.

Zimbabwe: 94/4| Overs 20

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 39 (30), Sean Williams 7 (11)

Brendan taylor has been playing very well, he knows his field very well and is hitting the bad balls. He need Sean Williams to accompany him for a big partnership.

Zimbabwe: 76/4| Overs 17

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 26 (21), Sean Williams 2 (2)

Zimbabwe should’ve been in pressure with the early three wickets, but one wouldn’t think so looking at Brendan Taylor. He has walked out with intent. Solomon Mire tries to emulate his stand in skipper but gets caught at point to consolidate Ireland’s position.Sean Williams comes out to bat, first ball a couple. Dockrell is getting good turn.

OUT! Solomon Mire 11 (21) c Cusack b Dockrell

Zimbabwe: 55/3 | Overs 13

BATTING:  Solomon Mire 7 (10), Brendan Taylor 11 (10)

Kevin continues. Concedes a boundary of the first ball to long off. And another four from Brendan Taylor to close the over on a high. Eight off that over.

Zimbabwe: 47/3 | Overs 12

BATTING:  Solomon Mire 7 (10), Brendan Taylor 3 (4)

George Dockrell comes in. He’s had a moderately successful World Cup so far. Concedes a couple of runs to long off in his first two deliveries. Dot balls in the next couple off deliveries. Finishes off with two runs.

Zimbabwe: 44/3 | Overs 11

BATTING:  Solomon Mire 6 (6), Brendan Taylor 1 (2)

Kevin O’Brien has come out to bowl now. Has to carry on the good work by the top two bowlers and he does! Masakadza is out for five driving at a full length ball outside off! Zimbabwe in deep trouble. Final ball is pulled to mid-wicket for a couple.

OUT! Hamilton Masakadza 5 (7) c Wilson b O’Brien

Zimbabwe: 41/2 | Overs 10

BATTING:  Solomon Mire 4 (5), Hamilton Masakadza 5 (4)

John Mooney continues. Hamilton Masakadza is looking quite confident off the back foot despite being fresh at the crease. Solomon Mire hits a lovely straight drive for four off the last ball. Nine off that over for Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: 32/2 | Overs 9

BATTING:  Solomon Mire 0 (4), Hamilton Masakadza 0 (0)

Chamu Chibhabha gets out trying to go big straight down the ground but finds the Irish captains hands at point after a mishit. That over ends as a wicket maiden.

OUT! Chamu Chibhabha 18 (32) c Porterfield b Cusack

Zimbabwe: 32/1 | Overs 8

BATTING:  Chamu Chibhabha 18 (28), Solomon Mire 0 (1)

John Mooney continues. Second ball is driven straight and if it were not for a good effort by Mooney himself, that could’ve been four. Procures an edge off that fifth ball; a full swinging away ball outside off and Chakabva edges to Stirling who takes a lovely catch. Concedes just two runs off that over apart from the wicket.

OUT! Sikandar Raza 12 (19) c Stirling b Mooney

Zimbabwe: 30/0 | Overs 7

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 18 (27), Sikandar Raza 10 (14)

Cusack continues and bowls a wide the first ball. Third ball of the over is cut for a couple of runs. Finishes off well in the end. Just three runs conceded in that over.

Zimbabwe: 27/0 | Overs 6

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 16 (22), Sikandar Raza 10 (14)

John Mooney continues. First ball is straight driven for four by Chakabva. They need to keep it tight to build pressure. Fourth ball is short and is pulled to mid-wicket.

Zimbabwe: 18/0 | Overs 5

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 11 (19), Sikandar Raza 2 (10)

Alex Cusack continues with his slow paced bowling. He’s been quite accurate at that good length but the final ball of the over is pulled for four to mid-wicket, wasn’t very short but even a slight error at that pace gets punished.

Zimbabwe: 12/0 | Overs 4

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 10 (16), Sikandar Raza 1 (8)

John Mooney continues. He’s been very accurate lingering on the good length with the line outside off. At his pace it is important to keep doing that. The fourth ball is hit to long off for four after a poor fielding effort at mid off. Next ball is a wide down leg. Comes back well in the fifth legal ball off the over. Final ball he falls short and is cut for four.

Zimbabwe: 3/0 | Overs 3

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 2 (10), Sikandar Raza 1 (8)

Sikandar Raza is in a surprisingly defensive mood for now. First five balls yield nothing. The sixth ball yields nothing either. Maiden over. Pressure building on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: 3/0 | Overs 2

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 2 (10), Sikandar Raza 1 (2)

John Mooney is the second opening bowler. Second ball is hooked and it drops just short off deep square leg. Third ball almost gets the outside edge. And he does it again the next ball with good swing away from the batsman. Gets bat to ball off the next but no run. For Zimbabwe the problem is they can’t take too much time to settle.

Zimbabwe: 2/0 | Overs 1

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 2 (6), Sikandar Raza 0 (0)

Alex Cusack comes in to bowl the first over. A good over. Only two runs of the very last ball for Chakabva. Sikandar Raza will take strike next over.


Innings Report: Zimbabwe set 332 to chase


Ireland: 331/8 | Overs 50

BATTING:   George Dockrell 5 (3), Alex Cusack 2 (3)

Heartbreak for Balbirnie as he gets run-out off the very first ball in attempt to run a couple which the small ground at Hobart doesn’t always allow for. Good throw from Chatara in the deep. And Zimbabwe finish well, but Ireland have plenty on the board.

OUT! Andrew Balbirnie 97 (79) run out

Ireland: 325/7 | Overs 49

BATTING:  Andrew Balbirnie 95 (77),  George Dockrell 2 (1)

Niall O’Brien has gone without making too much of an impact and that’s not his fault as he doesn’t specialize in hitting big towards the death overs. Meanwhile Balbirnie gets back strike on the second-last ball off the over. George Dockrell takes strike for the last ball. And he runs two.

OUT! Niall O’Brien 2 (4) c Panyangara b Chatara

Ireland: 320/6 | Overs 48

BATTING:  Andrew Balbirnie 94 (76),  Niall O’Brien 1 (1)

After playing a gem of an innings, Gary Wilson is out for 25 off 13 balls. John Mooney has come out to bat now. One look at him and you know he’s capable of muscular blows. And in the second ball he faces he hits a four. And he reverse sweeps the next ball for four too. And Williams is out the next delivery attempting a slog. Niall is out now.

OUT! Gary Wilson 21 (11) c Chakabva b Williams

OUT! John Mooney 10 (4) b Williams

Ireland: 303/4 | Overs 47

BATTING:  Andrew Balbirnie 94 (76), Gary Wilson 21 (11)

Gary Wilson has come out and has looked very confident. He’s scoring at a strike rate of about 190 and without even taking too many risks. And in the process Ireland have gone past 300 with ease. Wilson brought it up with a six.

Ireland: 281/4 | Overs 45

BATTING:  Andrew Balbirnie 92 (73), Gary Wilson 2 (2)

Just when Kevin O’Brien was getting set, he has holed out to long on for 24. But most importantly Balbirnie, who is the set batsman, is still there and is headed for a century. Gary Wilson has come out to accompany him.

OUT! Kevin O’Brien 24 (22) c Chakabva b Chatara

Ireland: 271/3 | Overs 44

BATTING:  Andrew Balbirnie 91 (70), Kevin O’Brien 20 (20)

Andrew Balbirnie has been batting sublimely. He’s seemingly headed for a maiden ODI hundred and unlike Joyce, his innings has been chanceless. Zimbabwe have found it difficult to contain the batsmen. These two could take the score past 330.

Ireland: 239/3 | Overs 42

BATTING:  Andrew Balbirnie 66 (61), Kevin O’Brien 14 (17)

Kevin O’Brien is at the crease and with him around a 300+ score is an absolute possibility for Ireland. Andre Balbirnie has been great as well, in fact as of now he seems better equipped off the two to go full throttle. In other news Zimbabwe have had to deal with another dropped catch after Kevin was grassed at cover.

Ireland: 218/3 | Overs 39

BATTING:  Andrew Balbirnie 59 (58), Kevin O’Brien 1 (2)

Ed Joyce is out finally. Chatara picks the wickets with a slower full toss. He played well for his hundred and now the onus is on Kevin O’Brien to do what he does best with support from Balbirnie.

Ed Joyce 112 (103) c Ervine b Chatara

Ireland: 212/2 | Overs 38

BATTING: Ed Joyce 112 (102) Andrew Balbirnie 54 (55)

And Joyce has been dropped again. Craig Ervine is the culprit this time. Joyce has been a man of luck today. Meanwhile Balbirnie has got to fifty and Ireland have to capitalise from here for a huge score.

Ireland: 198/2 | Overs 37

BATTING: Ed Joyce 105 (98) Andrew Balbirnie 47 (53)

And Ed joyce gets to his century with the very shot that he could’ve got out off when he was on 34; the pull shot off a backish delivery and the very next ball he smashes a four. With his kind off potential, one would think Joyce’s job is not done here as he can propel Ireland to a huge total. That’s his third ODI hundred.

Ireland: 186/2 | Overs 36

BATTING: Ed Joyce 96 (94) Andrew Balbirnie 44 (51)

Ed Joyce is inching towards a century and if Ireland want a truly big score they’ll want him there till the very end. Ireland are down with 36 overs and they’ll want to accelerate once Joyce gets past his century.

Ireland: 164/2 | Overs 33

BATTING: Ed Joyce 87 (86) Andrew Balbirnie 33 (41)

Ireland are doing well here. Scoring runs at more than run-a-ball. They would be thinking in terms of a 300+ score now. Zimbabwe are finding it difficult to pluck wickets in the middle overs.

Ireland: 146/2 | Overs 30

BATTING: Ed Joyce 81 (78) Andrew Balbirnie 22 (31)

Ed Joyce is now batting beautifully. He’s got two sixes now. Tendai Chatara’s first comeback over was given a first ball six to mid-wicket. He’s propelled himself to the eighties now. The pressure is on Zimbabwe. Ireland going smooth after Ed Joyce fifty

Ireland: 127/2 | Overs 28

BATTING: Ed Joyce 67 (71) Andrew Balbirnie 18 (25)

William Porterfield’s wicket may have been a blessing in disguise as these two have started scoring a lot more freely together. Joyce is finally connecting with his pull shots and even got one for six. Balbirniw has had a positive start. Pressure on Zimbabwe now.

Ireland: 101/2 | Overs 24

BATTING: Ed Joyce 52 (63) Andrew Balbirnie 7 (9)

And Ed Joyce gets to his fifty after all. He’s been quite lucky too and hasn’t been the most fluent. Was dropped by Mupariwa, had a catch drop short at slips and has not looked his usual self otherwise but importantly he’s got the job done and must look to capitalise fro here.

Ireland: 84/2 | Overs 21

BATTING: Ed Joyce 38 (52) Andrew Balbirnie 4 (1)

William Porterfield goes for a big hit of Sean Williams off the very first ball and gets the top edge, no dropped chance this time as Masakadza pouches the catch. Balbirnie walks out and gets a beautiful boundary through covers off his very first delivery. Five runs off that over.

OUT! William Porterfield 29 (61) c Masakadza b Sean Williams

Ireland: 79/1 | Overs 20

BATTING: William Porterfield 29 (60), Ed Joyce 37 (49)

Mupariwa continues. In attempt to accelerate, Joyce pulls but gets the top edge and it goes high. Mupariwa realises that there’s no one else to claim the catch and make a dash for it and gets to it but the momentum pushes it out of his hand. Dropped chance.

Ireland: 74/1 | Overs 19

BATTING: William Porterfield 28 (59), Ed Joyce 34 (44)

Sean Williams is brought into the attack. The over brings a couple of couples from the bat off William Porterfield. Four runs off that over.

Ireland: 70/1 | Overs 18

BATTING: William Porterfield 24 (53), Ed Joyce 34 (44)

Mupariwa continues. Joyce gets a four off the first ball straight down the ground. And a single off the next delivery. Porterfield gets a single to third man off the fifth ball. Six runs of the over.

Ireland: 64/1 | Overs 17

BATTING: William Porterfield 23 (50), Ed Joyce 29 (41)

Sikandar Raza continues for his third over. First two balls yield singles. Third ball is a dot ball. Fourth ball results in another single. And another dot. And a single off the final ball.

Ireland: 59/1 | Overs 16

BATTING: William Porterfield 22 (49), Ed Joyce 25 (36)

Mupariwa comes in for his third over. His third ball is pulled to mid-wicket by Joyce but he doesn’t get the timing right and only manages two runs. Just three off that over.

Ireland: 56/1 | Overs 15

BATTING: William Porterfield 22 (47), Ed Joyce 22 (32)

Raza carries on. Sensible captaincy by Brendan Taylor, not letting the batsmen to rotate strike with ease.  last ball is hit to off-side for a single. Two runs off that Raza over.

Ireland: 54/1 | Overs 14

BATTING: William Porterfield 21 (43), Ed Joyce 21 (30)

Mupariwa continues. They’re bowling to the plan and the Irish batsmen are being tied down. Fourth ball is guided to third man for a single.  Mupariwa is getting movement off the pitch. Four off that over.

Ireland: 50/1 | Overs 13

BATTING: William Porterfield 20(42), Ed Joyce 18(25)

Sikandar Raza has been brought in. This could be an outlet for Ireland but they must be sensible. Brendan Taylor has set a field to prevent easy singles and that may induce the false stroke. Just three runs off that over. A couple down leg off the last ball takes Ireland to fifty.

Ireland: 45/1 | Overs 12

BATTING: William Porterfield 17(38), Ed Joyce 16(23)

Mupariwa comes in as first change. First three balls are dot. It is evident that Joyce is getting frustrated. Next ball is guided to third man for a single. Only a single off that over.

Ireland: 44/1 | Overs 11

BATTING: William Porterfield 17(37), Ed Joyce 15(18)

Tinashe Panyangara comes in for another over. Risky single off the first ball. Next ball is a dot. Third ball is tapped to leg for a single. Fourth ball is another dot. Fifth ball is tapped to mid-wicket, no run. Sixth ball is met with a fierce drive from Joyce, but only for a single.

Ireland: 41/1 | Overs 10

BATTING: William Porterfield 16(35), Ed Joyce 13(14)

Chatara continues. First ball is full length wide outside off and Joyce drives positively but no run. Second ball is blocked. Next ball is guided down leg for a four, hit very fine. Joyce is growing in confidence. Next ball is driven square for a single. DOT, next ball.

Ireland: 36/1 | Overs 9

BATTING: William Porterfield 16(33), Ed Joyce 8(10)

Panyangara continues. First ball yields none. Second ball is defended strongly back to the bowler. Third ball is guided to leg but sill mid-on cuts it off, no run. Are the Irish batsmen getting tied down? Porterfield chips the next ball over the in-field straight down the ground for a couple. Next ball is blocked, dot. Final ball is hit back straight to the bowler, no run.

Ireland: 34/1 | Overs 8

BATTING: William Porterfield 14(27), Ed Joyce 8(10)

Chatara continues. Two singles off the first two balls followed by two dot-balls. Fifth ball is a leg-side wide. Next ball is defended to point for none. Final ball is driven beautifully through the covers for a boundary.

Ireland: 27/1 | Overs 7

BATTING: William Porterfield 13(26), Ed Joyce 3(5)

Panyangara continues from his end. The Irish batsman are struggling for timing. Maybe the pitch is a little slow and the ball is getting stuck in pitch. Porterfield hits the last ball over the in-field and successfuly finds the boundary.

Ireland: 23/1 | Overs 6

BATTING: William Porterfield 9(20), Ed Joyce 3(5)

Chatara continues. He’s been quite accurate. Starts off with a very good yorker and bowls quite well through the rest of the over. Concedes just two runs. Pressure building on the openers.

Ireland: 21/1 | Overs 5

BATTING: William Porterfield 8(16), Ed Joyce 2(3)

Panyangara has his tail up. Gets the edge of the very first ball but drops short of Hamilton Masakadza at second slip. Joyce gets lucky. Second ball is guided to leg-side for a single. Next ball is defended solidly by Porterfield off a good length.  Same thing plays out next ball. They run for a quick single off the next ball after hitting it to the man at cover. Joyce tries to drive the full length delivery but gets a thick inside edge for a single to the leg side.

Ireland: 18/1 | Overs 4

BATTING: William Porterfield 7(12), Ed Joyce 0(0)

Chatara continues his new-ball spell. That wicket has automatically put Ireland on the backfoot. Chatara has been bowling quite well. Not giving the batsman much room. Only two runs of that over.

Ireland: 16/1 | Overs 3

BATTING: William Porterfield 5(7)

Panyangara continues. Even he’s getting some movement now. Porterfield hits him through covers and they run three. Stirling gets two the next ball. Fourth and Fifth balls are dots. OUT! Stirling out for 10 runs, gets a widish delivery and cuts it but finds the stretched hands of the man at point.

OUT! Paul Stirling 10(11) c Williams b Panyangara

Ireland: 11/0 | Overs 2

BATTING: William Porterfield 2(5), Paul Stirling 8(7)

Chatara comes on. First ball reveals that there is movement off the pitch on offer. He’s looking more threatening then Panyangara. Wide down leg on the third ball. Next ball hit to covers for a single by Porterfield. Stirling blocks the next ball. Awkwardly the next ball that’s angled away from him. Final ball is another dot. Good over.

Ireland: 9/0 | Overs 1

BATTING: William Porterfield 1(2), Paul Stirling 8(4)

Tinashe Panyangara opens the bowling, no surprises there. First ball is outside off at his non-threatening pace. Slight hint of movement. Second ball is met with a mistimed drive that yields a single to long off. Third ball hits the bats but is down the leg. Fourth ball he strays again and Stirling is too good to miss out twice. On-Drive for FOUR! Defends the next ball. Strays down leg again, FOUR again to square leg this time


TOSS UPDATE: Zimbabwe have won the toss and elected to take the field first. Ireland will have to bat big and bat deep, because with a bowling like theirs it may be difficult to defend the total. Conditions look decent to bat.

Zimbabwe XI: Chamu Chibhabha, Sikandar Raza, Solomon Mire, Hamilton Masakadza, Brendan Taylor(wk/c), Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Regis Chakabva, Tawanda Mupariwa, Tinashe Panyangara, Tendai Chatara

Ireland XI: William Porterfield(c), Paul Stirling, Ed Joyce, Niall O’Brien, Andrew Balbirnie, Gary Wilson(wk), Kevin O’Brien, John Mooney, George Dockrell, Max Sorensen, Andy McBrine

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the 30th match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. It’s a Pool B encounter between Ireland and Zimbabwe at Hobart. I am Rishad DSouza, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match. Ireland vs Zimbabwe: Preview

The caravan of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will move to the beautiful city of Tasmania, Hobart on Saturday when Ireland and Zimbabwe will play a crucial Pool B match at the Bellerive Oval. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is currently heading towards its business stage and in the context of qualification for the next round; this game is going to play a vital role, especially for Ireland. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

In the Pool B points table the Irish team is currently at the No. 5 position, with two wins from three games. Apart from this Zimbabwe match, Ireland’s last two games in the group stage are against Pakistan and India respectively.  So a victory at Hobart is seems to be their primary requirement to make it to the last eight stage. For Zimbabwe, who is at No.6 at the points table, the hopes for qualification are almost over. So it’s all about playing for pride for them. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

In terms of team strengths and weaknesses, both Ireland and Zimbabwe are almost equal. Both have good cricketers on their ranks, who can make difference on their day. In batting, Ireland seems to have the depth as their lower-order batsmen are no mug with the bat. Zimbabwe have a heavy middle-order, with players like Brendan Taylor, Hamilton Masakadza slotted to the come in the middle. .


Ireland: William Porterfield (c), Andy Balbirnie, Peter Chase, Alex Cusack, George Dockrell, Ed Joyce, Andy McBrine, John Mooney, Kevin O’Brien, Niall O’Brien (wk), Max Sorensen, Paul Stirling, Stuart Thompson, Gary Wilson, Craig Young

Zimbabwe: Brendan Taylor (c), Regis Chakabva (wk), Tendai Chatara, Chamu Chibhabha, Craig Ervine, Tafadzwa Kamungozi, Hamilton Masakadza, Stuart Matsikenyeri, Solomon Mire, Tawanda Mupariwa, Tinashe Panyangara, Sikandar Raza, Prosper Utseya, Sean Williams, Elton Chigumbura (unavailable)

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