Kings XI Punjab © IANS (File photo)
Kings XI Punjab © IANS (File photo)

Sep 26, 2014

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Punjab are through. They have won by 120 runs here. Karanveer gets his fourth wicket as Boult is dismissed. What a game it has been for them. Vohra started well, Sehwag continued and the bowlers did the job.
OUT! T Boult 1(4)

Southee is gone as he tries to go over the top and edges it to short third-man. Akshar Patel gets the wicket.
OUT! T Southee0(2)
Another wicket here! Wriddhiman Saha runs out Mitchell as he is found short of his crease at the non-striker’s end. Saha has done a very good job. Tim Southee is in. Kuggeleijn is out as he charges to Karanveer and is stumped.
OUT! D Mitchell 8(13) S Kuggeleijn 1(6)
Akshar Patel continues the batsmen only knock the odd one around and get singles.
Only one run scored off this over. Not much to write home about.
Styris is gone. He is run-out as he came far down the track. Maxwell throws it and it is a direct hit. No chance for Styris, who walks back in his 200th game. Watling is gone a few balls later. he dances down the track to loft Karanveer but finds long-on. They are falling apart here.
OUT! S Styris 4(3) BJ Watling 8(11)
Styris is the new man. Watling is on strike through and he finally gets a single off the third ball as he sweeps it to the deep. Styris then gets a four as an edge flies through third-man for a four.
Karanveer Singh is into the attack now. He bowls a dot ball upfront. Flynn then plays it through the off-side for a single. Watling then drives it to cover for a single. Flynn then sweeps one for a four. And Karanveer gets a wicket. Flynn is trapped in front and the Knights are in bigger trouble.
OUT! D Flynn 12(14)
Glenn Maxwell is brought into the attack and he bowls two dot balls. And then he moves past Flynn’s outside-edge. The wicketkeeper misses and they get one bye. In fact, there was an edge and it is a run for Flynn. Watling tries to sweep first ball, but does not get it away. But after a couple of deliveries, he finally gets a four by sweeping it to fine-leg.
Akshar Patel, or should we say, Axar Patel is into the crease. Devcich gets a single first ball. And then Flynn finally gets off the mark as an inside edge goes for a four through fine-leg. At last. He would feel a lot better after two blobs. And Devcich is gone. he tries the reverse sweep and gloves it to short third-man. Later, Flynn smashes it to cover where Bailey fields it. There is a chance of a run-out, but the batsman has made it.
OUT! A Devcich 28(15)
Thisara Perera pitches it short and Devcich pulls hard. It has gone for a four. Some of the replays show how well these two batsmen have run between the wickets. Williamson is gone. He tries to scoop him over the fine-leg region and instead gets an edge to the wicketkeeper.
OUT! K Williamson 20(15)


Awana continues and only two singles are possible off the first three balls. Williamson then smashes a boundary as he charges and cuts it over point for a four. Devcich then tries to scoop it over fine-leg but gets a couple. The fifty is up.
Williamson at his best! Smashes a six over the leg-side as Anureet can only watch. He then gets a single off the next ball. Devcich then smashes it down the ground. Anureet tries to get the hand out but he is also taking evasive action. It has gone for a four. Devcich then smashes it through the off-side for a four. it was full and he smashes it away. There is a misfield off the last ball of the over and Sehwag and they get two more.
Awana continues. Only a few singles possible here. Knights are under pressure with the huge target. Williamson would be tested here as he has to set the tone for the innings. Knights cannot let the rate get out of hand here. They get a four off the last ball.
Daniel Harris smashes one through point for a four. He is then out as he tries to play another one through the off-side but edges it to the wicket-keeper.
OUT! D Harris 9(6)
Parvinder Awana istarts things off and after a couple of deliveries, Kane Williamson gets off the mark by pushing it to mid-on for a single. Daniel Harris gets off the mark with a four through wide long-on.
Saha defends the first ball and tries to get a single,. but it sent back by Miller. Saha then gets a single through the off-side. Miller then gets a couple through the off-side. He then gets another two by hitting it over point. Miller then walks across and smashes it down the ground for a four. He gets a couple off the last ball. So, Punjab finish with 215. Well, the last 10 overs were relatively quiet as they scored 95 when compared to the 120 in the first ten. We will be back in 10 minutes.
Styris to bowl the vital 19th over. And there is a wicket first ball. Bailey smashes it to long-off. Devcich holds it on the boundary and then realises he is going over. He then throws it up and comes back into play to take the catch. Saha is the new man in the middle. Later in the over, Styris bowls it full and Miller lofts it down the ground for a six. It went into the second tier there. Miller then smashes the next ball through mid-wicket for a four. It went all along the ground and has gone for a four. The 200 is up with that. Styris then drifts onto the pads and Miller glides it through fine-leg for a four.
OUT! G Bailey 18(13)
Bailey hits the first ball through the off-side for a single. Miller then digs out a yorker to get a single. Bailey then lofts over cover but doesn’t get it too well and only get a couple. Boult then foxes Bailey with a short ball and it hits his body and goes fine for four. Sodhi chased it, but then kicked it into the boundary as he slid to get it. Bailey then cuts one through point for a four. That was very well played by him.
Kuggelein continues and bowls a wide first up. And then he bowls short to Miller, who pulls him past the short fine-leg fielder for a four. That was well played by Miller. He then tries to go down the ground, but gets the inside-edge and is hit on the foot. They get a single for that though. Bailey then lofts it down the ground and it has gone for a four. Miller completes the over with a couple.
Sodhi is back and Miller pulls the first ball to mid-wicket for a single. Sodhi bowls a good ball then to keep Bailey on strike. Bailey gets a single later through mid-wicket. Miller then edges it through the off-side and gets a single. Bailey also gets a single. Miller finishes the over by smashing it for a four through cover.
Kuggeleijn is back and Miller gets off the mark off the second ball as he drives through cover. Sehwag then flicks a full delivery through mid-wicket for a single. The 150 comes up with that. Though they have been a touch slow over the last few overs, the run-rate is still quiet healthy. Sehwag is gone then! He tries to flick it and is hit plumb in front. Good bowling by Kuggeljein. Bailey gets off the mark with a couple through third-man.
OUT! V Sehwag 52(37)
Sehwag faces Sodhi and plays a dot upfront. He then works it behind square for a single. So, it is Maxwell and a leg-spinner again and he is gone. Maxwell tries to sweep and holes out to the deep at square-leg. Sehwag gets his fifty as he lofts the last ball for a four over cover.
OUT! G Maxwell 7(6)
Southee is back and Sehwag gets a single through third-man. Maxwell gets off the mark with a quick single through cover. There was a stutter, but he makes it as the throw misses the stumps. Maxwell then tries to swing across the line and gets a top-edge but Watling makes a mess of it as he misjudges the skier. The batsmen get two for that. Maxwell then pulls the last ball for a four.
Kuggeleijn is in and after a couple of quiet balls Sehwag punishes a ball off his pads and it has gone fine for four. the fine-leg was in the ring. Sehwag then moves away and flicks it through the leg-side for a single. Perera tries to pull it, but skies it and is taken by Styris at cover.
OUT! T Perera 16(12)
Devcich is back. Sehwag can’t get the first one away. Perera calls him for a run but is sent back. The throw comes in and the bails are taken off, but he is home. Sehwag then makes room and drives it through point for a couple. A relatively quiet over. They get only six runs off it.
Trent Boult is back with Vohra back in the hut. Perera send one into the stands. It is a length ball and Perera clears the front leg and smashes it for a six over mid-wicket. It was flat-batted with some power. Boult responds with a good yorker, which is missed by Perera. Sehwag then faces the last ball and gets a single. But, it is a no-ball and they get a free hit. Perera will face it. Perera muscles it down the ground for a four. The first ten overs have gone for 120.
Ish Sodhi is back and Vohra welcomes him with a six over long-on. Vohra pulls a short one and it is into the stands. Vohra then sweeps one across the line and it is a six. Punjab’s hundred is up. He then pulls a short one and is caught at mid-wicket. It had gone high and it is caught. Thisara Perera is the new man. Perera then gets off the mark as he plays it to the leg-side and gets two.
OUT! M Vohra 65 (32)
Anton Devcich is into the attack. There is a wide early into the over. The batsmen then work the strike around with singles. Devcich then bowls it wide and Vohra carts it behind point for a four. That is his fifty. Well played young man!
Ishn Sodhi is into the attack and Sehwag gets a couple through the on-side. The batsmen work the ball around and get singles as well. Sodhi then bowls it wide down the off-side, but it isn;t given. Sehwag then smashes a tossed up delivery through cover for a four.
Styris bowls and Sehwag opens the face of the bat to get a boundary first ball. He then turns the strike over to Vohra, who then hits it over third-man for a four. It was a little edgy. And then Vohra lofts the next ball high. Trent Boult runs back and it is a skier. And guess what, he can’t get it and he accidentally kicks it for a four. Everything working for Vohra here.
Southee continues and Sehwag gets a single through third-man. Vohra then makes room and absolutely smashes it through the cover region for a four. That raced away at some speed. Very well played by Vohra. Southee then bowls down the leg-side and it is a wide. Vohra then backs away again and lofts it over third-man for a four. That brings up the fifty. The third-man was in the ring and he couldn’t get to it in time and the dive was in vain. And Vohra does it again as he lofts it for a four over the off-side.


Scott Kuggeleijn is into the attack and he foxes Vohra with one that shapes away from him. Vintage Sehwag! Kuggleijn gives him room and it is short. He merely guides it over the third-man fielder for six. The fielder thought he was in business, but it sailed over his head.
Boult gets one to climb on Sehwag and he quite uncomfortably guides it past the first slip for a four. He then takes a quick single and has to put the dive in to get in. Vohra then pushes through cover and gets a couple. Vohra then gets a single.
Tim Southee starts off with a wide down the leg side and Watling fumbles behind the stumps. The batsmen run a bye. Vohra is then hit on the pads and it goes to the wicketkeeper. There is an appeal but it is not out. Vohra then flicks the ball to the square-leg region and they get a couple. Southee bowls it down the leg-side and Vohra tries to pull but misses. There is an appeal but it is given not out. Southee then bowls it short and Vohra tries to pull. He gets a top-edge and it goes for a six. Vohra then completes the over for a couple through the off-side.


Virender Sehwag and Manan Vohra start the innings. Trent Boult has the new ball. Sehwag is a bit edgy to begin with but gets a couple. But, Vohra then gets one overpitched and drives it down the ground for a four. Beautifully played. He then flicks the next ball through the mid-wicket region and it is a four.




Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), Virender Sehwag, Manan Vohra, Glenn Maxwell, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), David Miller, Thisara Perera, Akshar Patel, Karanveer Singh, Anureet Singh, Parvinder Awana.

Northern Knights: Daniel Flynn (c), Anton Devcich, Kane Williamson, Scott Styris, BJ Watling (wk), Daniel Harris, Scott Kuggeleijn, Jono Boult, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Trent Boult.




Toss: Northern Knights have won the toss and have elected to bowl. Kings XI Punjab are unchanged and Northern Knights have got back Daniel Harris.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Champions League T20 (CLT20) 2014 match between Kings XI Punjab and the Northern Knights. Here are two very good sides looking to make a mark in the tournament.  Northern Knights had one bad game so far, whereas Kings XI Punjab have been in form and are looking to take that forward. If they seal a victory here, they more or less get their spot in the semi-finals. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya and will take you through the game.

There are a lot of things to look forward to in this game. An Indian fan would hope Virender Sehwag comes good and plays his natural game. There also is hope of the natural entertainers in David Miller and Glenn Maxwell to do their bit. on the other hand, Northern Knights would expect something from Anton Devcich and Kane Williamson at the top. You can read our preview here. Here are some of the key battles to look forward to.


Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c) , Virender Sehwag, David Miller, Glenn Maxwell , Akshar Patel, Mitchell Johnson, Manan Vohra, Mandeep Singh, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Karanveer Singh, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Thisara Perera, Rishi Dhawan, Anureet Singh, Parvinder Awana.

Northern Knights: Daniel Flynn (c), Graeme Aldridge, Jono Boult, Trent Boult, Anton Devcich, Daniel Harris, Scott Kuggeleijn, Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Scott Styris, BJ Watling (wk), Kane Williamson, Brad Wilson.

Time: 20:00 IST | 14:30 GMT

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Click here for the live scorecard of the Kings XI Punjab vs Northern Knights CLT20 2014 match