Kolkata Knight RIders face off against Delhi Daredevils © IANS
Kolkata Knight RIders face off against Delhi Daredevils © IANS

Catch the live scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary of the IPL 2015 match between Kolkata Knight Riders and the Delhi Daredevils

(Follow the live updates and the live cricket score of the IPL 2015 match between KKR and DD)

Man of the Match: Piyush Chawla

Most entertaining player: Brad Hogg

Most sixes: Yusuf Pathan

Delhi Daredevils 158/6 (20) | Lose by 13 runs | Ayush Gupta’s match report here

Manoj Tiwary 25(28) Shreyas Iyer 40(35) JP Duminy 25(16) Kedar Jadhav 10(6) Yuvraj Singh 0(3) Angelo Mathews 22(15) Saurabh Tiwary 24*(15) Albie Morkel 5*(2)

Umesh Yadav 4-0-29-0 Andre Russell 4-0-24-1 Sunil Narine 4-0-30-0 Piyush Chawla 4-0-32-4 Brad Hogg 3-0-27-1 Johan Botha 1-0-14-0

ONE. Excellent yorker from Umesh, Saurabh somehow digs it out, over to Albie. WIDE. Albie makes room, Umesh bowls outside off — but a bit too outside. FOUR! Albie lofts it over cover, but it is too late in the day for him. DOT. Pushes to long-off. FOUR! Tiwary pulls over mid-wicket, Manish Pandey drops a sitter, it rolls to the fence! DOT. Another excellent yorker, no chance of a run. FOUR! Tiwary gives it a wild thwack, it reaches the extra-cover fence!

Delhi Daredevils 143/6 (19) | Target 172

Saurabh Tiwary 15(11)

OUT! Angelo Mathews b Andre Russell 22(15)!

Mathews tries a desperate pull, chops on to the stumps!

DOT. Good slower from Russell, Mathews misses completely. ONE. Mathews plays to point, DD need boundaries. DOT. That was a brute! Rose steeply, Saurabh beaten comprehensively! ONE. Hoicks to deep mid-wicket, finds Umesh. FOUR! Mathews isn’t giving up, lofts over Russell’s head and gets a four! They need 29 from 6.

Delhi Daredevils 137/5 (18) | Target 172

Angelo Mathews 17(11), Saurabh Tiwary 14(9)

WIDE. Outside leg, Uthappa fails to gather cleanly, they do not run. DOT. Good stuff, short-pitched from Umesh, Saurabh tries to cut, the ball hit the ground and bounced to Umesh himself. DOT. Saurabh hits very hard, but he finds the stumps at the other end! FOUR! Slower from Umesh, Tiwary waits for it, plays cleanly through extra-cover. ONE. Tiwary steps out and drives to long-off. DOT. Slower ball, Angelo goes for the almighty slog, misses completely. ONE. Plays to long-on, good over. They need 35 from 12.

Delhi Daredevils 130/5 (18) | Target 172

Angelo Mathews 16(9), Saurabh Tiwary 9(5)

ONE. Hogg tosses up, Saurabh drives to long-on. TWO. Mathews flicks, they scamper back and gets the second run easily. SIX! Mathews goes downtown! Lofts Hogg over wide long-on! ONE. Long-hop, pulls to deep mid-wicket, Russell is there. SIX! Another long-hop, Saurabh gives it his all! Well back into the stands over square-leg! ONE. Whips to deep mid-wicket. They need 42 from 18.

Delhi Daredevils 113/5 (16) | Target 172

Angelo Mathews 8(6), Saurabh Tiwary 1(2)

ONE. Mathews plays to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Googly, finds Saurabh Tiwary’s leading edge, drops just short of cover. ONE. Saurabh flicks to deep mid-wicket.

OUT! JP Duminy c Umesh Yadav b Piyush Chawla 25(16)!

Is that the match? Duminy tries to slog-sweep, but finds Eden Gardens too big: Umesh judges it well.

FOUR! Chawla tosses up, Mathews reverse-sweeps, finds the backward point fence. ONE. Mathews flicks, easy run, back to JPD.

Delhi Daredevils 106/4 (15) | Target 172

JP Duminy 25(15), Angelo Mathews 1(3)

ONE. Duminy whips that off back-foot to long-on. ONE. Mathews drives to long-on to open his account. WIDE. Way outside off, 100 comes up for the Daredevils. ONE. Duminy slog-sweeps, easy single. DOT. Plays to point and sets off, Duminy sends Mathews back, wisely so. ONE. The carrom ball deceives Mathews, he gets an edge. FOUR! Outside off, Duminy hits it very straight!

Delhi Daredevils 97/4 (14) | Target 172

JP Duminy 19(12), Angelo Mathews 0(0)

OUT! Yuvraj Singh c Andre Russell b Piyush Chawla 0(3)!

Yuvraj tries to clear the mid-wicket fence, but Russell rushes forward, good catch.

DOT. Chawla tosses up, Yuvraj smothers it. DOT. Yuvraj blocks again, this is not good news for “The Double Ds”.

OUT! Kedar Jadhav c Johan Botha b Piyush Chawla 10(6)!

Jadhav tries to clear long-off, but Botha is there!

ONE. Duminy drives to long-on.

Delhi Daredevils 95/2 (13) | Target 172

JP Duminy 17(10), Kedar Jadhav 10(5)

ONE. Short from Narine, Jadhav pulls to deep mid-wicket. SIX! Short again, Duminy rocks back and pulls over deep mid-wicket! ONE. Easy single to deep point. ONE. Jadhav sweeps to deep square-leg. DOT. Plays to point, Narine looks happy. ONE. Whips to deep mid-wicket. Strategic timeout.

Delhi Daredevils 85/2 (12) | Target 172

JP Duminy 9(6), Kedar Jadhav 8(3)

ONE. Duminy plays Botha to deep point. ONE. Jadhav smashes it to deep point. ONE. Duminy lofts it to deep extra-cover, Jadhav refuses the second run. SIX! Outside off, Jadhav dispatches that over the ropes past wide long-off! ONE. Jadhav sweeps, easy run. FOUR! Once again the bottom-edge, runs to the fence!

Delhi Daredevils 71/2 (11) | Target 172

JP Duminy 3(3)

Shreyas Iyer b Brad Hogg 40(35)!

Iyer is done by the Chinaman, tries to cut it, but it came back sharply. Hogg is too smart for him!

ONE. Duminy flicks Hogg, easy run. ONE. Slightly short, Shreyas pulls, JPD turns down the second. ONE. Duminy goes for the wild slog, wide long-on picks up. DOT. Shreyas pushes it back to Hogg. FOUR! Shreyas tries to cut, the ball takes the bottom edge and rushes to the fence!

Delhi Daredevils 64/1 (10) | Target 172

Shreyas Iyer 35(31), JP Duminy 1(1)

ONE. Duminy starts off with a push to long-on.

OUT! Manoj Tiwary c Suryakumar Yadav b Piyush Chawla 25(28)!

Perhaps out of desperation, Manoj tried to clear the long-on fence off Chawla. Surya will not drop those.

ONE. Shreyas hits hard to long-off. SIX! Tiwary slog-sweeps Chawla, clears the ropes! DOT. Did not read the length, still gets a run. ONE. Russell picks that at deep extra-cover, an injured shoulder means he goes for the relay throw.

The Daredevils need 118 from 66 balls, but have all ten wickets intact. Shreyas has looked confident, but Tiwary has been extremely patchy. The Knight Riders army of spinners are licking their lips in anticipation. What awaits us?

Delhi Daredevils 54/0 (9) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 18(25), Shreyas Iyer 33(29)

DOT. Hogg tosses up, Shreyas drives to cover. ONE. Pushes to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Manoj does not connect again, single to deep square-leg. ONE. DROPPED BY GAMBHIR AT POINT! An excellent googly, it was all set up, that was a dolly! DOT. Reverse-sweeps, Yusuf collects at slip. DOT. Iyer steps out and blocks, excellent over! Strategic timeout.

Delhi Daredevils 51/0 (8) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 17(22), Shreyas Iyer 31(26)

SIX! On comes Chawla, and Shreyas lofts him over extra-cover. One just gets the feeling that they would target him, the weakest of the spinners. FOUR! Shreyas drives through wide mid-off, beats a diving long-off there! DOT. Googly, Shreyas defends. ONE. Plays to deep extra-cover, Tiwary on strike now. ONE. Tiwary steps out, Chawla drops short, intelligent bowling. ONE. Plays to wide long-off.

Delhi Daredevils 38/0 (7) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 16(21), Shreyas Iyer 19(21)

DOT. Huge, huge appeal, why was that not an LBW? ONE. Chips it over extra-cover. DOT. Carrom ball, Shreyas is left completely clueless, beaten. DOT. That hurried on to Shreyas, he is cramped for space. ONE. Shreyas flicks behind square. DOT. Manoj tries an ugly hoick, no run.

Delhi Daredevils 36/0 (6) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 15(18), Shreyas Iyer 18(18)

DOT. Shreyas plays to point. DOT. An encore of the previous delivery. DOT. Three in a row from Russell, this time it’s a bouncer that Shreyas missed. ONE. Plays to mid-wicket, finally a run. DOT. Manoj plays to cover. ONE. Cramped for space, but still manages to manage a single.

Delhi Daredevils 34/0 (5) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 14(16), Shreyas Iyer 17(14)

DOT. Narine almost strikes first ball! Manoj tries to flick the carrom ball, falls just short of Russell at mid-wicket! ONE. Plays to point, easy run. DOT. Shreyas plays it back. ONE. Cuts from close to the body. FOUR! Finally Manoj gets it going, steps out and dismisses it over extra-cover. FOUR! Narie drops short, Manoj rocks back and pulls it authoritatively.

Delhi Daredevils 24/0 (4) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 5(12), Shreyas Iyer 16(12)

DOT. Shreyas pushes to mid-wicket. SIX! Russell over-pitches, and Shreyas lofts him over the mid-wicket fence! ONE. Sensible batting from the youngster, plays to point and settles for a single. DOT. Bouncer, Manoj tries to make room, but is nowhere close to the shot, beaten. DOT. Plays to cover. WIDE. Outside leg, very high, a completely rubbish delivery. ONE. Manoj plays with soft hands and gets the single, will retain strike.

Delhi Daredevils 13/0 (3) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 4(9), Shreyas Iyer 9(9)

WIDE. Poor line from Umesh, way outside leg. DOT. Good comeback, he is bowling to his field, Shreyas drives to extra-cover. ONE. Pushes it to wide mid-wicket. DOT. Manoj attempts a flat-batted backfoot drive, finds mid-on. LEG-BYE. That one came in, Manoj managed a single. ONE. Pushes to point and runs. ONE. That was quick, Manoj is beaten comprehensively.

Delhi Daredevils 11/0 (2) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 4(6), Shreyas Iyer 7(6)

DOT. Russell bowls straight to Iyer, no run. TWO. Iyer flicks, easy pickings. FOUR! Slightly short, and Iyer cuts well behind point! DOT. Good steep bouncer from Russell, Iyer backs away, good ball. DOT. Slower from Russell, Iyer pushes it back to him. ONE. That took off from a length, Iyer manages to jab it down to third-man.

Delhi Daredevils 4/0 (1) | Target 172

Manoj Tiwary 4(6), Shreyas Iyer 0(0)

DOT. Umesh is on target straightaway, Manoj Tiwary lets it alone. DOT. Tiwary flicks to square-leg. DOT. Short-pitched outside off, still no run. DOT. On line, short-pitched, Tiwary defends. DOT. Hurries on to Tiwary, he cannot put it away. FOUR! Umesh finally goes astray, Tiwary flicks casually for four.

Kolkata Knight Riders 171/7 (20)

Robin Uthappa 32(31) Gautam Gambhir 12(10) Manish Pandey 22(19) Piyush Chawla 22(19) Yusuf Pathan 42(24) Andre Russell 5(5) Suryakumar Yadav 7*(7) Johan Botha 17(5)

Zaheer Khan 4-0-34-1 Albie Morkel 3-0-25-1 JP Duminy 1-0-16-0 Amit Mishra 4-0-20-1 Imran Tahir 4-0-46-2 Angelo Mathews 2-0-13-0 Yuvraj Singh 2-0-14-1

OUT! Johan Botha run out 17(5)!

Botha tries another one through cover. There was a sweeper this time, and Botha is run out, going for the second!

ONE. Surya swipes one to deep mid-wicket. FOUR! Botha slams Zaheer over extra-cover! FOUR! Botha is turning the heat on, slams through point! FOUR! Strange fielding, Botha miscued that one high towards third-man, Albie Morkel juggled with it twice before escorting it past the ropes. FOUR! Botha gets four in a row, this time through cover, hit very hard!

Kolkata Knight Riders 153/6 (19)

Suryakumar Yadav 6(6)

OUT! Yusuf Pathan c Saurabh Tiwary b Imran Tahir 42(24)!

Yusuf went for a desperate slog, but found long-on.

SIX! Yusuf cuts loose, lofts Tahir into the stands over wide long-off! ONE. Straight to wide long-on, turns down the second. ONE. Surya tries to loft, finds the top edge, back to Yusuf. ONE. Yusuf drives to long-on. ONE. Surya gets a single to wide long-off.

Kolkata Knight Riders 143/5 (18)

Yusuf Pathan 34(20), Suryakumar Yadav 4(4)

DOT. Surya hits hard to cover, brilliantly fielded, no run. TWO. Surya hits to deep extra-cover. ONE. Surya sweeps Mishra, the ball reaches deep mid-wicket, one. DOT. Goes for the almighty slog, the inside edge hits the pad. FOUR! Full-toss, Yusuf does not get enough meat, reaches the mid-wicket fence. ONE. Yusuf drives to deep extra-cover, keeps strike.

Kolkata Knight Riders 135/5 (17)

Yusuf Pathan 29(17), Suryakumar Yadav 1(1)

Surya walks out and plays to cover for ONE. Yusuf cuts hard, gets FOUR. Yusuf hits over long-off, gets two. 16 runs off that over.


Kolkata Knight Riders 128/5 (16.3)

Yusuf Pathan 23(15)

Tahir comes on and the second ball is hit towards midwicket for FOUR! Russell gets enough bat on it and clears the fielder. The next delivery is poor, 5 wides. WICKET! Russell goes for another big hit but is caught at long on!

OUT! Andre Russell c Angelo Mathews 5(5)


Kolkata Knight Riders 119/4 (16)

Yusuf Pathan 23(15), Andre Russell 1(2)

Pathan smashes  a SIX on the second ball off Mishra as KKR look to take the attack to the opposition. The second last ball was a ripper as it nipped back into the batsman sharply, Russell does well to keep it safe.


Kolkata Knight Riders 109/4 (15)

Yusuf Pathan 14(11), Andre Russell 0(0)

Alblie Morkel sprays the third delivery on the pads and Pathan guides it for a FOUR down the leg. WICKET! Chawla makes room on the leg side but gets a top edge, and Saurabh Tiwary runs in to take an easy catch. Andre Russell walks in.

OUT! Piyush Chawla c Saurabh Tiwary b Albie Morkel 22(19)

Kolkata Knight Riders 102/3 (14)

Piyush Chawla 21(16), Yusuf Pathan 8(8)

100 up for the Knight Riders. Pathan hammers a SIX off Yuvraj on the second ball. Chawla has done well so far but KKR would want him to push for quick runs now. Another good over for them as they add 11 runs off it.


Kolkata Knight Riders 91/3 (13)

Piyush Chawla 18(13), Yusuf Pathan 1(5)

Good decision from the umpire as the ball had ricocheted off Pathan’s pads and Zaheer had taken the catch. The replays showed that it had not hit the bat or the gloves. Chawla does well to put one away for a clean six down the ground.  Eight runs from the over.


Kolkata Knight Riders 83/3 (12)

Piyush Chawla 12(11), Yusuf Pathan 1(1)

Excellent over from Yuvraj Singh wherein he got the key wicket of Manish Pandey and gave only four runs from it. Yusuf Pathan has joined Piyush Chawla. KKR need a push desperately.

Kolkata Knight Riders 82/3 (11.4)

Piyush Chawla 11(7)

BOWLED! Yuvraj repents the drop earlier by getting the key wicket of the right-handed Manish Pandey. Another starts squandered by him. KKR would not like this.

OUT! Manish Pandey b Yuvraj Singh 22(19)

Kolkata Knight Riders 79/2 (11)

Manish Pandey 20(17), Piyush Chawla 11(7)

Chawla plays a poor stroke — a one handed pull which gets him FOUR runs but in the process he falls down awkwardly. Seven runs added to the total.

Kolkata Knight Riders 72/2 (10)

Manish Pandey 19(15), Piyush Chawla 5(4)

ONE. Pandey plays to point, Piyush Chawla on strike. DOT. Excellent googly from Tahir, Chawla does not pick it, gets an outside edge. TWO. Chawla will play a no-holds-barred innings it seems, lofts over cover. WIDE. Outside off. TWO. Chawla hits over cover, easy runs. ONE. Drives to long-off. TWO. Pandey drives to deep mid-wicket.

Kolkata Knight Riders 63/2 (9)

Manish Pandey 17(14)

OUT! Robin Uthappa LBW b Amit Mishra 32(31)!

The ball hurried on, too short to sweep, that was plumb!

DOT. Mishra starts with a googly, Pandey is cramped for space. ONE. An encore, this time Pandey gets a single to point. DOT. A leg-break this time, Uthappa plays to point. DOT. Uthappa plays to cover this time.

Kolkata Knight Riders 62/1 (8)

Robin Uthappa 32(27), Manish Pandey 15(11)

SIX! Tahir starts with a long-hop, Pandey blasts it over deep mid-wicket! DOT. The googly rushes and hits Pandey on the pad. ONE. Pandey flicks, easy run. TWO. Uthappa paddle-sweeps and sets off. ONE. Another googly, Uthappa whips it off the back-foot to long-on. ONE. Pandey retains strike with an on-drive.

Kolkata Knight Riders 51/1 (7)

Robin Uthappa 29(25), Manish Pandey 7(7)

DOT. Pandey plays Mishra to cover. DOT. Cuts to point, finds the fielder. ONE. Pushes to long-on and sets off. DOT. Uthappa pushes to mid-off. DOT. Nice bowling, Uthappa cramped for space, drives back to Mishra. DOT. Uthappa defends, excellent over, just a single off it.

Kolkata Knight Riders 50/1 (6)

Robin Uthappa 29(22), Manish Pandey 6(4)

FOUR! Albie is back, and Pandey greets him with a lofted straight boundary! DOT. Albie hits Pandey on the pads, Erasmus says no, there was an inside edge. ONE. Flicks past mid-wicket. TWO. That went through Yuvraj at mid-wicket, that was a dolly! DOT. Plays to point. FOUR! Uthappa plays through the line with ease, lovely shot. FIFTY for KKR. Strategic timeout.

Kolkata Knight Riders 39/1 (5)

Robin Uthappa 23(19), Manish Pandey 1(1)

ONE. Manish Pandey pushes to mid-on and sets off for a single. DOT. Uthappa plays that one to mid-off. DOT. Uthappa pushes to mid-wicket, he looks more cautious against Zaheer now.

OUT! Gautam Gambhir c Kedar Jadhav b Zaheer Khan 12(10)!

Giving Zaheer the extra over works! Gambhir goes for the expansive drive, there is an edge, and Jadhav does the rest!

ONE. Uthappa plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Gambhir plays to point.

Kolkata Knight Riders 37/0 (4)

Robin Uthappa 22(16), Gautam Gambhir 12(8)

FOUR! On comes Duminy, and Gambhir plays his favourite shot over extra-cover! FOUR! Drives through extra-cover, this time along the ground! ONE. Tucks it behind square on leg-side. DOT. Nice off-break, beats Uthappa’s bat and hits his pad. SIX! Uthappa steps out and clears the Eden Gardens boundary, Manoj Tiwary should have taken it, Usha Uthup is ecstatic! ONE. Uthappa drives to long-on.

Kolkata Knight Riders 21/0 (3)

Robin Uthappa 15(13), Gautam Gambhir 3(5)

ONE. Gambhir pushes to cover and sets off. FOUR! Uthappa shuffles across and flicks Zaheer through wide mid-wicket, easy pickings! DOT. Wide outside off, Uthappa chases it, finds extra-cover. FOUR! Uthappa shuffles again, the ball races to the third-man fence! DOT. Excellent comeback from Zaheer, Uthappa moves across, the off-cutter beats him comprehensively, vintage Zaheer! DOT. Bang on target, Uthappa blocks, a dog enters the field of play.

Kolkata Knight Riders 12/0 (2)

Robin Uthappa 7(8), Gautam Gambhir 2(4)

DOT, a missed run out! Uthappa plays Albie to cover, Gambhir sets off immediately, Duminy had ages to hit the stumps, Gambhir had given up, but JPD missed! DOT. Sanity is restored, Uthappa pushes softly. ONE. Uthappa hits to mid-off and runs immediately, there is a direct hit, but Uthappa is well in. ONE. Gambhir steers to deep third-man, huge, inexplicable cheer from the crowd. WIDE. Albie goes astray down leg. FOUR! Uthappa edges, the ball flies through the vacant second slip to the ropes! DOT. Plays to mid-off.

Kolkata Knight Riders 5/0 (1)

Robin Uthappa 2(3), Gautam Gambhir 1(3)

WIDE. Outside leg, World Cup 2003 final anyone? DOT. Outside off, Uthappa ponders, then lets it go. ONE. Uthappa flicks behind square-leg, he is off the mark, Yuvraj is fielding at first slip, BTW. DOT. Nice shape from Zak, Gambhir is beaten comprehensively, excellent delivery. DOT. That is wayward from Zaheer, way outside off. DOT. Beaten outside off again, Zaheer has got his line back. ONE. Gambhir pushes to mid-off to get off the mark. ONE. Good short delivery, Morrison calls it “spicy”, Uthappa places to deep third-man.

Robin Uthappa and Gautam Gambhir have walked out. Zaheer Khan will bowl the first over.

Kolkata Knight Riders are going in with Brad Hogg, Sunil Narine, Johan Botha, AND Piyush Chawla. Remember, they also have Yusuf Pathan.

Here are the two teams of the day:

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Robin Uthappa (wk), Manish Pandey, Andre Russell, Suryakumar Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Piyush Chawla, Sunil Narine, Johan Botha, Brad Hogg, Morne Morkel.

Delhi Daredevils: JP Duminy (c), Manoj Tiwary, Shreyas Iyer, Yuvraj Singh, Kedar Jadhav (wk), Angelo Mathews, Saurabh Tiwary, Albie Morkel, Imran Tahir, Amit Mishra, Zaheer Khan.


Toss: KKR have won the toss and have elected to bat first. Gambhir says that they have four spinners with Sunil Narine back. Brad Hogg is also there. DD have brought in Manoj Tiwary and Albie Morkel in.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2015 contest between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the Delhi Daredevils (DD). This game will be played at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. This is a good game in prospect where KKR are the favourites against a dangerous DD side which has a lot of potential. KKR have been bolstered by the inclusion of Sunil Narine, who has been allowed to bowl again. That leaves them with an important question, as to whether they want to play him alongside Brad Hogg. IPL 2015: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils, Preview

DD need Yuvraj Singh and JP Duminy to perform well for they are the key to their success in the tournament. It is important that they have their settled batting line-up in play. The bowling seems to have impressed and need to continue the good work. On the Eden surface, Imran Tahir and Amit Mishra will have the armoury to come good. I am Abhishek Mukherjee and will take you through this game.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Sunil Narine, Manish Pandey, Robin Uthappa (wk), Umesh Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, Ryan ten Doeschate, Shakib Al Hasan, Kuldeep Yadav, Morne Morkel, Azhar Mahmood, Johan Botha, KC Cariappa, Piyush Chawla, Pat Cummins, Aditya Garhwal, Brad Hogg, Sheldon Jackson, Sumit Narwal, Veer Pratap Singh, Vaibhav Rawal, Suryakumar Yadav.

Delhi Daredevils: JP Duminy (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Mayank Agarwal, Manoj Tiwary, Yuvraj Singh, Saurabh Tiwary, Angelo Mathews, Kedar Jadhav, Imran Tahir, Amit Mishra, Shahbaz Nadeem, Zaheer Khan, Jaydev Unadkat, Mohammed Shami, CM Gautam, Gurinder Sandhu, Jayant Yadav, Albie Morkel, Srikar Bharat, Marcus Stoinis, Dominic Joseph Muthuswamy, Shreyas Iyer, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Karapak Jiyas, Travis Head.