Opening bowlers put Perth Scorchers in front with early wickets © IANS
Opening bowlers put Perth Scorchers in front with early wickets © IANS

Sep 30, 2014

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So its over for Lahore. Perth won with one over to spare. Scorchers go home with a consolation win. Lahore simply gave up once they were knocked out when the score went past 78. Until that time, Hafeez was brilliant with his captaincy and field placements. What a knock by Mitchell Marsh. Captain’s knock. A true all rounder coming up for World cricket.
Marsh brings up his 5th T20 fifty, floated on off, he drills it back to the bowler, Nasim misfields and allows Marsh to get to the landmark. Just 16 runs required from 12 balls by Perth Scorchers.
Dropped! Riaz is on his knees and is disappointed with the effort. Good length delivery outside off, Marsh slices it to sweeper cover, Saeed runs in, gets both hands to the ball, but lets it burst through and what’s worse, it goes to the fence. Perth need 30 runs from 18 balls.
What a partnership for the Australian Big Bash champions. Perth Scorchers even win this match now. They just required 36 runs required from 24 balls.
Perth Scorchers require another 43 runs with 3 wickets and 30 balls remaining. The Body Language of Lahore players are not looking good. They are disappointed.
Adnan Rasool to Hogg, SIX, and that knocks Lahore out and sends CSK into the semi. Drives this ball in the air, over mid-on, and it has gone for a six. A contract for Hoggy? Come on, Srini, he has earned that. And the crowd cheers too.
Out!! Arafat Run Out!! Needless by the Scorchers. There was never a run and Marsh sold him a dummy. Flighted on off, Arafat pushes it to backward point, Marsh calls him for a risky single, Arafat was late to take off, Cheema fires a one bounce throw to Nasim, who takes the bails off to find Arafat well short.
Y Arafat run out (Aizaz Cheema/Saad Nasim) 3(13)
Poor over by Mustafa Iqbal. 12 runs from the over which is a crime at this stage.
Poor over by Nasim. Mitchell Marsh is plying an aggressive innings. Lahore have to stop Perth Scorchers to 78 or less
The skipper has bowled out his quota, his figures are 4-0-8-2. What a performance by him, what a fight by Lahore Lions.
Out! Stumped!! Umar Akmal is taking off like an aeroplane. That was some neat glovework from him. A gentle leg-break that turns away, Cartwright comes down the track and goes for the drive, is beaten by the turn and Akmal does the rest. Lahore still in the game.
H Cartwright st U Akmal b Saad Nasim 2(7)
Tight over from Hafeez. But Lahore needs two wickets quickly. Only 39 more runs required now by Scorchers to put Lahore out of the tournament.



Match is getting interesting. Both team are nervous. N it is showing.
What an over by Hafeez. Pressure is still on the Lahore players. But they are making a match of it. Lahore need to restrict Perth Scorchers to 78 or less if they want a spot in the last four stage.
Out Bowled!! Iqbal is off on a celebratory run. People are out of their seats in the dug out. Perth losing the plot completely. This was the arm-ball that goes straight on, Bancroft plays down the wrong angle, the ball sneaks through bat and pad to hit off-stump.
C Bancroft b Mustafa Iqbal 22(18)
Out!! Caught by Riaz!! Another one gone. Lahore keeping the match interesting. Nicely tossed up around off, Turner goes for the loft, he slices it off the outside half of the bat towards long off, Riaz runs in and takes a good catch.
A Turner c Riaz b Mustafa Iqbal 4(6)
Poor bowling by Aizaz Cheema. 13 runs from the over. Lahore can’t afford these.
Lahore made a good start. But they need to take more wickets. Lahore need to restrict Perth Scorchers within the score of 78. Tough ask for them.
Out! Caught by Asif Raza!! Whiteman does not do much with the life he got, he goes for a duck. This was a short of length delivery on middle and leg, Whiteman looks to flick, closes the bat face early and gets a leading edge to mid-on, where Raza takes a dolly. Lahore staying alive in the tournament.
C Whiteman c A Raza b Aizaz Cheema 0(4)
Out!! Caught by Umar Siddiq!! And short leg comes into the picture straightaway. Tossed up on the pads, Simmons puts his bat in front of it. Does not get hold of the flick, gets an inside-edge onto the pad, which is swallowed by Siddiq, under the helmet. Lahore get a good start.
C Simmons c Umar Siddiq b Hafeez 0(1)
Lahore finish with an underwhelming 124. Lahore Lions have to win by 46 runs or more if they are to edge Chennai’s NRAJ and advance to the semis. The prospect though looks bleak for them. Paris and Marsh rattled the top-order before Hogg and Beer blocked out the escape routes in the middle overs. Nasim produced a fifty, albeit at a sluggish pace. The scorecard would have made for uglier reading if not for his resistance. Do join us back in a few minutes for the run-chase.
Poor ball to finish what started as a promising over. Too leg-stumpish, Nasim picks it away past short fine leg. Impressive wristwork from Nasim.
Out!! Bowled!! The off-stump goes for a somersault. Fast and accurate yorker on off, Saeed makes room and misses the crashing drive through covers. Paris rams the off-stump. Third wicket for Paris.
M Saeed b Joel Paris 20(26)
Nassem nearing his fifty. But he needs to do more as Lahore need more runs.
Only 8 runs from the 16th over. The semi-finals hopes of Lahore is looking more and more impossible now.
11 runs from this over. Lions need more of these.
Brad Hogg completes his quota of four overs. He gave only 24 runs and took one important wicket. This is very much acceptable.
SIX, first maximum of the innings. Floated on middle, Mohammad Saeed flexes his muscles and launches it high in the air, clearing long-on. lahore need more of this.
The 42 years “Young” Brad Hogg is doing well. Just 20 runs came from his three over.
U Akmal’s wicket will hurt the Lions more than anything. Lahore batsmen are going nowhere. Saeed Nasim is their only hope now. Lahore need at least 150 from here.
Big wicket Umar Akmal Out!! Caught by (sub)Behrendorff!! Umar Akmal has holed out now to leave Lahore in dire straits. This was the tossed up googly on off, Akmal kneels down and attempts a slog-sweep. Hit it reasonably well but picked out Behrendorff at deep mid-wicket.
U Akmal c (sub)Behrendorff b B Hogg 26(19)
Spinners are bowling in tandem now. Both Lahore batsmen tries to be aggressive.
10 runs from first Brad Hogg over. U Akmal is trying to be aggressive.
Micheal Beer bowled a decent over. Lahore Lions going nowhere.
Only two runs from this over. Mitchell Marsh is bowling wonderfully.
Lahore is not getting any momentum, They are just going nowhere. With this run rate they will finish around 120.
Out!! Fourth one down. Caught by Ashton Agar!! The pinch-hitter experiment fails. Lahore are already 4 down. Banged in short and wide outside off, Riaz had to fetch the pull from there. He drags it into the hands of Agar at long-on. Make that another simple catch.
W Riaz c A Agar b M Marsh 0(4)
What a start for Perth Scorchers!!
Out Bowled!! The Professor departs for a nought. He has chopped on. Back of a length and just outside off, Hafeez shapes up for a pull. However, he can only manage an under-edge and drag it back on. The off-stump has been uprooted. Lahore find themselves in a world of trouble at 2/3.
M Hafeez b M Marsh 0(4)
Out!! Bowled!! Siddiq now trudges back to the hut. Paris exults. This was a fraction back of a length and decks in, Siddiq looks for a crude hoick across the line and misses. Paris hits the top of middle.
Umar Siddiq b J Paris 1(4)

Match is resuming. Hafeez is at the crease to join Siddiq.

The play is scheduled to resume at 4.45 pm Local time.


The rain has stopped. Covers are coming off. Match will start within few minutes.


Out! Early blow for Lahore Lions. Jamshed gone for just 1. Worst possible start for Lahore Lions. And we are going off because of this heavy rainfall. The sun is out and bright though. Looking like a passing shower.
N Jamshed c B Hogg b Joel Paris 1(2)


Bancroft and Cartwright are the replacements for Voges and Coulter-Nile in the Scorchers side. And Umar Siddiq has replaced Shehzad, who is not fit. Also Agha Salman is out for Mohammad Saeed.

Perth Scorchers have won the toss and have opted to field.

Lahore Lions XI: U Siddiq, N Jamshed, M Hafeez (c), S Nasim, U Akmal (wk), M Saeed, A Raza, Wahab Riaz, MM Iqbal, A Rasool, A Cheema

Perth Scorchers XI: C Simmons, C Bancroft, S Whiteman (wk), M Marsh (c), A Turner, H Cartwright, A Agar, Y Arafat, J Paris, M Beer, B Hogg

In order to qualify for the semi-final – If Lahore score 136 or less, they will have to win by a margin of 46 runs or more. If they score 137 or more, they will have to win by a margin of 47 runs or more. And if they chase, they will have to do so in 15.1 overs or less.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Match 19 of the ongoing Champions League T20 (CLT20) 2014 tournament, between the Lahore Lions and Perth Scorchers at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. This is Sandipan Banerjee, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match.

While the Scorchers are out of the tournament with their loss against Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Lahore Lions can still qualify if they win this game by 47 runs or 33 balls to spare.

The Pakistan T20 champions were well on course to give themselves a good advantage in their last game against Dolphins, where they had their opposition at 93 for nine. It is then that Robbie Frylinck started to bat with a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude, and scored a 27-ball 63 to seriously hamper the Lahore Lions net run-rate. Fans of CSK will be thanking Frylinck, for giving them a much better chance of making it to the semi-finals.

Umar Akmal has been looking in great touch for Lahore, scoring 40 and 73 in the last two innings he played. 35-year-old Aizaz Cheema too has troubled batsman with his lethal precision so far in this tournament, taking a total of 10 wickets at an average of 15.80 in the five matches he has played so far in the tournament.


Lahore Lions: Mohammad Hafeez (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Siddique Khan, Mohammad Umar Akmal (wk), Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Salman Ali, Asif Raza, Mohammad Mustafa Iqbal, Wahab Riaz, Aizaz Cheema, Imran Ali, Saad Naseem, Adnan Rasool, Mohammad Saeed, Ali Manzoor.

Perth Scorchers: Adam Voges (c), Cameron Bancroft (wk), Brad Hogg, Mitchell Marsh, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Craig Simmons, Ashton Turner, Ashton Agar, Jason Behrendorff, Yasir Arafat, Sam Whiteman (wk), Hilton Cartwright, Joel Paris, Michael Beer, Simon Mackin

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