Mumbai are desperate for a win © IANS
Mumbai are desperate for a win © IANS

Catch the live cricket score and updates of IPL 2015 Match 32 between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals

(Can Mumbai Indians beat Rajasthan Royals in their own backward? Catch Live Cricket Score of the MI vs RR, IPL 2015 match 32 here)

For his heroics with bat and field, Ambati Rayudu is adjustment as the Man of Match. Well deserved. Sanju Samson also played and excellent innings, but failed to take his team past the winning margin. Its time to take your leave. I will be back another day with another match update. Till then bye bye, good night.


Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 179/7 | Overs 20

Stuart Binny 2 (2) Rusty Theron 1 (1)

MUMBAI INDIANS win by 8 runs. Their second successive victory. Nice bowling by Vinay Kumar in the final over. Though he bowls a no ball but still Rajasthan couldn’t win it. A much needed win for Mumbai. It keeps their campaign back on track. Now they have six points from eight games. READ MATCH REPORT by Rishad DSouza here.

OUT: Tim Southee run out Vinay Kumar 6 (5)

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 162/5 | Overs 19

Stuart Binny 2 (2) Tim Southee 4 (3)

20 runs from needed from the last over. Probably too much to to for Rajasthan. The match has been won in this and the last over. A much needed victory for them.

OUT: Deepak Hooda c Unmukt Chand b Lasith Malinga 1(2)

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 162/5 | Overs 18

Deepak Hooda 1 (1) Stuart Binny (0)

TWO WICKETS IN TWO BALLS for McClenaghan. Match changing over for Mumbai Indians. First Sanju Samson was out, caught in long off. In the next game Karun Nair also got out.

OUT: Karun Nair c Parthiv Patel b McClenaghan 7(6)

Sanju Samson c Jagadeesha Suchith b McClenaghan 76(46)

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 154/3 | Overs 17

Sanju Samson 70 (43), Karun Nair 6 (4)

Sanju Samson is playing a match wining match here. By far the best he has played in recent times. Though Rohit Sharma has made quick changes in the field but Sanju Samson is playing very intelligently.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 140/3 | Overs 16

Sanju Samson 50 (35), Karun Nair 0 (0)

Match is very well poised here. 48 needed in 24 balls. Sanju Samson is the key here.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 127/3 | Overs 15

Sanju Samson 58 (39), Karun Nair 5 (2)

OUT! Steven Smith is gone. Big wicket for Mumbai. It can be a match winning moment. McClenaghan bowls a very good over. Karun Nair is the new man in. 61 runs required from in last 30 balls. Meanwhile Sanju Samson scores a fifty.

OUT: Steven Smith c Harbhajan Singh b Mitchell McClenaghan 23 (20)

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 124/2 | Overs 14

Sanju Samson 49 (34) Steven Smith 22 (15)

Harbhajan continues. A very loud appeal against Samson but umpire is rejects it. The last over of the ball goes for a boundary. RR need 64 in last six overs.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 115/2 | Overs 13

Sanju Samson 44 (31) Steven Smith 18 (12)

Even Lasith Malinga can’t stop these two. 73 runs required from last 42 balls. Very much achievable. Its Time Out here.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 109/2 | Overs 12

Sanju Samson 42 (29) Steven Smith 14 (8)

Excellent over for Rajasthan. Sanju Samson is nearing his fifty. Looks like the dew is playing a huge role here. Two boundaries from this over. Mumbai need a wicket or two to get back in the game.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 98/2 | Overs 11

Sanju Samson 36 (25) Steven Smith 9 (6)

Suchith completes his quota of 4 overs. Sanju Samson is playing well here.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 87/2 | Overs 10

Sanju Samson 27 (21) Steven Smith 7 (4)

Rohit Sharma gives another over to Harbhajan Singh. He is bowling way too faster for this track. At the halfway stage of innings Match is evenly poised.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 82/2 | Overs 9

Sanju Samson 19 (14) Steven Smith 6 (3)

OUT! Suchith gets the big wicket of Shane Watson. Clean bowled him. Watson made room for the cut, was done in as the ball skidded through after pitching, he misses it completely. Steven Smith is the new man in.

OUT: Shane Watson b Jagadeesha Suchith 28(23)

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 71/1 | Overs 8

Shane Watson 28 (22), Sanju Samson 19 (14)

Harbhajan Singh is into the attack now. He is bowling bit flatter here. Hit gives flight in his last ball and Sanju Samson sweeps him for a boundary.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 62/1 | Overs 7

Shane Watson 27 (21), Sanju Samson 12 (9)

Rajasthan are well on their way. Both Watson and Samson are looking very comfortable out there. Though Suchith is bowling well here.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 55/1 | Overs 6

Shane Watson 26 (17), Sanju Samson 9 (7)

Another good over from Vinay Kumar. Only six runs from it. And its time for Time Out.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 49/1 | Overs 5

Shane Watson 25 (16), Sanju Samson 4 (2)

Suchith comes to the attack. But Shane Watson is playing a good knock here. A six and four from this over.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 39/1 | Overs 4

Shane Watson 10 (7), Sanju Samson 4 (2)

OUT! Finally Mumbai Indians take a catch and its Vinay Kumar who produces the break-through. Ambait Rayudu takes a good high catch. It was much needed for the hosts. Sanju Samson is the new man in.

OUT: Ajinkya Rahane c Ambati Rayudu b Vinay Kumar 16(12)

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 30/0 | Overs 3

Ajinkya Rahane 16 (11)  Shane Watson 10 (7)

So Rajasthan Royals are off to a very good start. 30 runs from the first three overs. Mumbai expect much more from Mitchell McClenaghan.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 18/0 | Overs 2

Ajinkya Rahane 14 (8)  Shane Watson 2 (4)

Lasith Malinga comes to the attack. Rahane is making the full use of his chance.

Live cricket score Rajasthan Royals 10/0 | Over 1

Ajinkya Rahane 6 (3)  Shane Watson 1 (3)

Poor Poor start Mumbai. Easy catch drooped. Ajyinka Rahane has got a life. A wild slog from Rahane, it went up but Suchit fail to catch it.  10 runs have come from the Mitchell McClenaghan over.

We are back, Rajasthan are starting their chase

 READ innings report by Rishad DSouza here

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 187/5 | Overs 20

Batting: Ambati Rayudu 53 (27) Harbhajan Singh 0 (0)

Excellent finish for Mumbai, especially thanks to this partnership. Fifty for Ambati Rayudu, 11th IPL half-century for him. 187 is a competitive score here, though Rajasthan have a very good batting line-up. Kieron Pollard gets out the last over. Time for innings break.

OUT: Kieron Pollard c Samson b Theron 24(14)

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 175/4 | Overs 19

Batting: Ambati Rayudu 46 (24) Kieron Pollard 19 (11)

Another good over for Mumbai Indians. Ambati Rayudu and Kieron Pollard are turning it on here.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 159/4 | Overs 18

Batting: Ambati Rayudu 31(19) Kieron Pollard 18 (10)

Poor, poor over by Shane Watson. 20 runs from it. Kieron Pollard is on song now. A six and a four for him. Ambati Rayudu is batting well.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 139/4 | Overs 17

Batting: Ambati Rayudu 25(16) Kieron Pollard 5 (6)

Decent over for Mumbai Indian. 13 runs from this Rusty Theron over.


Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 126/4 | Overs 16

Batting: Ambati Rayudu 17 (13) Kieron Pollard 2 (3)

Good spell by Ankit Sharma comes to an end. 29 runs from his four over and one wicket. Mumbai need a good finish here. Its strategic time out.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 120/4 | Overs 15

Batting: Ambati Rayudu 12 (8) Kieron Pollard 0 (1)

OUT! A one handed blinder by Ankit Sharma in the short fine leg. Rohit was looking in very good touch but now he has to go. Kieron Pollard is the new man in.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 112/3 | Overs 14

Batting: Rohit Sharma 20 (17) Ambati Rayudu 12 (8)

Another change in bowling. Stuart Binny has been asked to bowl. Rohit Drives him for a boundary through the cover. 100 up for Mumbai. They need a good finish here. Six off the last ball by Ambati Rayudu and what a try by Steven Smith in the boundary.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 99/3 | Overs 13

Batting: Rohit Sharma 15 (13) Ambati Rayudu 5 (6)

Another change in bowling. Rusty Theron has been brought back. Watson is using his bowling in one or two overs spells. Four runs from the over.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 95/3 | Overs 12

Batting: Rohit Sharma 13 (10) Ambati Rayudu 3 (3)

Decent over by Ankit Sharma. Seven runs from the over. At this stage Rajasthan will be the more happier team.



Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 88/3 | Overs 11

Batting: Rohit Sharma 9 (7) Ambati Rayudu 0 (0)

Tim Southee is back and takes a wicket. Unmukt Chand is gone. Good high catch by Binny. Good decision by Watson to bring his premier bowler back. He wants to attack Rohit Sharma early. Two wickets in two overs.

OUT! Unmukt Chand c Binny b Tim Southee 13(14)

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 81/2 | Overs 10

Batting: Unmukt Chand 13 (12), Rohit Sharma 2 (3)

OUT! Big wicket. Simmons is gone. LBW to Ankit Sharma. Simmons tries to sweep, ball hit pad. Umpire give him out. But seems like it was poor decision though. The replays shows he has hit the ball. Rohit Sharma is finally at the crease now.

OUT: Lendl  Simmons lbw b Ankit Sharma 38(31)

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 73/1 | Overs 9

Batting: Lendl Simmons 38 (30), Unmukt Chand 8 (10)

Shane Watson continues. Finally Lendl Simmons is looking to up the run-rate a bit, they have a lot of firepower to come. He hits a four and six in this over. Not a bad start for Mumbai after the time-out. 13 runs from the over.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 60/1 | Overs 8

Batting: Lendl Simmons 27 (25), Unmukt Chand 6 (9)

The left-arm spinner, Ankit Sharma is in the attack. The pitch is expected to turn and Sharma can be handy here. Eight runs from this over and its time for strategic time out. Rajasthan won’t be too unhappy.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 52/1 | Overs 7

Batting: Lendl Simmons 20 (20), Unmukt Chand 5 (8)

Another good over. Only five runs from the first over of Stuart Binny. Traditionally, Mumbai has been a good venue for the chasers. The wicket looks full of runs today also. So Mumbai need atleast 180 on this track.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 47/1 | Overs 6

Batting: Lendl Simmons 18 (17), Unmukt Chand 2 (5)

Shane Watson bowls a economical over. Only fours runs from. it. Powerplay is over. Last two overs have been good for Rajasthan. Unmukt Chand is the new man in for Mumbai.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 43/1 | Overs 5

Batting: Lendl Simmons 12 (11), Parthiv Patel 23 (13)

WHAT A CATCH by Dhawal Kulkarni on his own bowling. Parthiv Patel has to go. One of the best return catches you can see. Parthiv came down the track, Kulkarni shortened his length a bit, batsman closed the face of the bat and stroked it hard and low, back towards the bowler. Kulkarni quick to bend low and holds onto the opportunity.

OUT: Parthiv Patel c and b D Kulkarni 23(14)

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 37/0 | Overs 4

Batting: Lendl Simmons 12 (11), Parthiv Patel 23 (13)

Change in bowling. Rusty Theron is in the attack now. But no change in approach in Mumbai opener’s batting. Couple of lusty boundaries by Parthiv Patel.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 26/0 | Overs 3

Batting: Lendl Simmons 10 (9), Parthiv Patel 14 (9)

The ball is doing a bit. But can Rajasthan use this movement? Currently the Mumbai openers are playing quite smart. Hosts off to a good start. Looks like Harbhajan Singh and Rohit Sharma are padded up.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 18/0 | Overs 2

Batting: Lendl Simmons 7 (6), Parthiv Patel 9 (6)

Dhawal Kulkarni is from the other end. Two boundaries from the over for Parthiv Patel. Not a very good over by the local boy Kulkarni. Mumbai off to a decent start.

Live cricket score Mumbai Indians 5/0 | Over 1

Batting: Lendl Simmons 5 (5), Parthiv Patel 0 (0)

Eventful first over by Tim Southee. Lendl Simmons was dropped in the second ball of the game by Sanju Samson, relatively easy chance. Simmons hits one four later in the over.

Rajasthan Royals win the toss and decide to field first.


Mumbai: Rohit Sharma(c), Lendl Simmons, Parthiv Patel (wk), Unmukt Chand, , Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Harbhajan Singh, Jagadeesha Suchith, Vinay Kumar, Mitchell McClenaghan, Lasith Malinga

Rajasthan: Shane Watson(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Steven Smith, Karun Nair, Sanju Samson (wk), Stuart Binny, Deepak Hooda, Tim Southee, RustyTheron, Ankit Sharma, Dhawal Kulkarni

For RR, Rusty Theron has been included in the playing eleven in place of James Faulkner. Ankit Sharma comes in for Pravin Tambe.



Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2015, match 32 between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Rajasthan Royals (RI) at Mumbai. I am Sandipan Banerjee and I will be bringing you all the updates of the match here. READ Preview: Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals here

Following a thrilling win over Sunrisers Hyderabad at home, a confident Mumbai Indians will aim to hold on to the winning touch when they face Rajasthan Royals in a key IPL 2015 encounter at the Wankhede Stadium on Friday. Defending a modest total of 157, Mumbai bowlers bowled their hearts out to pick up wickets at regular intervals to restrict Sunrisers to 137 for eight in 20 overs on April 25. The 20-run victory was a sure boost for the side after losing matches at the start of the season. IPL 2015 Points Table & Team

On the other hand, the Royals will think themselves to be unlucky after rain washed out their two back-to-back matches, if they lose to Mumbai. First match was against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in Kolkata on April 26, and the next against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in Bangalore on Wednesday. The inaugural IPL champions had a splendid start to the tournament with five consecutive victories. But a Super Over defeat to Kings XI Punjab followed by a loss to RCB halted their unbeaten run. They are currently in second position on the table with 12 points from nine matches, IANS reported. IPL 2015 Highest run-scorer: List of best batsmen in IPL 8


Rajasthan Royals (RR): Shane Watson (c), Abhishek Nayar, Ajinkya Rahane, Ankit Nagendra Sharma, Ben Cutting, Deepak Hooda, Dhawal Kulkarni, Dishant Yagnik, James Faulkner, Kane Richardson, Karun Nair, Pravin Tambe, Rahul Tewatia, Rajat Bhatia, Sanju Samson (wk), Steven Smith, Stuart Binny, Tim Southee, Vikramjeet Malik, Chris Morris, Juan Theron, Barinder Singh Saran, Dinesh Salunkhe, Sagar Trivedi, Pardeep Sahu.

Mumbai Indians (MI): Rohit Sharma (c), Harbhajan Singh, Lasith Malinga, Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Lendl Simmons, Vinay Kumar, Aiden Blizzard, Jasprit Bumrah, Aditya Tare (wk), Pawan Suyal, Mitchell McClenaghan, Marchant de Lange, Unmukt Chand, Parthiv Patel, Siddhesh Lad, Abhimanyu Mithun, Shreyas Gopal, Josh Hazlewood, Pragyan Ojha, Hardik Pandya, J Suchith, Akshay Wakhare, Nitish Rana.

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