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  • 12:07 AM IST

    Live: UAE 153/4, TARGET: 153, 20 Overs, BATTING: Muhammad Usman 8, Amjad Javed 0: There was all sort of drama in the death overs where Anwar got his fifty, while Namibia were charged up on the field grabbing wickets with run-out. Mustafa was run-out for 56 while Anwar was gone for 53. The fag end saw Namibia requiring just 1 off 1 delivery with new batsman Muhammad Usman playing the winning shot and providing UAE their first victory.

  • 11:19 PM IST
    Live: UAE 108/1, TARGET: 153, 15 Overs, BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 28, Rameez Shahzad 3: The 64-run partnership between Anwar and Mustafa was broken by newbie Colin Peake with a run out and Mustafa making his way back for 56. Rameez Shahzad was the new man who was introduced at No. 4. UAE required just 46 runs off the pending 5 overs and 8 wickets intact.
  • 11:02 PM IST

    Live: UAE 81/1, TARGET: 153, 10 Overs, BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 48, Shaiman Anwar 15: The run-fest continues and the game looks like a piece of cake for UAE. They are just 72 runs away from their first victory in the tournament with Mustafa heading for his fifty while Anwar has built 16 runs. Mustafa has scored 6 fours and a six so far.

  • 10:38 PM IST

    Live: UAE 36/1, TARGET: 153, 5 Overs, BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 17, Shaiman Anwar 1: Looks like UAE are in a hurry to finish things off. They have already put up 27 runs in 3 overs with a four and a six. Gerrie Snyman began the attack and conceded 8 runs off the first over. Just when they were having a run-fest, the first wicket falls. Frylinck drew the first blood of Shabber for 14. Shaiman Anwar has come to bat on No. 3. UAE have 9 wickets intact and need just 117 runs to win.

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    *** UAE innings ***

  • 10:09 PM IST

    Live: Namibia 152/7, 20 Overs, BATTING: Johannes Jonathan Smit 7, Jan Frylinck 10: Kotze and Burger who built the biggest partnership, was picked by Zahoor Farooqi in succession while Mohammad Naveed shone bagging 3 wickets. Namibia require a last minute magic to push them beyond 150-run mark. Jan Frylinck and Johannes Jonathan Smit needed just 8 runs to add 150-run mark of the final over. UAE began the final over with many extras and Smith ends with boundary to take Namibia beyond 150-run mark. UAE will need 153 to win.

  • 9:43 PM IST

    Live: Namibia 117/4, 16 Overs, BATTING: JP Kotze 49, Sarel Burger 22: Kotze and Burger have helped Namibia recover from the 4 early wickets lost. Kotze is just a run away from his fifty while Burger has complimented the batsman well with 22 runs off 20 deliveries. 4 fours and 2 sixes already so far.

  • 9:22 PM IST

    Live: Namibia 81/4, 11 Overs, BATTING: JP Kotze 37, Sarel Burger 2: Kotze and Erasus were going very strong as they built 35 runs partnership. However, Imran Haider bagged his first wicket and it was a restructring phase for Namibia once again. The captain has entered now. Can he bring the difference for Namibia?

  • 9:13 PM IST

    Live: Namibia 67/3, 9 Overs, BATTING: JP Kotze 25, Gerhard Erasmus 14: It is three down for Namibia. Pierre and Williams tried to play on the platform provided by the opening pair, however, it was re-building phase for Namibia with Ahmed Raza getting his third wicket in form of Williams. Erasmus is the new man who has entered. Kotze has already smashed 2 boundaries and a six.

  • 8:46 PM IST
    Live: Namibia 20/2, 3 Overs, BATTING: Craig Williams 0, Jean-Pierre Kotze 0: Mohammad Naveed began the proceedings for UAE while Louis van der Westhuizen started off with a boundary. However, Naveed was spot on as he bagged the first wicket. Stephan Baard was happy with singles while Naveed was at it once again when he got the secind wicket getting the second opener for 13. It will be new beginnings for Namibia once again as Carig Williams and Jean-Pierre Kotze will hope to bring positive results for Namibia.
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    Toss Update: Namibia win toss and elect to bat vs UAE

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    Hello and Welcome to second match of the day 😀


Hello, Good evening! Welcome to live cricket blog and updates of Desert T20 2017 challenge. The tournament has reached the fourth match, which will be between United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Namibia on Sunday. The same day also witnessed the clash between Netherlands and Oman. The seven-day tournament will witness 8 teams divided into two groups, Group A and Group B, each consisting of 4 teams. Each team will play three games, one each with the other members of their respective groups for their chance to the semi-final. The teams participating are Afghanistan, Ireland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Scotland, Oman, Namibia and UAE. Associate Nations are on a lookout to play many such T20 challenges and will be hoping to make a big statement amidst big named nation like Afghanistan.

Although UAE had not so pleasing ICC World Cup Qualifier 2015, they made a thumping entry to Asia Cup T20 2016 along with teams like Afghanistan, Oman and Hong Kong. UAE also lost the recent T20I series against Afghanistan, despite two close  matches in the series. As for Namibia, they are the only team with no T20I status. At the end of ICC World Cup Qualifier, Namibia ended at No. 7. Namibia also had the opportunity to travel to India in 2016; however, they were beaten by Netherlands and Oman that cost them their T20I status.

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Since the retirement of their former captain Khurram Khan, Amjad Khan has lead to UAE to new heights in shortest format. Muhammad Usman, along with the middle-order batsman Shaiman Anwar, can be the driving force to build the innings as was witnessed in 2016 against Afghanistan and during the Asia Cup T20.

Meanwhile, the focus for Namibia will be on Gerhard Erasmus, who is all set to return to the side after captaining the ICC Under-19 team in World Cup 2014. Although UAE have an upper-hand, it will be surprising if Namibia manages to shock the opponent in Match 4.


Namibia: Sarel Burger (c), Stephan Baard, Christopher Coombe, Gerhard Erasmus, Jan Frylinck, Zane Green, JP Kotze, Mika Mutumbe, Colin Peake, Bernard Scholtz, JJ Smit, Gerrie Snyman, Louis van der Westhuizen, Craig George Williams

United Arab Emirates: Amjad Javed (c), Adnan Mufti, Ahmed Raza, Ghulam Shabber, Imran Haider, Mohammad Naveed, Mohammad Shahzad, Muhammad Usman, Mohammed Qasim, Muhammed Shanil, Rameez Shahzad, Rohan Mustafa, Shaiman Anwar, Zahoor Farooqi