Bangladesh have taken two early wickets © Getty Images
Bangladesh have taken two early wickets © Getty Images

Live Cricket Score New Zealand vs Bangladesh in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

(Can New Zealand maintain a clean sheet in the group stage? Or will Bangladesh pull off another stunner? Catch Live Cricket Score of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Pool A Match 37 between New Zealand and Bangladesh here)

Live Score New Zealand 290/7 | Overs 48.5

Daniel Vettori 16 (10) Tim Southee 12 (6)

Its all over. New Zealand beat Bangladesh by three wickets with 7 balls remaining. Tim Southee finishes with a SIX and a FOUR in the 49th over, which is bowled by Shakib al Hasan. READ Match Report Here

Martin Guptill is the Man of the Match

Shakib: “He is in great form and hopefully he can continue that. Some of the boys are in good nick. We always knew that we needed early wickets, we got that but they managed to get a partnership. They were the better team. I enjoyed it after a long time.”

McCullum: “Little bit untidy in all three departments. Credit to Bangladesh and Mahmudullah, who batted really well. They have been hitting the ball really well. We know he is a quality player, not with the bat but in the field as well. The options were excellent then, even with the Vettori. Anderson also played well, until he got out. We were a bit messy today. Everything ok, I cut my hand couple of times. That’s the way we have to play. It doesn’t bother me, doesn’t bother us. We have put in hard performance, we will be hard to beat. We have a couple of days off before we can channel our focus on the quarter-finals.”

Guptill: “Yeah, it does feel good mate. It’s a been long time between drinks. But, it has been pretty pleasing to get the runs on the board. I felt pretty good most of the summer, there were couple of innings where things didn’t feel quite fluent. But, I think in Napier and today is just getting better. We have got a lot of belief in the team. The way we are playing our cricket and executing our skills is very pleasing. We just need to continue on in the next couple of weeks. It is always nice batting with him (Taylor), we started off with a little partnership in Napier and we just sort of carried it along today. He is a quality player and I will learn a lot from him.”





Live Score New Zealand 278/7 | Overs 48

Daniel Vettori 6 (5) Tim Southee 1 (2)

Corey Anderson b Nasir Hossain 39(26)

Bangladesh get the important wicket of Anderson, but six in the last ball changed game in favour of New Zealand. 11 needed in 12 balls.

Live Score New Zealand 263/6 | Overs 47

Corey Anderson 27 (20) Daniel Vettori 6 (5)

Good over by Mahmudullah, only 7 runs from it. 26 needed in last three overs.

Live Score New Zealand 256/6 | Overs 46

Corey Anderson 27 (20) Daniel Vettori 6 (5)

34 needed in 24 balls. Anderson is the key here. Can Bangladesh pull this off?

Live Score New Zealand 249/5 | Overs 45

Corey Anderson 17 (14) Daniel Vettori 0 (0)

Luke Ronchi c Nasir Hossain b Shakib 9(10)

OUT! fourth wicket for Shakib. Ronchi is gone. Bangladesh is back in the game.

Live Score New Zealand 240/5 | Overs 44

Corey Anderson 17 (14) Luke Ronchi 9 (9)

Loud appeal against Ronchi. But umpire gives the decision in favour of the batsman. Anderson is man for New Zealand. One wicket can change the game here.

Live Score New Zealand 234/5 | Overs 43

Corey Anderson 16 (12) Luke Ronchi 5 (5)

Corey Anderson is the danger man here. He is playing a dangerous innings here. For Bangladesh, this partnership needs to be broken as soon as possible.

Live Score New Zealand 223/5 | Overs 42

Corey Anderson 6 (7) Luke Ronchi 4 (3)

Ross Taylor lbw b Nasir Hossain 56(97)

OUT! Big Wicket. Can Bangladesh make a back door entry in this game. A set batsman is gone.  Luke Ronchi is the new man in. Bangladesh need some good overs here. READ More about the Ross Taylor Wicket

Live Score New Zealand 219/4 | Overs 41

Ross Taylor 56 (95), Corey Anderson 6 (7)

A good period of play for Bangladesh in last few overs the run-rate has dropped a bit and the bowlers are bowling in good areas. The batting powerplay produced 19 runs only and they lost one wicket. Though its a small ground, so still no hurry for New Zealand.

Live Score New Zealand 210/4 | Overs 39

Ross Taylor 54 (89), Corey Anderson 0 (1)

Grant Elliott c Taskin Ahmed b Rubel 39(34)

OUT! Crucial breakthrough for Bangladesh. Good catch by Taskin Ahmed!! Rubel strikes against the run of play! A nice innings from Elliott comes to an end and he is disappointed for throwing it away. Full and plenty of width on offer, Elliott plays the lofted-drive, gets it right off the middle, but picks out sweeper to perfection. READ: Grant Elliott gets out

Live Score New Zealand 208/3 | Overs 38

Ross Taylor 53 (90) Grant Elliot 26 (20)

200 up for for New Zealand. Rubel and Taskin are bowling in tandem. Last real effort for the Bangladesh bowler.

Live Score New Zealand 196/3 | Overs 36

Ross Taylor 53 (90) Grant Elliot 26 (20)

New Zealand need 93 more runs in 14 overs. Can Ross Taylor get his hundred?

Live Score New Zealand 173/3 | Overs 33

Ross Taylor 50 (82) Grant Elliot 12 (12)

Fifty for Ross Taylor, A much needed one for him. Bangladesh are losing the plot thcik and fast. So its look like Bangladesh will finish as the No. 4 team from Group B and will take on India in the quarter-finals. READ More about Ross Taylor’s fifty

Live Score New Zealand 164/3 | Overs 30

Ross Taylor 47 (74) Grant Elliot 4 (2)

OUT!  Martin Guptill c Rubel Hossain b Shakib Al Hasan 105 (100)

OUT! Finally the partnership is broken. Martin Guptill tries to clear the long on fielder, but ends up giving a easy catch to Rubel at long on. And it is Shakib again. It is also Drinks. Grand Elliot is the new man in.

Live Score New Zealand 164/2 | Overs 30

Martin Guptill 105 (96) Ross Taylor 47 (74)

New Zealand need 125 runs in 120 balls. Easy equation fro them.

Live Score New Zealand 160/2 | Overs 29

Martin Guptill 103 (94) Ross Taylor 46 (70)

Spinners have averaged 43.68 runs per wicket so far, the worst in any World Cup since 1979. It has been a very high scoring World Cup so far. Both in New Zealand and Australia scores of 400 have been achieved by teams.

Live Score New Zealand 160/2 | Overs 28

Martin Guptill 101 (91) Ross Taylor 45 (67)

Martin Guptill completes his Sixth ODI Ton. His first in World Cup. It has been a counter-attacking innings. He has given no chances during this innings. He puts his team in a comfortable position now.

Live Score New Zealand 155/2 | Overs 27

Martin Guptill 99 (87) Ross Taylor 44 (65)

Guptill is on 99. But he has cramps, Guptill is hobbling. 134 more runs needed in 23 overs. The physio is out there and we have a slight break in play. The players take a breather. Guptill is down and receiving treatment.

Live Score New Zealand 148/2 | Overs 25

Martin Guptill 96 (81) Ross Taylor 40 (59)

Guptill nearing his hundred. Taylor is partnering him very well. This is called smart play. Both are complementing each other really well. Bangladesh need to find ways to break this partnership. The pair has completed 100-run partnership as well.

Live Score New Zealand 128/2 | Overs 23

Martin Guptill 80 (74) Ross Taylor 38 (54)

Ross Taylor completes 5,000 ODI runs. Fourth New Zealander to do so and the fastest one. Both are taking New Zealand to safety. How can Bangladesh take a wicket here?

Live Score New Zealand 110/2 | Overs 20

Martin Guptill 77(68) Ross Taylor 30 (48)

Twenty overs have been bowled. Bangladesh are desperate for a wicket. They are trying out every option to find that wicket. Though Bangladesh have managed to stop the run-flow for a bit.

Live Score New Zealand 107/2 | Overs 19

Martin Guptill 73(62) Ross Taylor 20(42)

New Zealand go past 100-run mark. Soumya Sarkar has been asked to ball for the first time in this World Cup.

Live Score New Zealand 98/2 | Overs 18

Martin Guptill 68(60) Ross Taylor 20(38)

First over after Drinks, Bangladesh have manged to stop the run flow for a bit. They need to pick up wickets, whereas New Zealand just need to continue, what they doing currently.

Live Score New Zealand 95/2 | Overs 16

Martin Guptill 61(51) Ross Taylor 14 (24)

New Zealand are doing about their job. The Current run-rate is 5.94 and the Required rate 5.71. Its looking like New Zealand’s game from here. Untill and unless Bangladesh take one or two wickets quickly.

Live Score New Zealand 85/2 | Overs 14

Martin Guptill 61(51) Ross Taylor 14 (24)

Fifty run partnership for between Martin Guptill and Ross Taylor. Wicket is very flat and batsmen are playing comfortably.

Live Score New Zealand 73/2 | Overs 12

Martin Guptill 56 (41) Ross Taylor 8 (17)

23rd ODI fifty for Martin Guptill.  Bangladesh need his wicket to get back into the game. The partnership the looking quite good for New Zealand. READ: Martin Guptill’s 23rd ODI fifty

Live Score New Zealand 65/2 | Overs 11

Martin Guptill 49 (41) Ross Taylor 7 (16)

Taijul is bowling it bit quicker. The Kiwi batsmen are playing him well.

Live Score New Zealand 57/2 | Overs 10

Martin Guptill 38 (32) Ross Taylor 1 (6)

First powerplay done and dusted. Excellent one for Bangladesh. Tasking bowled a good over. Martin Guptill is looking in very good touch. Bangladesh need to pick up his wicket.

Live Score New Zealand 48/2 | Overs 8

Martin Guptill 38 (32) Ross Taylor 1 (6)

New Zealand need a steady partnership here. The score is very much achievable, wickets are the key here. Good test fro the New Zealand batting line-up ahead of the quarter-final.

Live Score New Zealand 33/2 | Overs 5

Martin Guptill 17 (13)

Kane Williamson c Tamim b Shakib 1(2)

Brendon McCullum c Soumya Sarkar b Shakib 8(8)

Trouble for New Zealand! Both the in-form batsmen are back in the hut. Shakib is delighted as he claps in excitement as he picked up both key wickets. Ross Taylor is the new man in.

Live Score New Zealand 27/0 | Overs 4

Martin Guptill 17 (13) Brendon MacCullum 7 (5)

Rubel Hossain comes into the attack. Bangladesh need to pick up early wickets.

Live Score New Zealand 24/0 | Overs 3

Martin Guptill 17 (13) Brendon MacCullum 7 (5)

Big over, 16 runs from it. Two SIXES and a FOUR hit by Guptil. The strategy of staring with spin is backfiring Bangladesh.

Live Score New Zealand 8/0 | Overs 2

Martin Guptill 0 (6) Brendon MacCullum 0 (0)

Spin from both ends. Taijul is being called to bowl from the other end. Clear plan against McCullum. But Bangladesh have to remember Guptill is a very good player of spin.

Live Score New Zealand 0/0 | Over 1

Martin Guptill 0 (6) Brendon MacCullum 0 (0)

Shakib has started proceedings for Bangladesh. And Martin Guptill has played out maiden.



Live Score BANGLADESH 288/7 | Overs 50

Mahmudullah 128 (123) Rubel Hossain 0 (0)

Nasir Hossain c Ross Taylor b Elliott 11(7)

Bangladesh have finished their innings with a very competitive score here. Mahudullah is their hero with bat once again. He remains not out on 128, which is the highest score against New Zealand in World Cup. Bangladesh have the bowling to defend the score here. But New Zealand have a strong batting line-up. A good second innings coming up. READ Bangladesh’s Innings report here

Live Score BANGLADESH 273/6 | Overs 49

Mahmudullah 120 (121) Nasir Hossain 4 (4)

Good over for New Zealand. Tim Southee finishes his spell. Bangland still in the hunt for 290.

Live Score BANGLADESH 265/6 | Overs 48

Mahmudullah 112 (115) Nasir Hossain 2 (2)

Sabbir Rahman c Brendon McCullum b Elliott 40(23)

Good innings from Sabbri comes to an end thanks to an excellent catch by Brendon McCullum at Mid-off. Mahumudullah is there though. Bangladesh looking good for 290-300 here.




Live Score BANGLADESH 255/5 | Overs 47

Mahmudullah 112 (115) Sabbir Rahman 34 (21)

HUNDRED for Mahumudullah! A moment of glory for Bangladesh cricket. He becomes the first Bangladeshi and sixth cricketer in World cup to achieve this feat in World Cup. Take a bow Mahumudullah. READ MORE about Mahumudulllah’s hundred

Live Score BANGLADESH 238/5 | Overs 46

Mahmudullah 97 (109) Sabbir Rahman 33 (20)

Mahmudullah is just three runs away from a huge milestone. What an historic moment it is going to be for Bangladesh cricket.

Live Score BANGLADESH 230/5 | Overs 45

Mahmudullah 95 (107) Sabbir Rahman 27 (17)

Five overs to go. Bangladesh are in good position. Mahmudulluah is nearing his back to back hundred. If he gets there, he will be the second Bangladeshi to get this milestone after Shariyar Nafees.

Live Score BANGLADESH 210/5 | Overs 43

Mahmudullah 86 (101) Sabbir Rahman 15 (11)

First time a team has posted more than 200 plus score against Bangladesh in this world cup. It shows how well Bangladesh batsmen have batted.

Live Score BANGLADESH 197/5 | Overs 42

Mahmudullah 85 (99) Sabbir Rahman 3 (6)

Goo batting by Bangladesh. They have been quite decent with their batting performance so far.

Live Score BANGLADESH 193/5 | Overs 41

Mahmudullah 84 (96) Sabbir Rahman 1 (3)

Good over Bangladesh and its Mahmudullah is the man who is nearing his ton. Looks like they will score a high score.

Live Score BANGLADESH 185/5 | Overs 40

Mahmudullah 75 (91) Sabbir Rahman 1 (3)

Mushfiqur Rahim c Ronchi b Corey Anderson 15(25)

OUT! Corey Anderson gets another. Ronchi takes it. Rahim took a step out and then made room to cut that, but it was the cutter, from Corey Anderson, cross-seam as well, bit of extra bounce takes the edge on the shot and a dolly to Ronchi. Another setback for Bangladesh. READ: Mushfiqur Rahim gets out

Live Score BANGLADESH 182/4 | Overs 39

Mahmudullah 73 (90) Mushfiqur Rahim 15 (23)

Batting power is over. Bangladesh scored 37 runs and lost the wicket of Shakib. Decent result enough for them but New Zealand will be more happier team at this moment.

Live Score BANGLADESH 169/4 | Overs 37

Mahmudullah 72 (89) Mushfiqur Rahim 3 (12)

Six runs from this Vittori over. Bangladesh need to move on. New batsman at the batting power-play is not helping their cause.

Live Score BANGLADESH 162/4 | Overs 36

Mahmudullah 67 (83) Mushfiqur Rahim 2 (3)

Good over by Corey Anderson. Just one run from it. A score of around 280-290 can challenge New Zealand batting. Bagladesh have a good bowling unit.

Live Score BANGLADESH 162/4 | Overs 35

Mahmudullah 67 (86) Mushfiqur Rahim 2 (8)

23 runs off two overs in the batting powerplay. Though thay have lost the important wicket of Shakib, but still a good situation for them.

Live Score BANGLADESH 151/4 | Overs 34

Mahmudullah 59 (83)

Shakib c Ronchi b Corey Anderson 23(18)

Batting powerplay has been taken. Shakib was looks like taking the initiative of being aggressive in this period but unfortunately for Bangladesh, he is back in the pavilion now. Nothing happening at the wicket though. It has eased out and became a flat batting track. READ: Shakib Al Hasan dismissed for 23

Live Score BANGLADESH 138/3 | Overs 33

Mahmudullah 58 (79), Shakib Al Hasan 5(9)

FOUR! Shakib cuts Boult to he point fence for a boundary off the very first delivery. DOT! Nicely played from Shakib. TWO! Shakib cuts the ball to the point fence but some excellent work in the deep keeps it down to just two runs. ONE! Shakib plays it down the ground. DOT! Bouncer from Boult. DOT! Swing and a miss from Mahmudullah.

Live Score BANGLADESH 131/3 | Overs 32

Mahmudullah 58 (79), Shakib Al Hasan 5(9)

Mahmudullah and Shakib look to build the innings after Sowmya Sarkar got out immediately after scoring a fifty. Corey Anderson manages to bowl a tight over and bowls another excellent over. New Zeasland will need a couple of wickets feel that they’re on top.

Live Score BANGLADESH 127/3 | Overs 30

Mahmudullah 57 (72), Shakib Al Hasan 1(5)

The old fox Vettori is using all his experience. Bangladesh batsmen are batting bit carefully here. The batting powerplay is near. That may be the reason.

Live Score BANGLADESH 124/3 | Overs 29

Mahmudullah 55 (70), Shakib Al Hasan 0(1)

Third consecutive fifty plus score for Mahumudulluah. What a performer he has been for Bangladesh. He needs to continue here, if Bangladesh want to post a competitive score on the board.

Live Score BANGLADESH 119/3 | Overs 28

Mahmudullah 50 (64), Shakib Al Hasan 0(1)

Soumya Sarkar c Corey Anderson b Vettori 51(58)

Poor Poor shot selection by Soumya Sarkar. Just after his fifty he plays a shot which was not needed at all. Especially against Daniel Vettori. He was looking to smash Vettori out of the park, but cannot get the elevation on the hit. It was quicker from Vettori, and Sarkar couldn’t get under that. Easy catch for long-on. Meanwhile Mahmudullah has his fifty. He continues from where he has left against England. READ: Soumya Sarkar dismissed after maiden ODI fifty

Live Score BANGLADESH 116/2 | Overs 27

Soumya Sarkar 50 (55), Mahmudullah 48 (62)

Fifty up for Soumya Sarkar and it’s an excellent innings. Maiden fifty in ODIs for this talented youngster. Gets there with an open-faced push square of the wicket. Raises the bat and gets a good applause from the crowd. Took his risks early on and now is looking pretty solid.

Live Score BANGLADESH 102/2 | Overs 25

Soumya Sarkar 46 (51), Mahmudullah 43 (54)

100 up for Bangladesh at the half-way stage. They need to up the scoring  rate now, Can they do it? The pitch has settled down though.

Live Score BANGLADESH 94/2 | Overs 23

Soumya Sarkar 41 (45), Mahmudullah 36 (48)

Bangladesh are nearing 100. They have some exciting batsmen to follow. So an exciting 1st innings coming up.

Live Score BANGLADESH 92/2 | Overs 22

Soumya Sarkar 38 (37), Mahmudullah 34 (44)

It seems both batsmen have changed gears. New Zealand looking for a wicket now.

Live Score BANGLADESH 85/2 | Overs 20

Soumya Sarkar 37 (34), Mahmudullah 31 (41)

Excellent recovery for Bangladesh. Current partnership is in 59 off 63 balls. A win over here will put Bangladesh in front of South Africa in the quarter-finals.

Live Score BANGLADESH 84/2 | Overs 19

Soumya Sarkar 37 (34), Mahmudullah 30 (34)

Mitchell McClenaghan is back in the attack and bowls a decent over. Both batsmen looking quite set at the wicket. They need score big to keep Bangladesh in hunt.

Live Score BANGLADESH 80/2 | Overs 17

Soumya Sarkar 36 (30), Mahmudullah 27 (27)

Another steady over by Vettori. 3 runs from it. Meanwhile New Zealand are yet to beat Bangladesh in last five years.

Live Score BANGLADESH 77/2 | Overs 16

Soumya Sarkar 35 (28), Mahmudullah 25 (22)

Drinks: Fifty run partnership for Bangladesh. A much needed one for them. Soumya Sarkar and Mahmudulla are playing aggressively. A good counter attacking partnership.

Live Score BANGLADESH 73/2 | Overs 15

Soumya Sarkar 33 (25), Mahmudullah 24 (19)

The old fox Daniel Vettori add some calmness into the proceedings. After the mandatory powerplays, Bangladesh 73 for two, not as bad as it was looking earlier.

Live Score BANGLADESH 72/2 | Overs 14

Soumya Sarkar 32 (21), Mahmudullah 24 (17)

Attacking field setting backfiring New Zealand a little bit, though they can afford to do so. A good phase of batting for Bangladesh. Soumya and Mahmudulllah getting some useful boundaries. 17 runs from this over.

Live Score BANGLADESH 44/2 | Overs 12

Soumya Sarkar 21 (17), Mahmudullah 7 (10)

New Zealand are showing why they are one of the main contenders to win this World Cup. Apart from the great bowling, they showing their acrobatic fielding skills as well. Bangladesh have a good record against New Zealand in last five overs.  READ: New Zealand have not beaten Bangladesh in five years

Live Score BANGLADESH 28/2 | Overs 10

Soumya Sarkar 12 (13) Mahmudullah 1 (1)

Tamim Iqbal c Corey Anderson b Boult 13(27)

Excellent first powerplay for New Zealand. What a spell of bowling by Boult and Southee. Tamim’s innings come to an end. Boult bowled this on a back of a length and on off stump, bit of extra bounce and it held its line, Tamim edged the defensive stroke and a good low take at 2nd slip. Boult has two and he looks good for many more.

Live Score BANGLADESH 23/1 | Overs 9

Tamim Iqbal 9 (23), Soumya Sarkar 4 (6)

Soumya Sarkar is showing some aggression. Two Boundaries in the over. Bangladesh need a steady partnership here. There are runs to have on this ground.

Live Score BANGLADESH 15/1 | Overs 8

Tamim Iqbal 9 (23), Soumya Sarkar 4 (6)

There was rain around in Hamilton in last few days. The pitch was under cover and the Kiwi bowlers are using it to the full effect. Tough times for Tamim and Soumya.

Live Score BANGLADESH 4/1 | Overs 6

Tamim Iqbal 2 (9), Soumya Sarkar 1 (3)

Imrul Kayes b Trent Boult 2 (19)

OUT! First wicket. What a spell of bowling by Trent Boult. Angled in, then as Kayes was shaping to flick, seamed away to miss the bat, hits the top of off and knocks the stump out.

Live Score BANGLADESH 3/0 | Overs 3

Tamim Iqbal 2 (9), Imrul Kayes 1 (10)

Maiden over by Trent Boult. For New Zealand Adam Milne injured his shoulder while trying to take a catch in the previous game against Afghanistan, he has not recovered in time. Hence, New Zealand might play Mitchell McClenaghan.

Live Score BANGLADESH 2/0 | Over 1

Tamim Iqbal 1 (4), Imrul Kayes 1 (2)

Tim Southee starts decently for New Zealand. Mortaza isn’t playing this game. Shakib is leading Bangladesh. In place of Arafat Sunny, Taijul Islam came in and in place of Mashrafe Mortaza, Nasir Hossain came in.

Toss: New Zealand win the toss and elect to bowl first


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Match 37 of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 between New Zealand and Bangladesh at the Seddon Park in Hamilton on Friday. I am Sandipan Banerjee, and I will be bringing you the live updates from this match. Live Scorecard: New Zealand vs Bangladesh

New Zealand have been the best side in the tournament so far, without the slightest bit of doubt. They have overcome all sides, including co-hosts Australia. Aside from winning all of their games in the tournament so far, they have excelled in all of their departments. Their last win came against World Cup debutants Afghanistan, with the Black Caps sealing a place in the last eight with a six-wicket victory.  ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

Though the Brendon McCullum-led men will not take Bangladesh lightly, they will look to rest some of their key players for the inconsequential game. McCullum will look to rest at least one of the lethal pace trio of Tim Southee, Trent Boult and Adam Milne, in order to accommodate the untested Mitchell McClenaghan. Milne is likely to be rested as he has a bruised shoulder. It will be interesting to see whether New Zealand play Kane Williamson also, as he was down with stomach trouble. Preview: New Zealand vs Bangladesh

Bangladesh, on the other hand, are in a euphoric state at the moment after their historic win against England at Adelaide, in which they registered a 15-run victory to knock the latter out of the tournament in the first round itself. Mashrafe Mortaza would like for his team to maintain the momentum during the final game of the league stage, though like the Kiwis, he might want to rest a couple of major players as well. READ: Bangladesh could start with spin to hamper Brendon McCullum


New Zealand: Brendon McCullum(c), Luke Ronchi(wk), Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Daniel Vettori, Kane Williamson, Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Grant Elliott, Martin Guptill, Tom Latham, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nathan McCullum, Kyle Mills, Adam Milne

Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque, Mominul Haque, Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Soumya Sarkar, Rubel Hossain, Taskin Ahmed, Al-Amin Hossain, Taijul Islam, and Arafat Sunny.

Live Cricket Score and ball by ball commentary of New Zealand vs Bangladesh in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015