Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog of the first One-Day International (ODI) between New Zealand and Australia, at Westpac Stadium, Wellington. New Zealand won the first ODI which was played at Auckland on Wednesday by 159 runs. It is a three-match series and hence it is a do or die match for Australia. If they lose this game, they will also end up losing the series as well. New Zealand played some really good cricket in the first clash in both the batting and bowling departments. Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum, Trent Boult and Matt Henry were their stars for the match. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: New Zealand vs Australia 2015-16, 2nd ODI at Wellington

Man of the Match: Mitchell Marsh wins ‘Man of the Match’ for his brilliant innings of 69 for 72 alongside John Hastings who portrayed some amazing talents in 2nd ODI against New Zealand at Wellington.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 283/6 in 46.3 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 69 (72), John Hastings 48 (47): Adam Milne bowling probably the last over with Hastings going big and Marsh on the non-striker side. Just 8 runs to win thanks to Hastings six. One run by Hastings to give Marsh the strike to complete the innings. Over the wicket and no run. Good bowling from Milne. Last ball from 46th over and No run. Now starts 47th over, will this be the end of the innings with Australia winning 2nd ODI match. Trent Boult on attack And Hastings goes for a boundary to complete the innings soon. And Australia win by 4 wickets.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 268/6 in 45 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 69 (69), John Hastings 33 (41): Hastings is winning from back of the order with Hastings portraying an amazing innings along with Marsh. 44th over has given 8 runs with a FOUR from Marsh and one-two runs in the over. Trent Bpoult back into attack with a wide and no run from that third spell. Last two spells in that over one run and strike to Hastings with a single run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 247/6 in 41 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 60 (56),  John Hastings 22 (30): Hastings is playing like never before and Adam Milne faced an expensive over with a striking four passing by Marsh head and going for boundary. Corey Anderson comes to bowl his spells and just two runs from this 41st over, Hastings and Marsh exchanging strike. Yet again one run from square of wicket. Fifty partnership between Hastings and Marsh.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 222/6 in 36.5 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 52 (44), John Hastings 7 (15): Mitchell Marsh scores his half-century with one SIX and two FOUR’s! Matt Henry ends the last ball of 36th over with 2 runs.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 197/6 in 33 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Mitchell Marsh33 (35), John Hastings0 (3): Matthew Wade goes off the field and Santner gets his his third wicket with an easy catch. He is on a roll. John Hastings joins in for the strike. No run from the fifth ball of 33rd over. Last spell and no run.

OUT! Matthew Wade caught by Mitchell Santner 2 (9)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 192/5 in 31 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Mitchell Marsh 29 (31), Matthew Wade 1 (4): Warner is just three runs away from century and plays four leading him to 98 at the moment. Marsh comes in strike for the and goes for single run keeping strike in 31st over. Marsh goes for one run and gives strike to Warner to complete his century. Loud shpout for lbw and review asked by New Zealand and Warner misses century by 2 runs and Santner gets his wicket. Australia in big trouble after Warner out! Matthew Wade comes on crease No run from the two spells by Santner. Santner is in control of this 31st over

OUT! Warner lbw by Santner 98 (79)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 168/4 in 27 overs | Target 282 | Batting: David Warner 90 (73), Mitchell Marsh 13 (18): Warner is going strong he is nearing his century. Adam Milne bowling and he sweeps the ball for boundary and no run from there. Now Mitchell Marsh goes for a boundary in that 26th over. Trent Boult comes for 27th over and at strike Warner. Marsh and Warner exchanging strikes. And just Warner just 10 runs away from century.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 144/4 in 23 overs | Target 282 | Batting: David Warner 80 (63), Mitchell Marsh 0 (3): Maxwell now goes off the field after Trent Boult bowls him. That becomes his first. Maxwell did play his bit by scoring a boundary. Australia look in serious trouble now with their main batsman off the field. Though Warner is still on crease, some hope for Australia. Mitchell Marsh in.

OUT! Glenn Maxwell stumped by Trent Boult 6 (10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 133/3 in 20 overs | Target 282 | Batting: David Warner 74 (57), Glenn Maxwell 0 (2): Matt Henry plays brilliant spells with just a single from that over. New Zealand slowly getting hold of the game. Santner comes in and gives away a Four! Warner looking to complete century. Australia require just 152 runs to win. Smith goes off from the field and Matt Henry gets his second in this over with George Bailey going off the field as well. First one a beautiful catch by Ronchi and second bowled over. Matt Henry is on hat-trick at the moment can he get that Glenn Maxwell takes no run and he takes his time.

OUT! Steven Smith caught by Ronchi and bowled by Matt Henry 2 (12)

OUT! George Bailey stumped by Matt Henry 0 (1)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 124/1 in 17 overs | Target 282 | Batting: David Warner 66 (52), Steven Smith 1 (2): Corey Anderson bowling the spells for 16th over and it is Usman Khawaja’s maiden ODI half-century. Some brilliant cricket here to look out for. And New Zealand get their first break through, with Mitchell Santner getting his first wicket for the innings. Khawaja goes for 50. Australian skipper comes on crease. Santner in control of the game.

OUT! Usman Khawaja caught & bowled by Mitchell Santner 50 (49)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 114/0 in 15 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Usman Khawaja 48 (46), David Warner 59 (45): And that’s fifty for Warner and gets it elegantly with a SIX! Mitchell Santner looking at it fly beyond the boundary. Khawaja approaching his half-century as well and with just two runs left. And Warner goes for a boundary again in 15th over and one run from that last ball.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 92/0 in 12 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Usman Khawaja 42 (38), David Warner 43 (35): Warner playing those lovely big shots in every over and now Adam Milne the target. Milne spell went for 150 kmph and now Mitchell Santner with a good over with just four from 11th over. 12th over to begin and Warner and Khawaja are have completed 50 runs stand and Grant Elliott comes to bowl for 12th over, no runs from first two spells by right-arm fast medium bowler and there comes another extra with WIDE! But Usman Khawaja goes off to a boundary in deep mid-wicket. Last ball of that over and a sweeping four from Warner.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 70/0 in 9 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Usman Khawaja 35 (30), David Warner 30 (24): Trent Boult is repenting with his spells as Warner is playing the biggies and Usman Khawaja looking to get his half-century soon with his gorgeous boundaries in spells of Matt Henry. Too many extras from New Zealand. Warner goes huge once again on Williamson spells.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE Australia 25/0 in 4 overs | Target 282 | Batting: Usman Khawaja 10 (12), David Warner 14 (14): Trent boult opened the innings for New Zealand and Khawaja plays his classy shot and off it goes for boundary. Matt Henry the next bowler just four from that over and no runs given away. In the 3rd over Boult gives away a wide in first ball and and its Warner’s turn now to sweep off the ball for boundary. Matt Henry playing his 3rd over and once again Warner goes for four. One run to deep mid wicket and now comes on strike Khawaja and just single from that last ball.


LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 281/9 in 50 overs | Batting: Mitchell Santner 45 (39), Trent Boult 2 (2): Last over of the innings, Josh Hazlewood comes in and a wide given out of sheer nervousness there. Just single runs given in that over and strikes exchanged between Santner and Boult. Just one run from that last spell and New Zealand pose 281/9 after 50 overs and pose target of 282.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 268/9 in 48 overs | Batting: Mitchell Santner 35 (30), Trent Boult 0 (0) : 250 up for New Zealand and they are looking for good finish here with Santner already at 30 in that 46th over and a leg bye signal given on Hastings spell and single run to mid wicket. Adam Milne struggling to get runs on board. Boland gives two runs fuller length and single run at long off. Last three over and Josh Hazlewood comes in with two runs in long on towards Milne. An easy catch given to Hazlewood and second wicket of his innings and off goes Milne at 36. And that is second one for Hazlewood in that over stumped Matt Henry.

OUT! Adam Milne caught by Josh Hazlewood 36 (27)

OUT! Matt Henry stumped by Josh Hazlewood 0 (2)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 246/7 in 45 overs | Batting: Mitchell Santner 26 (23), Adam Milne 24 (17): Scott Boland comes to play his spells in 45th over and a FOUR from Adam Milne and a fuller length delivery with no run. Boland bowls his another ball and off to one run to mid-wicket.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 209/7 in 41 overs | Batting: Corey Anderson 10 (13), Mitchell Santner 3 (3): So that is end of Anderson innings and Hazlewood takes his first wicket of the innings and caught by wicket-keeper Wade.. He bowled a good length just outside off stump with no run. Adam Milne comes on crease to bat. Another good over by Hazlewood. Santner and Anderson exchanging their strikes

OUT! Corey Anderson caught by Matthew Wade and bowled by Josh Hazlewood 16 (28)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 194/6 in 37 overs | Batting: Corey Anderson 14 (17), Luke Ronchi 19 (19): And there goes Ronchi, Boland gets his first. A brilliant catch by Mitchell Marsh at mid-on. Mitchell Santner comes in to bat. And once again a brilliant over by Australia.

OUT! Luke Ronchi caught by Mitchell Marsh and bowled by Scott Boland 19 (19)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 192/5 in 36 overs | Batting: Corey Anderson 13 (16), Luke Ronchi 19 (18): Scott Boland the new bowlers for Australia. And Corey Anderson goes huge and another six from that over. Just a single run from that 35th over. Hastings comes to bowl in 36th over and 1 run in sweeper cover. Two good spells with no runs and that is two runs on square leg. Lats spell of 36th over and no run from that.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 181/5 in 34 overs | Batting: Corey Anderson 5 (9), Luke Ronchi 16 (12): Luke Ronchi the new batsman to come in and he starts with a biggie on Maxwell spells. Manages to take two quickie after that massive shot. And just single run from that 33rd over. Adam Zampa back on attack and Ronchi takes a single to give strike to Anderson. A good over from Ronchi and no runs given away. Yet again better over by the Aussies just 2 runs from that.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 164/5 in 31.2 overs | Batting: Corey Anderson 4 (5): A brilliant over by Glenn Maxwell with hardly three runs from that. One run to deep mid wicket. That is the fifth wicket down for New Zealand Zampa gets his second of Grant Elliott and easy catch for Maxwell within 32nd over.

OUT! Grant Elliott caught by Maxwell and bowled by Adam Zampa 32 (47)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 160/4 in 30 overs | Batting: Grant Elliott 31 (42), Corey Anderson 1 (2): With a brilliant FOUR comes 150 for New Zealand and that completes Kane Williamson half-century in elegance. Glenn Maxwell came into bowl his spell and conceded 7 runs from that over. Adam Zampa bowls to Elliott and a huge massive six! Williamson goes for another huge one but goes outside off and gets caught by Smith and Zampa gets his wicket! New batsman on crease, Corey Anderson!

OUT! Kane Williamson caught by Smith and bowled by Adam Zampa 60 (74)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 140/3 in 27 overs | Batting: Kane Williamson 44(65), Grant Elliott 29(35): Kane Williamson slowly approaching towards his half-century and a much needed one for his side. He’s got a start but needs to convert it into a big score. Grant Elliott on the hand is looking very comfortable and looks set for a big score.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 122/3 in 24 overs | Batting: Kane Williamson 40(58), Grant Elliott 15(24): New Zealand slowly getting back into the game as both the batsman look resistive at the crease. They are not giving any room for error and look very cautious which the need of the hour. Australia searching for another wicket and will be interesting to see how Steven Smith approaches the game at this juncture.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 110/3 in 21 overs | Batting: Kane Williamson 35(51), Grant Elliott 8(13): Grant Elliott joins Kane Williamson out in the middle and a lot will depend on how these two fare in this game. Another wicket will put the hosts in a delicate situation. They need quiet 30-40 runs from here on. Mitchell Marsh has done a terrific job in his first spell and is continuously creating trouble for the batsman at the crease.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 97/3 in 18 overs | Batting: Kane Williamson 30(44), Grant Elliott 1(2): Once again a wicket has fallen at the wrong time, just when Guptill was looking to shift his gears Mitchell Marsh got the better of him. Henry Nicholls walks in but Marsh strikes again and puts the hosts under the pump. New Zealand have suffered couple of blows in quick successions and are now in all sorts of trouble. The ball is now in Australia’s court and they would look to clean New Zealand up at the earliest as this is a decisive encounter. OUT! Martin Guptill c Khawaja b Mitchell Marsh 31(45)

OUT! Henry Nicholls c Matthew Wade b Mitchell Marsh 4(5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 84/1 in 15 overs | Batting: Martin Guptill 27(41), Kane Williamson 26(37): New Zealand look steady at the end of 15 overs. Guptill and Williamson will look to lay the foundation for a big score and for that they need to carry on they way they’ve been. Australian bowlers desperately need another wicket at this point before the hosts are in a dominating position.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 57/1 in 10 overs | Batting: Martin Guptill 14(25), Kane Williamson 12(23): Australia finally drew first blood as Brendon McCullum has been dismissed for by Boland. McCullum missed a good length ball which shattered his off-stump. New Zealand need some resistance now and their most dependable man Kane Williamson is at the crease. Guptill looking firm from the other other and looks set for a big score. OUT! Brendon McCullum b Boland 28(12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE New Zealand 28/0 in 4 overs | Batting: Martin Guptill 5(14), Brendon McCullum 22(10): New Zealand got off to a cautious start as both their openers look good at the crease. McCullum looking to fire and his presence at the crease will be very important for the hosts. A total of anywhere near 300 is what will be their primary target but if McCullum manages to stick around for 15 overs or so the projected score will be different.

Toss: New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first


New Zealand: Brendon McCullum, Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Henry Nicholls, Grant Elliott, Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi, Mitchell Santner, Adam Milne, Matt Henry, Trent Boult

Australia: David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith*, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade, John Hastings, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood, Scott Boland

In the first one-day, the hosts first notched up a score in excess of 300 runs after being asked to bat first by Australia. Riding on Guptill’s 90-run knock, New Zealand posted a challenging 307 for the loss of eight wickets in their allotted 50 overs. They then bowled out the visitors for a paltry 148 in 24.2 overs itself. Boult and Henry took three-wicket-hauls. Australia would want to bounce back into the series through a determined effort in the second ODI. Their top and middle-order which crumbled like a pack of cards in the first match needs to deliver this time around. Josh Hazlewood, James Faulkner and Mitchell Marsh took two wickets each in the previous ODI but they went for plenty. It is extremely important that Australian bowlers do not give too many runs in their endeavour to pick wickets.


New Zealand: Brendon McCullum (c), Corey Anderson, Tremt Boult, Doug Bracewell, Grant Elliott, Martin Guptill, Matt Henry, Adam Milne, Colin Munro, Henry Nicholls, Luke Ronchi (wk), Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Kane Williamson

Australia: Steven Smith (c), George Bailey, Scott Boland, John Hastings, Josh Hazlewood, Usman Khawaja, Mitchell Marsh, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Kane Richardson, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade (wk), David Warner, Adam Zampa

LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD AND BALL-BY-BALL UPDATES: New Zealand vs Australia 2015-16, 2nd ODI at Wellington