Pakistan will look to seal the three-match series © AFP
Pakistan will look to seal the three-match series © AFP

Catch the live cricket scores and updates of the 2nd ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe

(Can Zimbabwe pull off a series equaliser? Or will Pakistan clinch the series in the 2nd ODI at Lahore? Catch live cricket scores and live updates of the 2nd ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe here. Pakistan are ninth on ICC ODI rankings and will have to win 3-0 if they want to remain in the hunt for Champions League)

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Man of the Match: Azhar Ali.

Great performance by the Pakistan batsmen, especially skipper Azhar Ali, Haris Sohail and Shoaib Malik. Let us not forget the contributions of another Pakistani, although the person in question contributed for Zimbabwe. Sikandar Raza’s 100 off 84 deliveries was brilliant, and helped Zimbabwe set a relatively competitive target in the first place. Tough luck for Zimbabwe, whose bowling failed them once again. The visitors will set their sights at the final ODI at the same venue, with the aim of a consolation victory in mind. Pakistan, on the other hand, have to win the series 3-0 if they are to qualify for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, making the third ODI all the more crucial. Match Report: Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, 2nd ODI

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 269/4 | Overs 47.2 |

Haris Sohail 52 (49), Shoaib Malik 36 (20)

Sohail smashes the first ball of the 47th over towards deep extra-cover for a four and completes his seventh ODI fifty. Takes 47 deliveries to complete the milestone. Sends the second ball towards third man to collect a couple of runs and win the match by six wickets! Comfortable win for Pakistan in the end, with 16 balls to spare.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 263/4 | Overs 47 |

Haris Sohail 46 (47), Shoaib Malik 36 (20)

Brian Vitori is back to the attack, and Malik smashes him towards the vacant deep extra-cover region for a four! 14 needed off 23. Back-to-back boundaries for Malik, who brings up the fifty partnership with Sohail with a slice through cover for a four! Malik on 34 now. 10 needed off 22. 50 partnership off just 37 deliveries. Single off the third ball, as Sohail gets on strike. Needs six to complete his 7th ODI fifty. Takes a single instead. Malik smashes the fifth ball towards deep cover, where the sweeper saves two runs. Sohail gets an outside edge off the final delivery to take a single and retain strike for the following over. Pakistan need a mere six to win from 18 balls.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 251/4 | Overs 46 |

Haris Sohail 44 (45), Shoaib Malik 26 (16)

Single off the first ball of the 46th over. Sohail on strike. Dot off the 2nd. Sohail smashes the 3rd ball towards deep extra cover to collect a couple of runs, getting an edge off the delivery. Sohail gets a top-edge off the fourth ball, but the ball lands between the fielders in the third man region. 250 up for Pakistan. Dot off the fifth ball. Single off the last ball, as Malik retains strike for the following over.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 246/4 | Overs 45 |

Haris Sohail 41 (42), Shoaib Malik 24 (13)

And Tawanda Mupariwa gets the much-needed breakthrough for the Zimbabweans, with skipper Azhar Ali cutting the first delivery that was pitched outside off, towards point. Sean Williams completes a fine catch as Ali departs just after scoring his century. Shouldn’t be much of a cause of worry for Pakistan though, as the immensely-experienced Shoaib Malik comes to the crease. Sohail makes room for himself off the last ball of the 43rd over, cutting the ball through point for a four! Boundaries are starting to flow for Pakistan now as they inch closer towards victory. Malik’s strike rate is over 100 at the moment, as he looks to end the match quicker than usual. Malik smashes Mupariwa for a six off the fourth ball of the 45th over race to the 20s, that too in just 12 deliveries. Pakistan need a mere 23 runs with six wickets in hand at the end of 45 overs.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 209/4 | Overs 40.1 |

Haris Sohail 29 (28), Shoaib Malik 1 (1)

OUT! Azhar Ali c Sean Williams b Tawanda Mupariwa 102 (104)

And Tawanda Mupariwa gets the much-needed breakthrough for the Zimbabweans! Skipper Azhar Ali cuts the first delivery that was pitched outside off, towards point. Sean Williams completes a fine catch as Ali departs just after scoring his century. Shouldn’t be much of a cause of worry for Pakistan though, as the immensely-experienced Shoaib Malik comes to the crease.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 209/3 | Overs 40 |

Azhar Ali 102 (103), Haris Sohail 29 (26)

Haris Sohail is beginning to flex his arms as the innings gradually progresses, making full use of the powerplay overs. The hosts look comfortable comfortably perched at the moment, ready to go on the offensive once they cross the 200-run mark with seven wickets intact. Azhar meanwhile, is playing a captain’s knock, and he ultimately brings up his 2nd ODI century at the end of 39 overs and 101 deliveries. Azhar bows down  to the ground in respect, as he essentially built the foundation for Pakistan’s win. Sohail ends the 40th over by smashing the bowler towards long-off for a four! Pakistan 209 for three after 40, needing 60 to win off as many deliveries.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 174/3 | Overs 35 |

Azhar Ali 88 (91), Haris Sohail 8 (8)

OUT! Asad Shafiq c Sikandar Raza b Graeme Cremer 39 (59)

Graeme Cremer brings an end to the dangerous-looking partnership between Azhar and Shafiq, which was worth 85 at the time of the third Pakistani dismissal. Shafiq gets a leading edge while attempting to come down the track and smash the bowler towards the leg-side. Gets a leading edge, and Raza completes the catch near the cover region. Shafiq departs for 39. Two boundaries come off the following over by Sean Williams. The skipper, in the meantime, moves to the 80s, and is inching closer towards his 2nd ODI hundred.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 148/2 | Overs 30 |

Azhar Ali 73 (76), Asad Shafiq 36 (52)

The Zimbabwean bowlers have tightened the screws quite well, which is reflected in the fact that the asking rate has climbed up to more than 6 an over. But containing is not enough, Zimbabwe will need to take wickets created off the pressure.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 120/2 | Overs 25 |

Azhar Ali 60 (62), Asad Shafiq 22 (36)

Ali finally brings up his half-century in 51 deliveries, smashing six boundaries during his stay at the crease. The Pakistan skipper continues his grand form, having brought up his third consecutive 50-plus score in ODIs. Add a double-ton in the 2nd Test against Bangladesh recently to make his recent form even more glittery. Azhar and Shafiq complete the 50-partnership in the 25th over, with the hosts needing another 149 to win, with half of their overs left.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 96/2 | Overs 20 |

Azhar Ali 49 (49), Asad Shafiq 9 (19)

Ali has moved to the 40s now, and is showing a lot of maturity in his innings. Looks set to bring up his 7th ODI fifty. Shafiq is slowly progressing on the other end. And the skipper is batting on a run-a-ball 49 at the end of 20 overs, with Pakistan needing another 173 to win.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 70/2 | Overs 15 |

Azhar Ali 31 (36), Asad Shafiq 1 (2)

OUT! Mohammad Hafeez c Charles Coventry b Graeme Cremer 15 (24)

Hafeez and Ali are steadying the innings currently following Sarfraz’s dismissal. Ali comfortably moves to the 20s. And Cremer gets the breakthrough in the 15th over by removing the dangerous Hafeez, who gets caught spectacularly by Charles Coventry at long-off after the batsman attempts to clear the boundary. Important wicket for Zimbabwe. Major blow for Pakistan, who have to win the series 3-0 if they are to qualify for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. And the umpires call for drinks in the meantime.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 49/1 | Overs 10 |

Azhar Ali 24 (26), Mohammad Hafeez 2 (6)

OUT! Sarfraz Ahmed lbw Chamu Chibhabha 22 (28)

Azhar and Sarfraz accelerate in the sixth over, with each hitting a boundary to fetch 11 runs for Pakistan. Azhar moves to 19 at the end of the 7th over with a boundary off the last ball. The partnership between the two was beginning to look good, before Chibhabha starred once again for Zimbabwe, this time with the ball. Sarfraz is trapped plumb leg-before, with the umpire having no difficulty in raising his finger. Much-needed breakthrough for the visitors, with the opening pair falling just four runs short of a 50-run stand.

LIVE SCORE: Pakistan 19/0 | Overs 5 |

Azhar Ali 11 (19), Sarfraz Ahmed 7 (11)

Its wicketkeeper batsman Sarfraz Ahmed who will open the innings along with skipper Azhar Ali. The duo are slow and relaxed in their approach at the start of the Pakistani innings. Azhar prevents the first over from becoming a maiden, by flicking the last ball of the first over by Tinashe Panyangara towards midwicket for a four! Azhar also hits the second four of the innings in what turned out to be a brilliant shot! Slices the third ball of the fifth over through the covers for a boundary! Pakistan are currently scoring a little under four runs per over.

Some hard-hitting by Chibhabha, followed by Raza, ensured that Zimbabwe finished on a competitive total of 268. The visitors will now need to contain the Pakistani top-order, who will look to feast on a track that appears to have a lot in it for batsmen. Should be a good contest ahead!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 268/7 | Overs 50 |

Sikandar Raza 100 (84), Tinashe Panyangara 4 (4)

Raza brings up the magical hundred in the final over of the match, and the Pakistan-born batsman is ecstatic to bring up the ton in front of his ‘home’ crowd at Lahore, even if he is playing against Pakistan.The Gaddafi crowd loves it, as Raza looks up towards the heavens to thank his stars. Zimbabwe finish at 268 for 7, a decent score when one looks at the slow rate at which they were progressing for the biggest part of their innings. READ: Zimbabwe innings report

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 258/7 | Overs 49 |

Sikandar Raza 96 (81), Tinashe Panyangara 0 (1)

OUT! Graeme Cremer c Ahmed Shehzad b Wahab Riaz 2 (2)

Tight bowling by Riaz, with Raza managing to get only a single off the first three deliveries. And Riaz manages to get the 7th wicket for Pakistan, with Cremer offering a simple catch to Ahmed Shehzad at extra cover to be dismissed for a run-a-ball 2. Cremer appeared to get the lower-edge of the bat.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 257/6 | Overs 48 |

Sikandar Raza 94 (78), Graeme Cremer 2 (1)

Raza takes Sami to the cleaners.Smashes two consecutive boundaries off the first two ball, both towards extra-cover of over the heads of the fielders, with the second being a full-toss. Raza later moves to the 90s in the same over by smashing the fourth ball over midwicket for a six! A 2nd ODI ton awaits Raza, and we can only hope that his luck will not turn out to be like that of Chibhabha. 17 runs off the over!

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 240/6 | Overs 47 |

Sikandar Raza 77 (72), Graeme Cremer 2 (1)

OUT! Charles Coventry c Sarfraz Ahmed b Wahab Riaz 10 (8)

Coventry smashes Riaz for a six off the second ball of the 47th over, hitting the slower bouncer towards deep midwicket. He is however, dismissed a couple of deliveries later as he edges a near-yorker to the wicketkeeper after scoring 10 runs off 8 deliveries.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 222/5 | Overs 45 |

Sikandar Raza 70 (67), Charles Coventry 1 (2)

OUT! Richmond Mutumbami c Asad Shafiq b Anwar Ali 7 (26)

The fielding has looked good occasionally, with Hammad Azam brilliantly preventing a boundary at deep square-leg region in the 41st over. Raza brings up the milestone in the 43rd over, smashing three fours and a six during his innings so far. Zimbabwe also bring up the 200-run mark in the 43rd over. A settled Raza will look to go for the offensive now, which he does at the start of the 44th over by smashing consecutive boundaries off the first two deliveries of Anwar Ali’s over. And Mutumbami holes out a simple catch to Asad Shafiq at cover, attempting to hit a rising delivery that was pitched outside off. Charles Coventry is the new batsman to walk to the crease. Raza holes out a catch to Yasir Shah at backward point in the third ball of the 45th over, but the umpire calls for a no-ball. Raza smashes a massive six off the free-hit that follows, sending the ball over the square-leg boundary.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 187/4 | Overs 40 |

Sikandar Raza 41 (51), Richmond Mutumbami 5 (13)

The dismissal of Chibhabha has had its impact on the Zimbabwean run-rate, which is currently a little over four per over. Raza has moved into the 20s by now, and his presence will be crucial for visitors to go for a launch towards the latter overs of the match. Raza moves to the 40s in the meantime, looking set to bring up his second ODI half-century. The projected score for Zimbabwe in the meantime is between 220-230.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 156/4 | Overs 35 |

Sikandar Raza 17 (31), Richmond Mutumbami 0 (3)

OUT! Chamu Chibhabha c Sarfraz Ahmed b Shoaib Malik 99 (100)

Chamu Chibhabha is dismissed on 99! The opening batsman is cruelly denied a maiden ODI ton, attempting to sweep the delivery towards fine-leg, but appearing to get an edge to the wicketkeeper. The umpire takes his time to raise the finger, with the batsman appearing shocked by the decision. Major heartbreak for the youngster, as well as for Zimbabwe, who had hoped for an acceleration in the run-rate after Chibhabha’s milestone. Richmond Mutumbami arrives at the crease, and will have the responsibility of accelerating the innings along with Raza from here onwards.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 140/3 | Overs 30 |

Chamu Chibhabha 93 (91), Sikandar Raza 7 (13)

OUT! Sean Williams c & b Yasir Shah 5 (9)

Yasir Shah gets the third wicket for Pakistan! Williams comes down the track in an attempt to send the delivery down the track, but ends up serving it back to the bowler in the form of a simple catch. Zimbabwe have lost their third wicket for 122 runs, with Shah grabbing his second. Sikandar Raza is the next batsman to walk to the crease. Raza is taking his time to settle at the crease, as Chibhabha hits his 11th boundary of his innings by edging the third ball towards the third man boundary.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 118/2 | Overs 25 |

Chamu Chibhabha 80 (79), Sean Williams 4 (4)

OUT! Hamilton Masakadza c Mohammad Hafeez b Yasir Shah 18 (20)

The scoring rate has gone down slightly since the dismissal of Sibanda. Masakadza hits his first boundary in the 23rd over, sweeping a Hafeez delivery towards the fine leg boundary. The experienced batsman is lucky to get an edge off Riaz towards the vacant slips area for a boundary. Chibhabha, in the meantime has moved to the 80s. And Masakadza is dismissed in the second delivery of the 25th over, attempting a reverse sweep off Yasir Shah to get a top-edge, and get caught by Hafeez at the slips. Departs for 18 afetr 20 balls. Masakadza doesn’t appear impressed by the decision, and a closer look in the replays shows the ball appearing to hit his right arm.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 90/1 | Overs 20 |

Chamu Chibhabha 73 (70), Hamilton Masakadza 2 (3)

OUT! Vusi Sibanda b Mohammad Hafeez 13 (47)

Chibhabha completes his 11th ODI fifty during the 16th over of the innings. He has been fantastic so far, and has almost single-handedly scored for Zimbabwe so far. Chibhabha smashes the first six of the innings, despatching Shah for a massive one over deep mid-wicket. Hafeez meanwhile gets the much-needed breakthrough, bowling Sibanda out for a score of 13 off 47 balls. Zimbabwe are 90 for one after 20 overs, with Chibhabha looking set for a maiden ODI ton. READ: Chamu Chibhabha completes fifty

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 61/0 | Overs 15 |

Vusi Sibanda 11 (41), Chamu Chibhabha 48 (49)

Chibhabha and Sibanda bring up the 50-run opening stand in the 13th over, with the former moving into the 40s in the process. Yasir Shah, in the meantime, has been brought into the attack, as we witness a mix of pace and spin with Riaz and Shah. Chibhabha moves closer to his half-century with a boundary towards fine-leg off the first ball of the 15th over. At a score of 61 for no loss after 15 overs, Zimbabwe look comfortably perched, with Chibhabha two runs away from his 11th ODI fifty.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 43/0 | Overs 10 |

Vusi Sibanda 3 (23), Chamu Chibhabha 38 (36)

After a couple of slow overs, Chibhabha attacks Anwar Ali, who offers him ample room in the first delivery of the 8th over. Chibhabha wastes no time in smashing the ball through cover for a boundary. Ali attempts to bowl a fuller one in the fourth ball, but Chibhabha manages to direct it towards the square-leg boundary. Big over for the tourists. Chibhabha ruins what was a pretty tight 9th over by Sami by cutting a short and wide delivery through point. It’s an all-Chibhabha show as of now. READ: Pakistan keep it tight early in Zimbabwe innings

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 15/0 | Overs 5 |

Vusi Sibanda 1 (13), Chamu Chibhabha 12 (17)

Zimbabwe are off to a slow start, having accumulated only four runs in the first two overs. Chamu Chibhabha and Vusimusi Sibanda are opening the innings for the Zimbabweans, with Chibhabha getting off to a good start with a couple of boundaries off Mohammad Sami (in separate overs). With a score of 15 for no loss after five overs, the tourists need to fire their guns shortly after the conclusion of the first batting powerplay.


Pakistan: Azhar Ali (c), Sarfaraz Ahmed (wk), Mohammad Hafeez, Harris Sohail, Shoaib Malik, Asad Shafiq, Hammad Azam, Anwar Ali, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Sami, Yasir Shah.

Zimbabwe: Hamilton Masakadza (c), Richmond Mutumbami (wk), Vusimuzi Sibanda, Sean Williams, Sikandar Raza, Chamu Chibhabha, Charles Coventry, Graeme Cremer, Tawanda Mupariwa, Brian Vitori, Tinashe Panyangara

Toss: Pakistan win the toss and elect to field. Pakistan opt for an unchanged side, while Zimbabwe have four new faces coming in — Charles Coventry, Graeme Cremer, Chamu Chibhabha and Tawanda Mupariba. Skipper Elton Chigumbura is currently serving a two-match ban, and

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the 2nd ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore on Friday. I am Amit Banerjee, and I will bring you the live updates from the match, which will be crucial for Zimbabwe if they are to stay alive in the three-match series. READ: Pakistan vs Zimbabwe 2nd ODI at Lahore, Preview

Pakistan will enter the contest as favourites, with some of their batsmen in prime form. They will however, be wary of Zimbabwe’s fighting capabilities, and will make special preparations to contain the likes of Elton Chigumbura, Sean Williams, Hamilton Masakadza, etc. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, will be aware of Pakistan’s ability to implode under pressure. Live Streaming: Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, 2nd ODI at Lahore

Pakistan are currently leading the ODI series 1-0, having won the first match by 41 runs. In what turned out to be a run-fest, Pakistan piled up a massive total of 375 for the loss of three wickets after 50 overs. Shoaib Malik won the ‘Man of the Match’ award for his 76-ball 112, which was well-supported by Haris Sohail (89 not out), Mohammad Hafeez (86) and Azhar Ali (79). Zimbabwe put up a great fight, with skipper Chigumbura smashing a 95-ball 117. It was not enough however, as the tourists finished on 334 for five after 50 overs. Live Scorecard: Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, 2nd ODI at Lahore


Pakistan: Azhar Ali (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Haris Sohail, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Mohammad Rizwan, Wahab Riaz, Yasir Shah, Mohammad Sami, Junaid Khan, Asad Shafiq, Imad Wasim, Anwar Ali, Hammad Azam, Babar Azam

Zimbabwe: Elton Chigumbura (c), Hamilton Masakadza, Vusi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Charles Coventry (wk), Tinashe Panyangara, Chris Mpofu, Brian Vitori, Tawanda Mupariwa, Chamu Chibhabha, Graeme Cremer, Roy Kaia, Richmond Mutumbami, Prosper Utseya

Catch the live cricket scores and ball by ball commentary of the 2nd ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe