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Catch the live cricket scores and updates of the 2nd T20I between Pakistan and Zimbabwe

(Will Pakistan win their second match on the trot, or can Zimbabwe pull one back? Catch the live cricket scores and the live updates of the second T20 International between Zimbabwe and Pakistan here)

Mukhtar Ahmed is the Man of the Match, and also the Man of the Series. Sean Williams wins the award for most boundaries. Bilawal Bhatti has played the most colourful innings of the match (?). Christopher Mpofu wins the best bowler.

Mukhtar Ahmed blazed away to an excellent start. Nauman Anwar and Ahmed Shehzad provided good support. Umar Akmal played a blinder. Shahid Afridi hit his customary six before falling cheaply, but some good bowling from Zimbabwe brought the target down to 12 from the last over. Bilawal Bhatti then hit Brian Vitori for a six and a four to seal the match. Of the Zimbabweans, Christopher Mpofu (2 for 25 from 4 overs) was the pick of the bowlers.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 176/8 | Overs 19.4 | Pakistan win by 2 wickets with 2 balls to spare

Ahmed Shehzad 18(17) Mukhtar Ahmed 62(40) Nauman Anwar 18(10) Shoaib Malik 7(7) Umar Akmal 30(21) Shahid Afridi 7(3) Mohammad Rizwan 6(7) Anwar Ali 2(3) Imad Wasim 4*(5) Bilawal Bhatti 13*(5) Christopher Mpofu 4-0-25-2 Brian Vitori 3.4-0-36-1 Sean Williams 4-0-32-2 Sean Williams 4-0-32-2 Prosper Utseya 4-0-31-1 Graeme Cremer 2-0-27-0 Sikandar Raza 2-0-19-1

SIX! Vitori does the cardinal sin of bowling length; Bhatti gives it his all, and the ball crosses the rope! DOT. Outside off, Bhatti tries to reach for it and misses. TWO. The old-fashioned slog over backward-point, Raza cuts it off! FOUR! Creams through cover, and that will be it! Pakistan win!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 164/8 | Overs 19 | Target 176

Imad Wasim 4(5), Bilawal Bhatti 1(1)

ONE. Wasim hits hard to deep extra-cover, just a single, they need boundaries here. WIDE. Down the leg, that should release some pressure. ONE. Plays to point and sets off. DOT. Anwar shuffles and attempts a scoop, hits it to mid-on, Mpofu runs across to field it, for some reason they did not run. DOT. Wasim steps out, goes for the slog and misses.

OUT! Mohammad Rizwan c Sikandar Raza b Christopher Mpofu 6(7)!

Rizwan pulls, and Raza ran in fast and took an excellent tumbling catch!

TWO. Leg-glances, they run hard this time, easy two.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 159/7 | Overs 18 | Target 176

Mohammad Rizwan 4(5), Imad Wasim 3(2)

ONE. Wasim plays to long-on. ONE. Rizwan plays to long-on and sets off, thinks of a second, but that was a brilliant pick-up and throw. TWO. Wasim flicks to deep square-leg, that should release some pressure. Pakistan need 17 from 12 balls.

OUT! Anwar Ali b Sean Williams 2(3)!

Anwar tries to step out and swing at Williams, misses completely, Williams hits timber with a full-toss!

ONE. Pushes past deep mid-wicket, Anwar thought of a second, Rizwan turns down. ONE. Plays to deep mid-wicket.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 153/6 | Overs 17 | Target 176

Mohammad Rizwan 2(3), Anwar Ali 1(1)

ONE. Short, outside leg, but all Anwar can do is to play to deep fine-leg. Pakistan need 23 from 18 balls.

OUT! Umar Akmal LBW b Christopher Mpofu 30(21)!

Umar tried another cross-batted slog, missed completely; it was plumb; Mpofu fell down while appealing, and was trapped in front!

DOT. Plays to point, cannot place it. TWO BYES. Slow and short, Umar misses, as does Coventry, poor wicketkeeping. DOT. Hit very hard to cover, but cut off with a dive, excellent fielding. SIX! Overpitched outside off, hits over long-off, is that the match?

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 144/5 | Overs 16 | Target 176

Umar Akmal 24(16), Mohammad Rizwan 2(3)

DOT. Umar hits straight, but Rizwan cannot move away in time, the ball deflects off him. ONE. Cross-batted swipe for a single. ONE. Deflects to deep third-man, Umar sends Rizwan back, they will get only a single. TWO. Umar smashes over extra-cover. ONE. Umar plays to long-on, he holds the key today. DOT. Plays to backward point. Pakistan need 32 from 24 balls. 

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 139/5 | Overs 15 | Target 176

Umar Akmal 20(12), Mohammad Rizwan 1(1)

SIX! Drops short, Umar smashes over deep mid-wicket, Vitori takes the catch but tumbles over the ropes! ONE. Works it behind square-leg. ONE. Rizwan sweeps behind square-leg, back to Umar. ONE. Places to cover-point. Pakistan need 37 from 30 balls.

OUT! Shahid Afridi c Sikandar Raza b Sean Williams 7(3)!

Afridi hit it hard, very hard, but that went up straight. Raza took a well-judged catch!

SIX! BOOM BOOM goes Afridi, bang went that over cover!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 124/4 | Overs 14 | Target 176

Umar Akmal 12(9), Shahid Afridi 1(1)

ONE. Afridi gets off the mark with a leg-glance. TWO. Drives to deep mid-wicket, easy two. FOUR! Umar smashes it past deep mid-wicket!

Out comes Afridi amidst tumultous cheer…

OUT! Mukhtar Ahmed c Vusimuzi Sibanda b Sikandar Raza 62(40)!

The Raza ploy works! Mukhtar hits to long-on, and Vusi takes his third catch!

TWO. Mukhtar paddle-sweeps, easy runs again. TWO. Reverse-sweeps extremely hard, over a leaping cover!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 113/3 | Overs 13 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 58(37), Umar Akmal 6(7)

TWO. Mukhtar pushes to deep mid-wicket, easy runs. ONE. Mukhtar moves outside leg, Utseya follows him, a single to long-on. DOT. Pushes to mid-on. ONE. DROPPED! That should have been taken at deep square-leg! ONE. Drives to long-on. TWO. Umar makes room and plays past long-off.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 106/3 | Overs 12 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 54(34), Umar Akmal 3(4)

DOT. Steers past third-man. ONE. Plays to fine-leg, easy run. DOT. Punches to long-off. ONE. Short, tries to cut past backward-point, cannot pieces the field, 100 comes up for Pakistan. FOUR! Terrible long-hop, Mukhtar smashes behind point to bring up his fifty! ONE. Takes a run to deep mid-wicket.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 98/3 | Overs 11 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 48(31), Umar Akmal 1(1)

ONE. Utseya is slow through the air, Umar gets off the mark with a run to deep point. TWO. Mukhtar pulls to deep mid-wicket, easy runs. Pakistan need 78 from 54 balls.

OUT! Shoaib Malik run out (Prosper Utseya) 7(7)!

Super-Prosper runs Shoaib out! Malik pushes one back to Utseya, who sees the batsman just out of the crease and throws down the stumps in a flash!

ONE. Plays to long-off. ONE. Pulls hard to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Tries to pull, does not middle, goes to long-on.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 92/2 | Overs 10 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 44(28), Shoaib Malik 6(5)

DOT. Plays to mid-off. ONE. Malik pushes to extra-cover and sets off, back to Mukhtar. TWO. Mukhtar flicks behind square-leg, Shoaib is extremely quick between wickets. DOT. Plays to cover-point. ONE. Flicks to deep square-leg. FOUR! Another long-hop from Cremer, Malik dispatches it casually past deep mid-wicket.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 84/2 | Overs 9 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 41(25), Shoaib Malik 1(2)

DOT. Plays back to Utseya. ONE. Plays to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Punches off the back-foot to deep extra-cover, excellent running.

OUT! Nauman Anwar c Vusimuzi Sibanda b Prosper Utseya 18(10)!

Nauman tries to clear long-on, but Vusi takes a well-judged catch at long-on. Two down!

DOT. Long-hop, but Mukhtar misses out, hits to fine-leg. ONE. Identical ball, this time he beats the fielder but there is a back-up.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 80/1 | Overs 8 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 38(22), Nauman Anwar 18(9)

TWO. Mukhtar pulls, good stop at deep mid-wicket. SIX! There was turn, but too short and too slow, Mukhtar hits Cremer over cover and cleans the ropes. ONE. Pushes to long-on. SIX! Nauman slog-sweeps hard; the ball soars over the mid-wicket fence, Pakistan are on top now. FOUR! Reverse-sweeps over third-man, they are running along! DOT. Tries to cut and misses. Pakistan need 96 from 72 balls.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 61/1 | Overs 7 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 29(19), Nauman Anwar 8(6)

FOUR! Utseya drops short, and Mukhtar pulls brutally to the fence! ONE. Pushes to fine-leg and sets off, direct throw, but Nauman has made it. ONE. Nauman hits straight, Utseya cannot reach it. WIDE. Down leg, Conventry looks annoyed. ONE. Plays to deep extra-cover. TWO. Swipes to deep square-leg, Utseya has got his line all wrong here! FOUR! Listless bowling, Nauman slams it over Utseya’s head! Pakistan need 115 from 78 balls.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 47/1 | Overs 6 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 23(16), Nauman Anwar 1(3)

DOT. Mukhtar tries to get Williams away on the leg-side but cannot connect. ONE. Mukhtar drives to long-on. ONE. Nauman pulls hard, gets a single. DOT. Mukhtar tries to slog, misses completely. ONE. Drives straight, mid-off gets his fingertips. DOT. Drives to mid-off, another good over, 7 from the last 12 balls. Pakistan need 129 from 84 balls.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 44/1 | Overs 5 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 21(12), Nauman Anwar 0(1)

DOT. Blocks the first ball of his career, good over from Vitori. Pakistan now need 132 from 90 balls.

OUT! Ahmed Shehzad c Vusimuzi Sibanda b Brian Vitori 18(17)!

Shehzad went for a slog; the ball went up vertically, and Vusi took a simple catch at mid-off.

DOT. Hits hard to point. DOT. Shehzad swings and misses. DOT. Shehzad smashes it straight to mid-off, three dot-balls! FOUR! Finally Shehzad gets off, brilliantly placed between the converging long-on and deep square-leg.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 40/0 | Overs 4 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 21(12), Ahmed Shehzad 14(12)

DOT. Mukhtar blocks. ONE. Mukhtar plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Shehzad sweeps Williams, no run. FOUR! This time Williams is short, and Shehzad dismisses him dutifully to the fence, Zimbabwe has to do something about these loose deliveries. TWO. All the good work is being undone, Shehzad sweeps and sets off.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 32/0 | Overs 3 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 20(10), Ahmed Shehzad 7(8)

DOT. Outside leg, this is probably the first loose ball from Mpofu, gets away. FOUR LEG-BYES. Shehzad went for a swipe, the ball brushed his pad and ran past Coventry, there was a stifled appeal. FOUR! Shehzad had shuffled across, Mpofu did not adjust his line, Shehzad pulled and got a four despite Utseya’s effort. ONE. Tried to leg-glance, did not middle it, Coventry did not gather properly. FOUR! Mpofu is too slow for that length! Mukhtar simply waited and placed it through backward point! ONE. Flicks to mid-wicket.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 18/0 | Overs 2 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 15(8), Ahmed Shehzad 2(4)

ONE. Mukhtar drives to mid-off, once again good line and length, this time from Vitori. DOT. Slightly outside off, Shehzad plays to deep third-man. FOUR! This time Mukhtar gets it right, the ball races past backward point! WIDE. Outside leg. FOUR! Mukhtar slashes hard, the ball takes the outside edge and rushes to the fence past third-man! FOUR! Excellent placement, Mukhtar saw the vacant fine-leg, shuffled across and simply places it, intelligent batting. DOT. Outside off, Mukhtar is beaten.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Pakistan 3/0 | Overs 1 | Target 176

Mukhtar Ahmed 2(3), Ahmed Shehzad 1(3)

ONE. Mukhtar goes for the wild swipe outside off, an easy single. ONE. Mpofu takes the pace off, Shehzad pushes to mid-wicket and sets off. DOT. Plays to mid-on. ONE. Mukhtar tries to loft it over mid-on, off comes the bottom hand, falls just short of the fielder. DOT. Mpofu is bang on target, all Shehzad blocks. DOT. Slow and straight, excellent over.

As I write this, Imran Khan has walked into the stadium.

A good effort from Zimbabwe. Vusimuzi Sibanda added 68 with Hamilton Masakadza and 68 more with Sean Williams, but was probably too slow himself. Williams played a blinder, while Elton Chigumbura smashed Sami for three consecutive sixes. With 1 for 23 from 4 overs, Shoaib Malik was easily the pick of the bowlers. Barring those three sixes, Mohammad Sami did a competent job as well with 1 for 38 from 4.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 175/3 | Overs 20

Vusimuzi Sibanda 49(46) Hamilton Masakadza 39(32) Sean Williams 58*(32) Elton Chigumbura 21(9) Charles Coventry 2*(3) Anwar Ali 3-0-31-0 Mohammad Sami 4-0-38-1 Bilawal Bhatti 3-0-31-0 Imad Wasim 2-0-14-0 Shahid Afridi 4-0-36-1 Shoaib Malik 4-0-23-1

FOUR! Sami strays on leg, Williams flicks with ease, beats fine-leg! ONE. Drives to cover and sets off, third-umpire was called but Williams had made it. No camera was conclusive enough. DOT. Coventry goes for the almighty slog, does not connect. DOT. An encore, slog and miss again! TWO. Pulls wildly, once again Williams converts the single into a two.

OUT! Elton Chigumbura c Ahmed Shehzad b Mohammad Sami 21(9)!

Sami has his revenge! Chigumbura had hit him for three sixes last over, but he comes back brilliantly, having him caught at long-off!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 168/2 | Overs 19

Sean Williams 53(30), Elton Chigumbura 21(8)

ONE. Williams reverse-sweeps Afridi, and it’s back to Chigumbura. DOT. Elton tries a slog-sweep, beaten completely. ONE. Drives to long-off. ONE. Williams steps out, but only finds long-on. ONE. Chigumbura mistimes, the ball rolls past mid-wicket. DOT. Williams goes for a wild slog and misses completely, excellent over from Lala under pressure.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 164/2 | Overs 18

Sean Williams 51(27), Elton Chigumbura 19(5)

DOT. Low full-toss outside off from Sami, Chigumbura misses. SIX! Low full-toss again, this time he does not miss out, slams over cover and clears the fence! SIX! Elton goes berserk! Clears his left leg out of the way and dismisses it easily over cover! SIX! Three in a row! Chigumbura hits over long-on, what will Sami do now? ONE. Round the wicket, on the pads, Elton gets a mere single, over to Williams. LEG-BYE. Once again on the pad, another run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 144/2 | Overs 17

Sean Williams 51(26), Elton Chigumbura 0(0)

TWO. Williams plays inside-out, excellent running again. SIX! Williams slog-sweeps, clears the boundary, fifty to Williams!

OUT! Vusimuzi Sibanda c Anwar Ali b Shahid Afridi 49(46)!

Vusi misses out on his 50! Tries for the hoick off Afridi and finds deep mid-wicket!

ONE. Plays to deep square-leg, Sibanda moves to 49. TWO. Williams goes for the slog-sweep, drops just short of a running Anwar. ONE. Williams pulls to deep mid-wicket, gets a mere single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 132/1 | Overs 16

Vusimuzi Sibanda 48(44), Sean Williams 40(22)

DOT. Drives hard to cover, but it was hit too hard for a run. ONE. Drives to extra-cover. ONE. Williams pulls hard but cannot beat the man on the deep. TWO. Low full-toss, bounced over the bowler’s head, Williams ran maniacally there! TWO. Bounces, Vusi pulls hard, the ball reaches deep mid-wicket, once again Williams survives thanks to some superlative running. ONE. Low full-toss, Sibanda plays to long-on, Zimbabwe needs a few big hits.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 125/1 | Overs 15

Vusimuzi Sibanda 42(39), Sean Williams 39(21)

FOUR! Malik tosses up, and Williams sweeps brutally! TWO. Reverse-sweeps, gets a brace as Umar misfields. ONE. Williams hits straight and hard, Malik misfields, another run. ONE. Sibanda drives to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Malik drops short, gets away with it as Williams hits straight to deep square-leg. ONE. Drives to long-off.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 115/1 | Overs 14

Vusimuzi Sibanda 40(36), Sean Williams 31(17)

DOT. On leg-stump, it brushes the pad. ONE. Slow, short, Sibanda pulls. FOUR! Williams does it nonchalantly, picks it up off his legs, the ball disappears past mid-wicket. FOUR! This is excellent batting! Slightly short, Williams rocks back and pulls hard in front of mid-wicket! ONE. Slow bouncer, Williams keeps it down with short hands. DOT. Bounce, Vusi ducks.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 105/1 | Overs 13

Vusimuzi Sibanda 39(34), Sean Williams 22(14)

DOT. Malik is back. Vusi hits the first ball back to him. ONE. Zimbabwe’s hundred comes up with a flick to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Steps out and goes for the slog, can only find long-off. ONE. Drives to long-on, back to Williams. ONE. Rocks on the back-foot and drives, brilliant fielding by Shehzad at cover! ONE. Drives to long-off.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 99/1 | Overs 12

Vusimuzi Sibanda 36(30), Sean Williams 19(12)

TWO. Williams hooks and sets off, excellent calling and running. FOUR! That is an excellent extra-cover drive, the sweeper’s diving effort is not good enough! ONE. Pushes past extra-cover, what will Sibanda do now? THREE. A neat flick off his pads, Vusi looks extremely composed, excellent running again! NO-BALL. Anwar bounces, but that was too high, what is wrong with Pakistan’s radar today? ONE. Pulls to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Sibanda steers to deep third-man.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 87/1 | Overs 11

Vusimuzi Sibanda 32(28), Sean Williams 12(7)

DOT. Vusi hits back to Malik. DOT. Once again Sibanda hits back, this is intelligent bowling from Malik. ONE. Pushes to deep mid-wicket, they decide against the second run. ONE. Chips it to long-on, smart bowling. ONE. Slams to deep mid-wicket, easy single, back to Williams. ONE. Drives to wide long-off.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 83/1 | Overs 10

Vusimuzi Sibanda 30(24), Sean Williams 10(5)

THREE. Sibanda flicks through mid-wicket, they run hard. Sami and Malik collide on the fence; Sami seems fine, but Malik has to leave — no, he has returned. DOT. Williams plays defensively. ONE. Plays to wide long-off, easy run. ONE. Plays to deep extra-cover. FOUR! Williams steps out against Afridi, good shot over his head! FOUR! This time over deep mid-wicket, same result!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 70/1 | Overs 9

Vusimuzi Sibanda 26(22), Sean Williams 1(1)

ONE. Out walks Williams, and drives to long-off. DOT. Excellent dive and fielding at mid-wicket! ONE. Driven to long-on, easy single.

OUT! Hamilton Masakadza c Anwar Ali b Shoaib Malik 39(32)!

Did I jinx him? Probably. Masakadza tried one shot too many and holed out to long-0n!

ONE. Drives to long-off, they do not look in any problem whatsoever. ONE. Flicks to deep square-leg.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 66/0 | Overs 8

Vusimuzi Sibanda 24(19), Hamilton Masakadza 38(30)

TWO. Drives to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Drives to long-on. TWO. Tries to cut loose, the ball takes the leading edge and rushes to deep backward-point. DOT. Beaten outside off, the ‘keeper takes the bails off, not out. ONE. Drops with soft hands and sets off. ONE. Pushes to long-on.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 59/0 | Overs 7

Vusimuzi Sibanda 21(16), Hamilton Masakadza 34(27)

LEG-BYE. Hits the pad and rolls towards square-leg. DOT. Plays back to Immad. ONE. Sibanda drives to long-off, they stroll for a single. ONE. Drives to long-on, another easy single, why do I get the feeling they will explode? DOT. Drives to cover. SIX! Why was long-on standing inside with the boundary so small? Sibanda cleared the boundary with ease!

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 50/0 | Overs 6

Vusimuzi Sibanda 14(12), Hamilton Masakadza 33(25)

DOT. Bhatti is bang on target, Sibanda defends on back-foot. ONE. Hits Bhatti’s boot, Masakadza is back on strike. WIDE. Slow bouncer, Masakadza was caught in two minds before letting it go. Afridi does not look amused. ONE. Plays to deep mid-wicket. FOUR! Sibanda hits straight and hard, no chance for the fielder! WIDE. Down the legs, poor bowling. ONE. Flicks and sets off, easy run. NO-BALL. What happened there? Slow, high, very wide outside leg, that must have slipped! ONE. Fifty comes up for Zimbabwe with Masakadza playing a pull.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 39/0 | Overs 5

Vusimuzi Sibanda 8(8), Hamilton Masakadza 31(22)

DOT. On comes Immad, Masakadza hits back to him. FOUR! Masakadza steps out and lofts it over Immad’s head! DOT. Paddle-sweeps, finds the fine-leg fielder at 45. ONE. Plays to cover and sets off, there is an overthrow, they run, Vusi is back on strike. DOT. Sibanda plays it back to Imman. ONE. Plays to long-on, they settle for a single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 33/0 | Overs 4

Vusimuzi Sibanda 7(6), Hamilton Masakadza 26(18)

DOT. Masakadza makes room and tries to smash past cover, finds the fielder. Looks like Afridi has injured his hand; yes, he is bleeding, and he has left the ground. Professor Mohammad Hafeez walks out as 12th man. SIX! Masakadza simply comes forward and hits it high and straight! DOT. Masakadza probably thought of an encore, but closed the face of his bat at the last moment. DOT. Plays to mid-on. DOT. Outside off, Masakadza makes room and goes for the big shot, deceived by the lack of pace. ONE. Plays straight and sets off, good call.

“Zimbabwe… Zimbabwe…” chant the crowd…

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 26/0 | Overs 3

Vusimuzi Sibanda 7(6), Hamilton Masakadza 19(12)

FOUR! Regal! Masakadza simply steps forward and smashes it past the bowler! FOUR! He hits it hard once again, over the bowler’s head! FOUR! Steers past the wicketkeeper this time, Masakadza is on fire here! DOT. Jags back from a good length, Hamilton arches back and lets it go. ONE. Bhatti bounces, Masakadza hooks, easy single. DOT. Vusi plays to cover.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 13/0 | Overs 2

Vusimuzi Sibanda 7(5), Hamilton Masakadza 6(7)

DOT. Sami is on track, the ball drifted away, Masakadza lets go. DOT. Excellent channel outside off, Masakadza caught in two minds, no contact. DOT. Excellent bowling from Sami, bang on target, Masakadza blocks, cannot get it away. TWO. Masakadza slogs over mid-wicket, but two is all they will get there. TWO. Steps out and makes room, they run hard. ONE. He has a slog, the ball races to deep third-man, there is a man out there.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES: Zimbabwe 8/0 | Overs 1

Vusimuzi Sibanda 7(5), Hamilton Masakadza 1(1)

DOT. Outside off, Sibanda has a go, moves away from him, beaten. FOUR! Gorgeous! Vusi bends on his left knee and smashes past cover, they’re off! DOT. Sibanda blocks. DOT. Sibanda tries to pull, misses, the ball thuds into his hips, he does not flinch. THREE. Vusi lofts Anwar over cover, they run very hard, get the third run. ONE. Masakadza drops the ball with soft hands and sets off.

The usual pair of Masakadza and Sibanda are in the centre. It will be Anwar Ali.

PAKISTAN: Shahid Afridi (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Mukhtar Ahmed, Ahmed Shehzad, Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Anwar Ali, Bilawal Bhatti, Nauman Anwar, Mohammad Sami, Imad Wasim

ZIMBABWE: Elton Chigumbura (c), Charles Coventry (wk), Hamilton Masakadza, Vusimuzi Sibanda, Sean Williams, Sikandar Raza, Graeme Cremer, Chamu Chibhabha, Christopher Mpofu, Brian Vitori, Prosper Utseya

TOSS: Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to bat.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second T20I between Pakistan and Zimbabwe at Lahore on Sunday. I am Abhishek Mukherjee, and I will bring you all the live updates from this match. Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, 2nd T20I at Lahore. The second match will be played at the Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore. READ: Congratulations, Pakistan! Hope the Zimbabwe series is start of a new chapter in your cricket history

Pakistan managed to win the first T20I in the final over, but after the 142-run opening stand between Mukhtar Ahmed and Ahmed Shehzad, they ought to have cantered home comfortably. However, they kept losing wickets, and it took a Shahid Afridi boundary to finally finish things. They would need to be more clinical in this game as they deal with the Zimbabwean attack. READ: PCB should convince India to play in Pakistan: Shaan Shahid

Zimbabwe will take a lot of heart from the fact that their openers managed to get off to a terrific start. Pakistan’s bowlers conceded far too many runs upfront, while the fielding was shoddy at best. Sarfraz Ahmed also missed a couple of opportunities behind the stumps. READ: Pakistan may have to maintain war-footing for future tournaments

Zimbabwe had their moments in the last game, especially with the bat. Putting up a total of 172 was a very good effort and a lot of the credit must go to Elton Chigumbura and Hamilton Masakadza. The batting is solid even though they have lost Brendan Taylor. There are quite a few players with good international experience. READ: International cricket resumes in Pakistan: A plea to fans

The bowling did not look incisive enough as the Pakistan openers made merry. Although a good deck, Zimbabwe could have made better efforts to be more effective on that surface. The spinners were taken for a few runs but were the ones who got the wickets. The festivities may be done, but expect this game to be attended by a big crowd. This is the final T20I before the one-day games begin.


Pakistan: Shahid Afridi (c), Mukhtar Ahmed, Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Akmal, Mohammad Hafeez, Sarfaraz Khan (wk), Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Sami, Bilawal Bhatti, Anwar Ali, Nauman Anwar, Hammad Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, Wahab Riaz, Imad Wasim.

Zimbabwe: Elton Chigumbura (c), Vusi Sibanda, Hamilton Masakadza, Sikandar Raza, Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Richmond Mutumbami (wk), Prosper Utseya, Tawanda Mupariwa, Christopher Mpofu, Tinashe Panyangara, Graeme Cremer, Brian Vitori, Chamu Chibhabha, Charles Coventry, Roy Kaia.

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