RCB are in with a chance of a final-four finish but KXIP are all but out © IANS
RCB are in with a chance of a final-four finish but KXIP are all but out © IANS

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 (Can Royal Challengers Bangalore be dominant once again, or will Kings XI Punjab finally put together a victory? Catch live cricket scores and updates here)

Virat Kohli lauded Chris Gayle, and says that RCB has not bowled this well for a long time. He added that when Gayle gets going it is almost impossible to stop him, and his performance provides a massive boost to the team performance. He appreciated the effort of Aravind, who came back after being hit for a six to take four wickets. He praised Starc as “the best bowler in the world”, mentioning his role as a mentor in the side.

Man of the Match: Chris Gayle

Most Entertaining Player: Chris Gayle

Maximum Sixes: Chris Gayle

Royal Challengers Bangalore 226/3 (20) | Kings XI Punjab 88 (13.4)

Murali Vijay 2(6) Manan Vohra 2(3) Wriddhiman Saha 13(11) Glenn Maxwell 1(5) David Miller 7(10) George Bailey 2(4) Akshar 40*(21) Mitchell Johnson 1(4) Anureet Singh 0(2) Karanveer Singh 4(7) Sandeep Sharma 7(9)

Mitchell Starc 4-0-15-4 Sreenath Aravind 4-0-27-4 Harshal Patel 2-0-13-1 Yuzuvendra Chahal 2.4-0-24-1 David Wiese 1-0-4-0

OUT! Sandeep Sharma c & b Yuzuvendra Chahal 7(8)! Akshar Patel 39*(20)

Sandeep tried to smash one to the left of Chahal, but Chahal came back with a tumbling catch to his left!

FOUR! Wow! Sandeep charges down and plays to the mid-wicket fence! ONE. Sandeep pushes for a run, Akshar back on strike. ONE. Akshar pushes to square-leg.

Kings XI Punjab 82/9 (13)

Akshar Patel 39(20), Sandeep Sharma 2(6)

ONE. Wiese comes on, Akshar tries a drive but gets only an inside edge. DOT. Sandeep plays to point. DOT. Sandeep looks very cautious, blocks again. ONE. Sandeep plays to mid-off, bad bounce for Starc, back to Akshar.  ONE. Plays to backward point. ONE. Leading edge goes to extra-cover.

Kings XI Punjab 78/9 (12)

Akshar Patel 37(18), Sandeep Sharma 0(2)

TWO. Chahal tosses up, Akshar sweeps. DOT. Swing and miss. FOUR! Some entertainment for KXIP, Akshar paddle-sweeps beautifully for four! DOT. Nice flight, wrong ‘un, Akshar defends. SIX! Akshar comes forward, that was hit very cleanly, lands just beside the sightscreen! ONE. Short-pitched, Akshar pulls and runs.

Kings XI Punjab 65/9 (11)

Akshar Patel 24(12), Sandeep Sharma 0(2)

DOT. Another outstanding yorker, how did Sandeep survive? DOT. Outside off, Sandeep plays and misses.

OUT! Karanveer Singh b Mitchell Starc 4(7)!

Starc comes round the wicket, and poor Karanveer has no response to an incoming yorker. The leg-stump is uprooted.

ONE. Karanveer pushes Starc to mid-off. ONE. Akshar gives the strike back with a push to mid-wicket. DOT. Short-pitched outside off, KV lets it go.

Kings XI Punjab 63/8 (10)

Akshar Patel 23(11), Karanveer Singh 3(4)

DOT. Akshar swings and misses. ONE. Pushes to long-on, Karanveer is on strike. Can Harshal clean up the tail? DOT. Plays to point. ONE. Good yorker, Karanveer survives, gets a single. SIX! Harshal bowls short, Akshar slams him over deep point! FOUR! Harshal bounces, Akshar hooks, splendid shot!

Kings XI Punjab 51/8 (9)

Akshar Patel 12(7), Karanveer Singh 2(2)

TWO. Karanveer plays past extra-cover, 50 comes up for KXIP. DOT. Perfect line and length, blocked.

OUT! Anureet Singh b Mitchell Starc 0(2)!

Anureet is no match for Starc. He misses that one completely, off-stump goes for a walk!

DOT. On leg-stump, no run.

OUT! Mitchell Johnson b Mitchell Starc 1(4)!

Johnson goes for a near-blind hoick and misses completely. You miss, I hit!

DOT. Johnson defends, Starc is on target. WIDE. Outside off, Johnson swings and misses.

Kings XI Punjab 48/6 (8)

Akshar Patel 12(7), Mitchell Johnson 1(2)

DOT. Johnson keeps the hat-trick ball out. ONE. Johnson flicks, the score reaches 40. They were 33/3. DOT. Plays to extra-cover. FOUR! Plays on the rise, this is why they rate this kid so highly! FOUR! Smashes past point!

OUT! George Bailey b Sreenath Aravind 2(4)!

Excellent ball, moved in at an almost crazy angle, Bailey had no answer to that! HE IS ON A HAT-TRICK!

Kings XI Punjab 39/5 (7)

George Bailey 2(3), Akshar Patel 4(4)

DOT. Bailey drives Chahal to cover, no run. ONE. Bailey drives to long-off. FOUR! Nice steer from Akshar past third-man. DOT. Akshar plays to cover, Chahal can toss it up confidently now. DOT. Akshar plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Plays to cover, good over.

Kings XI Punjab 34/5 (6)

George Bailey 1(1)

OUT! David Miller b Sreenath Aravind 7(10)!

Miller steps out and tries to hit across the line. He misses completely, and off-stump goes for a walk!

ONE. Bailey gets off the mark with a single to square-leg.

OUT! Wriddhiman Saha c Virat Kohli b Sreenath Aravind 13(11)!

Saha tries to pull but does not get the timing right. Kohli judges well and comes up with a tumbling catch at mid-wicket.

DOT. Saha attempts a violent blow but misses completely. FOUR! Outside leg, and Saha picks it up nicely, chips it over fine-leg! DOT. Plays and misses again, this is not helping KXIP’s cause at all.

Kings XI Punjab 29/3 (5)

Wriddhiman Saha 9(7), David Miller 7(9)

ONE. Miller plays to mid-off and sets off, easy single. ONE. Saha hits over Starc’s head but cannot go past the 30-yard circle. DOT. A snorter from Starc, Miller had no chance, the ball reached Karthik even before Miller had completed his stroke. ONE. Pushes to cover. ONE. Under-edges to square-leg. DOT. Hits Miller on the pad.

Kings XI Punjab 25/3 (4)

Wriddhiman Saha 7(5), David Miller 5(5)

DOT. Miller tries to play to third-man, inside-edges, the ball rolls to Karthik. DOT. Woah! That took off from a length and thumped into DK’s gloves! DOT. Miller pulls to mid-wicket. FOUR! Strays slightly, Miller simply leans and places it through mid-wicket, excellent timing and placement! ONE. Plays to deep third-man.

OUT! Glenn Maxwell b Sreenath Aravind 1(5)!

Horrible attempt at a slog from Maxwell, misses completely, off-stump uprooted!

Kings XI Punjab 20/2 (3)

Wriddhiman Saha 7(5), Glenn Maxwell 1(4)

DOT. Maxwell walks out, tries to make room and play a cute shot, misses completely. This should be fun. DOT. Harshal is on spot, he is getting it difficult to get away. DOT. Maxwell lets it go. ONE. Bouncer, Maxwell keeps it down, excellent over, just one off it.

OUT! Murali Vijay b Harshal Patel 2(6)!

Harshal is straight and full, Vijay misses, the ball hits middle-and-leg!

DOT. Harshal is on target, slightly slower, Vijay defends cautiously.

Kings XI Punjab 19/1 (2)

Murali Vijay 2(4), Wriddhiman Saha 7(5)

DOT. Plays to point. SIX! Aravind drops short, and Saha pulls brutally into the stands! ONE. Saha plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Vijay plays to point, Saha sends him back, rightly so. DOT. Vijay tries a humongous blow but misses completely. ONE. Vijay mistimes, the ball dribbles slowly towards the vacant gully.

Kings XI Punjab 11/1 (1)

Murali Vijay 1(1), Wriddhiman Saha 0(2)

DOT. Saha plays and misses, stifled appeal. FIVE LEG-BYES! Rapped on the pads, they all go up, Saha runs frantically, the overthrows reach the fence!

OUT! Manan Vohra c David Wiese b Mitchell Starc 2(3)!

Vohra plays uppishly to cover, Wiese plunges forward to come with an outstanding catch! The umpires consult, but it was a clean catch!

ONE. Starc to Vijay, he sets off with a push to deep third-man. THREE WIDES. Outside leg, Karthik cannot gather cleanly. TWO. Vohra inside-edges, they run. DOT. Vohra plays back to Starc.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 226/3 (20)

Chris Gayle 111(57) Virat Kohli 32(30) AB de Villiers 47*(24) Dinesh Karthik 8(3) Sarfaraz Khan 11*(7)

Sandeep Sharma 4-0-41-2 Mitchell Johnson 4-0-43-0 Anureet Singh 4-0-25-0 Glenn Maxwell 2-0-23-0 Akshar Patel 4-0-50-1 Karanveer Singh 2-0-41-0

ONE. Safaraz cannot put it away, sets off for a single, the throw from Johnson hits him on the posterior. ONE. De Villiers plays it to deep fine-leg. FOUR! ABish from Sarfaraz, chips it roughly above Wriddhiman’s head! ONE. Good yorker, easy single to cover, can AB get his fifty? LEG-BYE. Full-toss, tries to sweep but misses. ONE. Sarfaraz plays it very fine, but well cut-off!

Royal Challengers Bangalore 217/3 (19)

AB de Villiers 46(22), Sarfaraz Khan 4(3)

ONE. Plays to deep extra-cover. DOT. De Villiers tries to sweep and misses. SIX! De Villiers goes big and straight, clears the ropes! DOT. AB hits back to Akshar. FOUR! Full-toss, AB sweeps brutally through square-leg! FOUR! Sweeps again, this was front of square-leg, shabby work from deep square-leg, 250 on?

Royal Challengers Bangalore 202/3 (18)

AB de Villiers 32(17), Sarfaraz Khan 3(2)

TWO. Sarfaraz flicks and sets off busily, they easily make the second run, 200 comes up for RCB. ONE. Sarfaraz plays a rather strange shot that fell short of Anureet at deep fine-leg.

OUT! Dinesh Karthik b Sandeep Sharma 8(3)! 

Straight and full from Sandeep, that hits timber!

ONE. Single to AB, Karthik is the new man. TWO. DK pushes to point and sets off, OVERTHROWS, they get the extra run. SIX! Full-toss, Karthik gives it his all, clears long-on!

Royal Challengers Bangalore 190/2 (17)

AB de Villiers 31(16)

OUT! Chris Gayle c & b Akshar Patel 117(57)!

Akshar tosses up, and Gayle hits it straight back to Akshar!

WIDE. Akshar sends one down outside leg. FOUR! Smashed past mid-wicket! SIX! Straight like a rocket, that went incredibly fast! DOT. Plays to fine-leg. DOT. On leg, Gayle probably missed out! DOT. Slow yorker on leg, excellent bowling!

Royal Challengers Bangalore 179/1 (16)

Chris Gayle 107(51), AB de Villiers 31(16)

FOUR! De Villiers plays the strangest of reverse-somethings (don’t ask) over third-man! ONE. Plays to mid-wicket, back to Gayle. ONE. Full-toss on leg, are they bowling to a plan? DOT. De Villiers tries a slog-sweep and misses completely! ONE. Once again a full-toss on leg, inside edge. DOT. Full-toss on leg-and-middle, plays to long-off.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 171/1 (15)

Chris Gayle 105(49), AB de Villiers 25(12)

DOT. AB steps out, inside-edge, smart bowling. SIX! Terrible long-hop, de Villiers won’t miss out on those, dispatches over deep mid-wicket, bring ’em on! SIX! Goes on the front-foot outside off, lofts it nonchalantly over long-0ff! SIX! De Villiers has joined the party now, lofts it over deep extra-cover! ONE. Plays to the deep mid-wicket fence. FOUR! Full-toss on leg, easy-peasy for Gayle, dismisses past square-leg!

Royal Challengers Bangalore 148/1 (14)

Chris Gayle 101(48), AB de Villiers 5(7)

ONE. Johnson comes round the wicket, cramps de Villiers for space, they still get a single. FOUR! Full-toss on leg, and GAYLE BRINGS UP HIS HUNDRED FROM 46 BALLS, and immediately breaks into a somewhat unusual dance! DOT. Plays to point. ONE. Gayle pushes to cover and runs fast for a single! DOT. Plays to point, this is the first dot-ball AB has played. ONE. Strange-looking flick to deep mid-wicket.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 141/1 (13)

Chris Gayle 96(45), AB de Villiers 4(4)

WIDE. Karanveer starts with a wide. ONE. Gayle pushes to extra-cover, AB on strike. ONE. Pushes to deep extra-cover. WIDE. Way outside leg, this is shoddy stuff from Karanveer. ONE. Gayle drives to deep mid-wicket and strolls for a single. ONE. De Villiers plays to long-off. SIX! Gayle goes on one knee, does not time it at all but still hits the sight-screen! SIX! Bigger, better, this time on the roof!

Royal Challengers Bangalore 123/1 (12)

Chris Gayle 82(41), AB de Villiers 2(2)

ONE. De Villiers pushes to deep extra-cover, back to Gayle. ONE. Another good yorker, Gayle flicks it to deep mid-wicket. ONE. AB plays to long-off. ONE. Gayle retains strike with an on-drive, excellent over from Sandeep Sharma.

Virat Kohli b Sandeep Singh 32(30) 3×4 1×6

DOT. Lovely yorker from Sandeep, Kohli digs it out. OUT! Another excellent yorker, Kohli cannot handle this, bowled, Sandeep draws blood at last!

Royal Challengers Bangalore 119/0 (11)

Chris Gayle 80(39), Virat Kohli 32(28)

WIDE. Akshar bowls straight and outside leg. SIX! Gayle goes on one knee and hits the roof, Maxwell even catches it on the rebound! DOT. Takes a swing and misses, ball hits pad. ONE. Slight inside edge to deep square-leg. DOT. Kohli plays it back to Akshar. DOT. Plays to long-off. SIX! Straight on the roof AGAIN!

Royal Challengers Bangalore 104/0 (10)

Chris Gayle 67(35), Virat Kohli 31(26)

ONE. Kohli pushes to long-on. SIX! Gayle goes downtown again, lofting Maxwell over long-on! SIX! Again! This time he steps out and the ball disappears over long-off, HUNDRED FOR RCB! WIDE. Down leg, Gayle sweeps and misses, easy call. DOT. Gayle pushes that back to Maxwell. DOT. Blocks. ONE. Drives to long-off, keeps strike.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 89/0 (9)

Chris Gayle 54(30), Virat Kohli 30(25)

ONE. DROPPED, Vohra drops a dolly at deep mid-wicket, Akshar misses out on a wicket first ball! DOT. Kohli defends. SIX! Kohli steps out and hoicks the ball over long-on! ONE. Kohli pushes to long-on. LEG-BYE. Short-pitched, misses the swat. ONE. Straight to long-off, decent over from Akshar.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 79/0 (8)

Chris Gayle 53(28), Virat Kohli 22(21)

FOUR! Kohli rocks back and cuts Maxwell expertly through the vacant backward-point! ONE. Cross-batted swat to wide long-on. DOT. Flicks casually to square-leg. ONE. Drives to long-off, that is his 3,000th IPL run! ONE. Kohli plays to mid-off. ONE. Gayle pushes that one to deep mid-wicket.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 71/0 (7)

Chris Gayle 51(25), Virat Kohli 16(18)

ONE. Kohli pushes to off, gives the strike back to Gayle. ONE. Lazy flick to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Deftly cut by Kohli, but a sure boundary is stopped by a flying Bailey at backward point! ONE. Pushes to third man and sets off. DOT. Bouncer, Gayle ducks for some reason, the ball reaches Saha on second bounce. DOT. Plays to mid-wicket, Gayle may explode any moment.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 68/0 (6) | Strategic timeout

Chris Gayle 50(22), Virat Kohli 14(15)

WIDE. Mitch sprays outside leg, easy call. SIX! Johnson pitches short, and Gayle hammers it between mid-wicket and square-leg! DOT. The strangest thing just happened! Mitch bowls outside leg, Gayle tries to leave but somehow gets a bat, the ball flies towards point but lands safely. ONE. Gayle flicks to square-leg, slight misfield, that is a 22-ball 50! DOT. Copybook back-foot defence. DOT. Good bouncer, well left, that was fast from Mitchell Johnson. WIDE. Bouncer, but it is outside leg, rightly called. ONE. Pushes to mid-wicket and scampers for  a single. THAT IS THE FIRST STRATEGIC TIMEOUT.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 58/0 (5)

Chris Gayle 43(19), Virat Kohli 13(12)

LEG-BYE. Anureet on, the ball rolls to fine-leg. FOUR! Kohli moves out of the way and smokes it over extra-cover! DOT. Wriddhi comes up, Kohli plays from the crease but hits straight to mid-wicket. ONE. Kohli steers to deep third-man, the crowd erupts. DOT. Bouncer, on leg, probably got away. SIX! Short-pitched, and Gayle blasts it over mid-wicket! DEAD BALL, for the ball had hit the spider-cam cable! ONE. Pushes to long-on.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 51/0 (4)

Chris Gayle 42(16), Virat Kohli 8(9)

DOT. Kohli pushes to mid-wicket. DOT. Kohli defends, the crowd wants GAYLE on strike. DOT. Bouncer, beaten! DOT. Short-pitched, Kohli plays and misses. FOUR! That is typical Kohli, plays inside out over extra-cover! TWO. No fine-leg, Kohli tries to pull but the ball grows on him. The top-edge yields a brace.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 45/0 (3)

Chris Gayle 42(16), Virat Kohli 2(3)

ONE. Slight inside edge, Kohli gets a run from fine-leg, back to GAYLE. SIX! Short of good length, Gayle goes bang, over wide mid-on! FOUR! DROPPED! That went very, very high, Bailey ran backwards but could not hold on, the balls rolls to the fence! NO-BALL! ONE! Drives to cover, Gayle actually thinks before running, Kohli on strike for the FREE HIT. ONE. Kohli can only play to mid-off and get a single. SIX! Full-toss on off, that was SMASHED over wide mid-on, this is inhuman batting! FOUR! Goes on the back-foot and simply punches it to the straight boundary, what is going on?

Royal Challengers Bangalore 21/0 (2)

Chris Gayle 21(11), Virat Kohli 0(1)

FOUR! Gayle drives Johnson with panache, past mid-on! DOT. Tries to pull, mistimes. SIX! Vintage Gayle, smooth as a whistle: Mitch bowls fast but over-pitches, Gayle lofts it over long-off with zero foot movement! SIX! H0 ho ho! Big, straight, regal! Absolutely straight! FOUR! Tries to bowl slightly short, but Gayle dispatches it lazily past square-leg! DOT. Bouncer, Gayle ducks, or at least makes an effort.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 1/0 (1)

Chris Gayle 1(5), Virat Kohli 0(1)

DOT. Sandeep Sharma to Gayle, plays to point, no run. DOT. Lovely line and late movement, whistles past Gayle’s outside edge! DOT. Excellent length, late movement, Gayle takes his bat away. DOT. Oooooh! Spot on, jags away, Gayle is beaten again, terrific bowling from Sandeep! ONE. First run for RCB, Sandeep pitches up, the ball moves away, leading edge rolls to point. DOT. That stops on Kohli, plays to mid-on, excellent over.

The KXIP fielders are scattering all over the place. The umpires are walking out, accompanied by Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli. Looks like Gayle will be on strike. Gayle takes guard. The countdown begins.

TOSS: Kings XI Punjab have elected to bowl first! Good news for fans of the big maan, Chris Gayle is back in action after being rested from the last game. No Virender Sehwag though, Manan Vohra comes back in.


RCB: Virat Kohli (c), Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Sarfaraz Khan, David Wiese, Mitchell Starc, Harshal Patel, Yuzvendra Chahal, Sreenath Aravind.

KXIP: George Bailey (c), Murali Vijay, Manan Vohra, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Akshar Patel, Mitchell Johnson, Anureet Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Karanveer Singh.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) face off against  Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) in Match 40 of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2015 at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Tuesday. While RCB are in the top half of the table, KXIP are at languishing at the last place in the points table. Indian Premier League 2015: Points table

Bangalore suffered a narrow loss to Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in Chennai. Though their bowlers did a good job and they were right on top when Virat Kohli and Dinesh Karthik batting, things went awry after Dwayne Bravo’s impressive run-out of Kohli. IPL 2015 Highest run-scorer: List of best batsmen in IPL 8

RCB will take a lot of pride from the fact that whenever their top-order has failed, the likes of Mandeep Singh and Sarfaraz Khan have stepped up. Karthik though has got starts but not made use of them and both he and his team will wish for him to get going and score consistently. If they can get the powerful line-up starting to fire, they will be a dangerous team heading into the final stages of the tournament. IPL 2015 Highest wicket-taker: List of best bowlers in IPL 8

George Bailey has been the best bat for them and given that he hardly used to bat when KXIP were in form, sums up the reason for their failure this year. They have tried out many combinations but none of it has worked for them. The form of their openers Virender Sehwag, Murali Vijay has not been far from best. Glenn Maxwell has failed to last more than 10 balls in the IPL 2015 and David Miller has played a couple of good knocks but has not been able to finish games that well. They need their senior players to step up. Sandeep Sharma and Anureet Singh have been brilliant with the new ball, but Mitchell Johnson has been a massive let-down.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (c), Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Darren Sammy, Mitchell Starc, Dinesh Karthik, Subramanium Badrinath, Sean Abbott, Adam Milne, Nic Maddinson, Ashok Dinda, Manvinder Bisla, Varun Aaron, Vijay Zol, Sarfaraz Khan, Jalaj Saxena, Shishir Bhavane, Iqbal Abdullah, David Wiese, Rilee Rossouw, Abu Nechim, Harshal Patel, Yuzvendra Chahal, Sandeep Warrier, Yogesh Takawale, Jalaj Saxena.

Kings XI Punjab: George Bailey (c), Virender Sehwag, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Mitchell Johnson, Murali Vijay, Shaun Marsh, Akshar Patel, Sandeep Sharma, Wriddhiman Saha, Manan Vohra, Thisara Perera, Rishi Dhawan, Anureet Singh, Karanveer Singh, Nikhil Naik, Parvinder Awana, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Yogesh Golwalkar, Beuran Hendricks, Shivam Sharma, Shardul Thakur.

Catch live cricket scores of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) IPL 2015 match here