Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Day 1 of the Group B game of the 2015-16 Ranji Trophy between Saurashtra and Hyderabad, live from Rajkot. Though Services (15) lead Saurashtra (13) on the points table, Saurashtra have played only 2 matches to Services’ 3, which puts them at a clear advantage. Playing at home, they will try to get full points against Hyderabad, who are currently placed above only Jammu & Kashmir and Tripura with 3 points from 3 matches. Hanuma Vihari’s Hyderabad are a young brigade (they have Ashish Reddy, Chama Milind, and Akshath Reddy along with seniors like Sudeep Tyagi and T Suman), but Jaydev Shah’s Saurashtra look a far stronger side with Ravindra Jadeja, Cheteshwar Pujara, Jaydev Unadkat, and Sheldon Jackson in their ranks. Complete coverage of Ranji Trophy 2015-16

Live cricket scores Saurashtra 102 & 10/0| Hyderabad 148 |  Overs 8.1| Batting: Sagar Jogiyani 2(15), AA Barot 8(34): Saurashtra have started batting in their second innings. In 8.1 overs they have reached 10 but have not lost any wicket. Saurashtra should try to play out the first 20-25 overs and then they can play their natural game when the ball gets old. They need 35 more runs to clear their first innings deficit.

Live cricket scores Hyderabad 148| Saurashtra 102 | Overs 42.2| Batting: CV Milind 2(9): Hyderabad are bowled out for 146. They are able to give a lead of only44 runs to Hyderabad. Let’s see how Saurashtra respond in their second innings. This match will most probably give a result. At present Saurashtra will be hoping to clear their first innings deficit. They have to be wary about the new ball, since they lost just too many wickets to the new ball in their first innings which exposed their middle order batters to the red cherry and resulted in a batting collapse and they would not like a repeat of this. Both, Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravindra Jadeja flopped in the first innings. Let’s see if they come out better this time around. OUT! Sumanth Kolla st Sagar Jogiyani b KR Makwana 39(50), Vishal Sharma b Ravindra Jadeja 9(13)

Live cricket scores Hyderabad 125/8| Saurashtra 102 | Overs 36.3| Batting: Sumanth Kolla 29(35), Vishal Sharma 4(3): Hyderabad lose two more wickets. They are tottering on 125 for eight. Hyderabad batters were not able to carry forward the excellent work done by their bowlers earlier in the day. Hyderabad are leading by 23 runs now. Let’s see if they can reach 150. OUT! Akash Bhandari c AA Barot b KR Makwana 0(7), Mehdi Hasan c AA Barot b Ravindra Jadeja 12(27)

Live cricket scores Hyderabad 80/6| Saurashtra 102 | Overs 25| Batting: Sumanth Kolla 0(5): Ravindra Jadeja takes his fourth wicket B Sandeep. Sandeep is bowled for 24. Hyderabad needs 24 more runs to equal Saurashtra’s first innings score of 102. Saurashtra have bowled with discipline, there has been just one extra in 25 overs that they have bowled so far. OUT! B Anirudh lbw KR Makwana 21(42), B Sandeep b Ravindra Jadeja 24(45)

Live cricket scores Hyderabad 47/4| Saurashtra 102 | Overs 14| Batting: B Anirudh 12(21), B Sandeep 3(7): Ravindra Jadeja is just not stopping to impress with his cricket in this tournament. He has picked the first three wickets of Hyderabad in this match too and has helped Saurashtra come back in the game after their batting collapse in the first innings. Hyderabad now trail by 55 runs. OUT! Tanmay Agarwal c Jaydev Shah b Ravindra Jadeja 8(7), Akshath Reddy c Sheldon Jackson b Ravindra Jadeja 11(17), GH Vihari b Ravindra Jadeja 15(30), Tirumalasetti Suman c DA Jadeja b KR Makwana 0(5)

Live cricket scores Saurashtra 102|  Overs 42| Batting: Jaydev Unadkat 6(5):  Saurashtra lost their last three wickets for 13 runs. They are all out for a paltry 102, now only their bowlers can get them back in the match. Mehdi Hasan was the pick of the bowlers. He took 5-43 in 20 overs. Vishal Sharma supported him well by taking four wickets. OUT! Chirag Jani c Anirudh b Vishal Sharma 7(18), KR Makwana b Mehdi Hasan 2(8), DA Jadeja c&b Mehdi Hasan 0(2)

Live cricket scores Saurashtra 89/7|  Overs 39| Batting:Chirag Jani 2(12), KR Makwana 0(3): Saurashtra lose two more wickets— Sagar Jogiyani and AV Vasavada. Jogiyani got out just after scoring his half century, he struck four boundaries in his knock. Both the wickets were claimed by Vishal Sharma. Two new batters— Chirag Jani and KR Makwana are in the middle now.  OUT! Sagar Jogiyani c Tanmay Agarwal b Vishal Sharma 51(114), AV Vasavada c Sumanth Kolla b Vishal Sharma 2(16)

Live cricket scores Saurashtra 63/5|  Overs 32| Batting: Sagar Jogiyani 30(82), AV Vasavada 0(9): Ravindra Jadeja gets out for just two runs on Mehdi Hasan’s bowling. Saurashtra lose two more wickets— Jaydev Shah and Sheldon Jackson. Saurashtra are in a precarious situation, they have lost five wickets on just 63 runs. Saurashtra batsman Sagar Jogiyani is offering resistance but he needs support from the other end. OUT! Jaydev Shah c Sumanth Kolla b Vishal Sharma 17(25), Ravindra Jadeja c B Sandeep b Mehdi Hasan 2(5), Sheldon Jackson c Akshath Reddy b Akash Bhandari 8(32)

Live cricket scores Saurashtra 13/2|  Overs 9| Batting: Sagar Jogiyani 4(21), Jaydev Shah 3(6): Mehdi Hasan is bowling very well. He has picked two wickets in first nine overs of the match itself. What is so special is the manner in which he took the wickets. Both the batsmen— AA Barot and Cheteshwar Pujara were not able to judge the line of his bowling and were bowled. OUT! AA Barot b Mehdi Hasan 6(25), Cheteshwar Pujara b Mehdi Hasan 0(2)

Toss: Saurashtra, who chose to bat

Playing XI:

Saurashtra: Cheteshwar Pujara, A A Barot, AV Vasavada, Chirag Jani, DA Jadeja, Jaydev Shah (C), KR Makwana, Ravindra Jadeja, Sagar Jogiyani (W), Sheldon Jackson, Jaydev Unadkat

Hyderabad:  GH Vihari (C), Akash Bhandari, CV Milind, Mehdi Hasan, Akshath Reddy, Tirumalasetti Suman, Tanmay Agarwal, B Sandeep, Sumanth Kolla (W), B Anirudh, Vishal Sharma

Saurashtra’s success story had a lot to do with Ravindra Jadeja, who has single-handedly inflicted two one-sided defeats on Tripura and Jharkhand, both at Rajkot. He scored 91 in Saurashtra’s 307 against Tripura before bowling them out for 103 and 86 with 6 for 27 and 5 for 45. Against Jharkhand he scored 58 — their only score in excess of 30 — to take Saurashtra to 205. He spun out the hosts for 168 and 122 with 6 for 71 and 7 for 55. Saurashtra should have bagged the bonus point in an 86-run chase, but they lost two wickets in the process.

Hyderabad conceded a first-innings lead of 100 to Goa at Porvorim. They then survived a scare against Kerala at Uppal, when Mehdi Hasan and Akash Bhandari batted 11 overs to draw the match: requiring 183 to save an innings defeat they finished on 176 for 7. Vihari and Tanmay Agarwal’s hundreds took them to 434 at Dharamsala, but they were drowned by a herculean batting effort from Himachal Pradesh, whose 707 for 8 remain the highest score of Ranji Trophy 2015-16.


Saurashtra: Jaydev Shah (c), Sagar Jogiyani (wk), Sheldon Jackson (wk), Cheteshwar Pujara, Ravindra Jadeja, Jaydev Unadkat, Mohsin Dodia, Arpit Vasavada, Abhishek Bhat, Avi Barot, Dharmendrasinh Jadeja, Chirag Jani, Vandit Jivrajni, Kamlesh Makvana, Deepak Punia.

Hyderabad: Hanuma Vihari (c), Habeeb Ahmed (wk), Ashish Reddy, Akshath Reddy, Chama Milind, Sudeep Tyagi, T Suman, Vishal Sharma, Himalay Agarwal, Tanmay Agarwal, Anwar Ahmed, Balchander Anirudh, Akash Bhandari, Mehdi Hasan, BP Sandeep.