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Jan 9, 2015

Catch Live Scorecard and ball-by-ball updates of the first T20I

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(Catch the live cricket score and live updates of the first T20I between South Africa and West Indies)

Sorry for the delay in updates. There were some technical glitches. South Africa has posted 165 for four in 20 overs thanks to a 40-ball unbeaten 51 by Riley Rossouw. Faf du Plessis and David Miller had their moments, and Farhaan Behardien played a little cameo. Can they contain the West Indian onslaught?

West Indies began strongly with Chris Gayle taking two sixes off Kagiso Rabada’s first over. He lost Dwayne Smith, but raced to a 31-ball 77 (five fours, eight sixes) before reverse-sweeping one into Morne van Wyk’s gloves. Dwayne Bravo fell cheaply, but Marlon Samuels’ 42 made things easy for the tourists.

Chris Gayle is the Man of the Match for obvious reasons.

Cottrell struck the first blow in the fifth over, trapping Hendricks leg-before. Holder struck next over as van Wyk edged one to slip. Du Plessis turned the hit on, but eventually holed out against Russell following a 20-ball 38.

On paper, the Caribbean side looks dominating, with T20 specialists such as Chris Gayle, Lendl Simmons, Andre Russell, Kieron Pollard, and Darren Sammy being among the leading cricketers in T20s. Meanwhile, AB de Villiers and Dale Steyn, the Proteas’ best batsman and bowler respectively, are sitting out of the series.

Skipper Faf du Plessis and David Miller will be the keys for South Africa in a batting order that looks a bit weak. However, they have an extremely potent pace attack in Kyle Abbott, Wayne Parnell, and Marchant de Lange. The encounter promises to an exciting one, with the Calypso Kings eying a turnaround from the Test series, while the hosts will look to continue their dominance.

Smith 20(20), Gayle 77(31), Samuels 41(32), Bravo 8(13), Pollard 8*(9), Russell 6(6), Ramdin 2(5), Sammy 0*(0)
Abbott 4-0-30-0 Rabada 4-0-38-0 Wiese 2.2-0-20-1 Parnell 4-0-39-2 Tahir 4-0-28-3 Behardien 1-0-8-0



Dot. Plays and misses. Dot. Outswinging bouncer, plays and misses, Abbott has a slip for Ramdin. One. Ramdin uppercuts, good fielding at third man, just a single, they need four now. One. Pollard flicks to deep square-leg, he will not be throwing it away. One. Steers to third-man, looks like it will go to the last over. Dot. Nice bouncer, they need two from six.


Dot. Plays to point, there is an overthrow, but they don’t run. FOUR! Russell pulls brutally, no chance for mid-wicket, will they pull it off this over? One. Pushes to long-on, will Pollard finish off with a six? Dot. Blocks on the back-foot, the ball falls at Pollard’s feet. One. Tucked to long-leg, they need five. OUT! Russell tries to finish things off with a six, but the ball finds his top-edge and flies to deep fine-leg!
OUT! Russell c Abbott b Parnell 6(6)!


Tahir is back. Will this be the last over? Dot. Wrong ‘un, misses the bat, LBW appeal turned down. One. Pushes to mid-wicket. Dot. Slow ball, blocks. OUT! Samuels steps out and tries to fend, but is deceived by the googly. Soft catch at cover-point. Dot. Russell has possibly decided to play out Tahir. Dot. On-driven softly, easy run.
OUT! Samuels c Rossouw b Tahir 41(32)!


OUT! Unnecessary attempt from Bravo, miscues, easy catch for Hendricks at mid-wicket, Parnell strikes. Pollard walks out, but it will be Samuels. Dot. Plays to point. One. Hits hard to long-off, they run. Dot. Good bouncer, Pollard lets go. One. Pushes to deep square-leg. FOUR! Chinese-cut off Samuels’ bat, ball speeds past van Wyk!
OUT! Bravo c Hendricks b Parnell 8(13)!


One. Pushes to mid-wicket and runs. One. Pulls wildly for some reason, gets away. One. Pushes with soft hands and runs. SIX! Samuels seems to be in a hurry, Abbott drops short, Samuels pulls violently over the ropes! Two. Samuels goes again, top-edges, Tahir ran in but the ball falls short of him. FOUR! Shot! Butchered to the point boundary!


Dot. Plays to cover. One. Plays to point and runs. Dot. Plays back to bowler. FOUR! Samuels in action, pulls in style, no chance for the fielder. One. Plays to long-off, easy pickings. One. Plays to wide long-off.


Behardien bowls. FOUR! Outside edge for Samuels. Dot. Plays and misses outside off. One. Steers to third man. One. Pushes to deep mid-wicket. One. Plays to long-on. One. Plays to long-on, smart batting.


One. Flicks to square leg, easy one. Dot. Tries to make room, Rabada skids through. One. Leg-glances, easy run. Dot. Plays back to Rabada. Dot. Slower ball, can only play to cover. Dot. Plays to mid-wicket.


Dot. Tahir bowls flat outside off, beats Gayle. SIX! Soars high and crashes into the straight fence! Gayle has asked for a new bat, that one has taken some toll, five fours and seven sixes! SIX! One-handed sweep, clears mid-wicket fence, West Indies are cruising. Dot. Outside off, beaten, van Wyk appeals for a stumping, to no avail. OUT! For whatever reason Gayle attempts a reverse-sweep, and plays straight into van Wyk’s gloves, that was completely unnecessary. Bravo walks out. One. Gets off mark with ease, playing to long-on.
OUT! Gayle c van Wyk b Tahir 77(31)!


Dot. Gayle plays back to Rabada, crowd cheers. One. Pulls, they take a single, Samuels back on strike. One. Smart cricket, Samuels pushes to square leg and runs. One. Gayle pushes to wide long off. FOUR! Samuels joins the fun, smacks it over deep point, the West Indian hundred comes up, they are cruising along. Dot. Bouncer, Samuels misses.


Gayle clobbered Abbott and Rabada, and really took to Parnell, who conceded 23 off his first over. He reached his fifty in 17 balls, and West Indies raced to 78 during the Powerplay overs. He lost Smith, lbw off Imran Tahir, but seems unflappable.


Dot. Plays and misses one on leg. Leg-bye. Plays and misses one on leg AGAIN. FOUR! Cut behind point! SIX! Lofted over long-off! FOUR! Makes room and blasts through wide mid-on! Two. Goes for it, mistimes, but they cannot take the catch at deep point, Gayle survives.


Two. Hit straight. Dot. Plays to fine leg. Dot. Decent bouncer from Abbott. Dot. Cramped up. Dot. No run. One. Wild swing, they run a single. SIX! GAYLE dispatches it over long-off!


Abbott opened bowling. Gayle and Smith were cautious in approach, taking three off the first over. Rabada came on and stunned Gayle with a fast bouncer that beat van Wyk and went for four byes. Gayle sought vengeance and lofted Rabada over wide long-on for a huge six, and followed it over deep mid-wicket for another!


Hendricks 12(12) van Wyk 17(15) du Plessis 38(20) Rossouw 51*(40) Miller 24(21) Behardien 18*(12)
Cottrell 4-0-33-2 Holder 4-0-20-1 Russell 4-0-43-1 Nurse 3-0-24-0 Bravo 3-0-26-0 Sammy 2-0-17-0


Dot. Cut to point, misfielded, but they stay put. Two. Played to deep extra-cover, they find Samuels. One. Played to wide long-on. One. Played to cover. One. Bounced and mistimed. One. Swept, and Cottrell flew but dropped Rossouw at fine-leg!


Two. Played past square-leg. FOUR! DRAMA! Rossouw pulled violently, evaded Russell’s acrobatic dive! Dot. Hit straight to smash the wicket at the other end, unfortunate. One. Played to cover. One. Played to third-man. Two. Played to deep extra-cover.


FOUR! Rossouw clobbers Bravo through mid-wicket! One. Pulled hard, but finds Pollard, they don’t consider a second. Two. Pushed past mid-wicket, superb running. One. Flicked nonchalantly. One. Pushed to fine-leg. One. Driven to point, Sammy dived to stop the four.


Sammy brings himself on. One. Pulled to backward square-leg. One. Played to the right of long-off. One. Played to deep mid-wicket. One. Smashed to extra-cover, found the fielder. Two. Leg-glanced, not very well played, should have got a four there. Two. Square-cut with purpose, they ran very hard there.


One. Played straight. Dot. Played to point. Two. Well played through wide mid-off, but cut down. One. Bottom-edged to fine-leg, they run anyway. One. Played to wide long-off. Dot. Tried the reverse-sweep and missed, good over from Bravo.


Dot. Played to mid-off. One. Placed to mid-wicket and ran fast. Leg-bye. FOUR! Down the leg, found the bottom-edge, Ramdin had no chance. One. Easy push. One. Pushed to deep square-leg, called for two, turned down.


Two. Played to long on, risky second, direct hit was needed. Wide. Down leg. One. Tried to pull, mistimed, to long-on, back to Faf. SIX! Lofted over wide long-off, Holder leapt, got his fingertips, but grassed it. FOUR! Pulled away imperiously. OUT! Full-toss, Faf tried to hit over the bowler but mistimed, easy catch for Sammy, brilliant cameo there. Dot. Miller is cautious.
OUT! du Plessis c Sammy b Russell 38(20)!


Dot. Played to cover. One. Smart cricket, pushed to square-leg, back to Faf. FOUR! Stepped out and lofted neatly over the bowler, just short of the ropes. SIX! Short, rocked back, and dispatched over mid-wicket! One. Played to deep mid-wicket. One. Played past cover.


Holder to bowl out. One. “Chinese cut” from Rossouw, just a single. FOUR! Faf makes space, lofted over mid-on, nice timing. Dot. Played to extra-cover. FOUR! Faf is turning the heat on, smashed off the back-foot through mid-wicket! Dot. Played back to Holder. FOUR! Stepped out and creamed through extra-cover to bring up the 50! He ruined Holder’s figures: 3-0-7-1 suddenly became 4-0-20-1!


Nurse on. Dot. Played back to Nurse. Dot. Played to cover-point. One. Played to deep square-leg, Faf wanted a second, Rossouw turned him down. One. Played to long on. One. Cut to deep point. One. Driven to long on, excellent over.


OUT! Two quick wickets, Holder found the edge there, the ball flew to Gayle at first slip, he is bowling brilliantly here, 2.1-0-5-1! Dot. Rossouw played to cover. Dot. Played to mid-on. One. Rossouw looked a bit desperate, drove to extra-cover and ran, a direct hit from Sammy may have got him. One. Faf pushes to mid-wicket, loud shouts of “no, no”. Dot. Played to mid-on, Holder’s excellent spell continues, end of Powerplay.
OUT! van Wyk c Gayle b Holder 17(15)!


Cottrell is back. FOUR! Cuts, ball takes inside edge, bounces over Ramdin, and goes for four! OUT! Cottrell pitches up, Hendricks shuffles across and tries to flick, misses completely. Dot. Faf plays it safely. Wide. Way outside off, Faf doesn’t bother. Two. Overpitched on leg, should have been flicked for four, gets only a brace. DOT. Full-toss, played to mid-on. DOT. Quick bouncer, Faf tries to pull and misses.
OUT! Hendricks lbw b Cottrell 12(12)!


Dot. Played just behind point. Dot. Played-and-missed outside off. Leg-bye. To fine-leg. One. Played to mid-wicket. One. Played to square-leg. One. Steered to third-man.



Russell on. Dot. Played to extra-cover. FOUR! Van Wyk places it neatly through the vacant fine-leg area. One. Nudged to fine-leg, easy run. Three. Hendricks gets into the act, punches over extra-cover. FOUR! Rank long-hop, punched through extra-cover, van Wyk turning the heat on! One. Pushed to mid-wicket, 13 off that over.



Holder on from the other end. Dot. Short pitched, very slow, missed for some reason, should have been hit for four. Two. Pushed through extra-cover. Dot. Played to point, well fielded. Dot. Outside off, beaten, slight movement off the seam. Dot again. Played to point, excellent over.


One. Tucked away to deep fine-leg. Dot. Came into van Wyk, squared him up. SIX! MASSIVE! Cottrell dropped short, and van Wyk heaves him over deep square-leg! Dot. Plays to point, “no” is the call. Dot. Lets it go to Ramdin. Dot. Went for the pull, missed it completely, decent over.


Here are Reza Hendricks and Morne van Wyk. Sheldon Cottrell will start proceedings.


Faf du Plessis wins the toss and elects to bat. There is no surprise with the teams, barring the selection of David Wiese over Marchant de Lange.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the first Twenty20 International (T20I) between South Africa and West Indies at Newlands, Cape Town, on Friday. South Africa may have thrashed West Indies 2-0 in the Test series, but the West Indies are a far superior T20I side than they are in Tests.

South Africa had surprisingly been quite inconsistent in 2014. After the retirements of Jacques Kallis from limited overs, South Africa’s performances dipped a bit, especially in T20Is and ODIs. Though they defeated teams like Sri Lanka and New Zealand in away series and won the Triangular series involving Zimbabwe and Australia in Zimbabwe, the  ODI team led by AB de Villiers suffered a 1-4 series defeat which followed a T20 series loss as well. They will hope for a fresh start in coloured clothing this year.

Though the Proteas reached the semi finals of the ICC World T20 2014 in Bangladesh, they won only four matches since. They lost both the home and away T20I series against Australia and are currently fourth in the ICC T20I rankings.


West Indies (Playing XI): Darren Sammy(c), Denesh Ramdin(wk), Chris Gayle, Dwayne Smith, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Jason Holder, Ashley Nurse, Sheldon Cottrell

South Africa (Playing XI): Faf du Plessis(c), Morne van Wyk(wk), Reeza Hendricks, Rilee Rossouw, David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, David Wiese, Wayne Parnell, Kyle Abbott, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir

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