Live Cricket Score South Africa vs Zimbabwe ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pool B match at Hamilton
Zimbabwe will be led by Elton Chigumbura © Getty Images

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(Will South Africa overthrow the Zimbabwe challenge in their first match of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Pool B at Seddon Park, Hamilton on Sunday? Catch Live Cricket Scores of the match here)

Zimbabwe 277 | Overs 48.1

So it’s all over for Zimbabwe. Chatara is the last wicket to fall as Zimbabwe lose by a margin of 62 runs against their powerful neighbours, but they certainly showed glimpses of brilliance and had South Africa sweating at a lot of moments. Morne Morkel catches the ball hit straight back to him off his own bowling to finish things off.

T Chatara 6(11) c&b Morkel


Zimbabwe 277/9 | Overs 48

Tafadzwa Kamungozi 0(0) Tendai Chatara 5(8)

AB de Villiers is all around the field as he takes the catch at deep mid-wicket. Solomon Mire tried to hit Philander for a four but de Villiers took a brilliant catch to end a gutsy innings from Mire.

Mire 27(25) c de Villiers b Philander


Zimbabwe 271/8 | Overs 47

Solomon Mire 27(24) Tendai Chatara 1(4)

Solomon Mire doesn’t want to give this up without a fight. He’s given the ball a few big whacks and hit Morne Morkel for a 103-meter six! Imran Tahir finished off his spell beautifully conceding just two runs to finish with figures 3 for 36 in his 10 overs. They require 68 to win from 18 balls.


Zimbabwe 262/8 | Overs 45

Solomon Mire 19(16) Tendai Chatara 0(0)

Steyn’s ordinary day in the office continues as Solomon Mire hits him for a six and a four and another four, but it won’t have much bearing on the outcome of the match unless there is divine intervention. Imran Tahir however got his third wicket of the match in the form of Panyangara.

Panyangara 4(4) c de Villier b Tahir


Zimbabwe 240/7 | Overs 43

Solomon Mire 1(8)

The batsmen are being unable to put the bowlers away and the required run rate has crept up to over 13.50. Imran Tahir bowled yet another tidy over, conceding just one run while Dale Steyn got a wicket and conceded just 2 runs.

OUT! C Ervine 13(21) c de Villiers b Dale Steyn


Zimbabwe 237/6 | Overs 41

Craig Ervine 11(17) Solomon Mire 0(0)

Elton Chigumbura showed promise with a six off Morne Morkel a couple of overs ago but got run-out by AB de Villiers, leaving Zimbabwe with little hope. Solomon Mire has now come out to accompany Craig Ervine in this seemingly impossible chase attempt. Dale Steyn conceded just three runs in the over.

OUT! Elton Chigumbura 8(7) run out AB de Villiers


Zimbabwe 234/5 | Overs 40

Craig Ervine 10(15) Elton Chigumbura 8(3)

Zimbabwe are not keeping in line with the required run rate which has now surged to more than 10. With every passing delivery the task is becoming increasingly impossible.


Zimbabwe 220/5 | Overs 38

Craig Ervine 3(5) Elton Chigumbura 1(1)

And now South Africa are well on top after the wicket of Sean Williams. He tried to hit Duminy for a six but only got a thick age that gave the ball a lot of vertical distance but no horizontal distance as wicket keeper, de Kock, pouched the catch.

OUT! Sean Williams 8(15) c de Kock b Duminy


Zimbabwe 217/4 | Overs 37

Sean Williams 8(11) Craig Ervine 1(2)

Morne Morkel gets the wicket of Brendan Taylor consolidating the position of strength for South Africa. Craig Ervine at the crease now. He is capable of a lot of runs. Zimbabwe will rest their hopes in this partnership

OUT! Brendan Taylor 40(40) c Philander b Morkel


Zimbabwe 213/3 | Overs 36

Brendan Taylor 39(38) Sean Williams 6(8)

Zimbabwe are playing extremely well, Dale Steyn has been a little off-colour and nothing different in the picture here. Seven runs of that over.


Zimbabwe 207/3 | Overs 35

Brendan Taylor 38(37) Sean Williams 1(4)

Duminy conceded just three runs in the 34th over with the run rate pressure steadily mounting on Zimbabwe. Behardien bowled the next over. Brendan taylor than smashed for consecutive boundaries; a six and a four getting 13 runs of that over, taking Zimbabwe past the 200 run mark.


Zimbabwe 191/3 | Overs 33

Brendan Taylor 24(29)

Imran Tahir is bowling quite well and got a caught abd bowled opportunity but it was hit back with too much force by Brendan Taylor for him to be able to hold on to, but he gets the leading edge of Masakadza which is pouched by Amla.

OUT! Hamilton Masakadza 80(74) c Amla b Tahir


Zimbabwe 189/2 | Overs 32

Hamilton Masakadza 79(72) Brendan Taylor 23(25)

De Villiers usually has a calm and composed demeanor but his facial expressions suggests he is nervous right now. Duminy brought into the attack and is take for eight runs. Another good over for Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe 181/2 | Overs 31

Hamilton Masakadza 73(68) Brendan Taylor 21(22)

Imran Tahir brought back into the attack as AB de Villiers is getting seemingly frantic. But no wickets in that over. There was an appeal for stumping but the batsman was safe.


Zimbabwe 178/2 | Overs 30

Hamilton Masakadza 72(67) Brendan Taylor 19(18)

That JP Duminy over yield Zimbabwe nine more runs. Partnership going strong but maybe a little bit slow given the monumental target they are chasing.


Zimbabwe 169/2 | Overs 29

Hamilton Masakadza 70(65) Brendan Taylor 13(14)

Good over by Philander, conceding only three runs. Required Run rate creeping up slowly. But the batsmen can still contend in the fact that they have wickets in hand to accelerate later.


Zimbabwe 166/2 | Overs 28

Hamilton Masakadza 68(60) Brendan Taylor 12(13)

Duminy is brought back into the attack and concedes five runs. Brendan Taylor and Hamilton Masakadza are both looking very good but they must have an eye on the required run rate which is inching toward 8.


Zimbabwe 161/2 | Overs 27

Hamilton Masakadza 66(58) Brendan Taylor 10(9)

Vernon Philander brought into the attack and Hamilton Masakadza has no trouble in attacking him. He has been playing beautifully! Brendan Taylor has started off quite well and will look to build on the partnership, he hit a beautiful lofted shot straight over Philander’s head for a four. Eight runs from that over.


Zimbabwe 153/2 | Overs 26

Hamilton Masakadza 63(56) Brendan Taylor 5(5)

Brendan Taylor hit a confident inside out shot to Imran tahir for four in the fourth ball of the over. Imran Tahir conceded seven runs in the over.


Zimbabwe 146/2 | Overs 25

Hamilton Masakadza 61(54) Brendan Taylor 0(1)

Brendan Taylor walks out to the middle to partner Hamilton Masakadza. If Zimbabwe are to win, they’ll require these two to build a big partnership. Masakadza smashes two fours in the over as Zimbabwe accumulate a total of 9 runs from that over.


Zimbabwe 137/2 | Overs 24

Hamilton Masakadza 52(49)

The Zimbabwean batsmen are growing in confidence with each passing delivery. Partnership is more than 100 runs. Both batsmen are well settled. …And Imran tahir gets the breakthrough as Chamu Chibhabha is caught at long off boundary.

OUT! Chamu Chibhabha 64(82) c Duminy b Tahir


Zimbabwe 130/1 | Overs 23

Chamu Chibhabha 59(77) Hamilton Masakadza 51(48)

Masakadza brought up his fifty in emphatic fashion smashing Dale Steyn for a six. Great innings from him, the key is to carry on. Chibhabha then went on to hit one of the best bowlers in the world for another four. Twelve runs from that over.


Zimbabwe 118/1 | Overs 22

Chamu Chibhabha 54(74) Hamilton Masakadza 44(45)

No success for South Africa yet, after the early wicket of Sikandar Raza. Imran Tahir is looking threatening but has not yet got the all-important breakthrough.


Zimbabwe 114/1 | Overs 21

Chamu Chibhabha 52(70) Hamilton Masakadza 42(43)

Hamilton Masakadza has recognized the need to up the ante and has smashed Farhaan Behardien for a six, a four and then took a single. Sensible batting. 12 runs from that over.


Zimbabwe 102/1 | Overs 20

Chamu Chibhabha 51(68) Hamilton Masakadza 31(39)

A couple of loud shouts in that over but to no avail. Just the single run in the over from the bat of Hamilton Masakadza.


Zimbabwe 101/1 | Overs 19

Chamu Chibhabha 51(65) Hamilton Masakadza 30(36)

Fifty for Chamu Chibhabha. Brave innings irrespective of what consequence it will have on the result of the match. Farhaan Behardien concedes 6 runs in that over. Zimbabwe get past the hundred run mark, South Africa will be a little bothered now.


Zimbabwe 97/1 | Overs 18

Chamu Chibhabha 49(61) Hamilton Masakadza 28(34)

Imran Tahir brought into the attack and he’s looked quite threatening. Three runs come of that over for Zimbabwe and a few anxious moments for the batsmen.


Zimbabwe 94/1 | Overs 17

Chamu Chibhabha 47(58) Hamilton Masakadza 27(31)

Zimbabwe is playing extremely sensibly. Putting the bad balls away and content with rotating the strike otherwise. Three runs of that over from Morne Morkel. Some very good deliveries squeezed in.


Zimbabwe 91/1 | Overs 16

Chamu Chibhabha 45(56) Hamilton Masakadza 26(27)

Zimbabwe are certainly growing in confidence here. Brilliant shots by Hamilton Masakadza against JP Duminy taking him for two boundaries of the first two deliveries. South Africa has some reason for concern now.


Zimbabwe 81/1 | Overs 15

Chamu Chibhabha 44(53) Hamilton Masakadza 17(24)

Some amazing shots by Hamilton Masakadza in that over. And he’s playing very sensibly. Got a couple of boundaries and was then content with rotating the strike. Nine runs of that over.


Zimbabwe 72/1 | Overs 14

Chamu Chibhabha 44(52) Hamilton Masakadza 8(19)

Chamu Chibhabha inching closer to a good fifty. But whether it will be enough remains to be soon, but is not likely. Only one run of this over from Duminy.


Zimbabwe 71/1 | Overs 13

Chamu Chibhabha 44(49) Hamilton Masakadza 7(16)

Zimbabwe should be happy with that over and their performance in this innings so far. Six runs of that Farhaan Behardien over including a boundary. They must try to not lose wickets. Partnership is doing quite well.


Zimbabwe 65/1 | Overs 12

Chamu Chibhabha 38(43) Hamilton Masakadza 7(16)

Dale Steyn has displayed good accuracy to a large extent and has been moderately effective so far. Three runs added to Zimbabwe’s score in that over.


Zimbabwe 62/1 | Overs 11

Chamu Chibhabha 36(41) Hamilton Masakadza 6(12)

De Villiers is in experimentive mood as he brings on part-timer Farhaan Behardien for an over of spin. The bowling looked quite ordinary. Six runs of that over.


Zimbabwe 56/1 | Overs 10

Chamu Chibhabha 33(38) Hamilton Masakadza 4(9)

Dale Steyn getting a lot of movement (not unusually) but the batsmen were keen to take him on. Chamu Chibhabha hit a lovely shot for four to the long on boundary with a chip over the in-field.  Six runs of the over.


Zimbabwe 50/1 | Overs 9

Chamu Chibhabha 28(36) Hamilton Masakadza 3(5)

Vernon Philander is in a hostile mood today with some sharp bouncers. Zimbabwean batsmen seem to be unnerved by the short balls.


Zimbabwe 47/1 | Overs 8

Chamu Chibhabha 27(33) Hamilton Masakadza 1(2)

Dale Steyn came into the attack and strayed down leg first ball which went for four leg byes. But got into accuracy mode in the balls that followed before he strayed down leg in the last ball which again went for four, this time from Chibhabha’s bat. 8 runs of that over.


Zimbabwe 35/1 | Overs 7

Chamu Chibhabha 18(25) Hamilton Masakadza 1(2)

Vernon Philander is getting good amount of bounce and movement; and he’s finally been rewarded with a wicket. Sikandar Raza is out for 5, poor show from him. Bowled a couple of awry deliveries after the wicket but came back strong to get the edge which fell safe.

OUT! Sikandar Raza 5(13) b Philander


Zimbabwe 32/0 | Overs 6

Sikandar Raza 5(11) Chamu Chibhabha 18(25)

Morne Morkel looked much better in this over and even got awkward bounce that caused some trouble for the Zimbabweans. Chibhabha is looking a little circumspect and it feels like something will give. Hostile maiden over there. Good comeback.


Zimbabwe 32/0 | Overs 5

Sikandar Raza 5(11) Chamu Chibhabha 18(19)

Philander continues from over the wicket. He has looked more threatening then Morne Morkel so far. He got a bouncer to rise sharply which Chibhabha was unable to duck out of but it worked in his favour as the ball raced to the fence over the keeper’s head off his helmet.


Zimbabwe 27/0 | Overs 4

Sikandar Raza 5(9) Chamu Chibhabha 17(15)

Chamu Chibhabha has looked keen to take the attack to the bowlers right from the onset. He’s played a few risky shots but the result has been favourable so far. Zimbabwe must exercise some level of restraint.


Zimbabwe 21/0 | Overs 3

Sikandar Raza 4(5) Chamu Chibhabha 12(7)

Philander may have gone for some runs but has not shown lack of intent. Concedes just 3 runs in that over. The key for Zimbabwe is to maintain wickets.


Zimbabwe 18/0 | Overs 2

Sikandar Raza 4(5) Chamu Chibhabha 12(7)

Couple of lovely shots from the bat of Chamu Chibhabha. A very positive start for the Zimbabweans indeed. Morne Morkel didn’t get his accuracy right. 12 runs have come in that over.


Zimbabwe 6/0 | Overs 1

Sikandar Raza 4(5) Chamu Chibhabha 0(1)

The openers have walked out to the middle and they have a daunting task at hand. They’ll have to lay a solid platform if Zimbabwe are to have a chance in their chase of 340. Vernon Philander is the bowler. He missed the outside edge and the inside edge on a couple of occasions. Good bounce and carry for him. Raza smashed the last ball for a good looking four to long on.


South Africa 339/4 | Overs 50

David Miller 138(92) JP Duminy 115(100)

All hell broke loose for Zimbabwe towards the final overs as David Miller and JP Duminy belted them all over the park. They’ve ended with an amazing score of 339 runs. 19 runs of that over by Panyangara. Duminy gets to his hundred in the process.


South Africa 320/4 | Overs 49

David Miller 137(91) JP Duminy 98(95)

Partnership is now worth 237 runs. Zimbabweans have been pathetic towards the later stages of the game. Will be interesting to see how many South Africa belt in the final over.


South Africa 308/4 | Overs 48

David Miller 136(90) JP Duminy 90(90)

These two are wrecking havoc with the Zimbabwean bowlers. Poor show by them. All of a sudden even 350 is looking like a possibility. Thirty runs smashed of that Solomon Mire over.


South Africa 278/4 | Overs 47

David Miller 106(84) JP Duminy 90(90)

Bad performance by Zimbabwean bowlers. Full-tosses, Half-volleys and poor short balls on offer for Miller and Duminy to capitalise on.


South Africa 262/4 | Overs 46

David Miller 100(81) JP Duminy 81(87)

What a century for David Miller, coming of just 81 deliveries. Incredible recovery by South Africa. Pathetic performance by Zimbabwe after starting off well.


South Africa 243/4 | Overs 45

David Miller 86(77) JP Duminy 76(85)

What could have ended as an ‘okay’ over, turned into a poor one with the last ball being a juicy full-toss smashed for six. Partnership has swelled past 160 runs.


South Africa 228/4 | Overs 44

David Miller 84(74) JP Duminy 64(81)

Decent over by Panyangara conceding eight runs.With only six overs to go and as many wickets in hand South Africa will look to accelerate further from here.


South Africa 220/4 | Overs 43

David Miller 82(72) JP Duminy 59(77)

Very good over from Chatara under the circumstances conceding only six runs. But still no wicket. Partnership has gone past 135 runs. David Miller poised nicely for a maiden World Cup century.


South Africa 214/4 | Overs 42

David Miller 77(68) JP Duminy 58(75)

Still no wicket for Zimbabwe. If they don’t make a breakthrough here, they may as well forget about restricting them to less than 300. Seven runs of this over from Solomon Mire.


South Africa 207/4 | Overs 41

David Miller 71(65) JP Duminy 57(72)

Miller now is hitting the gas. Huge six over cow corner of the bowling of Sean Williams. The platform is set for a score of 280+ from here. Dunminy smashed the second six in the over of the last ball. 16 runs of that over.


South Africa 193/4 | Overs 40

David Miller 64(63) JP Duminy 50(68)

Lack of intent from Zimbabwe bowlers has been inversely propotional to the intent of this South African duo at the crease who have now put up a hundred run partnership. Runs are coming in at a good nick. Zimbabwe urgently need a wicket here.


South Africa 183/4 | Overs 39

David Miller 57(60) JP Duminy 48(65)

Tendai Chatara was brought back into the attack and was welcomed to the crease with a pull shot for four from David Miller who is growing in confidence.


South Africa 175/4 | Overs 38

David Miller 51(56) JP Duminy 46(63)

Pressure seems to be rubbing on Zimbabwe. First ball was a wide down leg-side which Brendan Taylor failed to collect resulting in three wides. Miller got to his fifty in the over and now Zimbabwe really need to get a breakthrough or the good work upfront will come undone.


South Africa 165/4 | Overs 37

David Miller 47(53) JP Duminy 43(60)

As expected the South African batsman are now looking to cut loose. Huge six smashed by David Miller  over backward square leg of the final ball of the over. Expensive over from Panyangara conceding 10 runs.





South Africa 155/4 | Overs 36

David Miller 38(48) JP Duminy 42(59)

Sean Williams bowls another decent over conceding four runs. But South African pair at the crease are certainly growing in confidence with each passing over and it is only a matter of time before they start freeing their arms.


South Africa 151/4 | Overs 35

David Miller 36(46) JP Duminy 40(55)

Hamilton Masakadza bowled his first over, conceding —- runs, including a boundary to the square fence. South Africa added five runs to the total, taking the score past the 150-run mark.


South Africa 145/4 | Overs 34

David Miller 35(45) JP Duminy 35(50)

Just two runs from that over from Sean Williams. But the focus must now shift onto picking a wicket rather than simply containing the batsman.


South Africa 143/4 | Overs 33

David Miller 34(41) JP Duminy 34(48)

As expected, after the fifty partnership, the batsmen are starting to attack a little bit. The second ball of the over was hit to the cover boundary to add a crucial four to the scorecard. Seven runs from that over.


South Africa 136/4 | Overs 32

David Miller 29(37) JP Duminy 33(47)

Sean Williams brought back into the attack here. Partnership has swelled to more than fifty runs, a really handy partnership for South Africa under the circumstances.


South Africa 133/4 | Overs 31

David Miller 28(35) JP Duminy 30(42)

Zimbabwe must start thinking in terms of wickets now, because these two are big-hitters and could snatch initiative if allowed to settle any further. Meanwhile another smart over from Kamugozi, conceding two runs.


South Africa 131/4 | Overs 30

David Miller 26(33) JP Duminy 24(32)

So far the batsmen were content in dealing with singles and doubles but Duminy finally guided a ball to the fine leg for a welcome boundary. Solomon Mire is overusing the short ball.


South Africa 125/4 | Overs 29

David Miller 26(33) JP Duminy 24(32)

The partnership is slowly but steadily growing in confidence and runs. Duminy and Miller are playing sensibly and not taking the unnecessary risk of going big just as yet. 4 runs from that Kamugozi-over.


South Africa 121/4 | Overs 28

David Miller 24(30) JP Duminy 22(29)

Elton Chigumbura does the wise thing of taking Sikandar Raza of the attack and brings back Solomon Mire into the attack. Mire is generating good amount of bounce and pace. But he overused the short ball which batsmen nudged around for singles and twos. Seven runs come from the over.


South Africa 114/4 | Overs 27

David Miller 23(29) JP Duminy 17(24)

No reason for Zimbabwe to worry just as yet but they have to do something to choke the runflow a little. Batsmen are getting the runs without too much effort. Kuamugozi has been a lot more threatening as compared to Raza at the other end however.


South Africa 109/4 | Overs 26

David Miller 21(27) JP Duminy 14(20)

Sikandar Raza is not keeping the pressure maintained, letting the batsmen knock him about for easy singles and twos. Batsmen are taking him for more than six an over without even scoring boundaries.


South Africa 102/4 | Overs 25

David Miller 19(25) JP Duminy 9(16)

Batsmen are simply aiming for the gaps at this stage and getting the singles and twos. They have no choice but to be content with that after the loss of four wickets early.


South Africa 98/4 | Overs 24

David Miller 16(23) JP Duminy 8(12)

Sikandar Raza conceded 8 runs of that over. Batsmen are having no trouble just nudging him about for singles and twos. Raza needs to improvise here.


South Africa 90/4 | Overs 23

David Miller 13(18) JP Duminy 2(5)

Another fantastic over by Kamugozi after his previous over earned him the prized scalp of AB de Villiers. Batsmen were edgy against him and just managed two runs in the over.



South Africa 88/4 | Overs 22

David Miller 13(18) JP Duminy 2(5)

Decent first over by Sikanadar Raza. Batsmen will have to focus on the rebuilding job here, another wicket at this stage will prove to be too costly.


South Africa 84/4 | Overs 21

David Miller 11(16) JP Duminy 0(1)

AB de Villiers out! Going for the big shot one time too many. Tafadzwa Kamugozi tastes success in his very first over. But the success is his just as much as the fielder — Craig Ervine’s — fielding at the long off position. He caught the ball but realized the momentum was taking him over the rope. He threw the ball in the air as he leaped over the rope and came back in to collect it cleanly. Zimbabwe on top of the contest here.

OUT! AB de Villiers 25(36) c Ervine b Kamugozi


South Africa 83/3 | Overs 20

AB de Villiers 25(34) David Miller 10(13)

Tidy over by Sean Williams, he’s not doing anything extra-ordinary. Just trying to hold up one end. And he’s doing a neat job of it conceding just three runs.


South Africa 80/3 | Overs 19

AB de Villiers 23(31) David Miller 9(10)

Elton Chigumbura committed the sin of over-stepping and in the free-hit opportunity that followed Miller took him to the cleaners over long off. That will release some pressure. Eight runs came in that over.


South Africa 72/3 | Overs 18

AB de Villiers 22(30) David Miller 3(4)

David Miller has come out to the middle in attempt to steasy the South African ship which was dealt another massive blow last over in form of du Plessis’s wicket. Du Plessis’wicket was very crucial as South Africa were just looking to become aggressive. Sean Williams conceded five runs in this over.


South Africa 67/3 | Overs 17

AB de Villiers 20(28)

Single down to third man off the first ball, followed by a cut to deep cover by de Villiers. DOT. du Plessis plays it to the cover fielder. SIX. du Plessis charges down the track and plays it over the long off fence for a huge six, which is followed by a dot. OUT! du Plessis is out caught by the wicket-keeper down the leg side. That’s an extremely unfortunate way to get out.

OUT! Faf du Plessis 24(32) c Taylor b Chigumbura


South Africa 59/2 | Overs 16

Faf du Plessis 17(27) AB de Villiers 19(27)

Sean Williams was brought on for an over of spin and there appears to be little turn on offer. Batsmen nudging the ball around for timely singles instead of risking the big shots just as yet. Smart cricket.


South Africa 55/2 | Overs 15

Faf du Plessis 15(24) AB de Villiers 17(24)

Zimbabwe bowlers just seem to letting down on intent a wee bit. The batsmen are starting to get increasingly comfortable at the crease. Seven runs come from that over. Batsmen doing the right thing by rotating strike with every ball.


South Africa 48/2 | Overs 14

Faf du Plessis 11(21) AB de Villiers 15(21)

It appears as if the batsmen are starting to get a little more adjusted to the slow-paced pitch. Solomon Mire is not having the same kind of impact as did the opening bowlers. For South Africa the key is to build on a partnership.


South Africa 41/2 | Overs 13

Faf du Plessis 6(14) AB de Villiers 8(16)

Elton Chigumbura brings himself on as the second bowling change of the match. Started off with a wide down the leg-side in his second delivery. AB de Villiers played an awkward pull shot on the fifth delivery of the over but got the desired four runs. He came down the crease anticipating a fuller length delivery but improvised well to the short ball sending the ball racing to the midwicket boundary.


South Africa 34/2 | Overs 12

Faf du Plessis 6(14) AB de Villiers 8(16)

First bowling change for Zimbabwe as Solomon Mire comes in to replace Chatara, conceding 4 runs in the over. South Africa are evidently finding it difficult to adjust to the slowness of the pitch.


South Africa 30/2 | Overs 11

Faf du Plessis 3(12) AB de Villiers 7(12)

Another good over by Panyangara only conceding two runs. Faf du Plessis could have even been caught out by the long off fielder who misjudged it by a little. South Africa need to build a partnership here.


South Africa 28/2 | Overs 10

Faf du Plessis 2(8) AB de Villiers 6(10)

De Villiers is not the one to be tied down for too long as he took the aerial route, hitting an inside out over shot long off for a six. But a decent over by Chatara otherwise.


South Africa 21/2 | Overs 9

Faf du Plessis 1(7) AB de Villiers 0(5)

Hashim Amla survived an lbw scare last over but the relief didn’t last too long as the South Africans find themselves in deep trouble after Amla got bowled by Panyangara. The Zimbabwean bowlers have been phenomenal early on. Panyangara did a funny belly-on-floor celebration after getting the big wicket.

OUT! Hashim Amla 11(26) b Panyangara


South Africa 21/1 | Overs 8

Hashim Amla 11(25) Faf du Plessis 1(7)

Tendai Chatara gets the big wicket here…  well almost… Hashim Amla was adjudged lbw by umpire Rod Tucker but it was duly sent upstairs by Amla for a review and it was found to be too high missing the stumps. But even Amla is visibly finding it difficult against Chatara’s accuracy. One run comes of this over.


South Africa 20/1 | Overs 7

Hashim Amla 10(19) Faf du Plessis 1(7)

Hashim Amla put on display some amazing wrist work to send one to the leg-side fence for a four. There’s a good buzz going among the Zimbabwe fielders after the bowlers have given them a brilliant start. The boundary will release some pressure.


South Africa 13/1 | Overs 6

Hashim Amla 3(13) Faf du Plessis 1(7)

Tendai Chatara is really asking questions of the batsmen with some accurate bowling and he’s even procuring movement of the pitch as well as movement in the air. Earned him a maiden over.


South Africa 13/1 | Overs 5

Hashim Amla 3(13) Faf du Plessis 1(1)

Faf du Plessis comes out to accompany Hashim Amla at the crease after the fall of Quinton de Kock’s wicket to some excellent bowling from Chatara. Tinashe Panyangara is also bowling beautifully for most part but conceded a poor wide down the leg side in the sixth ball. He conceded a total of three runs in the over.


South Africa 10/1 | Overs 4

Hashim Amla 2(8)

Slowness of the pitch became quite evident in that over. De Kock was finding it difficult to adjust to the bounce and slowness of the pitch and in the last ball of the over mis-read the pace in the pitch, losing his wicket tamely. Chatara gets his man early.

OUT! Quinton de Kock 7(16) c Ervine b Chatara


South Africa 8/0 | Overs 3

Quinton de Kock 5(10) Hashim Amla 2(8)

Tinashe Panyangara erred in the second ball of the over bowling a fuller length delivery and also gave width on offer allowing Quinton de Kock to hit him for the first boundary of the match and that will help calm nerves.


South Africa 2/0 | Overs 2

Quinton de Kock 0(6) Hashim Amla 2(6)

Zimbabwe send in another economical over, only conceding two runs. Tendai Chatara was the bowler and Hashim Amla looked rather sedate facing him.


South Africa 0/0 | Overs 1

Quinton de Kock 0(6) Hashim Amla 0(0)

Zimbabwe get in a maiden first-up. Tinashe Panyangara bowled really well and the batsman — Quinton de Kock — had a few tense moments. There’s some amount of movement on offer.

South Africa XI: Quinton de Kock(w), Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers(c), David Miller, Jean-Paul Duminy, Farhaan Behardien, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir

Zimbabwe XI: Chamu Chibhabha, Sikandar Raza, Hamilton Masakadza, Brendan Taylor(w), Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Elton Chigumbura(c), Solomon Mire, Tinashe Panyangara, Tendai Chatara, Tafadzwa Kamungozi

Zimbabwe win the toss and have elected to field first. Elton Chigumbura, the skipper, feels team batting second will be advantaged. AB de Villiers says he’d have liked to take the field first too. Pitch appears to be slightly on the slower side from the look of it, but batsmen should find it relatively easy to score runs once they get settled. There is some grass on the pitch, but mostly very dry.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match between the African rivals, South Africa and Zimbabweat the Seddon Park, Hamilton on Sunday. A big match for both the sides, as a win for both South Africa and Zimbabwe will kick start their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 journey on a high note. here can set the tone for the upcoming matches in the World Cup. This is Rishad D’Souza, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the clash. Here is the preview of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

South Africa have lost their warm-up match against New Zealand, despite being one of the favourites in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. They were crushed by 134 runs by the Black Caps. However, Hashim Amla and Dale Steyn did not feature in the match and the duo have been key performers in both their batting and bowling unit. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

Zimbabwe, on the other hand, won their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 warm-up tie against Sri Lanka, riding high on Hamilton Masakadza’s century and a brilliant all-round performance by Sean Williams. Zimbabwe will be looking to make a winning start, which will not only boost their confidence for the matches ahead, but will be huge step towards regaining respect among major teams in the world. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

The last time the two teams met in the Cricket World Cup was in 1999, when Neil Johnson’s all-round performance steered the team to a 48 runs victory. Both the teams have won one each against each other in World Cup history, with South Africa having won in 1992 World Cup. Catch Live Scorecard of the Pool B match between South Africa and Zimbabwe here.


South Africa: AB de Villiers (c), Hashim Amla, Kyle Abbott, Farhaan Behardien, Quinton de Kock (wk), JP Duminy, Faf du Plessis, Imran Tahir, David Miller, Morne Morkel, Wayne Parnell, Aaron Phangiso, Vernon Philander, Rilee Rossouw, Dale Steyn.

Zimbabwe: Elton Chigumbura (c), Sikandar Raza, Regis Chakabva (wk), Tendai Chatara, Chamu Chibhabha, Craig Ervine, Tafadzwa Kamungozi, Hamilton Masakadza, Stuart Matsikenyeri, Solomon Mire, Tawanda Mupariwa, Tinashe Panyangara, Brendan Taylor, Prosper Utseya, Sean Williams.

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