Sean Williams top-scored for Zimbabwe with a knock of 76 © Getty Images
Sean Williams top-scored for Zimbabwe with a knock of 76 © Getty Images

 Catch live cricket scorecard of West Indies vs Zimbabwe ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match here

(Can West Indies manage to carry their momentum over from their win against Pakistan? Or will Zimbabwe continue to surprise the cricket world with its newly-found passion? Catch live cricket scores of the match here)

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Chris Gayle is awarded the Player of the Match award, which does not come as a surprise to anyone! Upon being asked by Ian Bishop about working hard ahead of the match, Gayle replied “Too hard, like i said when you work hard, the results will eventually come.”

“Not worried about my bowling at all,” is what Gayle said when asked about his experience with the ball in the game, taking two wickets while conceding 35 runs from six overs to add to the exploits with the bat.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 289 | Overs 44.3

BATTING: Tafadzwa Kamungozi 6(9)

The over begins with a couple of wides by Nikita Miller. Dot off the third attempt, followed by Chatara taking a couple of runs by sending the ball towards mid-wicket. And the match comes to an end when Miller’s delivery smashes onto the stumps, as Chatara is bowled for a score of 16 off 20 balls. West Indies win by 73 runs by Duckworth-Lewis Method. Read the match report here

OUT! Tendai Chatara b Nikita Miller 16 (20)


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 276/9 | Overs 43

BATTING: Tendai Chatara 9(13), Tafadzwa Kamungozi 2(7)

Two runs off the first ball, as Chatara gets the top-edge, with the ball flying high over the wicket-keeper’s head as it goes towards no-man’s land. The second delivery fetches Chatara a single. Dot, followed by a single towards mid-off to give Kamungozi his second run of the innings. Single off the last ball as Chatara retains the strike for the 44th over.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 271/9 | Overs 42

BATTING: Tendai Chatara 5(9), Tafadzwa Kamungozi 1 (5)

Wide off the first ball of the over, which is being bowled by Gayle. Kamungozi sends the next delivery towards mid-off for a single. Similar shots are played over the next two deliveries, with one of it getting a single, while the other one is a dot. Wide off the fifth ball, as Kamungozi attempts to go for a big hit off the last ball.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 266/9 | Overs 41

BATTING: Tendai Chatara 4(7), Tafadzwa Kamungozi 0 (1)

Three singles have come off the first three balls of the over so far, with the Zimbabweans seemingly out of the game right now. Batting the 50 overs out will be somewhat a consolation for the Zimbabweans, but that does not look likely as Chigumbura is dismissed after getting caught by Chris Gayle at extra cover off the bowling of Jerome Taylor to depart on a score of 21 off 20 balls.

OUT! Elton Chigumbura c Chris Gayle b Jerome Taylor 21 (20)


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 262/8 | Overs 40

BATTING: Elton Chigumbura 19 (17), Tendai Chatara 2(5)

The first ball results in a single,  with a run-out opportunity at the striker’s end being referred to by the third umpire, without any success for the bowling side. Another single follows, as Chatara plays the delivery towards backward point. Two dots follow, before Chigumbura gets a boundary towards deep mid-wicket, where the fielder tries his best to stop the ball, but comes in contact with the rope. Another single and a dot follows.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 256/8 | Overs 39

BATTING: Elton Chigumbura 14 (13), Tendai Chatara 1(3)


Zimbabwe lose their eighth wicket of the match, as Panyangara gets a glove on a short delivery that he was looking to play towards third man. He is out after scoring four runs off eight balls. Chatara comes down to bat, as only two runs are conceded in the over

OUT! Tinashe Panyangara c Denesh Ramdin b Jerome Taylor 4 (8)



LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 254/7 | Overs 38

BATTING: Elton Chigumbura 14 (11), Tinashe Panyangara 4 (7)

Gayle is back into the attack, as with four singles coming off the first four balls, as the lower-order pair now look to keep rotating the strike amongs themselves. The fifth delivery hits Chigumbura on the pads, with the West Indians going for the review. The decision, which was originally not out, remains the same. Chigumbura smashes the last ball for a six over mid-wicket!


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 244/7 | Overs 37

BATTING: Elton Chigumbura 6 (7), Tinashe Panyangara 2 (5)

Single. A misfield by Jonathan Carter gets Panyangara off the mark. Chigumbura pats the second ball of the 37th over being bowled by Jerome Taylor towards mid-on for a single. After a dot in the third delivery, Panyangara sends the fourth delivery towards third man for a single. Dot off the final delivery of the over, as Panyangara attempts a big hit.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 240/7 | Overs 36

BATTING: Elton Chigumbura 4 (5), Tinashe Panyangara 0 (1)

Dot. Followed by two singles, before Gayle collects his second wicket of the innings by trapping Matsikenyeri leg-before for a score of 19 off 23 ball. Mastikenyeri played the shot quite late, with the ball hitting his pads while he was looking to play towards the leg side. It has been Gayle’s day so far, and the Jamaican giant looks to keep the party going all the way! Tinashe Panyangara

OUT! Stuart Matsikenyeri lbw Chris Gayle 19 (23)

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 237/6 | Overs 35

BATTING: Stuart Matsikenyeri 18 (20), Elton Chigumbura 3 (3)

Andre Russell comes in to bowl. Two singles off the first couple of deliveries, before the third ball is sent over square-leg for a boundary by Matsikenyeri. The four is followed by a dot, before Matsikenyeri takes two runs off the fifth ball of the over. He retains the strike by taking a single off the final ball.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 228/6 | Overs 34

BATTING: Stuart Matsikenyeri 10 (13)

Two singles taken quickly off the first three balls, before Gayle works his magic with the ball by bowling Ervine out for a score of 52. Pitched between off and middle, Ervine completely misses the line of the ball as the ball does not change its path and smashes onto the leg-stump. Skipper Elton Chigumbura comes down to bat, and collects two runs off the last ball of the over by sending the ball towards long-on.

OUT! Craig Ervine b Chris Gayle 52 (41)


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 224/5 | Overs 33

BATTING: Craig Ervine 51 (39) Stuart Matsikenyeri 10 (13)

Wide off the first ball of the Andre Russell over, with the second ball being smashed over the umpires head for a straight four off Matsikenyeri’s bat. Ervine pulls the third delivery for a boundary towards backward square-leg to bring up his sixth ODI fifty in 37 balls. No run off the fourth ball of the over. Single of the last ball of the over ensures Ervine retains the strike.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 213/5 | Overs 32

BATTING: Craig Ervine 46 (36) Stuart Matsikenyeri 5 (10)

Ervine collects two runs off the first ball after hitting it towards the square leg boundary, where the sweeper collects the ball. He manages to despatch the ball towards the boundary at deep cover off the very next ball to inch closer to his half-century. Single off the third ball. Followed by three consecutive dots as the umpires call for drinks!


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 205/5 | Overs 31

BATTING: Craig Ervine 39 (32) Stuart Matsikenyeri 4 (8)

Ervine attempts to smash Miller for a straight six, with Jerome Taylor missing out on a catch near near the boundary rope with four runs getting added to Ervine’s tally. The 200 also comes up for the Zimbabweans in the meantime.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 197/5 | Overs 30

BATTING: Craig Ervine 32 (27) Stuart Matsikenyeri 3 (7)

FOUR! Excellent shot by Sean Williams as he smashes Jason Holder down the ground for a boundary. SIX! Williams then follows it up with a six over square leg, what seemed like just a flick of the wrists. ONE! Williams takes a single to get Stuart Matsikenyeri on strike, who then takes a SINGLE after he plays it down gently. FOUR! Ervine once again pulls the ball into the square leg fence. MIX UP off the last delivery, but no damage done. Excellent over for Zimbabwe.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 181/5 | Overs 29

BATTING: Craig Ervine 17 (22) Stuart Matsikenyeri 2 (6)

Jerome Taylor keeps it tight in that over as the Zimbabwe batsmen find it hard to put him away. But he bowls two WIDES down the leg side and gives the opposition a couple of easy runs. New batsman Stuart Matsikenyari cuts the ball to the third man fence that fetches his team TWO runs. DOT off the last delivery ends another excellent over from Taylor.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 177/5 | Overs 28

BATTING: Craig Ervine 17 (22) Stuart Matsikenyeri 0(0)

ONE. Craig Ervine gets a single on the leg side. ONE more. Jason Holder bowls an excellent yorker but it’s dug out for a single. 50 partnership between the duo. ONE down to fine leg. OUT! Sean Williams is dismissed after he tries to clear mid wicket, Dwayne Smith takes the catch, Holder gets his man. DOT! Stuart Matsikenyeri is the new batsman

Sean Williams c Smith b Holder 76 (61)

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 174/4 | Overs 27

BATTING: Sean Williams 75 (59), Craig Ervine 15 (18)

Good over for Zimbabwe as they manage to get 10 runs out of it, including an excellent boundary of the fifth ball from Marlon Samuels. Zimbabwer will need more and more boundaries like that.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 164/4 | Overs 26

BATTING: Sean Williams 74 (56), Craig Ervine 6 (15)

Dry over for the Zimbaweans so far, with the three dots coming off the four balls so far. Ervine takes a single off the fifth ball of the over, with Williams taking a single off the last ball of the over.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 161/4 | Overs 25

BATTING: Sean Williams 72 (53), Craig Ervine 5 (12)

Single off the first ball of the over by Williams, followed by a dot and a single by Ervine. Williams comes down the track in the fifth ball, and sends the ball over the bowler’s head for a boundary. Takes a couple, followed by a single off the last ball to retain the strike.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 152/4 | Overs 24

BATTING: Sean Williams 64 (49), Craig Ervine 4 (10)

Williams smashes the third ball of the 24th over, bowled by Andre Russell, for a boundary towards mid-wicket to move into the 60’s, making his presence at the crease a crucial one if Zimbabwe is to finish at a respectable score, let alone a victory. Williams takes two runs off the next ball, followed by a single. Dot off the last ball of the over.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 144/4 | Overs 23

BATTING: Sean Williams 56 (44), Craig Ervine 2 (3)

A single off the first and last deliveries are all that are produced in this over bowled by Samuels. Ervine is going strong at the moment, with a strike rate of over 120.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 142/4 | Overs 22

BATTING: Sean Williams 56 (44), Craig Ervine 2 (3)

Sean Williams completes his fifty off the first ball of the over, taking a couple of runs to reach the milestone, carrying his good form over from the UAE match. The second ball is brilliantly stopped by Jonathan Carter at backward point to prevent any run. The third ball is a single. The fourth ball is a fron-foot no-ball, as is the free-hit. Russell concedes a wide off the second free-hit, as the extras were piling up one-by-one. Williams smashes the following ball for a boundary over mid-on. Followed by a single off the next delivery.

LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 130/4 | Overs 21

BATTING: Sean Williams 45 (34), Craig Ervine 1 (1)

Taylor is dismissed off the first ball of the over, as he attempts to sweep the delivery, with the ball appearing to brush his wrist before landing in the wicket-keeper’s gloves. The replays show the same, but the umpire decides to overturn his decision and adjudge it out! Shocking decision on from the umpire’s part, as it brings an end to the fruitful 80 run partnership for the fourth wicket, with Sean Ervine coming to the crease.

OUT! Brendan Taylor c Denesh Ramdin b Marlon Samuels 37 (48)


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 126/3 | Overs 20

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 37 (47), Sean Williams 45 (34)

Andre Russell is brought into the attack. Single off the first ball as Williams moves to 43. Dot off the second delivery, with Taylor looking to take a run before being sent back. The third ball is a rather short one, that nearly smashes into Taylor’s helmet. Single off the fourth ball, as Taylor moves to 37 off 47.Dot off the fifth delivery, before Williams pulls the final ball towards the square leg boundary to collect a couple of runs.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 122/3 | Overs 19

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 36 (44), Sean Williams 44 (31)

Williams takes a single off the first ball of the over, followed by a couple of dots from Taylor before taking a single. Williams hits the fifth ball past the fielder at backward square leg to collect a boundary, followed by a single to end the over. Its drinks now!


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 115/3 | Overs 18

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 35 (41), Sean Williams 36 (28)

Misfields results in two boundaries coming off the 18th over. Williams scores the first one, pushing the ball past mid-off, before taking a single to  stop the delivery. Taylor reverse-sweeps the fifth delivery, as the ball beats the fielder at backward point to head for a boundary. The last ball is blocked by Taylor.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 105/3 | Overs 17

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 30 (37), Sean Williams 31 (26)

Taylor gets a single off the first ball of the over, sending the ball through long-on. Dot. Followed by a boundary off the third ball, as Williams despatches the ball through extra-cover. Followed by a couple of singles to end the over. Read: Zimbabwe steer on


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 98/3 | Overs 16

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 28 (34), Sean Williams 26 (23)

Dot. Followed by two runs coming off Williams’ bat, who gets an edge that sends the ball high up in the air, but lands safely in deep fine leg. Four! Williams brings up the fifty-partnership with a boundary towards third man. Followed by three dots.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 92/3 | Overs 15

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 28 (34), Sean Williams 20 (17)

Four! Williams decided to muscle this one, smashing it towards deep extra cover. One. Williams sends this one through mid-wicket for a single. One. Taylor sends it towards square leg for a single. Dot. Followed by a four! Williams gets down on one knee and smashes it towards deep backward square leg.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 81/3 | Overs 14

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 27 (33), Sean Williams 10 (12)

Taylor smashes a boundary off the first ball of the over, with the ball beating Darren Sammy at deep extra cover. Taylor attempts a cut off the second delivery for a single. Another single off the third ball of the over, with Williams working towards long-off for a single. Two more singles come in the over, as eight runs are scored in a rather productive over.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 73/3 | Overs 13

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 21 (29), Sean Williams 8 (10)

Single off Samuels’ second over of the innings, followed by a dot off the next delivery. The pattern goes on until Williams collects two runs off the last ball of the over, sweeping the delivery through backward square leg.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 68/3 | Overs 12

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 19 (26), Sean Williams 5 (7)

Three singles precede the first six of the Zimbabwean innings, which comes off Nikita Miller’s second over of the innings. Taylor gets down on one knee and smashes the delivery over the backward square leg boundary. Takes a single off the last ball of the over to retain strike in the next over.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 58/3 | Overs 11

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 11 (22), Sean Williams 3 (5)

Marlon Samuels is introduced into the attack. Single. Taylor guides the ball towards through mid-wicket. Single Williams pushes this time through mid-off to collect another single. Three dot balls follow, before Taylor comes down the track in an attempted heave of the ball over the bowler’s head, which is collected by the man at long off for the batsman to collect a couple of runs.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 54/3 | Overs 10

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 8 (17), Sean Williams 2 (4)

Williams gets a single off the second ball of the over, followed by the third ball going for a dot. Taylor attempts a reverse-sweep off the fourth ball, not getting the desired result though as the ball glides to the empty slips. The umpires gives it leg-byes. Dot off the last ball of the over.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 50/3 | Overs 9

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 7 (14), Sean Williams 1 (1)

Brendon guides a Jerome delivery towards third man with the hope of a boundary, which does not happen as the sweeper collects it, with two runs coming off it. Single off the next ball, which is followed by Sean Williams getting off the mark, also with a single. Zimbabwe have reached the 50-run mark, though they have over 300 runs to score at the moment if they are to end as winners.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 46/3 | Overs 8

BATTING: Brendan Taylor 4 (9), Sean Williams 0 (0)

The fifth ball is a vicious short delivery by Holder, which brushes past Raza’s elbow before making its way to the boundary over the wicket-keeper’s head. Another short delivery follows, and it is called a wide. Raza’s attempts to get the big hits coming ends with his dismissal, with as Raza gets caught for 26 off 20 balls, getting caught by Lendl Simmons at the third man area off the last delivery of the over.

OUT! Sikandar Raza c Lendl Simmons b Jerome Taylor 26 (20)


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 36/2 | Overs 7

BATTING: Sikandar Raza 25 (18), Brendan Taylor 1 (5)

One Taylor faces another, as Brendan finally gets the strike off Jerome’s over, with four dot balls coming off it before the latter concedes a wide, and finally getting off the mark with a single in the penultimate delivery. Raza defends the last ball of the over, as only two runs come off it.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 34/2 | Overs 6

BATTING: Sikandar Raza 25 (17), Brendan Taylor 0 (0)

Raza races to the 20s with a couple of well-played strokes off the fourth and fifth deliveries of the over bowled by Jason Holder, both of which result in boundaries. Eight runs come off the over, with Brendan Taylor yet to face a delivery on the other end.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 26/2 | Overs 5

BATTING: Sikandar Raza 17 (11), Brendan Taylor 0 (0)

Zimbabwe are handed another massive blow, with Hamilton Masakadza falling prey to a delivery that struck him between middle and leg off the bowling of Jerome Taylor. Masakadza goes for the review, which goes against the batsman and turns out to be a bad call for the Zimbabweans as the umpire sticks to his decision. Raza, on the other end, continues to carry the burden of hopes for his team.

OUT! Hamilton Masakadza lbw Jerome Taylor 5 (14)


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 20/1 | Overs 4

BATTING: Sikandar Raza 11 (6), Hamilton Masakadza 3(3)

Two runs have been scored since the resumption of play after the brief spell of rain. Raza and Masakadza return to the crease in amidst immense pressure, as two overs have been shaved off from Zimbabwe’s quota of 50 and the target has been revised to 363 under the Duckworth-Lewis Method. Raza is off to a somewhat good start, hitting a couple of boundaries in the process.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 18/1 | Overs 2.3

BATTING: Sikandar Raza 11 (6), Hamilton Masakadza 3(3)

Play has been called off as the downpour gets heavier at the Manuka Oval in Canberra, with Zimbabwe currently in a precarious position after losing an early wicket. The covers are out as, one can only sit and hope for the shower to subside! In the meantime, go through our website to read some interesting statistics and trivia on Gayle’s record-breaking knock.


LIVE SCORE: Zimbabwe 16/1 | Overs 2

BATTING: Sikandar Raza 11 (6), Hamilton Masakadza 1(1)

Zimbabwe are handed an early blow, losing Regis Chakabva in the second over of their innings, getting trapped leg-before off the bowling of opposition skipper Jason Holder. The umpires initially declares it not out, and the West Indians go for the review. The umpire reverses his decison after getting a confirmation from the third umpire.

OUT! Regis Chakabva lbw Jason Holder 2 (5)

Chris Gayle: “Its been a lot of pressure, and the runs haven’t been coming. I kept getting messages on my phone, as well as on my Twitter. I have never felt this kind of pressure, and this is the first time I have seen so many people want me to score runs, and I am happy I gave them something to cheer about. It was a bit slow at the start and I tried to take the bull by the horns. Eventually the field spread. I am not getting any younger, age is catching up with me. I am quite happy to have gotten this hundred, and this will give the team some momentum ahead of the match against South Africa, which is an important one,” the batsman was quoted as saying during the interview after his record-breaking innings. Read: Chris Gayle thanks fans

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LIVE SCORE: West Indies 372/2 | Overs 50

BATTING: Marlon Samuels 133(156)

Gayle gets a single off the first ball of the over, bowled by Chatara. Samuels sends the second over over mid-wicket for a six. Single off the third delivery. Takes a couple off the fourth ball.Gayle takes a couple off the fifth ball, which is declared a no-ball due to its height. Another no-ball by Chatara, again due to the height factor, as Chatara is taken off the attack by the umpire. And Gayle is dismissed off the very last ball of the innings, after a magical innings that sees multiple innings tumble. We may have witnessed the greatest innings by Gayle, and one of the best of all time! 373-run target for the Zimbabweans! This is also the highest ODI total by West Indies! Read the innings report here

OUT! Chris Gayle c Elton Chigumbura b Hamilton Masakadza 215 (147), caught by the skipper at the backward point area as he got down on one knee and attempted to smash the ball, getting an edge instead.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 356/1 | Overs 49

BATTING: Chris Gayle 209(142), Marlon Samuels 125(153)

Samuels smashes a boundary off the boundary off the first ball, followed by a superb hit off the second delivery that results in a six over deep point, Samuels’ first six off the innings. After a missed attempt in the third delivery, Samuels sends the ball towards deep extra cover, where an embarrassing misfield results in a boundary. The fifth ball sees Samuels smash the ball over mid-off, with the fielder making a rather impressive stop at long-off. Samuels however collects a couple of runs to bring up the 350. Samuels ends the over with a massive six over long-off. Read: Gayle equals Rohit Sharma


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 334/1 | Overs 48

BATTING: Chris Gayle 209(142), Marlon Samuels 103(147)

Samuels brings up his hundred off the first ball of the over, having played second fiddle to Gayle throughout the innings. The pair equal the record held by Sachin and Dravid, before surpassing it with a single off the fourth ball of the over with a single towards long-off. Gayle does the same off the last ball, as nine runs come off the over! It is a remarkable day in West Indian cricket in general, and the sport in particular. Little did people predict this onslaught to happen when Smith was dismissed for a duck! Read: Marlon Samuels completes century

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LIVE SCORE: West Indies 325/1 | Overs 47

BATTING: Chris Gayle 207(141), Marlon Samuels 96(143)

A wide is what Samuels can get in the two balls of the over as he is apparently slowing down the whirlwind momentum that Gayle has built up in the last ten overs or so, with the record books being set on fire by Gayle’s powerful hitting. Samuels takes a single off the third ball as the partnership is now worth 320, surpassing the 318-run stand between Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid in the 1999 World Cup. Not only is this the highest World Cup partnership, it is also the second-highest stand of all-time in ODIs, behind 331-run stand between Sachin Tendulkar and Dravid against New Zealand in 1999. Eight runs off the over, as three runs remain in the innings. Read: Gayle becomes first non-Indian ODI double-centurion

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 317/1 | Overs 46

BATTING: Chris Gayle 205(139), Marlon Samuels 93(137)

Gayle equals Rohit Sharma’s 16 sixes for the most sixes in an ODI innings, and is a hit away from becoming the first non-Indian to enter the elite 200-club in ODIs. The highest ODI score is possibly under threat right now, as Gayle looks to murder the bowling attack with a little less than five overs left right now! Gayle achieves the magical number, bringing up his double-hundred off 138 deliveries with a boundary off the fifth ball of the over through extra-cover! Hits a four off the last ball of the over as well! 17 runs off the over, with the Manuka Oval rising to their feet to appreciate Gayle’s tremendous knock! Read: Chris Gayle completes 200

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 300/1 | Overs 45

BATTING: Chris Gayle 190(135), Marlon Samuels 91(135)

Samuels fetches a single off the first ball off the over to hand the strike back to Gayle. Gayle smashes two more sixes off consecutive balls, as the records are now beginning to tumble now. This is the highest World Cup score ever by any batsman, beating Gary Kirsten’s 188 against UAE in 1996. It is also the highest score by a West Indian ever!! 15 sixes have come off Gayle’s bat so far, which is one away from the world record currently held by Rohit Sharma.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 279/1 | Overs 44

BATTING: Chris Gayle 171(131), Marlon Samuels 89(133)

The hip-looking Kamungozi returns to the attack, as the first ball is stopped at extra cover by the fielder after an attempted slash by Samuels, who manages to send the ball towards the long-off fielder. Gayle smashes the third ball over the mid-wicket boundary to bring up his highest ODI score. This is also the highest ever ODI partnership for the West Indies, beating the 258-run stand between Denesh Ramdin and Dwayne Bravo against Bangladesh last year. 21 runs come off the huge over, as Gayle smashes the last ball towards the forward mid-wicket boundary for a four. Can Gayle get to his 200? Looks quite possible from here.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 258/1 | Overs 43

BATTING: Chris Gayle 151(127), Marlon Samuels 88(131)

Couple of singles come off the first two balls of the over, with Sean Williams returning to the attack after recording a somewhat expensive first spell. Gayle completes his 150, the fourth time he reached the score in his career, as he smashes the flighted delivery towards mid-wicket with the sweeper doing a good job of saving the boundary. Read: Gayle completes 150

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 251/1 | Overs 42

BATTING: Chris Gayle 147(124), Marlon Samuels 85(128)

Samuels hits the first ball of the over, bowled by skipper Chigumbura, through extra cover for a four. Panyangara concedes five wides off what is supposed to be the third ball off the 42nd over. He repeats the wayward feat a couple of deliveries later, as the wide count goes upto six. Gayle brings up the 250-run mark off the last ball of the over, with Gayle three runs away from bringing up his 150-run mark, as he smashes the ball over mid-wicket.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 233/1 | Overs 41

BATTING: Chris Gayle 141(122), Marlon Samuels 78(124)

Samuels takes a single off the first delivery of the over. Dot off the second ball of the over, followed by a single off the third delivery. Samuels cuts the fourth ball of the over towards the backward point boundary, where the ball beats the sweeper. Gayle once again ends the over with a massive six, this time smashing it over the bowler’s head. 13 runs off the over!

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 220/1 | Overs 40

BATTING: Chris Gayle 134(120), Marlon Samuels 72(120)

Gayle is caught at the cow corner, but the delivery turns out to be a no-ball. This could be a major loss for the Zimbabweans, as Gayle can single-handedly tear them apart in the last ten overs of the match. The free hit is also caught at mid-wicket, but this time fetches a couple of runs for the West Indians. Gayle attempts a big hit off the following delivery as well, this time over extra cover. The ball fails to reach the boundary however, as it fetches Gayle, who moves into the 130s, another couple of runs. A wide and a couple of singles later, Gayle ends the over with a huge six over mid-wicket. 17 runs off the over, another major one for the West Indians.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 203/1 | Overs 39

BATTING: Chris Gayle 121(114), Marlon Samuels 71(119)

First ball is dot, with Samuels getting an inside edge off the second ball of the over bowled by Chatara. Samuels takes a single through mid-wicket for the 200-run mark to be brought, which also completes the 200-run stand for the pair, the highest stand for any wicket by the West Indies in World Cups. Chatara bowls a short delivery in the fourth ball, which catches Gayle by surprise. Keeper Brendon Taylor however fails to catch the ball, as it gives adds a run to the West Indian total. The last ball fetches Samuels a couple of runs courtesy a misfield near the mid-wicket boundary.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 195/1 | Overs 38

BATTING: Chris Gayle 121(113), Marlon Samuels 64(114)

Panyangara returns to the Zimbabwean attack, with Gayle pulls him towards the square-leg boundary for a one-bounce four. Collects two off the next ball, with Gayle attempting to smash the ball over long-on, but the ball lands just short of the fielder. Gayle smashes the third delivery for a clean six over mid-wicket, with the hard-hitting batsman beginning to get into his comfort zone and assuming his tyrannical form. The fourth ball sees him get a top-edge with Panyangara heroically attempting a catch at silly mid-on. Samuels cuts the fifth delivery for a boundary towards backward square-leg, before collecting a single towards the mid-off. Huge over for the West Indies, as 18 runs come off it!!


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 177/1 | Overs 37

BATTING: Chris Gayle 108(109), Marlon Samuels 59(112)

ONE. Samuels steers through midwicket for a single. ONE. Gayle pats the next one through mid-on. DOT. Samuels’ fails to pick up a run despite a well-attempted drive. The next three balls are either blocked by the fielders, or Samuels fails to establish a contact between the ball and the bat. Drinks break at the end of the over.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 175/1 | Overs 36

BATTING: Chris Gayle 107(108), Marlon Samuels 58(107)

Gayle completes his 22nd ODI century with a single down towards mid-off. This is his first ODI century since 2013, as Gayle returns to form in style. Quietly raises his bat, as Gayle seems to have plans of going wild sooner or later. Gayle spoils an otherwise good over by Masakadza with a lazy flick, which results in the ball clearing the backward-square boundary for a six! Read: Chris Gayle completes 22nd ODI century

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 165/1 | Overs 35

BATTING: Chris Gayle 99(104), Marlon Samuels 56(105)

Raza comes in to bowl his final over of the match, as three runs come off it. The batting powerplay will come into effect now, as the West Indians will look to catch up in terms of their run-rate.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 162/1 | Overs 34

BATTING: Chris Gayle 97(101), Marlon Samuels 55(102)

Four runs come off the over bowled by Hamilton Masakadza, who has bowled four overs so far. Gayle is trudging slowly towards his century.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 158/1 | Overs 33

BATTING: Chris Gayle 95(96), Marlon Samuels 53(100)

Raza bowls the first maiden of the match, that too with Chris Gayle on strike! Gayle, is just five runs away from his 22nd ODI century, which will be the icing on the cake after he had earlier completed 9,000 ODI runs. Read: Gayle completes 9,000 ODI runs

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 158/1 | Overs 32

BATTING: Chris Gayle 95(91), Marlon Samuels 53(100)

Two runs come off the first ball of the over off Samuels’ bat. A dot is foll0wed by a single by Samuels, with Gayle returning the favour off the fourth delivery. Samuels defends the last two deliveries of the over, as four runs come off the over. Samuels has now played more deliveries than Gayle, with the latter scoring nearly twice as many runs.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 154/1 | Overs 31

BATTING: Chris Gayle 94(90), Marlon Samuels 50(95)

Samuels brings up his 26th ODI fifty in the 31st over, taking a single to reach the landmark, as five runs come off the over. The partnership between the two is now worth 150, as the West Indians are in firm control of things at the moment. Samuels’ innings has been a rather quiet one, taking 95 to reach the milestone. Read: Marlon Samuels completes fifty

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 149/1 | Overs 30

BATTING: Chris Gayle 91(86), Marlon Samuels 48(93)

Four singles come off the 30th over of the West Indian innings, with Gayle moving into the 90s. Samuels, on the other hand, is two runs away from a fifty.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 145/1 | Overs 29

BATTING: Chris Gayle 89(82), Marlon Samuels 46(91)

Gayle decides to celebrate 9,000 runs with a six over long-off, which the fielder fails to touch despite a valiant leap. 14 runs off the over as Gayle moves to 89.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 131/1 | Overs 28

BATTING: Chris Gayle 79(78), Marlon Samuels 45(89)

Gayle takes a single off the third ball of the 28th over to complete 9,000 ODI runs, being the second West Indian batsman to achieve the feat in the 50 over format after Brian Lara. Good time for Gayle to bring up the milestone, as he looks well-settled at the crease right now and targetting a century. What a fabulous career it has been for the lofty Jamaican.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 128/1 | Overs 27

BATTING: Chris Gayle 78(77), Marlon Samuels 43(84)

The groundstaff are ready with the covers, waiting for the umpire’s signal, as clouds are becoming darker and the ball is getting increasingly more difficult to hold on to for the spinners.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 121/1 | Overs 26

BATTING: Chris Gayle 76(76), Marlon Samuels 38(80)

Gayle smashes the fourth ball of the 26th over for a huge six over mid-wicket, before repeating the feat in the very next delivery, this time a straight six! Huge over for the West Indians, as the rain is getting heavier with every minute now. Samuels, in the meantime, is approaching his fifty

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 107/1 | Overs 25

BATTING: Chris Gayle 63(71), Marlon Samuels 37(79)

Samuels smashes the third ball of the 25th over through the gap in the covers for a boundary, and pats the fourth delivery of the over towards the long-on for a single. Gayle goes for a similar shot in the next ball for a similar result, before the fielders at point block a Samuels cut.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 100/1 | Overs 24

BATTING: Chris Gayle 61(67), Marlon Samuels 32(76)

Two runs come off the over bowled by a rather hip-looking Tafadzwa Kamungozi, with the 100 coming up for the West Indians. The Jamaican pair looked quite well-settled at the crease by now, with Gayle and Samuels looking to flex their arms soon.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 98/1 | Overs 23

BATTING: Chris Gayle 60(66), Marlon Samuels 31(71)

The run-rate is falling as Gayle and Samuels look to rotate the strike and keep the run-flow at a steady rate for now. Good ploy by the Windies, if they intend to preserve wickets for now and go for the kill towards the end.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 96/1 | Overs 22

BATTING: Chris Gayle 59(65), Marlon Samuels 30(66)

Good over by Chigumbura for Zimbabwe, with only a solitary run coming off it off the last delivery of the over off the bat of Gayle.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 95/1 | Overs 21

BATTING: Chris Gayle 57(57), Marlon Samuels 29(62)

Second ball of the over goes for a wide, before Samuels collects a single off the fourth ball of the third over by Sikandar Raza. Gayle takes a single off the last ball to retain strike, as the West Indians look to reach the 100-run mark with the second-wicket partnership intact.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 92/1 | Overs 20

BATTING: Chris Gayle 57(57), Marlon Samuels 29(62)

Gayle glances the second delivery of the Chigumbura over down the leg side for the ball to race towards the fine leg boundary. 20 overs up for West Indies, as they are currently going at over four runs per over.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 86/1 | Overs 19

BATTING: Chris Gayle 52(54), Marlon Samuels 28(59)

Gayle pats the first ball through the covers to collect a single. Dot off the second ball of the over, before driving one through long-off for another single. Another single off the second-last ball of the over.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 83/1 | Overs 18

BATTING: Chris Gayle 50(51), Marlon Samuels 27(56)

Elton Chigumbura continues, bowling to Chris Gayle. Dot ball to start with. Uh-oh, it’s a no-ball! Gayle to face a free hit now. And he gets it on the bottom of the bat, completely mis-hit by Gayle, but it still goes for a comfortable four down long-off. Two more now, that takes him to 49. Will he get his first ODI 50 in a long time? Yes he will, and he gets it by scrambling through for a swift single. You don’t see the big man run like that too often, it just tells you how much he wanted this!


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 73/1 | Overs 17

BATTING: Chris Gayle 41(45), Marlon Samuels 27(55)

Off-spinner Sikandar Raza comes into the attack. The first five deliveries of the over are decent deliveries, with Samuels failing to collect a single run off it. Concedes a wide, before Samuels cuts the last delivery towards backward point, where Chatara drops a potential chance to get the breakthrough for his side.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 72/1 | Overs 16

BATTING: Chris Gayle 41(45), Marlon Samuels 27(49)

Samuels takes a single off the first ball of the 16th over bowled by Chigumbura. Dots off the next three balls of the over, as Gayle is struggling to find the gap among the fielders. Grabs a couple of runs after sending the fifth ball down the field through long-off, before leaving the last ball of the over. Gayle is approaching his fifty, which will be his 47th.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 69/1 | Overs 15

BATTING: Chris Gayle 39(40), Marlon Samuels 26(48)

Gayle and Samuels rotate strike with each other, before Gayle smashes a boundary off the last ball of the over to somewhat spoil an otherwise decent over by Williams, with the partnership between the two Jamaicans now worth 69 runs.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 61/1 | Overs 14

BATTING: Chris Gayle 33(37), Marlon Samuels 24(45)

No runs off the first four balls of the over, before Samuels gets two runs each in the last two deliveries of Chigumbura’s second over of the match.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 57/1 | Overs 13

BATTING: Chris Gayle 33(37), Marlon Samuels 20(39)

One. Samuels sends the ball towards long-off. The second ball is blocked by Gayle, before collecting two runs off the next delivery with a push towards extra-cover. Takes a single off the fourth ball of the over through long-on. Dot off the fifth delivery, followed by a wide. Samuels retains the strike with a single off the last ball.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 51/1 | Overs 12

BATTING: Chris Gayle 30(32), Marlon Samuels 17(32)

The first wide of the innings is bowled off the second ball of the 12th over, which sees skipper Elton Chigumbura take the ball as the opening bowlers Panyangara and Chatara have been taken off the attack for now. The partnership has crossed the fifty-run mark in the meantime.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 49/1 | Overs 11

BATTING: Chris Gayle 30(32), Marlon Samuels 17(32)

Gayle fails to score a run throughout the 11th over, which sees the first change in the Zimbabwean bowling attack as left-arm orthodox bowler Sean Williams takes the ball. Gayle however runs out of patience, as he goes for a clean swipe off the last delivery as the ball sails high over the long-on boundary.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 43/1 | Overs 10

BATTING: Chris Gayle 24(26), Marlon Samuels 17(32)

Samuels cuts Chatara through the cover region for the ball to race towards the boundary, the sixth in the innings so far, with both batsman hitting an equal number of fours. The partnership is now a couple of hits away from breaching the 50-run mark.

LIVE SCORE: West Indies 39/1 | Overs 9

BATTING: Chris Gayle 24(26), Marlon Samuels 13(26)

Four runs come in the over for the West Indians, all from Gayle’s bat. The second ball of the over is chipped away towards the square region, although Gayle did not exert enough power to send it all the way through. Gayle pulls again in the fourth delivery towards mid-wicket.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 35/1 | Overs 8

BATTING: Chris Gayle 20(20), Marlon Samuels 13(26)

Another tight over, this time by Chatara. Two singles come off it in the last couple of deliveries of the over. Gayle, in the meantime, enters the 20’s, as he looks to return to form in style.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 33/1 | Overs 7

BATTING: Chris Gayle 19(19), Marlon Samuels 13(21)

A tight over by Panyangara, as only two singles come off it. The pair have however, managed to stage a major recovery for the West Indians, as the partnership is in its 30s right now, and will look to touch fifty in a bit.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 31/1 | Overs 6

BATTING: Chris Gayle 18(16), Marlon Samuels 12(18)

Good over for the West Indians, as Gayle smashes two boundaries, off the first and the fourth delivery of the over bowled by Chatara. The first one is the result of a powerful cut towards the covers, which blazes through the fielders. The second one is flicked towards the backward square-leg. The last one was an attempted heave over extra cover, with the fielder failing to collect a catch as Gayle takes a single. 11 runs off the over.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 20/1 | Overs 5

BATTING: Chris Gayle 12(18), Marlon Samuels 7(10)

The West Indians are scoring a boundary off every over now, as the Jamaican pair at the crease are beginning to build a steady partnership and steadying their side after the early blow. Five dots, and a boundary off Samuels’ bat in the fifth ball  is what happens in the over.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 16/1 | Overs 4

BATTING: Chris Gayle 7(10), Marlon Samuels 8(12)

Chris Gayle gets into the act, as he hits Tendai Chatara over mid-on off the second delivery of the fourth over, not quite able to get the contact as desired, but ends up getting a boundary anyway. Two singles and as many dots in the next four deliveries of the over.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 10/1 | Overs 3

BATTING: Chris Gayle 2(6), Marlon Samuels 7(10)

Samuels brings up the first boundary of the match off the last ball of Panyangara’s second over, with the Jamaican looking to attack the opposition bowlers right at the start of the game. The boundary ruins an otherwise great over, which sees five dot balls.


LIVE SCORE: West Indies 6/1 | Overs 2

BATTING: Chris Gayle 2(6), Marlon Samuels 3(4)

Zimbabwe are off to a fantastic start once again, with Tinashe Panyangara dismissing Dwayne Smith in second ball of the match by bowling him right through the gate. Panyangara completes the formalities with a little jig of his own, as the Zimbabweans have the edge over West Indies. Star batsman Chris Gayle, in the meantime, survives a close call as the Zimbabweans appeal for an lbw against him, and go for the review after getting turned down by the umpire. It was a rather good call by the African side, as the ball was seen to be kissing the bails, but was not enough for the umpire to overturn his decision.

OUT! Dwayne Smith b Tinashe Panyangara 0 (2)



Toss: West Indies (Bat)


West Indies: Dwayne Smith, Chris Gayle, Jonathan Carter, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin(w), Lendl Simmons, Darren Sammy, Andre Russell, Jason Holder(c), Jerome Taylor, Nikita Miller.

Zimbabwe (Playing XI): Sikandar Raza, Regis Chakabva, Hamilton Masakadza, Brendan Taylor(w), Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Stuart Matsikenyeri, Elton Chigumbura(c), Tinashe Panyangara, Tendai Chatara, Tafadzwa Kamungozi.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog and coverage of the West Indies versus Zimbabwe, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match in the Pool B, at the Manuka Oval in Canberra on Tuesday. This is Amit Banerjee, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match. Read Match Preview here

After a shaky start to their World Cup campaign, both the teams bounced back to winning ways in their last game, respectively and earned convincing victory, with their performance table reading a loss and win from two games. Thus, both the teams stand on the same page at the moment. Match Scorecard: West Indies vs Zimbabwe, Pool B Match 15 at Canberra

West Indies were off to a shaky start, as the two-time World Champions lost their opening game against minnows, Ireland, who are known for big upsets from the past, by four wickets; but bounced back in the next game against 1992 champions, Pakistan and won convincingly by a huge margin of 150 runs. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

Zimbabwe too displayed the same result so far, losing their opening game to African giants, South Africa by 62 runs after putting up a hard fight, and as a result, bounced back in the next game against United Arab Emirates (UAE) and won comfortably by four wickets. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

Thus, both the teams would look to maintain the winning momentum in this game as well and would be interesting ti see, who emerges victorious. However, one thing is for sure, although West Indies might be the favourites here, going by their big name, but they just can’t afford to take Zimbabwe lightly or write them off as they have proved that they are not to be taken lightly following their good fight in the previous two games.

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