Sean Williams anchored the chase with 76 runs from 65 balls, and was awarded man of the match © Getty Images
Sean Williams anchored the chase with 76 runs from 65 balls, and was awarded man of the match © Getty Images

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Sean Williams is awarded man of the match for his fabulous effort with the bat scoring an unbeaten 76 off 65 balls to take Zimbabwe home.

Live Score Zimbabwe 286/6 | Over 48

BATTING: Sean Williams 76 (65) Elton Chigumbura 14 (15)

Zimbabwe don’t have to try anything funny here, it’s well within reach. Single off first ball. Another single to long on off the next ball. Third ball is met with a mistimed pull shot which lands safe and yields two runs. Fourth ball is pulled to fine leg for four. ZImbabwe well on top. Fifth ball is pulled to deep mid-wicket for four. Fabulous knock. Lovely straight drive for four to finish it off for Zimbabwe. Three consecutive fours to win it for Zimbabwe!

Live Score Zimbabwe 270/6 | Over 47

BATTING: Sean Williams 61 (60) Elton Chigumbura 13 (14)

Very clever batting from Sean Williams, punts it straight down the ground for two runs. Third ball is taken for a single. Fifth ball is smashed to the deep cover point boundary and now Zimbabwe shouldn’t lose this from here.

Live Score Zimbabwe 263/6 | Over 46

BATTING: Sean Williams 58 (57) Elton Chigumbura 9 (11)

First ball yields a quick single. Second ball brings another single to long off. Third ball is nudged down leg side for a run. Long off single in the fourth ball. Great fielding at short mid-wicket to prevent a run. Final ball is hit to deep cover point for a boundary.

Live Score Zimbabwe 255/6 | Over 45

BATTING: Sean Williams 56 (55) Elton Chigumbura 3 (7)

First ball dot.Second ball is whipped to long on for a single. Chigumbura back on strike and smashes the ball to deep point for two runs. Dot after that. And another dot. This is turning out to be a see-saw battle. Single to long on to finish.

Live Score Zimbabwe 251/6 | Over 44

BATTING: Sean Williams 55 (53) Elton Chigumbura 0 (3)

Single off the third ball of the 44th over after two dots. Fourth ball is another dot. Interesting this. Fifth ball is hit back to the bowler and another dot. Good bowling by Javed. Fifth ball is a little wide but Chigumbura fails to make contact, finishes with a dot.

Live Score Zimbabwe 250/6 | Over 43

BATTING: Sean Williams 54 (50) Elton Chigumbura 0 (0)

Chandran back into the attack, first ball whipped to wide long-off for a single. Second ball whipped to covers for another single. Third ball slashed to backward point boundary for four. Single off the next ball. Sensible cricket, next ball is taken to long off for yet another single. And he gets a return catch the next ball which he catches. Did that come too late though? Elton Chigumbura walks out.

Craig Ervine 42 (32) c&b Chandran

Live Score Zimbabwe 241/5 | Over 42

BATTING: Sean Williams 52 (48) Craig Ervine 35 (28)

Javed comes into the attack. Concedes just two runs off that over. But UAE need a wicket, not containment.

Live Score Zimbabwe 239/5 | Over 41

BATTING: Sean Williams 51 (43) Craig Ervine 34 (27)

Mohammad Naveed brought back in. Starts with a wide. Follows that up with another wide. Pressure getting to UAE. Third ball is guided to third man for quick two runs. Fourth ball is short and is pulled to the mid-wicket boundary for four. And follows that up with yet another wide. Third ball is driven through covers for a couple. Fourth ball is driven through on-side and thanks to shoddy fielding it goes to the boundary and brings up fifty for Sean Williams. Fifth ball guided to point for a single. And another single of the last ball. 17 off that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 222/5 | Over 40

BATTING: Sean Williams 38 (38) Craig Ervine 33 (26)

Rohan Mustafa brought into the attack to try and break the partnership. But only manages to concede eight runs with a four of the last ball. UAE in trouble.

Live Score Zimbabwe 214/5 | Over 39

BATTING: Sean Williams 37 (37) Craig Ervine 26 (21)

Third ball of the over is dispatched by Ervine over the wide long on fence for a huge six! Zimbabwe right back into the contest, in fact they’re on top of this. Fifth ball is smashed for four, while the final ball yields two. Big over!

Live Score Zimbabwe 200/5 | Over 38

BATTING: Sean Williams 30 (34) Craig Ervine 19 (18)

Rotation of strike is happening with more fluency now. And a four of the third delivery to the wide long on fence. Nine runs from that over, useful runs.

Live Score Zimbabwe 190/5 | Over 37

BATTING: Sean Williams 23 (30) Craig Ervine 17 (16)

Second ball off the over gently picked by Ervine and dispatched over the deep backward square leg for six! That will put pressure on UAE. Eight runs from the over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 183/5 | Over 36

BATTING: Sean Williams 22 (29) Craig Ervine 10 (11)

Nasir Aziz brought back in. Second ball nudged to long on for one.Third ball tucked to wide long on for another single. Another single to long on from the fourth ball. Squeezes in a dot off the fifth ball. Final ball is swept nicely to fine-leg for three.

Live Score Zimbabwe 177/5 | Over 35

BATTING: Sean Williams 20 (26) Craig Ervine 6 (8)

Krishna Chandran called back in to bowl his handy medium pace and does the required job by bowling a nagging line and length. Craig Ervine finds it difficult to get the ball past the bowler on the first three balls and manages a single off the fourth. And Sean Williams manages a single to mid off on the last ball, two off the over. Required run rate creeping up to 7.5.

Live Score Zimbabwe 175/5 | Over 34

BATTING: Sean Williams 19 (24) Craig Ervine 5 (4)

Nasir Aziz continues and maintains the stranglehold to a large extent. Only concedes four runs making Zimbabwe’s task a little more tough. A bad throw from Mustafa on the fifth delivery gives the batsman three runs.

Live Score Zimbabwe 170/5 | Over 33

BATTING: Sean Williams 16 (20) Craig Ervine 3 (2)

Naveed continues and a big appeal for lbw off the first ball and they must be thankful they didn’t review it after the umpire turned down the appeal as it was hitting outside leg. But Naveed has been fantastic. And he gets the wicket off his fifth delivery as Mire edges to the keeper. Final ball is driven through covers for three runs.

OUT! Solomon Mire 9 (22) c Patil b Naveed

Live Score Zimbabwe 167/4 | Over 31

BATTING: Sean Williams 16 (20) Solomon Mire 9 (18)

Nasir Aziz is keeping it extremely tight, not letting the batsman free arms at all. The kind off bowling that frustrates batsmen into trying something silly. Two runs of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 165/4 | Over 31

BATTING: Sean Williams 15 (17) Solomon Mire 8 (15)

Naveed brought back into the attack. Not as intense as he was in the opening overs but became better as the over progressed. Conceded a leg stump full toss of the first ball which was sent racing to the fine-leg boundary. Conceded four singles apart from that, eight runs from that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 145/4 | Over 28

BATTING: Sean Williams 6 (11) Solomon Mire 1 (3)

Big Big Big wicket! Brendan Taylor lbw, Nasir Aziz gets the wicket. Zimbabwe need a special knock from someone somehow. Just three off the over.

OUT! Brendan Taylor 47 (43) lbw Nasir Aziz

Live Score Zimbabwe 142/3 | Over 27

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 45 (41) Sean Williams 6 (11)

Misfield off the fourth ball at fine leg results in a boundary off the second ball. Another boundary the next ball, this time through point. This is the kind off over Zimbabwe were looking for. Yields ten runs.

Live Score Zimbabwe 132/3 | Over 26

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 36 (38) Sean Williams 5(8)

Brendan Taylor decides that the pressure is mounting too much and smashes the third ball straight back over the bowlers head for a six. Just the one scoring shot in the over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 126/3 | Over 25

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 30 (32) Sean Williams 5(8)

Third ball revers swept to deep backward square leg for a four . Only another single of that over, total of five runs added to Zimbabwe’s total.

Live Score Zimbabwe 121/3 | Over 24

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 25 (28) Sean Williams 5(6)

Nasir Aziz is brought back into the attack for Krishna Chandran. Four runs of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 117/3 | Over 23

BATTING:  Brendan Taylor 22 (25) Sean Williams 4(3)

Unfortunate way to go for Chakabva, loses his footing and his legs hit into the stump. Never really got settled into his role even though he scored a bunch of runs. Sean Williams comes in. Zimbabwe in spot of bother. Final ball yields three runs. Five of that over.

OUT! Regis Chakabva 35 (62) b Mohammad Tauqir

Live Score Zimbabwe 112/2 | Over 22

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 35 (61) Brendan Taylor 21 (23)

Boundary of the first ball for Brendan Taylor. Second ball yields a single for Zimbabwe. Fourth ball tucked to deep backward square leg for a couple. Final ball brings another single.

Live Score Zimbabwe 104/2 | Over 21

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 32 (57) Brendan Taylor 16 (21)

Zimbabwe need to keep tab on the run rate which is creeping up with every tight over. Six runs of that over from Mohammad Tauqir with a boundary coming of the first ball.

Live Score Zimbabwe 98/2 | Over 20

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 27 (55) Brendan Taylor 15 (17)

Krishna Chandran continues with his medium pace. It his not his pace that poses a threat but his consistent line and length. Four runs of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 94/2 | Over 19

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 25 (51) Brendan Taylor 13 (15)

Brendan Taylor gets a boundary of the second ball and that will ease some pressure. Seven runs come of that over with a few singles to the leg-side.

Live Score Zimbabwe 87/2 | Over 18

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 24 (50) Brendan Taylor 7 (10)

Krishna Chandran called in as change for Javed. Misses a caught and ball attempt in his fourth delivery and also a missed run out attempt. Three runs of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 84/2 | Over 17

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 23 (48) Brendan Taylor 5 (6)

Mohammad Tauqir is keeping it quite tight, not letting the batsman get width. But the batsmen got three singles of the over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 81/2 | Over 16

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 22 (46) Brendan Taylor 3 (2)

Javed was looking off-sorts in the previous couple of overs but strikes gold in the form of Masakadza’s wicket the very first ball off the next over. The man in form walks back cheaply. Next ball is wide again. Brendan Taylor, the new man, gets two runs off the next ball to fine leg. And a single in the next. Chakabva gets a boundary to mid-on in the fourth ball. Yet another wide after that. Nine runs of that over but a big wicket as well.

OUT! Hamilton Masakadza 1 (4) lbw Javed

Live Score Zimbabwe 72/1 | Over 15

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 18 (43) Hamilton Masakadza 1 (3)

Wide down leg side on the fourth delivery by Tauqir. Chakabva is struggling against the spinners. A misfield at mid on allows him a single. Three runs of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 69/1 | Over 14

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 17 (38) Hamilton Masakadza 0 (2)

First ball beats the edge but the second is at the legs and Chakabva guides it to fine leg for four. Again down the leg-side but this time Chakabva only manages a single to fine-leg. Five runs of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 64/1 | Over 13

BATTING: Regis Chakabva 13 (34)

Skipper Tauqir comes in to bowl his off-spin. Fourth ball is a bad one down the leg-side hit by Raza for a single to fine-leg. OUT! He gets Raza caught at backward point. Big wicket

OUT! Raza 46 (44) c Mustafa b Tauqir

Live Score Zimbabwe 61/0 | Over 12

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 45 (41) Regis Chakabva 11 (31)

Second ball is scooped by Raza to fine leg for a single. Chakabva guides the next ball to third man and they run three as the man at short third gathers it. Fifth ball guided by Raza to mid-wicket for a single.

Live Score Zimbabwe 55/0 | Over 11

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 40 (37) Regis Chakabva 10 (29)

Naveed continues into his sixth over. Second ball is a well directed short ball. Chakabva is circumspect and is finding it difficult to even rotate strike. Maiden over that.

Live Score Zimbabwe 55/0 | Over 10

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 40 (37) Regis Chakabva 10 (23)

If UAE continue like this, they’ll not stand a chance. Spinner Nasir Aziz brought on meanwhile. Third ball is smashed deep cover for a boundary. Fourth ball goes to the backward square leg for four. Nine off that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 46/0 | Over 9

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 32 (32) Regis Chakabva 9 (22)

Third ball is edged but lands safe, Chakabva gets a single to third man. Fifth ball is a short ball smashed for six to deep square leg.

Live Score Zimbabwe 39/0 | Over 8

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 26 (29) Regis Chakabva 8 (19)

Third ball is short and Raza pulls it and a shabby effort at deep square leg sees it to the fence for four. Next ball is a wide. And another wide down leg-side. Raza smashes the next ball over cover for four. And now an off-side wide. And a bad ball with width smashed for four to point. Raza gets a move on. 15 of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 24/0 | Over 7

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 14(23) Regis Chakabva 8(19)

Good line and length by Naveed, tying the batsmen down. But gives width on the second delivery and Chakabva guides it artistically to the third man fence. Run for a quick single of the fourth ball.

Live Score Zimbabwe 18/0 | Over 6

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 13(22) Regis Chakabva 3(14)

Raza comes forward the very first ball and nearly mistimes it to mid off, runs two. Chakabva tries to pull the third ball, doesn’t quite connect, no run. Another single of the fifth ball. Zimbabwe still a little edgy.

Live Score Zimbabwe 14/0 | Over 5

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 10(19) Regis Chakabva 2(11)

Naveed is getting really good bounce. First ball is shortish and defended. second ball is guided to point for none. Third ball is a short one, Raza pulls and mistimes but falls safe at square leg, three runs. Fourth ball guided to backward point for a single. Fifth ball is slashed to deep backward point for another single. Gets in a lovely dot ball to end the over. Five runs got there.

Live Score Zimbabwe 9/0 | Over 4

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 6(15) Regis Chakabva 1(9)

Good short ball first up, gets Sikandar Raza on the helmet which Javed caught and started celebrating not realizing it was off the helmet. That seems to have rattled Raza a little. Batsmen are not managing to get anything away, looks like something may give here. Fourth ball is a bad full ball with width outside off and Raza frees his arms with a four to deep point. Single next ball to the legside. Five runs of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 4/0 | Over 3

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 1(10) Regis Chakabva 1(8)

Second ball gets the inside edge and the batsmen scamper for a single. Fourth ball is a fuller length and is defended by Chakabva. Good over, only one run conceded.

Live Score Zimbabwe 3/0 | Over 2

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 0(8) Regis Chakabva 1(4)

Amjad Javed comes in to partner Naveed. First run from the bat comes with a nudge to fine leg. Javed is slightly slower than Naveed, can he compensate with better accuracy? Fourth ball is bowled on a leg-stump line, leg-bye for a single. Two runs of that over.

Live Score Zimbabwe 1/0 | Over 1

BATTING:  Sikandar Raza 0(6) Regis Chakabva 0(0)

Mohammad Naveed starts off with a wide, but comes back very well. He’s getting good amount of swing and generating decent amount of speed too. He’s maintaining a line outside off. Just the one extra in the over.

Live Score UAE 285/7 | Over 50

BATTING:  Amjad Javed 25(19) Mohammad Naveed 23(17)

These two batsmen have finished off very well. Four runs of the third ball. Brendan Taylor is having a horrible day behind the stumps. Fifth ball is a lovely yorker, which is dug out to backward square leg for a single. Final ball of the over and innings yields a single, good effort by UAE. Read: UAE Innings Report

Live Score UAE 275/7 | Over 49

BATTING:  Amjad Javed 20(14) Mohammad Naveed 21(16)

Panyangara concedes a boundary of the first ball over cover boundary, second ball is almost similarly hit for four to long off though. Third ball is a good yorker. Fourth ball is a fuller length and is smashed over deep cover for a 90 meter six! Fifth ball is mis-timed and skied but ball falls safely. Sixth delivery is a wide. Last ball is hit over point for yet another boundary. Bad over by Panyangara.

Live Score UAE 254/7 | Over 48

BATTING:  Amjad Javed 5(9) Mohammad Naveed 17(15)

First ball from Chatara whipped to long off for a single. Second ball he follows the batsman down the leg-side and finds a dot. Third ball is chipped to deep backward square leg for a single. Next ball is a fine yorker, which the batsman is unable to get away. Next ball is guided to long off for a single. Last ball is guided to mid-wicket for one, just four from that over.

Live Score UAE 250/7 | Over 47

BATTING:  Amjad Javed 3(6) Mohammad Naveed 15(12)

First ball is dot, second ball yields a single over cover fielder. Third ball is smashed to deep cover only for a single. Fourth ball, batsman fails to connect. Next ball is nudged to leg for a single. Last ball yields single. Four of that over. Good effort by Sean Williams.

Live Score UAE 246/7 | Over 46

BATTING:  Amjad Javed 1(2) Mohammad Naveed 13(10)

First ball from Chatara smashed by Naveed for six straight down the ground, great way to start the over. Second ball is pulled shorted by Chatara and Naveed unsuccessfully tries to pull. Third ball is again a bouncer but way to high as it get signalled wide. Next ball is slower, and the batsman doesn’t manage to connect with the pull. Fourth ball is defended. Fifth ball is pulled for six, finally connects and the ball just crosses the mid-wicket boundary. Ends with a dot.

Live Score UAE 233/7 | Over 45

BATTING:  Amjad Javed 1(2) Mohammad Naveed 1(4)

Sean Williams comes on and makes a breakthrough the very first ball. Shaiman Anwar tried to hit it over mid-on but doesnt get the required elevation and finds the man at mid-on. But a great knock for 67. Good over by Williams conceding just one run and gets the importan wicket.

OUT! Shaiman Anwar 67(50) c Ervine b Williams

Live Score UAE 232/6 | Over 44

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 67(49) Amjad Javed 1(1)

Poor short ball by Chatara which is rightfully called wide. Second ball is tapped to leg side for a very quick single. Third ball is run down to third man for a single. And a breakthrough with the fourth delivery, shortish ball outside off which Mustafa tries to guide to third man but only manages a edge to Taylor. Amjad Javed comes out and guides the first ball to third man for one. Good over by Chatara, concedes four runs and gets a wicket.

OUT! Rohan Mustafa 4(6) c Taylor b Chatara

Live Score UAE 227/5 | Over 43

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 65(47) Rohan Mustafa 3(3)

Interesting decisio to bring on Hamilton Masakadza in the finishing overs. First ball yields a run. Second ball is cut for a couple of runs to deep point. And the third ball yields a boundary to third man of the edge of the bat. Unlucky Masakadza. Fifth ball is chipped over cover for a single. Nine runs of that over

Live Score UAE 218/5 | Over 42

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 51(38) Rohan Mustafa 1(1)

Impressive cricket by the two batsmen. Just ticking it along when the boundaries are not coming but putting the bad balls away with disdain. However, in the attempt to accelerate Patil holes out to the extra cover fielder. Important wicket that. Important wicket in that over and just 4 runs.

OUT! Swapnil Patil 32(38) c Chakabva b Williams

Live Score UAE 204/4 | Over 40

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 51(38) Swapnil Patil 26(32)

And that over brings up Shaiman’s half-century. Brilliant innings and he’s taking the attack to the bowlers. Brings up the milestone with a four and then a six straight over the bowlers head. That over yields 12 runs.

Live Score UAE 156/4 | Over 35

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 13(16) Swapnil Patil 17(24)

Good tight over by Raza. Yields only two runs.

Live Score UAE 154/4 | Over 34

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 12(15) Swapnil Patil 16(19)

Sean Williams starts off with a wide down leg. Next ball is a leg side ball too and is nudged to short fine leg for a single. Third ball is run to long off for a single. Fourth ball yields four with a cut to deep cover point. Fifth balls is wide of off-stump, run to deep point for two. 11 runs of that over

Live Score UAE 143/4 | Over 33

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 6(11) Swapnil Patil 13(17)

Three short balls to begin with, the third of which yields a run to mid-wicket of a half-pull. Fifth ball is pitched fuller, run to point for nothing. Just one from that over.

Live Score UAE 142/4 | Over 32

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 5(8) Swapnil Patil 13(14)

Interesting captaincy by Chigumbura; brings on Sean Williams. He’s shuffling his bowles with the aim to not allow the batsmen to settle. First ball run down to long on for a single. Third ball brings another quick single to backward square leg. Fourth ball is cut elegantly to deep point cover for three after a fielding lapse. Sixth ball is run down leg for a single. Eight runs of that over.

Live Score UAE 134/4 | Over 31

BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 0(4) Swapnil Patil 10(11)

Tendai Chatara returns. Wicket of the first ball. Lovely catch by Sean Williams at point as Khurram Khan was attempting to cut this ball outside off for four. He’ll be gutted to miss out on his half-century which he certainly deserved. Shaiman Anwar starts off nervously.  ANwar attempts the pull shot of the fifth ball but doesn’t connect. Another short ball to follow that up by Chatara and same result. Wicket-maiden over.

OUT! Khurram Khan 45(55) c Sean Williams b Chatara

Live Score UAE 134/3 | Over 30

BATTING: Khurram Khan 45(54) Swapnil Patil 10(11)

Solomon Mire has taken a liking to the short ball and he’s bowling it well too, but he shouldn’t over use it as the batsmen are getting used to it. Second ball yields two runs to deep point. Fifth ball is run to third man for a single. Four runs from that over.

Live Score UAE 130/3 | Over 29

BATTING: Khurram Khan 44(53) Swapnil Patil 7(6)

Raza comes on for his second over. In general he’s looked very docile with the ball. Khurram Khan easily nudges him about but just two runs from a rather ordinary over.

Live Score UAE 128/3 | Over 28

BATTING: Khurram Khan 43(48) Swapnil Patil 6(5)

Solomon Mire is brought back in the attack as replacement for Panyangara and he makes the important breakthrough. Krishna Chandran holes out to deep mid-off as he was looking to get a move on. But Khurram Khan is still there. Swapnil Patil walks out. Fourth ball is over pitched and Patil gets of the mark with a beautiful four through the covers.

OUT! Krishna Chandran 34(63) c Chigumbura b Mire

Live Score UAE 97/2 | Over 22

BATTING:  Krishna Chandran 24(47) Khurram Khan 30(33)

Lovely over from Solomon Mire there. Caused some trouble to these batsmen who were looking settled up to that point. His mixing up his lengths well. Only one of that over which Khurram Khan guided to third man.

Live Score UAE 90/2 | Over 19

BATTING:  Krishna Chandran 20(37) Khurram Khan 28(25)

Four runs from that over from Kamungozi which see the partnership move on to fifty. Good sign for UAE, Zimbabwe must start bucking up. Batsmen are rotating strike and getting boundaries with relative ease.

Live Score UAE 79/2 | Over 16

BATTING:  Krishna Chandran 17(30) Khurram Khan 20(14)

Sean Williams continues. Khurram Khan smashes the last ball of the four through mid off for a beautiful boundary. Six runs of that over.

Live Score UAE 71/2 | Over 15

BATTING:  Krishna Chandran 15(28) Khurram Khan 14(10)

Kamungozi brought back on. Second ball is edged to third man for four, semi-intentional.  Sixth ball is driven to the extra covers for a lot more convincing four runs. Eight of that over.

Live Score UAE 63/2 | Over 14

BATTING:  Krishna Chandran 7(22) Khurram Khan 14(10)

Sean Williams brought on for an over of spin. Doesn’t leak many. Just one run from the bat of Krishna Chandran down long on. Khurram Khan gets a single in identical manner next ball and one more in the next ball from Chandran.

Live Score UAE 60/2 | Over 13

BATTING:  Krishna Chandran 5(17) Khurram Khan 13(9)

Khurram Khan displays his class in the second ball with a beautiful, authoritative shot through covers for four. Fourth ball pulled for four to  backward square leg. He’s getting set and if Mire continues to bowl that way, he could race to his fifty and beyond. 8 runs of that over.

Live Score UAE 52/2 | Over 12

BATTING:  Krishna Chandran 5(16) Khurram Khan 5(3)

Elton Chigumbura brings himself on and bowls a horrible first ball down leg side which is met by an even more horrible effort by the keeper to run down for five wides. Third ball is driven to mid-on for a single. Another wide down leg as Chigumbura is unable to adjust to the left handed Khurram Khan. Fifth ball gets the inside edge, misses the stumps, and runs to fine leg for four to the frustration of Chigumbura. 12 runs of that over.

Live Score UAE 40/2 | Over 11

BATTING:  Krishna Chandran 4(12) Khurram Khan 0(1)

Berenger plays a risky straight drive past the bowlers fingers for four. Next is hit in the air again through mid-wicket for a couple. Third ball is a short one which Berenger tries to pull but doesn’t connect at all. Fourth ball is a good length one outside off stump met with a defence. And wicket in the fifth ball; a result of smart bowling, a slower bouncer that Berenger tries to hook but gets beaten by pace and gets the edge to the keeper. Khurram Khan walks out to make amends.

OUT! Andri Berenger 22(36) c Brendan Taylor b Solomon Mire

Live Score UAE 34/1 | Over 10

BATTING: Andri Berenger 16(31), Krishna Chandran 4(12)

Second change made for Zimbabwe as spinner Kumungozi comes in for Chatara. Getting decent turn but needs to bowl a slightly more restricting line. But still a decent over. Only two of it.

Live Score UAE 32/1 | Over 9

BATTING: Andri Berenger 15(28), Krishna Chandran 3(10)

First change for Zimbabwe as Solomon Mire comes in to replace Panyangara. Third ball was met with a confident drive but was well fielded by Mire himself. Chandran is appearing quite confident. Fourth ball nudged to square led for a single.

Live Score UAE 31/1 | Over 8

BATTING: Andri Berenger 15(25), Krishna Chandran 2(6)

Zimbabwe bowlers are targetting that coveted line just outside off stump and Chatara is doing it with more accuracy, almost gets the edge of the second delivery. Third delivery is met with a solid defennce by Berenger. Fourth ball goes awry as it is wide down leg-side. Plenty of bounce on offer here. Fifth ball is fuller and is driven nervously but doesn’t yield any run.

Live Score UAE 30/1 | Over 7

BATTING: Andri Berenger 15(20), Krishna Chandran 2(6)

And with that wicket, ZImbabwe’s spirit is up. Good bowling by Panyangara, he maintaining a steady line and length, but straying down leg side on the one odd delivery. Batsmen get a few singles as the batsman taps the ball to mid on for quick singles. STill some movement on offer here, which keeps the slips in play.

Live Score UAE 27/1 | Over 6

BATTING: Andri Berenger 14 (19), Krishna Chandran 1(1)

ANd now the batsmen are growing in confidence or so you would think until the fifth ball of the over because Zimbabwe have finally made the breakthrough as Amjad Ali walks back. Tendai Chatara gets the edge and he’s not overstepped this time.

Amjad Ali 7 (17) c Ervine b Chatara

Live Score UAE 19/0 | Over 4

BATTING: Andri Berenger 11 (16), Amjad Ali 3 (9)

The UAE have had a very lucky start. A leading edge that lobbed up high only to fall safe straight down the ground, an outside edge that was shelled by Brendan Taylor. Another outside edge that didn’t carry to slips. But Zimbabwe finally did make the breakthrough only to realise that Tendai Chatara had in fact overstepped giving the batsmen yet a another life. Can they capitalise?

Zimbabwe XI: Sikandar Raza, Regis Chakabva, Hamilton Masakadza, Brendan Taylor(w), Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Elton Chigumbura(c), Solomon Mire, Tinashe Panyangara, Tendai Chatara, Tafadzwa Kamungozi

United Arab Emirates XI: Amjad Ali, Andri Berenger, Krishnachandran Karate, Khurram Khan, Swapnil Patil(w), Shaiman Anwar, Rohan Mustafa, Amjad Javed, Mohammad Naveed, Mohammad Tauqir(c), Nasir Aziz

Toss: Zimbabwe have won the toss and elected to take the field first. They have taken a liking to chasing after defeating Sri Lanka in the warm ups.

Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s Live coverage of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match between Zimbabwe and United Arab Emirates (UAE), Pool B match at Nelson. I am Rishad DSouza and I will keep you updated about the events of the match throughout.

After a spirited performance against one of the tournament favourites South Africa, Zimbabwe will look to topple the UAE who have played the World Cup only once prior to the 2015 edition. This is UAE’s first match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and they’ll be desperate to get off on a positive note.

Zimbabwe has been in great form in the past one month. Not only did they give South Africa the chills in their opening match of the ICC World Cup 2015, but convincingly beat Sri Lanka in the warm ups preceding the World Cup. Given the rich vein of form they have struck in time, they should have it easy against UAE.

But it has been a dream journey for UAE to reach the World Cup. Even they have been in some stellar form for sometime. In their home series against the more accomplished Afghanistan, UAE surprised everyone by subjecting them to a 3 – 1 series loss.

But whether they have the steam to threaten and possibly topple Zimbabwe remains to be seen. All factors indicate the African nation as outright favourites, but it could turn out to be quite a thrilling contest. Stay tuned to find out how the match pans out.

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