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  • 11:35 PM IST

    GL 192/7 , overs 20, Tye 6* , Thampi 0* : Adam Milne to bowl the last over of the innings. DOT to start the over. Tye smacks the ball and take 2 runs from it. SINGLE again. This won’t do it for GL. OUT! Kishan trying to go for the glory shot gives a easy catch to Chahal. Basil Thampi is the new man in. 22 needed of the last ball. DOT to finish the over. RCB win by 21 runs.

  • 11:30 PM IST

    GL 188/6 , overs 19, Tye 2* , Kishan 39* : Arvind into this final over. DOT to start. DROPPED! Kohli tried his best but the ball lobs out of his hand. FOUR! to Kishan. WIDE. FOUR! Kishan crashes Arvind past backward point. DOT. play and a miss by Kishan. SIX Ishan Kishan towers Arvind towards mid wicket. DOT. Poor judgement by Kishan. SIX! to finish the over.

  • 11:23 PM IST

    GL 167/6 , overs 18, Tye 2* , Kishan 19* : Travis Head comes into the attack and gets slammed for a SIX on the second ball. SINGLE towards long on. Kishan could finally make it count at the big stage. OUT! Poor running by Kishan and Jadeja. Jadeja departs after getting run out for 23. Andrew Tye is the new man in. DOT. DOUBLE to finish the over.

  • 11:20 PM IST

    GL 156/5 , overs 17, Jadeja 21*, Kishan 12* : Arvind is back into the attack. DOT to start the over. slower one by Arvind. Couple of runs for Kishan. SINGLE again should have been a six. DOT. Good variation shown by Arvind in the middle. SIX! Kishan goes big. Needful boundary for GL.

  • 11:12 PM IST

    GL 146/5 , overs 16, Jadeja 20*, Kishan 3* : Travis Head comes into the attack for his first over. SINGLE to start the over. Kishan is off the mark. SINGLE this time Jadeja punches the ball at long off. SINGLE’s and Two’s won’t do the trick for GL. Required run-rate touching 17. SINGLE to finish. .

  • 11:10 PM IST

    GL 139/5 , overs 15, Jadeja 16*, Kishan 0* : Chahal into this final over. DOT to start the over at cover. McCullum opts for the more safer approach, SINGLE at long on. OUT! Chahal does the trick gets McCullum for 72. McCullum does not connect the ball and hands a simple catch to Adam Milne. Ishan Kishan out in the middle. 2-runs to finish the over.

  • 11:03 PM IST

    GL 134/4 , overs 14, Jadeja 12*, McCullum 71* : Shane Watson back into the attack. DOT to start the over. Play and a miss by Jadeja. FOUR! Short and Jadeja latches on to it. SINGLE towards mid on. SIX! McCullum looking to take the match away from RCB. SINGLE towards long on. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 10:57 PM IST

    GL 121/4 , overs 13, Jadeja 6*, McCullum 64* : Adam Milne comes on to bowl his third over. SINGLE to start the over. FOUR! Jadeja uses his feet and crashes the ball towards backward point. SINGLE to mid on. SIX to finish the over. McCullum is a pure treat to watch.

  • 10:52 PM IST

    GL 107/4 , overs 12, Jadeja 0*, McCullum 56* : Ravindra Jadeja is out in the middle. Negi into his final over. Starts with a dot ball. SINGLE towards extra cover. DOT. Negi has bowled beautifully so far. DOT. Pressure building up on GL. DOT to finish the over. Negi finishes his spell with figures of 1 for 22.

  • 10:48 PM IST

    GL 106/4 , overs 11, Jadeja 0*, McCullum 55* : Arvind is back into the attack replacing Watson. DOT to start the over. SINGLE towards point. Dinesh gets off the mark with a single. DOT back to back dot balls for Arvind. OUT! Karthik perishes trying to go over the top, hands a simple catch to Kohli.

  • 10:41 PM IST

    GL 103/3 , overs 10, Karthik 0*, McCullum 53* :Negi into the attack. DOT to start the over. WIDE. Negi follows the batsman. SIX! McCullum gets to his half-century. 13th 50 in IPL. DOT. OUT! Negi gets his first. Good stumping by Jadhav. Finch rushes out of the crease and Jadhav does the rest. Finch goes for 19. Dinesh Karthik is out in the middle. DOT to finish the over.

  • 10:35 PM IST

    GL 95/2 , overs 9, Finch 19* , McCullum 46* : Adam Milne into his second over. SINGLE to start the over. FOUR! McCullum tearing into Milne. This time between at mid off . SIX! Flat over the cover. SINGLE towards silly mid on. DOT! WIDE. Milne drifting down the leg side. FOUR to finish the over. Short and wide by Milne.

  • 10:30 PM IST

    GL 78/2 , overs 8, Finch 15* , McCullum 35* : Shane Watson to start his first over. SINGLE to start the over. Another SINGLE this time towards point. LUCKY! Finch did not time the ball otherwise it would have been curtains. SIX! Mighty McCullum on fire. SINGLE on the next ball. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 10:26 PM IST

    GL 67/2 , overs 7, Finch 17* , McCullum 27* : Adam Milne comes into the attack and starts the over with back to back WIDES. SINGLE towards cover region. Important that McCullum and FInch keep with the run-rate. FOUR! Finch finally opening up. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 10:17 PM IST

    GL 57/2 , overs 6, Finch 7* , McCullum 25* : Chahal into his third over already. SINGLE to start the over. DOT! FINCH gets off the mark with a SIX over mid wicket. SINGLE to follow at deep mid wicket. Misfield leads to a SINGLE for McCullum. Play and a miss on the final ball.

  • 10:12 PM IST

    GL 48/2 , overs 5, Finch 0* , McCullum 23* : SIX! McCullum welcomes Negi with a SIX behind square. FOUR! short in length and McCullum latches on to it. Good comeback by Negi back to back dot balls. SINGLE to finish the over. 11 from the over.

  • 10:09 PM IST

    GL 37/2 , overs 4, , McCullum 12* : Chahal to continue gets welcomed by McCullum by a massive SIX over mid wicket. SINGLE towards short fine leg. FOUR! Raina making his intent clear. SINGLE towards deep midwicket. SINGLE again as McCullum pushes the ball at covers. OUT! Raina goes for a sweep and top edges the ball to Shane Watson standing at short fine leg.

  • 10:03 PM IST

    GL 23/1 , overs 3, Raina18* , McCullum 4* : Sreenath Arvind comes into the attack replacing Negi. SINGLE to start the over. SIX! Raina finally hitting his range. SIX! Raina goes straight over the top. SEXY SHOT! SINGLE smart by Raina. Only time that McCullum brings out his explosive self. FOUR! Raina whips the ball through the on-side.

  • 9:58 PM IST

    GL 4/1 , overs 2, Raina1* , McCullum 2* : Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack. DOT to start the innings. OUT!! Chahal does his magic. Dwayne Smith hands the ball good air time only to land it into the safe hands of Mandeep Singh. Suresh Raina comes out at no.3. SINGLE to McCullum at extra cover. SINGLE as Raina gets off the mark. SINGLE to finish the second over.

  • 9:53 PM IST

    GL 1/0 , over 1, Smith 1* , McCullum 0* : Pwana Negi to start the proceeding for RCB. Dot to start. SINGLE to start the innings for Dwayne Smith. McCullum on strike. DOT. Good start for RCB here just 1 run coming from it. Negi getting some spin already.

  • 9:36 PM IST

    RCB 213/2 , overs 20, Head 30* , Jadhav 38* : Jadeja to bowl the final over of the innings. 2-runs on the first ball. FOUR! Jadhav goes over the backward point. 200 up for RCB. SIX! Jadhav launches into Jadeja. 50-run stand between Jadhav and Head. FOUR! Jadhav crashes the ball past extra cover and long off. DOT to finish the over.

  • 9:31 PM IST

    RCB 196/2 , overs 19, Head 27* , Jadhav 24* : Tye into his final over gets welcomed by a SIX by Jadhav. FOUR to follow, this time over the extra cover. 2 runs towards long on. DOT. FOUR! Jadhav hits a slow and short ball over the deep square leg. DROPPED! 2 to finish the over.

  • 9:27 PM IST

    RCB 178/2 , overs 18, Head 27* , Jadhav 6* : FOUR! Head punishes a short-ball by Thampi. FOUR! Head goes over the sweeper cover. Play and a miss by Head. Thampi hitting the 140 kmph mark. DOT! Head manages to hit the ball direct to the fielder. 2-runs for Head, Jadhav was running at the danger end. Couple of runs to finish the over.

  • 9:23 PM IST

    RCB 166/2 , overs 17, Head 15* , Jadhav 6* : Andrew Tye into the attack. FOUR to start the over. Jadhav shows his cheeky-ness . SINGLE on the on side. SINGLE this time Head drops and runs. DOT. Excellent bowling by Tye. DOT to finish the over.

  • 9:18 PM IST

    RCB 160/2 , overs 16, Head 14* , Jadhav 1* : Dhawal Kulkarni comes on to bowl his final over starts off with a yorker as Kohli digs it out for a single. SINGLE for Head as Kohli brings out the dive. Short-ball and Kohli nudges it for 2 runs at mid wicket. This time Kohli gets 2 runs towards long on. OUT! Kohli goes for 64! He holds out at deep cover. Slower ball does the trick for Kulkarni. Kedar Jadhav comes in. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 9:10 PM IST

    RCB 153/1 , overs 15, Head 13* , Kohli 59* : FIFTY ! Kohli notches up his 28th half-century for RCB. WIDE. Same old story for Kaushik. More width on offer and Kohli misses a chance for a boundary. SINGLE for Head. SIX! Kohli goes over the long on fence . Smart cricket single towards sweeper cover. SIX! This time it is HEAD! 18 off the 15th over.

  • 9:06 PM IST

    RCB 135/1 , overs 15, Head 6* , Kohli 49* : Jadeja is back into the attack after taking a cantering by Gayle. SINGLE for Head towards mid wicket. DOT. 2-runs Kohli pushes the ball towards on-side. FOUR! Kohli carves the ball past deep extra cover for a boundary. Backs it up with a single. 2 to finish the over.

  • 9:03 PM IST

    RCB 125/1 , overs 13, Head 3* , Kohli 43* : Thampi is back into the attack. DOT to start the over with a slow ball. SINGLE down the leg side. SUPERB! Thampi keeps it full and in the block hole. OUT! Thampi gets his man. Gayle goes for 77. Travis Head is the new man. SINGLE to start his innings. SINGLE to finish the over, good one for GL.

  • 8:57 PM IST

    RCB 119/0 , overs 12, Gayle 75* , Kohli 41* : Dhawal Kulkarni is back into the attack. Gayle and Kohli have now become the only pair to get 10 100-run stands in T20 cricket.FOUR! Poor fielding on display by Lions could have been stopped by third man fielder. DOT. FOUR! Secondary boundary for the universe boss. WIDE. DOT to finish the over.

  • 8:53 PM IST

    RCB 109/0 , overs 11, Gayle 67* , Kohli 37* : Dwayne Smith comes into the attack. SINGLE to start with over. SIX! Gayle tearing into Smith. WIDE. SIX! Gayle tonks Smith straight down the ground. SINGLE to finish the over.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and updates’ post of the 20th match of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017, between Gujarat Lions (GL) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). The game will be played at the Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) Stadium in Rajkot, and will be a home game for the Suresh Raina-led side which has been having a torrid time this IPL. With three defeats in four games so far, Gujarat Lions have made a poor start to the IPL 2017 tournament, which is far off from the impressive show they produced last year, ending as the table toppers. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: Gujarat Lions (GL) vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) IPL 2017, Match 20

On the other hand, the star-studded Royal Challengers Bangalore have been erratic, losing four out of five matches so far in IPL 10. While Gujarat Lions are at the seventh spot in the IPL 2017 points table, the Virat Kohli-led IPL 2016 finalists RCB are at the bottom of the pool. For Gujarat Lions, the struggle has been across departments, and the story is somewhat similar for Royal Challengers Bangalore, whose coach Daniel Vettori admitted post their last defeat that RCB are still in search of the right balance. Talking about their past record, RCB have won two out of three matches so far against Gujarat Lions.

Both Gujarat Lions and Royal Challengers Bangalore are coming off defeats in their previous games. Gujarat Lions lost to the Mumbai Indians by 6 wickets in their last match, the Kohli-led RCB produced a timid batting performance on a tricky M Chinnaswamy wicket at Bengaluru, on which the team has failed to adapt after the surface was re-laid.

Vettori said after the loss to RPS, “That does not mean it is not a good T20 wicket. It has been exciting for the bowlers. All three games that have been played here have been really entertaining and I think we have shown that we can compete on this wicket. There is no point getting caught up around the old Chinnaswamy wicket, this is different and we just need to adapt like we did in the Delhi game. But we have not been able to mirror that performance in the last two games.”


Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (c), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Brendon McCullum, Dwayne Smith, Praveen Kumar, Manpreet Gony, Dhawal Kulkarni, Aaron Finch, Shadab Bashir Jakati, Jason Roy, Shivil Kaushik, Dwayne Bravo, Munaf Patel, Ravindra Jadeja, Jaydev Shah, Pradeep Sangwan, James Faulkner, Akshdeep Nath, Andrew Tye, Chirag Suri, Basil Thampi, Ishan Kishan, Nathu Singh, Shubham Agarwal, Tejas Baroka, Pratham Singh, Shelley Shaurya.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers, Kedar Jadhav (wk), Pawan Negi, Mandeep Singh, Stuart Binny, Tymal Mills, Sreenath Aravind, Samuel Badree, Yuzvendra Chahal, Harshal Patel, Adam Milne, Sarfaraz Khan, Shane Watson, Iqbal Abdulla, Travis Head, Sachin Baby, Avesh Khan, Tabraiz Shamsi, Praveen Dubey, Aniket Choudhary, Billy Stanlake, Vishnu Vinod.