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  • 11:08 PM IST

    MI, 199/2, Over 15.3, Hardik 15* , Rana 62*: Mohit Sharma into his third over.DOT to start the over. Couple of runs towards long off. SIX! Rana finishes the match in some style. MI win by 8 wickets.

  • 11:04 PM IST

  • 11:04 PM IST

    MI, 191/2, Over 15, Hardik 15* , Rana 54*: Ishant Sharma into his final over, gets hit for a SIX over the keeper’s head. FIFTY for Rana. DOT. SINGLE. Rana digs out a fuller ball for a run. SIX! Hardik Pandya launches into Ishant. Stand and delivery for Hardik. FOUR! Hardik Pandya in a hurry to finish the match. FOUR to finish the over. MI need 8 off 30.

  • 10:59 PM IST

    MI, 170/2, Over 14, Hardik 1* , Rana 47*: Mohit Sharma into the attack. OUT! Buttler goes for 77 mistimes the ball and it goes high in the air, lands into the safe hands of Maxwell. Hardik Pandya comes out in the middle. DOT. DOT slower delivery does the trick. DOT good over so far for KXIP. SINGLE towards square of the wicket. SINGLE towards third man. SINGLE to finish the over Rana gets nearer to his fifty.

  • 10:52 PM IST

    MI, 166/1, Over 13, Buttler 77* , Rana 45*: Sandeep Sharma back into the attack. WIDE.SINGLE to officially start the over. QUICK SINGLE for Rana. SIX! Buttler slaps the ball over the deep mid off. SIX! This time over deep mid wicket. Buttler achieves his career best T20 score. SINGLE towards long off. DOT to finish the over 16 runs from it.

  • 10:46 PM IST

    MI, 150/1, Over 12, Buttler 63* , Rana 44*: Akshar comes into this second over. SIX! Rana drags the ball into the stands. SIX! Rana dispatches the ball into the second tier this time. SINGLE towards point. SINGLE this time at long on. Massive over this already. DOT. Couple of runs to finish the over.

  • 10:43 PM IST

    MI, 134/1, Over 11, Buttler 62* , Rana 29*: Ishant Sharma into the attack. SIX! Rana slaps him over over long off. SINGLE towards third man. SINGLE to Buttler as 50-run stand comes up. SINGLE Rana fends off and runs a quick run. SINGLE. Ishant continuing his wider line. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 10:38 PM IST

    MI, 123/1, Over 10, Buttler 60* , Rana 20*: Swapnil Singh into the attack. SINGLE to start the over. SINGLE for Rana towards deep mid wicket. SINGLE! Buttler hits over the deep extra cover region. SINGLE this time at sweeper cover. SINGLE to finish the over. 6 runs from it.

  • 10:34 PM IST

    MI, 117/1, Over 9, Buttler 57* , Rana 17*: SINGLE to bring up Buttler’s FIFTY! SIX! Rana heaves the ball between mid wicket and long on. WIDE. SINGLE towards short mid wicket. SIX! Buttler hits the ball right in top tier. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 10:30 PM IST

    MI, 101/1, Over 8, Buttler 49* , Rana 10*: Stoinis to continue. SIX to start the over Rana pulls the ball into the stand. SINGLE towards third man smart cricket by Rana. SINGLE towards third man. SINGLE good fielding by Sandeep Sharma. FOUR! Buttler goes over the cover and long off region. HUNDRED up for MI already. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 10:27 PM IST

    MI, 87/1, Over 7, Buttler 43* , Rana 2*: Akshar Patel into the attack. SINGLE to start the over. SINGLE again this time on the leg-side.DOT. SINGLE leg bye Rana darts the ball. Couple of runs towards long-on. DOT to finish the over.

  • 10:21 PM IST

    MI, 82/1, Over 6, Buttler 40* , Rana 1*: Marcus Stoinis comes into the attack. SIX! to start the over. FOUR! This time square of the wicket. WIDE! SINGLE, Slower ball and Parthiv mistimes the ball. SINGLE! Stoinis sees the batsmen come down and follows him. OUT! Slower ball does the trick. Parthiv Patel perishes for 37.Nitish Rana in the middle. SINGLE to finish.

  • 10:14 PM IST

    MI, 68/0, Over 5, Buttler 39* , Parthiv 26* : Mohit Sharma into the attack. FOUR! Parthiv upper cuts the ball over the keeper’ head. SINGLE towards mid off. FOUR! Buttler finds the gap towards extra cover with ease. DOT. FOUR! Buttler clips the ball towards square leg. FOUR! to finish the over, 17 runs from it.

  • 10:09 PM IST

    MI, 51/0, Over 4, Buttler 27* , Parthiv 20* : Ishant Sharma into his second over. SIX! Smokes the ball over long-leg. SINGLE Good sensible cricket in middle. FOUR! Buttler bullets the ball between Miller’s hand and head. SINGLE towards mid off. FOUR! Slower ball and Parthiv clips the ball over backward square leg. LEG-BYE! to finish the over. 17 off the over.

  • 10:04 PM IST

    MI, 34/0, Over 3, Buttler 22* , Parthiv 9* : Sandeep Sharma comes into the attack. SINGLE to start the over. FOUR! Buttler slaps the ball past long off. SINGLE towards mid wicket. DOT. SIX to finish the over, Buttler is unstoppable at the moment.

  • 9:59 PM IST

    MI, 21/0, Over 2, Buttler 11* , Parthiv 7* : Ishant Sharma into the attack. MI need to score big against him. FOUR! Buttler opens the face of the bat. SINGLE. Buttler goes for the scoop and misses it. FOUR! Parthiv pushes the ball past the sweeper cover fielder. SINGLE Quick running between the wickets. DOT. Play and a miss by Buttler.

  • 9:55 PM IST

    MI, 10/0, Over 1, Buttler 7* , Parthiv 2* : Jos Buttler and Parthiv Patel are out in the middle. Sandeep Sharma to start the proceedings for KXIP. SINGLE to start the over for Parthiv. SINGLE Buttler off the mark towards cover. WIDE.SINGLE towards deep mid wicket. DOT. Parthiv and Buttler need to pull up their socks. DOT. SIX! Massive. Buttler finding his tune.

  • 9:36 PM IST

    KXIP, 198/4, Over 20, Amla 104* , Patel 4* : Malinga to bowl the final over. WIDE. SIX! Amla gets a lucky boundary over the keeper’s head. SIX! Amla lands the ball into the second tier. 100 for AMLA in 58-balls. SINGLE towards deep square leg. Couple of runs for Patel at mid wicket. SINGLE to Patel. SINGLE to finish the over. Amla ends on 104*

  • 9:30 PM IST

    KXIP, 180/4, Over 19, Amla 90* , Patel 0* : Jasprit Bumrah into his final over. Start off with a DOT. SINGLE towards short cover. NO-BALL, rare from Bumrah and AMLA comes back for 2. DOT. Short-ball AMLA could not make good use of it. FOUR! Amla paddles the ball past fine leg. SINGLE. WIDE. DOT to finish the over. Bumrah’s spell comes to an end.

  • 9:25 PM IST

    KXIP, 170/4, Over 18, Amla 83* , Patel 0* : McClenaghan into his final over. SINGLE to start the over. OUT! Stoinis goes for 1. As usual McClenaghan gets his mandatory wicket. DOT! Play and a miss by Amla. Akshar Patel in the middle. DOT. Amla tries to go for the sweep. DOT! Good over by Mitch. FOUR! Amla upper cuts the ball over the third man region.

  • 9:20 PM IST

    KXIP, 165/3, Over 17, Amla 79* , Stoinis 1* : Jasprit Bumrah into the attack. SINGLE to start the over. LEG-BYE. SINGLE Amla cuts the ball straight to the fielder. OUT! Maxwell misreads the slower ball. Explosive innings by Maxwell 40 off 18. Marcus Stoinis comes out in the middle. DOT. SINGLE off the mark on the second ball. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 9:14 PM IST

    KXIP, 161/2, Over 16, Amla 77* , Maxwell 40* : Lasith Malinga into the attack. SINGLE to start the over. SIX! Hashim Amla canters Malinga on the roof. WIDE! SIX! Amla goes square of the wicket. FOUR! Amla goes straight past the bowler at long on. DOT. Good comeback by Malinga slower delivery. FOUR! 22 runs from the over. AMLA and Maxwell are a treat to the eye right now.

  • 9:05 PM IST

    KXIP, 139/2, Over 15, Amla 57* , Maxwell 39* : McClenaghan is into the attack. SIX! Maxwell slaps the ball over long on. SIX! Maxwell on fire. Hammers McClenaghan straight down the wicket. FOUR! Maxwell hooks the ball from the off stump line. FOUR! Maxwell cuts the ball past square third man. NO-BALL. SIX! Maxwell flicks the ball off his pads over deep square leg. SINGLE back to normalcy. DOT to finish the over. 28 coming from it.

  • 8:59 PM IST

    KXIP, 222/2, Over 14, Amla 57* , Maxwell 12* : Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack. OUCH Maxwell has no clue about the ball. SINGLE towards mid wicket quick run. SINGLE towards square leg Amla nudges the ball and runs away. FOUR! Maxwell pulls the ball and gets top edge over the keeper’. FOUR! Maxwell crashes the ball towards deep backward point. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 8:55 PM IST

    KXIP, 100/2, Over 13, Amla 56* , Maxwell 2* : Krunal into his final over. OUR! Amla places the ball past deep backward point. WIDE. DOT. Amla hits the ball straight to the fielder. SINGLE towards sweeper cover. SINGLE for Maxwell. SINGLE for Amla at long on. SINGLE fo end the over. 9 runs from it.

  • 8:51 PM IST

    KXIP, 91/2, Over 12, Amla 50* , Maxwell 1*: Glenn Maxwell is the new man in the middle. FOUR! Amla chips the ball over deep backward point. SINGLE straight down the ground. SINGLE. Maxwell gets off the mark. FOUR! Amla drives the ball over thew bowlers head. SINGLE to bring up his FIFTY. Amla took just 34 balls. DOT to finish the over.

  • 8:46 PM IST

    KXIP, 80/2, Over 11, Amla 40* , *: SINGLE to start the over. SIX! Amla crashes the ball towards the long on. SINGLE towards backward point. SINGLE Saha completely looking out of form. SINGLE to Amla at mid wicket. WIDE. OUT! Saha comes down the track and gets himself bowled.

  • 8:42 PM IST

    KXIP, 69/1, Over 10, Amla 32* , Saha 9*: Jasprit Bumrah has been called into the attack. Couple of runs runs towards third man. Good fielding by Mitchell. SINGLE. Important that Saha and Amla get a move on. DOT. Couple of runs at deep mid wicket as Saha chips the ball over the inner circle. DOT. Cuts Saha into half. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 8:39 PM IST

    KXIP, 63/1, Over 9, Amla 29* , Saha 6*: Krunal to continue his spell.DOT to start the over. SINGLE towards the on side as Amla misses the ball. SINGLE. Saha punches the ball towards mid wicket. SINGLE to deep point. SINGLE Saha is clearly seen struggling with his timing. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 8:33 PM IST

    KXIP, 58/1, Over 8, Amla 27* , Saha 8*: Harbhajan SIngh is back into the attack. DOT to start flighted ball fended off by Saha. SINGLE towards left of cover. SINGLE this time to deep mid wicket. SINGLE Saha comes down the takes an pushes the ball towards long on Couple of runs for Amla via a punch straight down the wicket. SINGLE to finish the over.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and updates’ post of Match No. 22 of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 between Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) and Mumbai Indians (MI). The match will be played at the Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore. KXIP are currently at the No. 5 spot in the IPL 10 points table while MI are handsomely above them at No. 3. Both teams have played equal number of matches so far. MI will get to the Numero Uno position if they win, while KXIP will edge past Delhi Daredevils in the table at number four. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians – Match 22

This will also be the first time that Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians clash at the Holkar Stadium. This will also be the last home game for KXIP in Indore, before they move to their primary home ground in Mohali. KXIP are coming off a narrow defeat by the hands of Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). It was only Manan Vohra, who’s 50-ball 95 kept Kings in hunt ultimately losing the tie by 5 runs. Much will depend upon the likes of  Hashim Amla, Glenn Maxwell and David Miller.

Mumbai Indians, on the flip-side, face no dilemma in terms of their team selection. Indian recruits like Nitish Rana, Krunal Pandya and Hardik Pandya have been performing out of their skins. Out of the international stars, only Kieron Pollard and Lastith Malinga have made sizable contributions to their wins so far. Rohit Sharma, Jos Buttler and Mitchell McClenaghan will be expected to step up with the tournament heading into crucial phase.

Kings XI Punjab (KXIP): Hashim Amla, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), David Miller, Glenn Maxwell (c), Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Manan Vohra, Axar Patel, Marcus Stoinis, T Natarajan, Swapnil Singh, Darren Sammy, Shaun Marsh, Eoin Morgan, Ishant Sharma, Martin Guptill, Anureet Singh, Varun Aaron, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Matt Henry, Nikhil Naik, Rahul Tewatia, KC Cariappa, Pardeep Sahu, Rinku Singh, Armaan Jaffer.

Mumbai Indians (MI): Rohit Sharma (c), Jos Buttler (wk), Parthiv Patel (wk), Nicholas Pooran (wk), Krishnappa Gowtham (wk), Ambati Rayudu (wk), Lendl Simmons (wk), Kulwant Khejroliya, Karn Sharma, Saurabh Tiwary, Asela Gunaratne, Mitchell Johnson, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell McClenaghan, Shreyas Gopal, Siddhesh Lad, Vinay Kumar, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Tim Southee, Lasith Malinga, Jagadeesha Suchith, Nitish Rana, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, Jitesh Sharma, Deepak Punia