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  • 11:04 PM IST
    And that’s it! With KXIP smashing RCB bowlers at will, they never made it difficult for themselves chasing a modest total. Maxwell came, hammered and made it two in two for his side. With 33 balls to spare, this is a big win for KXIP. Indore witnessed ABD’s mavericks, Amla’s class and Maxwell’s innovative strokeplay, but clearly KXIP were the better side. Apart from the last 3 overs with the ball, they never allowed RCB to sneak in…

    Chahal and Mills took the scalps of Patel and Vohra respectively, but never managed to apply the brakes on the scoring…Amla made an impressive 58 not out whereas Maxwell remains unbeaten in two consecutive innings. He also gets to 1,000 IPL runs with his short-but-effective cameo.

    So that’s it! A comprehensive victory for the home side. They are certainly turning it on in this season. That’s it from this match. Do join us for tomorrow’s clash, between RPS and DD. Goodnight guys! Hope you enjoyed the live feeds and this encounter!
  • 10:57 PM IST

    If Pawan Negi kept things down in the 13th over, by going for only 8 runs, Stanlake was hammered all round the park by conceding 16 runs. Maxwell went bonkers again by smashing two big sixes and it is all coming easy for KXIP. They are just 5 runs away from an impressive victory…

  • 10:48 PM IST

    No half measures from KXIP batting. Maxwell and Amla going for the maximum after every few balls. Only 30 needed from last 8 overs. Easy to get! Only a miracle can get RCB home from here.

  • 10:44 PM IST

    Last two overs leaking 22 runs as KXIP are rushing away with an easy win. Amla timing it well and sending the ball over the ropes occasionally, whereas Maxwell has come out with a single agenda, i.e. to finish it off quickly. He is hammering it much like ABD. We are seeing some tennis-ball hitting as he is attacking Mills and Amla is showing is class versus the spinners…Good going KXIP!

  • 10:35 PM IST

    Chahal strikes. He turned it enough for Patel who went for another maximum, after hitting one to Abdulla in the last over. Clean bowled for 9 as RCB get their second scalp and Chahal is off the mark. Only he can put a lid on the scoring and restrict the batting side. Glenn Maxwell comes in the middle with Amla settled and batting well…

  • 10:32 PM IST

    Iqbal Abdulla goes for 11 runs as Patel-Amla get a big over for KXIP. They were getting the odd singles before a short ball was smacked for a huge six off Patel’s blade. KXIP will like more of such biggies to seal the match at Indore.

  • 10:27 PM IST

    Yuzvendra Chahal comes into bowl. I feel, Watson should have started with him, but anyhow he holds fort for RCB. Not only can he curb the run flow, but also chip in with wickets. He always looks for wickets and RCB can win only by dismissing KXIP. Not restricting them. He concedes only 5 runs with a few singles as Amla-Patel look for gaps to keep the scoreboard ticking.

  • 10:20 PM IST

    Tymal Mills introduced into the attack and even he is not spared as well. But he gets Manan Vohra on a beautiful slower one. He had Hashim Amla as well who pulled him off a short ball but Billy Stanlake made a mess of it in the deep. Vohra played a beautiful straight drive but departed for a chancy 34 off 21 balls. Nonetheless, RCB need to curb the run flow. KXIP are off to a flier, going at 10 per over.

  • 10:10 PM IST

    FOUR, FOUR and FOUR! Vohra gets some chancy boundaries to get going. Few classy flicks and an uppish drive piles up 17 runs off Watson’s first over and he irked with his lengths throughout the six balls. Run-rate stands at almost 11 per over.

  • 10:04 PM IST

    SIX! Manan has taken his eyes off the ball but a thick edge off Stanlake gets him a six over the slip cordon. KXIP have made a brisk start; RCB need wickets! Vohra and Amla have added 12 runs off Stanlake’s second over. Here comes Shane Watson…
    De Villiers is on-air. He says he was thinking he’d be rusty, he was doubting himself but his wife helped him go through the phase. He says Stanlake is very similar to Morkel.

  • 10:00 PM IST

    Amla is looking in dangerous form. Binny does well to cut off a boundary off the first ball from Iqbal Abdulla, and Amla follows that stroke with one in the air over the cover fielders. KXIP have made a positive start to their reply. RCB do not have a lot of runs, hence wickets will be key here if they have to put any kind of pressure on the home side. 135 needed off 18 overs.

  • 9:57 PM IST

    Billy Stanlake begins the proceedings for RCB against KXIP. He beats Vohra on the first ball, but Amla gets the first boundary, hitting in the air past square leg. KXIP knock off 6 runs from RCB’s total in the first over in which the lanky Stanky got plenty of movement off the wicket and in the air.

  • 9:42 PM IST
    RCB 148/4 in 20 overs, de Villers 89*, Binny 18*: What have we just seen at Holkar? “What an innings, what a player”? How many times do we hear this when ABD finishes off his innings? He pulled off another ABD tonight. Last 18 balls, he scored 58 runs! Phew, some beating for KXIP.

    They did everything right till the first 16 overs. But the complexion changed with de Villiers firing on all cylinders. Binny- de Villiers added 80 off 41 balls as ABD smoked some astonishing sixes! The last over leaked 14 runs as de Villiers bent on his knees, expected the fuller ones and yorkers to send some biggies for the crowds. This cannot be described in writing. Anticipation at its’ best! Get ready for KXIP’s chase in 15 minutes…
  • 9:35 PM IST
    RCB 134/4 in 19 overs, de Villers 76*, Binny 17*: Sandeep Sharma is taken to the cleaners. He conceded only 7 runs off his first 3 overs, but went for 19 in his last. This is why ABD is so dangerous. Maxwell should have attacked by employing some slip fielders when he came into bat. Nonetheless, let bygones be bygones and take nothing away from this genius, ABD!

    He smashed two maximums on a low full toss but the highlight of the innings has to be the third ball of the over. It was the first of the two low full toss. ABD came down on his knees and clobbered it to the deep mid wicket region. Two such similar hits keeps RCB going. Brilliant anticipation from ABD. They will be eyeing 150-run mark with one over to go. Mohit Sharma, is it?

  • 9:26 PM IST
    RCB 115/4 in 18 overs, de Villers 59*, Binny 16*: Now Binny joins ABD. He was not being able to rotate the strike but starts Mohit Sharma’s over with a six and a four! ABD does not misses out as well as Mohit missed his yorker and bowled a full toss. de Villiers accepted it happily and smashed it towards long on and mid wicket. Boy, you should have seen the bat speed!
  • 9:24 PM IST
    RCB 96/4 in 17 overs, de Villers 51*, Binny 5*: It is that time of the innings where if the bowler misses his length and is in the arc, the batsmen will pounce on them. ABD does just that to bring his fifty in his comeback match. This guy can never fail. How well has he timed his innings.
    He smoked two biggies off length and short deliveries to add two maximums for his side. Finally, RCB get a move on…
  • 9:15 PM IST
    RCB 80/4 in 16 overs, de Villers 38*, Binny 3*: Aaron ends his spell. He will be delighted with his performance. To be honest, he has surprised me, at least. What accuracy and pace throughout his spell. He went for a maximum off de Villiers put still managed to keep the over down to 9 runs.
  • 9:12 PM IST
    RCB 71/4 in 15 overs, de Villers 31*, Binny 2*: End of an excellent spell from Akshar Patel. 4-0-12-1. This is unheard of in the current modern era. Why do we keep saying T20s are batsmen-friendly? It is not. It is all about sticking to a line and length, mixing it wisely and bowling according to the batsman in question. Akshar has done just that and put his team in outstanding position after 15 overs. RCB need at least close to 140 to challenge KXIP’s batting heavy line-up.
  • 9:08 PM IST
    RCB 70/4 in 14 overs, de Villers 31*, Binny 1*: Aaron is giving it back to his former side. He bowls a brilliant third over giving away only a couple. Binny will again have to rotate the strike and give maximum balls to ABD.
  • 9:05 PM IST
    RCB 68/4 in 13.1 overs, de Villers 30*: Askhar Patel maintained pressure being conceding only 3 runs in the 13th over and Varun Aaron made full use of it on the very first ball of his new spell. Mandeep’s patience got the better of him as he went for a glory shot against his former teammate and didn’t time it as Wriddhiman Saha pulled off a stunner running backwards. He timed his dive perfectly to grab the ball and dismiss Mandeep.
    Stuart Binny joins ABD in the middle. RCB have to have de Villiers till the last over to get to some sort of score.
  • 9:00 PM IST
    RCB 65/3 in 12 overs, de Villers 29*, Mandeep 26*: RCB batsmen not being given much to exploit and they are dealing in singles, or, doubles at the moment. Both the batsmen moving forward slowly and holding their ends. KXIP bowlers have to be credited. They have stuck to their lines and not tried too many different things. That is the plan- to keep it simple
  • 8:57 PM IST
    RCB 59/3 in 11 overs, de Villers 26*, Mandeep 23*: Akshar Patel runs through his over quickly and gives away only 6 runs. He has stuck to a length and not offering much width to the batsmen who look content rotating the strike at the moment. A very disciplined bowling performance, so far, from KXIP.
  • 8:55 PM IST
    RCB 53/3 in 10 overs, de Villers 24*, Mandeep 19*: A tidy over from Marcus Stoinis as he gives away only 6 runs. Nonetheless, the last ball was a ripper. It moved a little late and ABD had no clue how to play it. Holkar’s track is known for giving assistance to the seamers if they exploit the grass wisely. Stoinis did that and it paid rich dividends by seaming a little. ABD-Mandeep not willing to throw their wickets after getting a start and they need to stay there till the 17th, at least.
  • 8:47 PM IST
    RCB 47/3 in 9 overs, de Villers 20*, Mandeep 17*: Expensive over for RCB’s camp finally. 13 coming off it as TN Natarajan is hammered all round the park. Mandeep Singh gets into the act with two beautiful strokes. He send the ball to the top tier, smashing a short ball with a timely pull. Natarajan followed it up with a full length delivery, outside off, and Mandeep purposely edged one to add another boundary to his name.
    RCB dugout and ABD acknowledge his efforts. This would mean a lot and boost the young lad’s confidence.
  • 8:43 PM IST
    RCB 34/3 in 8 overs, de Villers 19*, Mandeep 6*: Mohit keeps the over down to only 3 runs as Maxwell is happy bowling his pacers. The track at Holkar has something for every bowler. Even the last tie here, KXIP vs RPS, saw pacers do well for KXIP. The same ploy being employed here. He sticks to length deliveries and Mandeep has shown good application playing on the back foot. Still lots to do for him and ABD out there.
  • 8:37 PM IST
    RCB 31/3 in 7 overs, de Villers 19*, Mandeep 3*: Everyone must be surprised to see Varun AAron’s accuracy. Where was this accuracy when he was donning RCB and Team India’s jersey? Nonetheless, he has started well here. Another tidy over with only 7 coming off it. Aaron stuck to wicket-to-wicket lines but missed the yorker by a yard in the last ball to which ABD flicked for a four.
  • 8:33 PM IST
    RCB 23/3 in 6 overs, de Villers 14*, Mandeep 0*: Another tight over. KXIP have started really well here. Mohit concedes only a single as RCB are struggling to get the odd boundaries and keep the scoreboard ticking. However, they can turn the tides in no time if ABD stays for long.
  • 8:31 PM IST
    RCB 22/3 in 5 overs, de Villers 14*: Would you believe it? Varun Aaron, my senior from school, gets rid of in-form player, Kedar Jadhav. He kept the over tight by resorting to fuller and length deliveries but struck in the final ball by dismissing Jadhav. It pitched in line, but was certainly missing the stumps. Another show of poor umpiring in IPL. Nonetheless, Jadhav goes for 1. A wicket and only 3 coming off Aaron’s over.
  • 8:22 PM IST
    RCB 19/2 in 4 overs, de Villers 11*, Jadhav 0*: Brilliant over for Sandeep Sharma and KXIP. He concedes only a single and gets rid of Vinod. He was never looking comfortable opening the innings. He pulled a rash pull off Mohit Sharma and got away with it, but not this time. Maxwell placed himself at deep long on to take a sitter. Bad start from RCB, but in comes their in-form batsman, Kedar Jadhav. Let’s see if ABD-Jadhav pull off something special tonight.
  • 8:17 PM IST
    RCB 18/1 in 3 overs, de Villers 10*, Vinod 7*: RCB getting a move on after their skipper’s departure. Mohit Sharma ended an economical over for KXIP. Vishnu Vinod, looking tentative, smacked a short ball and it just managed to get away from Maxwell, placed at mid on. Nonetheless, the over ended with an ABD-special. Mohit offered some width outside off and he hammered the first maximum of the match towards log off.

    Chants of RCB, RCB already doing the rounds at Holkar. Mind you, this is KXIP’s adopted den…
Can Virat Kohli less Royal Challengers Bangalore put up a challenge to Glenn Maxwell led Kings XI Punjab? © BCCI
Can Virat Kohli less Royal Challengers Bangalore put up a challenge to Glenn Maxwell led Kings XI Punjab? © BCCI

Good Evening, शुभ संध्या! Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and updates’ post of Match 8 of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 between Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), at the Holkar Stadium in Indore on Monday. I am Aditya Sahay, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from this thrilling tie. KXIP were off to a winning start, as they drubbed Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) by 6 wickets. As for RCB, they were off to shaky start during their opening tie against the defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), but they made a good comeback in their second game against Delhi Daredevils (DD), whom they beat by 15 runs. Full Cricket Scorecard, Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, IPL 2017, Match 8 at Indore

There has been no official announcement regarding Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers’ participation from the dugout. Nonetheless, stand-in captain Shane Watson dropped a bombshell in the post-match presentation ceremony after his side defeated DD by 15 runs. “They’ll be back for the next game,” stated a confident Watson when Sanjay Mangrekar asked about Kohli and de Villiers’ injury status. When Manjrekar inquired whether he is a ‘reliable source’, he replied with a grin. There is enough mystery surrounding RCB’s two biggest match-winners’ participation against KXIP. With no confirmed news, let us take into consideration that Watson will continue to don the captain’s hat. However, Watson put everything to rest as far as de Villiers was concerned, bringing him in place of Chris Gayle. Maxwell’s brigade looks to turn on the heat against RCB

It seems KXIP have bought too many players for one slot, that is, in the middle order. As a result, they had to make two seasoned campaigners like Eoin Morgan and Darren Sammy sit out of the playing XI versus RPS. They may not change the winning combination, but making Morgan warm the benches when he has to leave for national duty in May makes little sense. If he sits out entirely, it was no point putting a price on him in the IPL auction. IPL 2017 Points Table, Match Results & Team Standing: Sunrisers Hyderabad on top


Kings XI Punjab: Eoin Morgan, Rahul Tewatia, T Natarajan, Matt Henry, Varun Aaron, Martin Guptill, Darren Sammy, Rinku Singh, David Miller, Manan Vohra, Akshar Patel, Glenn Maxwell (c), Gurkeerat Singh, Anureet Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Shaun Marsh, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), M Vijay, Nikhil Naik, Mohit Sharma, Marcus Stoinis, KC Cariappa, Armaan Jaffer, Pardeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, Hashim Amla, Ishant Sharma.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Shane Watson, Virat Kohli (c), Kedar Jadhav (wk), Stuart Binny, Iqbal Abdullah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Sreenath Aravind, Tymal Mills, Avesh Khan, Samuel Badree, Praveen Dubey, Travid Head, Mandeep Singh, Adam Milne, Pawan Negi, Harshal Patel, Sachin Baby, Tabraiz Shamsi, Billy Stanlake.

Full Cricket Scorecard, Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, IPL 2017, Match 8 at Indore