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  • 7:33 PM IST

    Boult to bowl the final over: Starts off with a dot. FOUR! Bipul Sharma trying his bit to contribute to the team’s scorecard but it is too late. Four! Goes over mid on this time. His hits may help SRH to finish with a better runrate. Single off the final ball. KKR win by 17 runs. KKR remain unbeaten at home against SRH, winning all 5 matches at the venue.

  • 7:30 PM IST

    Chris Woakes with his final over: Full and wide but out of Bipul’s reach. SIX! Connects it this time, goes over mid-wicket. Ojha and Bipul steal quick singles and doubles. The target now seems impossible for SRH to achieve. DROPPED! Could have been a tough catch but Bipul gets a couple of runs.

  • 7:23 PM IST

    Boult with the ball: OUT! Cutting mistimes the hit, slipped down while hitting and finds de Grandhomme in the deep. Bipul Sharma has come out ahead of Rashid. Swing and a miss off the first delivery he faces from Boult. Goes off the mark with a single. Another single, Bipul makes room and hist it to cover.

  • 7:20 PM IST

    Chris Woakes continues: Starts off with slower ones, looking not to concede boundaries. Though he took a wicket but was hammered in his last over. Bowls fuller length, the batsmen steal single. SIX! Over the bowler’s head goes Cutting.

  • 7:11 PM IST

    Narine’s final over: Dot balls and these will build pressure on the batting side. SRH have not won a single match at the Eden Gardens and victory from this stage looks very difficult. It is time for strategic timout.

  • 7:08 PM IST

    Chris Woakes with the ball: Shorter ball, Yuvraj puts a lot of power to send it over cover. This brings up 100 for SRH. FOUR! Short again, Cutting loves it and pulls it over square leg. A quick single taken off the next. The required runrate is over 12 and few of these shots will bring that down. WIDE, BIG WIDE! OUT! Slower one and Yuvraj goes for a big hit, taken in the deep, Yuvraj departs after an entertaining knock. Some miscommunication with the umpires who wanted to check the no ball. Single to finish the over.

  • 6:59 PM IST

    Narine with the ball: OUT! Tossed up, Hooda walks down to slog it over long on but misses the line. Uthappa executes an easy stumping to get rid of him. KKR in driver’s seat. Ben Cutting out in the middle, onus is on these two now. Not a very low total to chase and the required runrate is going up to create more pressure. Cutting off the mark with a single. Successful over from Narine with a wicket and 3 singles.

  • 6:56 PM IST

    Umesh Yadav’s third over: SIX! A Yuvraj special! Full length in the line of off stump, Yuvraj connects it beautifully to send it back with the pace of the ball over the bowler’s head. Short ball, Yuvraj gets on back leg to route the ball with its pace over fine leg. Sends the next down to extra cover, no run taken. Down the leg this time, the ball deflects off Yuvraj’s side, Uthappa takes the catch and appeals but no bat involved. Takes a single off the next and that brings Hooda at strike. Short and wide, Hooda makes room and cuts through point for FOUR!

  • 6:51 PM IST

    Kuldeep Yadav’s final over: SIX! Hooda welcomes him in style picks the delivery well, stepping out and sends it over long on. 9 off the over as the bowler concedes no more boundaries. Finishes off with one wicket.

  • 6:47 PM IST

    Chris Woakes with the ball: Yuvraj off the mark with a single. FOUR! slower bouncer, angles in to the batsman, Henriques plays a brilliant upper cut. OUT! Brilliant delivery followed by a clean catch by Woakes to get rid of an explosive Henriques for 13. FOUR! One bounce over midwicket goes Yuvraj.

  • 6:40 PM IST

    Kuldeep continues: FOUR! Henriques plays it late, beats the fielder at cover. A dot follows. Warner pushes the next down and steals a single. OUT! Poor shot from the skipper, and Chris Woakes takes a easy catch at long off. Yuvraj joins Henriques.

  • 6:34 PM IST

    Narine with the ball: Starts off with a dot. Wraner sneaks a single off the next. Fifty up for SRH. Bowls economically, keeps it to singles and doubles. No boundaries conceded in the over and it is time for strategic time out.

  • 6:31 PM IST

    Kuldeep Yadav: Missed chance of stumping! tossed up deliverya nd Warner misses it, Uthappa fails to collect the ball before knocking the balls off. Warner troubled by Kuldeep.

  • 6:27 PM IST

    Brother Irfan following Yusuf’s game:

  • 6:25 PM IST

    Yusuf Pathan handed the ball: OUT! Gives his side the first breakthrough, slower one, full length, Dhawan looks to hit big and is taken at long off. Goes down the leg, Warner gets a single. Moises Henriques at the crease, yet to get off the mark.

  • 6:21 PM IST

    Kuldeep Yadav’s first over today: Gets turn, Warner makes room to play it to point. FOUR! Switch hit from Warner, picks it from leg side over cover. Good delivery from Kuldeep, Warner defends. Single to end the over.

  • 6:17 PM IST

    Sunil Narine continues: Good length outside off, turns away, Dhawan plays late. Dhawan plays the next very late to square leg for a single. FOUR! No turn, Warner shuffles to play it fine. Swept away, but there is fielder at deep. Warner gets a single this time.

  • 6:14 PM IST

    Boult with the ball: Good bounce in the wicket, swing and a miss by Dhawan. FOUR! Pulled through backward square leg. Great shot, pulled with a lot of power but the deep square leg fielder stops it. Just a single for the batsman, FOUR! Bounces over Warner’s head who pulls it over backward square for a one-bounce four. FOUR! Cut through cover this time, brilliant timing as the fielder misses it after a diving attempt.

  • 6:09 PM IST

    Umesh continues: At middle, no run taken. FOUR! Short and sweet in Dhawan’s zone. FOUR! Played to backward square for a single. A dot to finish.

  • 6:06 PM IST

    Trent Boult with the ball: Dhawan makes room and plays over backward point, the ball hits the SRH team laptop where an animated VVS Laxman looks concerned about the object. Back to back dot balls. Chance of a catch? Put down, a single taken.

  • 6:01 PM IST

    Umesh Yadav opens bowling: In the middle stump, no run. Wide ball next. Warner and Dhawan run for a couple off the next. Wide outside off, moves further away from Warner, the wicketkeeper misses. Good length at leg stump, Warner plays it fine for a single. Shorter, move away slightly, Dhawan plays it to deep cover for a single. Fuller length, swing and a miss from Warner. 5 off the first.

  • 5:41 PM IST

    Bhuvneshwar bowls the final over: SIX! Good length, Yusuf picks it well and places over long on. lower fulltoss, Yusuf hits hard this time as well, but it runs past Grandhomme at the other end, they steal a single. BOWLED HIM! Perfect yorker, swinging in and knocks the off stump off. Woakes is here. Gets off the mark with a single. Yusuf cuts the next through point. KKR post 172 for 6.

  • 5:37 PM IST

    Nehra ji continues: Wide down the leg. Another wide. Suryakumar faces his first ball, makes room to defend the delivery. FOUR! Full length at leg, Flicked over square leg. OUT! No footwork at all, looks to pull hard, good length down the length, Naman Ojha takes a flying catch with his left hand. Colin de Grandhomme joins Yusuf at the crease.

  • 5:30 PM IST

    Third over for Bhuvneshwar: bowls wide outside off, Yusuf gets some bat on it somehow. Plays the next to point, wants to keep strike, takes a couple. Single this time. OUT! Slower outside off, mishit by Manish Pandey, chance of a collision between Warner and Bipul Sharma, but Warner takes a clean catch. Single to finish.

  • 5:26 PM IST

    Ben Cutting with the ball: SIX! Full toss, massive hit over long-off. FOUR! Another full toss, connects well to route it through point. Manish Pandey has proved to be one star batsman for KKR. Yusuf pulls it through midwicket, single taken off the last. 14 runs off the over.

  • 5:18 PM IST

    Bipul Sharma continues: SIX! Pandey comes down the crease, picks it from outside off and hits it over long on. Flat hit over extra cover, reaches Warner at one bounce who executes an athletic stop.

  • 5:14 PM IST

    Ben Cutting with the ball: Top edge, hit with a lot of power though but lands in the hands of Rashid Khan at the deep. Rashid comes in running from deep midwicket. FOUR! Chance hit, there was thick edge but the ‘keeper could not get to it. Single follows.

  • 5:09 PM IST

    Rashid Khan with the ball: FOUR! Uthappa top edges it but there is no slip in place. Another solid hit, but this time there is a fielder in the long on who gets it. Runs stopped well but SRH need wickets. Rashid finishes with only one wicket.

  • 5:06 PM IST

    Well, Dean Jones is not happy with the decision

  • 5:05 PM IST

    Nehra continues: Shorter length, Uthappa pulls it fine, no run. Appeal for caught behind, if the catch is clean, will be a great effort by the ‘keeper. Had to anticipate and follow the ball to run in closer and dive to reach it. Soft signal is out but there is no conclusive evidence of the ball hitting the bat, it rather deflected off the pad. The decision is not out, though the catch was clean. FOUR! Uthappa hits it hard again, over midwicket. FOUR! Flat hit over cover this time. FOUR! Brilliant timing and placement by Pandey, cuts it through cover, gets the runs.

Both Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad have won two of their three games but the hosts are ahead with a better net run-rate © BCCI
Both Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad have won two of their three games but the hosts are ahead with a better net run-rate © BCCI

Good Evening, शुभ संध्या, শুভ সন্ধ্যা, శుభ సాయంత్రం! Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog session of Match 14 of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 between former record two-time champions Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), at the historic Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata on Saturday. I am Paulami Chakraborty, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from this tie. Kolkata have been off to a fair start in the tournament so far, having won two of the three games played so far, as they are placed second in the table. As for Hyderabad, they too have come up with a similar performance like Kolkata, and are placed third in the table. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) – Match 14 at Kolkata

The biggest setback for KKR currently is the injury of their star opener Chris Lynn, whose innings kick-started KKR’s journey in IPL 10. However, the team found an unexpected replacement in their spinner Sunil Narine, whose fast-paced innings took the burden off KKR’s middle-order, handing them a comfortable victory. Captain Gautam Gambhir is in a supreme form and in-form Manish Pandey is another name the team can bank on for a stellar performance with the bat. The line-up further consists of Robin Uthappa and pinch-hitter Yusuf Pathan to ensure the knights get good runs on the board. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), IPL 2017 Match 14, Preview

David Warner’s army is off to a fruitful journey in IPL 10 as well. The reigning champions have made their intentions clear with their performance so far that they are not ready to give up the title. The top-order consisting Shikhar Dhawan, Moises Henriques and Yuvraj Singh have performed consistently with captain Warner setting example for all of them. However, their middle-order batting has not been tested yet and will have to fire up once the top tumbles. IPL 2017 Points Table, Match Results & Team Standing


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Piyush Chawla, Robin Uthappa (wk), Yusuf Pathan, Manish Pandey, Sunil Narine, Chris Woakes, Chris Lynn, Suryakumar Yadav, Trent Boult, Kuldeep Yadav, Shakib Al Hasan, Darren Bravo, Ishank Jaggi, Umesh Yadav, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Colin de Grandhomme, Rishi Dhawan, Sheldon Jackson, Ankit Rajpoot, Sayan Ghosh, Ramsingh Sanjay Yadav.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Moises Henriques, Yuvraj Singh, Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha (wk), Ben Cutting, Bipul Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Ashish Nehra, Ricky Bhui, Kane Williamson, Siddarth Kaul, Abhimanyu Mithun, Mustafizur Rahman, Barinder Sran, Vijay Shankar, Chris Jordan, Mohammad Nabi, Eklavya Dwivedi, Pravin Tambe, Ben Laughlin, Tanmay Agarwal, Mohammed Siraj.

LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) – Match 14 at Kolkata