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  • 11:37 PM IST

    DD 176/5 , overs 20, Morris 0*, Iyer 50*: Kaul to bowl the final over of the match. SINGLE on the first delivery . Pressure on Mathews. SIX! Mathews launches it into Kaul. Yorker turns into full toss. DOT. Super stuff by Kaul. DOT! Kaul hardly giving any room for Mathews to hit. OUT! Mathews perishes trying to go for the glory shot. DD need 17 off 1 ball. SINGLE to finish the over. SRH WIN BY 15 runs.

  • 11:30 PM IST

    DD 168/4 , overs 19, Mathews 25*, Iyer 48*: Bhuvneshwar Kumar into his final over. Couple off runs to start the over poor shot selection by Mathews. SINGLE towards the cover region. SINGLE leg-bye down the leg side. SINGLE superb fielding by Henriques at mid wicket. FOUR! Iyer sneaks it past the third man region. SINGLE to finish the over. 10 runs from it.

  • 11:26 PM IST

    DD 158/4 , overs 18, Mathews 21*, Iyer 43*: Siddarth Kaul into his third over. FOUR! Mathews clears his front leg and slams the ball mid wicket. SINGLE well dug-ed out by Mathews. SINGLE towards long on. SINGLE. Kaul keeping it simple. Everything in the block hole. FOUR! Iyer keeps DD in play

  • 11:22 PM IST

    DD 145/4 , overs 17, Mathews 13*, Iyer 38*: Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack. SINGLE to start the over. Important that Iyer stays till the end if DD have to win the game from here on. WIDE. One hardly sees Kumar bowling a wide ball. FOUR! Excellent by Iyer.

  • 11:15 PM IST

    DD 135/4 , overs 16, Mathews 10*, Iyer 32*: Henriques into the attack, SINGLE off the first ball. SINGLE. Back of the length by Henriques. FOUR! Mathews scoops the ball over short fine leg. 2 runs towards long on. DOT. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 11:11 PM IST

    DD 127/4 , overs 15, Mathews 3*, Iyer 31*: Rashid Khan into his final over. SINGLE towards backward point. SIX! Iyer slams Rashid over long off. SINGLE Iyer completely misread the ball. SINGLE Mathews nudges the ball towards short fine leg. SIX! Iyer picks Rashid Khan’s googly early. SINGLE to finish the over. 16 runs from it.

  • 11:08 PM IST

    DD 111/4 , overs 14, Mathews 1*, Iyer 18*: Siraj comes back into the attack. OUT! Samson trying to go over the top hands Henriques a simple catch at extra cover. Angelo Mathews is out in the middle. SINGLE towards fine leg. DOT. SINGLE towards mid wicket for Mathews to get off the mark. FOUR to finish the over. IYER must step up his game.

  • 11:00 PM IST

    DD 105/3 , overs 13, Samson 42*, Iyer 13*: Henriques comes back into the attack. Iyer finds the gap quite beautifully. FOUR! SINGLE to bring up the 100 for DD. SINGLE towards mid on fo Samson not quite on the meat of the bat. Good running Samson picks up 2 runs at deep mid wicket. SINGLE. back of the length again. SINGLE to finish the over

  • 10:55 PM IST

    DD 95/3 , overs 12, Samson 40*, Iyer 5*: Rashid Khan is back into the attack. His third over. Iyer starts the over with a SINGLE. SINGLE Samson nudges the ball on the leg side. SINGLE again this time Nair dances down the wicket. DOT. SINGLE at sweeper cover.

  • 10:52 PM IST

    DD 90/3 , overs 12, Samson 38*, Iyer 2*: Siddarth Kaul comes back into the attack. Starts off with a dot ball. Kaul pushes his length back after being much fuller in his first over. Excellent over so far 3 dot balls to begin with. SINGLE towards deep mid wicket. SINGLE, three runs from the over.

  • 10:47 PM IST

    DD 87/3 , overs 10, Samson 31*, Iyer 0*: Yuvraj Singh comes into the attack. Gets smacked for a FOUR by Samson ! OUT! Karun Nair is clearly short of the crease. Bullet throw by Vijay Shankar. Rishabh Pant is the new man. SINGLE. OUT! Pant perishes towards long on into the hands of Warner. Shreyas Iyer is the new man. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 10:39 PM IST

    DD 80/1 , overs 9, Samson 31*, Nair 33*: Rashid Khan into the attack. SINGLE to start the over. SINGLE Nair dabs the ball towards sweeper cover. DOT. Samson fends off Rashid. SINGLE Samson hurries into the shot. SINGLE. Short ball and Nair pulls it towards deep mid wicket. SINGLE to finish the over, 5 from it.

  • 10:37 PM IST

    DD 75/1 , overs 8, Samson 28*, Nair 31*: Moises Henriques into the attack, replaces Rashid. SINGLE towards deep on the leg side. SINGLE towards fine leg. FOUR! Samson flicks the ball off his pads. SINGLE towards mid wicket. DOT. WIDE.SIX Has Nair found his form?

  • 10:32 PM IST

    DD 61/1 , overs 7, Samson 22*, Nair 24* :Siraj into this third over. 2 runs off the first ball towards long off. SINGLE towards backward square leg. DOT. Good length by Siraj full and straight. SINGLE Nair nudges the ball at mid wicket. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 10:28 PM IST

    DD 56/1 , overs 6, Samson 19*, Nair 23* : Rashid Khan is into the attack. FOUR! towards fine leg for Samson. DOT! Some air time for Rashid. SINGLE touch and run for Samson. DOT. Nair fends it straight.FOUR! Nair sweeps Rashid past deep mid wicket.

  • 10:24 PM IST

    DD 47/1 , overs 5, Samson 14*, Nair 19* : Siraj comes back into attack. SIX ! Samson goes over long on. SINGLE towards third man. FOUR! Nair gets it past deep extra cover fielder. DOT. Play and miss, Siraj revving it up. FOUR! Nair hooks the ball over the backward square leg.

  • 10:20 PM IST

    DD 32/1 , overs 4, Samson 7*, Nair 11* : Siddarth Kaul comes into the attack replaces Siraj. DOT to start the over. SIX! Samson launches into KAUL! SINGLE Samson punches the ball towards mid off. Back to back dot ball for Kaul good comeback. DOT to finish the over.

  • 10:16 PM IST

    DD 24/1 , overs 3, Samson 0*, Nair 10 * : Bhuveshwar Kumar into his second over. SINGLE towards third man. FOUR! Nair finds the gap with ease. FOUR! Nair tearing into Kumar. Same shot, same result. SINGLE could have been curtains for Nair. DOT. DOT to finish the over. Samson continues to be on 0.

  • 10:12 PM IST

    DD 15/1 , overs 2, Samson 0*, Nair 1 * : Mohammed Siraj comes on to bowl his first over in IPL. FOUR! Yuvraj Singh drops Billings. FOUR! Billings on fire, boundary towards mid wicket. DOT. FOUR! Billings flicks the ball between deep mid wicket. Siraj is clearly under pressure. OUT! Siraj gets his revenge. Billings hands a simple catch to Deepak Hooda. Karun Nair is in the middle.

  • 10:06 PM IST

    DD 2/0 , over 1, Samson 0*, Billings 1* : Sanju Samson and Sam Billings are out in the middle. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to open the bowling for SRH. Starts off with a dot. SINGLE first runs on the board off a leg-bye. DOT! Good length by Bhuvi. Play and miss by Billings. SINGLE to finish the first over.

  • 9:48 PM IST

    SRH 191/4 , overs 20, Henriques 12*, Hooda 9* : Zaheer Khan to bowl the final over. SINGLE to start the over. SIX! Full toss gets thrown into the stands. SINGLE. Billings takes the ball on one-tip. FOUR! Henriques coming good for SRH. FOUR! Excellent over for SRH.SINGLE to finish the 20th over.

  • 9:43 PM IST

    SRH 174/4 , overs 19, Henriques 2*, Hooda 2* : Morris into his last over. OUT! Dhawan trying to flick the ball gets caught at long leg for 70. OUT! Cleaned him up. Yuvraj fails again. DOT! Deepak Hooda keeps the hat-trick ball away. SINGLE towards extra cover. YORKER! Henriques keeps it out.

  • 9:38 PM IST

    SRH 170/2 , overs 18, Yuvraj 3*, Dhawan 70* : Mathews to continues. SINGLE towards long off. 2-runs GOOD FIELDING by Iyer and Samson. SINGLE towards deep fine leg. SINGLE. SIX! Dhawan slaps Mathews over deep mid wicket. SINGLE to finish the over. 12 runs coming from it.

  • 9:34 PM IST

    SRH 158/2 , overs 17, Yuvraj 1*, Dhawan 60* : Chris Morris is back into the attack.OUT! Shreyas Iyer takes a blinder to send back Kane Williamson. FOUR! Dhawan flicks the ball over the backward square leg. DOT! Morris keeps it full. SINGLE. Dhawan pulls the ball towards Billings for one run. SINGLE as Yuvi gets off the mark. DOT. FOUR! Outside edge produces a boundary

  • 9:27 PM IST

    SRH 148/1 , overs 16, Williamson 89*, Dhawan 51* : Mathews is back into the attack. 2 runs for Williamson at long leg. FOUR! Williamson finds the gap at extra cover.SINGLE towards backward of square leg. SINGLE. Dhawan mistimes the ball completely. FOUR! Williamsoon finding gaps at ease. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 9:23 PM IST
  • 9:22 PM IST

    SRH 135/1 , overs 15, Williamson 77*, Dhawan 50* :Zaheer Khan into this third over. About time that Williamson and Dhawan open their arms. SINGLE to start the over. FOUR! Williamson flicks the ball behind square leg. SINGLE. Mishra could have attempted the catch. SINGLE. FIFTY for Dhawan. 26th half-century for Dhawan. SINGLE to finish the over.

  • 9:14 PM IST

    SRH 127/1 , overs 14, Williamson 71*, Dhawan 48* : Amit Mishra into his third over. FOUR! Dhawan sweeps the ball towards fine leg. SINGLE! Dhawan lobs the ball over the cover. SIX! Williamson displaying his brute strength. DOUBLE this has been a terrific display of running between the wickets. SIX! Willamson slaps the ball over deep mid wicket. DOT to finish.

  • 9:10 PM IST

  • 9:10 PM IST

    SRH 108/1 , overs 13, Williamson 57*, Dhawan 43* : Cummins into his final over. SINGLE to start the over. 150kmph! Cummins ripping it up. FOUR! Williamson goes over the bowler. Cummins is clearly under pressure. NO-BALL! COUPLE off runs on the free-hit for Williamson. DOT Cummins throws it just outside off.

SRH are at No. 3, DD at No. 4 in IP 10 points table © AFP
SRH are at No. 3, DD at No. 4 in IP 10 points table © AFP

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket blog and updates’ post of Match No. 21 of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 between Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Delhi Daredevils (DD). The match will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad. SRH are currently at the No. 3 spot in the IPL 10 points table while DD are closely following them at No. 4. With a better net runrate, DD will climb up one spot to No. 3 if they win it. SRH will get to the second position leaving Mumbai Indians (MI) as they have a better runrate if they win the match. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD, Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Daredevils – Match 21

SRH will have the home advantage and will be confident as they defeated Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) in their last game. Skipper David Warner is in a terrific form, leading the team from front while the likes of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Rashid Khan are team’s mainstay in bowling. However, they might consider bringing back Ashish Nehra, whom they had replaced with Barinder Sran, who failed to pick up any wicket after being given a chance in the last match. Defeating SRH at their home will be a big challenge for DD.

Delhi, on the other hand, have been producing commendable performances consistently, making them one of the strongest contenders to make it to the playoffs. DD’s bowling is being touted as one of the strongest this IPL season. The likes of Zaheer Khan, Pat Cummins have been consistent with wickets while Rishabh Pant has been impressive with the bat.


Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Moises Henriques, Yuvraj Singh, Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha (wk), Ben Cutting, Bipul Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Ashish Nehra, Ricky Bhui, Kane Williamson, Siddarth Kaul, Abhimanyu Mithun, Mustafizur Rahman, Barinder Sran, Vijay Shankar, Chris Jordan, Mohammad Nabi, Eklavya Dwivedi, Pravin Tambe, Ben Laughlin, Tanmay Agarwal, Mohammed Siraj.

Delhi Daredevils: Zaheer Khan (c), Mohammed Shami, Shahbaz Nadeem, Mayank Agarwal, Jayant Yadav, Amit Mishra, Sam Billings (wk), Sanju Samson (wk), Chris Morris, Carlos Brathwaite, Karun Nair, Chama Milind, Syed Khaleel Ahmed, Pratyush Singh, Aditya Tare (wk), Ankit Bawne, Pat Cummins, Kagiso Rabada,  Navdeep Saini, Murugan Ashwin, Shashank Singh, Corey Anderson, Rishabh Pant (wk).