Madhav Apte(L) with former India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar © PTI
Madhav Apte(L) with former India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar © PTI

Madhav Apte, former India opener and president of Cricket Club of India (CCI), said that that he found the Lodha Committee report to be ‘absurd’. CCI is the founder member of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI),   and the committee in its report proposed to consign it as just an associate member taking away the voting rights from the mentioned as a part of the reformation process. The proposal seems to have upset both the former and the current president of the association and left both of them clueless about how this act can stop the corruption within the board, as expressed by the two. READ: Lodha Panel wants cricket stadiums to be used for hockey, tennis

Apte said, “I am not a contender for any place, either in the team or for profit and hence I can afford to say what I feel about the report. It’s (report) absurd because it doesn’t take into account reality. When you are a member of the BCCI, right, wrong or otherwise, be it the CCI or the National Cricket Club, Kolkata, they are two independent clubs and BCCI members. How can you suddenly say that they don’t have the right to vote, etc. There is no logic in saying that Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vidarbha can play in the Ranji Trophy, but the three together will be allowed only one vote. You are allowed to take part in a national tournament and not allowed a vote,” READ: Lodha Committee recommendations to Supreme Court on Indian cricket: All you need to know

He also added, “What does it achieve? I think the whole report seems to be quite absurd and impractical. What’s the purpose of not recognising CCI’s overall contribution to the development of Indian cricket. It’s erasing history and for what purpose.”

Talking about the Brabourne stadium, the 83-year-old said, “It was a Test match venue for decades, the BCCI’s first office was there and Bombay (Mumbai) Cricket Association also came into existence there. I cannot understand the logic behind it. How does this (withdrawing voting rights to the CCI and NCC) solve the alleged corruption in IPL. I would like to repeat, it’s all absurd.’’ READ: Mumbai Cricket Association concerned with recommendations of Lodha Committee

More came from Kekoo Nicholson, as he mentioned that the club is planning to appeal against the decision. “The CCI is the soul of Indian cricket; it’s Indian cricket’s birth place. Virtually all the BCCI tournaments, including Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, IPL, Test matches and ODIs, Twenty20 Internationals, the ICC Champions Trophy, warm-up games and practice nets have taken place at the CCI. “Even the MCA’s Kanga league and club tournaments are played here. We have also staged the ICC Women’s World Cup matches. The CCI has taken pride in giving everything to the cricketers,” Nicholson said.