Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza – who have completed 12 years together are one of the most popular sporting couples in the world. Revealing that he was not concerned about the strained relationship the two nations share, Malik has finally opened up on his marriage with Sania. Malik said it is not the nationality but love that matters when one is getting married

“No, not at all. In a marriage, you don’t concern yourself with where your partner is from or what is going on between the countries or in politics. That is not our domain. If you love someone and get married to that person that should be all that matters, regardless of which country you come from. On a wider point, I have many friends who are Indian and I don’t find anything strained because of the relationship between the two countries. I am a cricketer, not a politician,” he said.

Malik, who has been unable to meet his wife and his kid, has finally got permission to catch up with them in England. During the lockdown, Malik was in Pakistan and Sania was in India. Malik is set to miss four weeks of training.

“Unlike the rest of us, Shoaib Malik has not seen his immediate family for nearly five months due to his commitments and the subsequent international travel bans following the Covid-19 pandemic. As travel restrictions are now slowly easing out and there is an opportunity for a family reunion, it is appropriate that at a human level we show compassion as part of our duty of care and respect Shoaib’s request,” Wasim Khan, PCB’s CEO, said on Saturday.