Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi took the car accident bravely: Robin Waters

Robin Waters said Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi was a great humble man and he became a stronger captain after the accident

By CricketCountry Staff

Dublin: Sept 27, 2011

Robin Waters, the former Oxford University player, in whose car Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi met with an accident, revealed that the Tiger never complained about the tragedy, but accepted took it bravely.

Recalling the accident, Waters said, “When I was driving the car, some bigger car tried to cut the corner and hit on our car. It was no fault of mine. The driver of the other car was responsible for the accident. Pataudi was bleeding and for a while was made to rest at Queen Victoria Statue nearby. I remember the words “Empress of India” were written on the Statue.

“I think Pataudi was a King of India. He took the tragedy bravely.”

“Pataudi returned to India after the accident and I returned to Ireland. There was no communication between us. But, yes, once he came with the Indian team to Ireland and knowing I live here in Dublin, invited me to a team dinner. We chatted for long. Pataudi never complained about the incident. He also said to forget about the accident as it had just happened and it was in his destiny to lose the eye.”

“Pataudi was a great humble man. He became a stronger captain after the accident,” Waters concluded.