Matt Prior    Getty Images
Matt Prior was the target of Kevin Pietersen’s ire in his recent interview Getty Images

Oct 6, 2014

England wicketkeeper Matt Prior took to Twitter to lash out against Kevin Pietersen’s “bullying” comments which the latter made in a tell-all interview ahead of the launch of his highly-awaited autobiography.


While he started off on a light note, Prior followed up the Tweet with a more sober one in which he said that he was sad to see the accusations being made against him. Prior also promised to reply to what Pietersen said against him, but also said that it was neither the time nor the place to do so.



The bad blood between Prior and Pietersen was further fuelled when Pietersen said of him, “I went after Prior and said Prior shouldn t be in that side because he s a bad influence, a negative influence he picks on players. He s back-stabbing, he s horrendous, he s bad for the environment.

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