MCA gears up to improve Mumbai cricket

The Chandrakant Pandit chaired Cricket Improvement Committee are trying to put in a collective effort to sort out issues at ground level

By CricketCountry Staff

Mumbai: Sep 17, 2011

The Cricket Improvement Committee (CIC) of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) seems to have sprung back to life after being dormant over the years. Under the chairmanship of Chandrakant Pandit, the committee is going all-out to sort issues at ground level in order to improve standard of cricket in Mumbai.

The committee that took shape under Sharad Pawar the then president of MCA in 2001, came to life in order to justify its existence.

“There was a second meeting, in which we called all the selectors and coaches appointed by us and gave them the guidelines under which they should work,” Pandit told TOI on Thursday.

“We wanted to assess the condition of the grounds before the cricket season begins. The monsoons have overstayed this year and that has affected the grounds in an adverse way. The Kanga League couldn’t be played at all. The grass is taller than usual, and needs to be cut. I had a healthy discussion with members of the maidan committee, and we are trying to put in a collective effort to make the grounds better, and to work out ways in which we can do it in the best way possible. Basically, much depends on the weather,” informed Pandit, before adding: “We will make another visit in a fortnight to check the state of the grounds at that stage,” said Pandit.

“We expressed our concerns to Pandit, and apprised him of the various problems engulfing the maidans of Mumbai. We want the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) to write to the government that we will ourselves take care of the Azad and Cross maidans. We want to ensure good outfields, clean drinking water and temporary toilet facilities for the players. The government should ensure that grounds should be restored to their original shape after the politicians and various religious groups use it for their purposes,” said committee chief Nadeem Memon.