MCC backs inclusion of T20 cricket in Olympics

Roger Miles believes China should be playing cricket in the World Cup and Olympics Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Aug 17, 2012

Marylebone Cricket Club backed the inclusion of Twenty20 cricket in Olympics.

The concept of an Olympic cricket competition, along with the global use of the Decision Review System (DRS) and pink balls for day/night Test matches, was discussed at a presentation in the meeting.

The panel included former England captain Michael Vaughan and captain of the England women’s team Charlotte Edwards.

“The committee subsequently discussed the possibilities of cricket becoming an Olympic sport and believes this may be an important route for developing the game around the world and particularly in China,” a statement read.

“I can totally imagine cricket as an Olympic sport,” said Rodney Miles, the former chairman of the Hong Kong Cricket Club, was quoted as saying by BBC.

He added, “The president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, has said he wants cricket in the Olympics. He makes the obvious connection that it is a huge televised worldwide sport. Logically, why isn’t it part of the Games?”

Rogge had offered his support for the inclusion of a shorter form of the game in June 2011, a year after the IOC recognised the International Cricket Council (ICC) as an official global sporting body.

“We would welcome an application,” Rogge had said.

“It’s an important, popular sport and very powerful on television. It’s a sport with a great tradition,” he added.

Haroon Logart had also voiced his opinion about the inclusion of cricket in Olympics.

“We have never had a format that would lend itself to playing in the Olympics until Twenty20 came to the fore. We are starting to have a look at that,” Lorgat had said in January.

Miles had said it would be tough to include a sport like cricket since only 10 countries play the sport.

“It’s natural to think of this after London 2012. It would be a way of broadening the sport internationally so more countries play.

We’ve got to get, like football, 32 countries participating, and China would qualify easily. Cricket is a world sport, not just for 10,” Miles said.

“In China cricket is seen by many as a minority sport, which is what you have to overcome, hence the Olympics. That’s the issue, to get more people to watch and understand the game,” he added.

“Why are they not in the World Cup or the Olympics? They should be there. That’s what life’s about for sportspeople,” he concluded.