As the IPL season gets ready to turn a new chapter in UAE, the excitement among fans is palpable on social media. As expected, there is a massive fanfare already despite the pandemic. It would be a blockbuster to get things underway in Abu Dhabi as defending champions Mumbai Indians would lock horns with the Chennai Super Kings in what is expected to be a mouthwatering clash.

Here are six cricket related shows you can watch over the weekend on OTT platforms.

‘Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians’ – Netflix

In this series, you get a sneak peek into the Mumbai Indians world and understand how it works and the brains going behind the success of the most successful franchise in the history of IPL.

‘Roar of The Lion’ Chennai Super Kings – Hotstar

The documentary is emotional as it deals with the return of the Chennai Super Kings – who was suspended from the IPL. It gives a glimpse of the talismanic status of MS Dhoni and how even he gets emotional. This one would give CSK fans goosebumps!

‘Inside Edge’ – Amazon Prime

The series on Amazon Prime gives fans a glimpse of the dynamics of IPL and how the betting world works where bets are placed not just on matches but on deliveries. The show was very much based on the infamous match-fixing.

‘Selection Day’ – Netflix

This is a gripping tale of a Mumbai-born aspiring cricketer and his struggles. It shows us to what lengths can a father go to make his son play cricket for the state.

‘The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team’ – Amazon Prime

This documentary shows fans a glimpse into the world of Cricket Australia after Steve Smith, Justin Langer was suspended from the game for ball-tampering.

Breakfast With Champions

This is a show presented exclusively by anchor Gaurav Kapur where he interviews cricketers in a light session over breakfast.