Michael Clarke wrong to say outcome of Ashes 2013 won't define him, says Matthew Hayden

Michael Clarke said that his team’s failure against England won’t define his career © Getty Images

Aug 21, 2013

Former cricketer Matthew Hayden thinks Australia captain Michael Clarke is wrong on his part to say before the Ashes 2013 that the outcome of the series won’t define him.

Hayden believes that a captain is as much accountable as the others in the national team and Clarke’s statement before the start of the series doesn’t sound well, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Australia have lost the Ashes for the third consecutive time and their woes on many fronts — especially batting department — continues to worry their fans and media.

Hayden told ‘The Back Page’ program on Fox Sports, “We’re forgetting the one element here that we’re not actually looking at and that is Michael Clarke’s leadership. Michael Clarke came in ahead of the Ashes and said, ‘I won’t be defined by the Ashes series’. Well, I’m sorry Michael, but the reality is mate, you’re the captain of Australia.”

Clarke said that his team’s failure against England won’t define his career.

“Unfortunately, there’s times you don’t make runs, the team doesn’t win and the captain is accountable for that. I completely understand that. But I don’t feel like this will be the make or break of my legacy as an Australian cricketer,” Clarke was quoted as saying by the Australian Associated Press.

“I feel that the legacy you leave as a cricketer is what you do through your career —the ups and downs, the journey along the way. I understand the perception, especially as captain, that if you have success here, you might get recognised as a better captain than if you fail. But because we win this series, I don’t automatically become a good captain. I don’t think that’s right,” he said.

Clarke added, “… I’m no more disappointed if we lose the first Test against England than if we lose the first Test against South Africa or India. And the excitement when we win will be no different.”