Mitchell Marsh scored his maiden Test ton at Perth    Getty Images
Mitchell Marsh scored his maiden Test ton at Perth Getty Images

Recording a maiden ton is special, but scoring a hundred in an Ashes Test holds a special place for English and Australian cricketers. Mitchell Marsh managed to achieve both in the same match. He achieved this feat in the third Ashes Test underway at Perth.

Mitchell who is making a comeback in the Test arena, answered his critics quite amicably. After he scored his hundred the crowd was met with a exultant celebration.

Speaking on his celebration to Mark Nicholas, Mitchell said: “I took it one ball at a time, was a bit emotional coming after 22 Tests.”

He further elaborated it in his post-match conference, “It genuinely was pure elation. I didn’t feel too nervous in the nineties. It was a weird feeling. Any time you’re in the nineties as a batsman you can’t not think about making a hundred. I just tried to focus on the ball as hard as I could.”

It was a great day for Mitchell as Perth is his home-ground and to top it off, his father Geoff Marsh was seated in the galleries.

On his comeback

“It’s an amazing feeling right now after eight months of hard work. I felt like my hard work in the off-season started in the first game for WA… I could feel that my game had changed from the last time I played cricket for Australia.”

Australia are currently 549 for 4, with a lead of 146 over England.

Speaking on the match, Mitchell said: “Anytime you spend 140 overs in the dirt, it is hard work and you walk off the ground tired and sore,” Marsh said. “I’m not sure if we have broken their spirit but we’ve put ourselves in a good position to win this match. The longer we bat, the more the cracks will come into play. There is a big crack going down the middle stump from the bottom end. Hopefully we can bat well tomorrow and the cracks will come into play.”