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Reg Dickason believes there is no such fear to Muslim players Moeen Ali (left) and Adil Rashid, in India Getty Images

England‘s security advisor, Reg Dickason has said that there is no potential security threat to England’s two Muslim players in the form of Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid in India, after Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar decided to withdraw from officiating in the tour, considering the intense political scenario between the two neighboring countries. Although Dar was not scheduled to officiate in the tour, the withdrawal must have been a pragmatic decision, as he also pulled out of the India vs South Africa ODI series in 2015 due to potential threats. Neverhteless, Dickason believes there is no such fear to the Muslim players. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs England, 1st Test at Rajkot

“We have no real concerns but we’re certainly aware of the issues Aleem Dar has. I know it was reported that he wasn’t going, that he’d been pulled out, but according to the ICC he’s just been rostered at another event. But Shiv Sena had some issues with Aleem there and went to the BCCI offices. So we’re certainly aware of that but we don’t expect any real issues. I’ve spoken to him and Adil and they seem ok to me. They haven’t expressed any doubts to me. It’ll be similar to Bangladesh but a different layout. It was very overt here and it won’t be as overt in India,” said Dickason, reported

“The road clearances that we got here that are usually reserved for heads of state we probably won’t get in India. But we’ll get adequate transit protection. The BCCI get a host-city security plan which is a generic issue from a master security plan which is put across the whole event. There will be some subtle differences but it won’t be too many. It’s certainly much better if the group stays as a group. Then we can concentrate the security resources on the group rather than people star bursting,” he concluded.