Moeen Ali said Australia's crowd for Ashes was disappointing © Getty Images
Moeen Ali said Australia’s crowd for Ashes was disappointing © Getty Images

With the introduction of fast-paced T20 format, a lot of cricketers and enthusiasts of the sport have expressed their concern for Test cricket. Lack of interest for turning up for the orthodox, longest format is evident and Moeen Ali feels the crowd-presence in Australia during Ashes was highly disappointing. Though Moeen believes the Ashes crowd was smaller than that of BBL, records contradict his claims, putting him in a false situation.

“It’s been a worry for a while but Australia really opened my eyes. I found it disappointing. I feared (for the future) in the Ashes, actually. The crowds were quite disappointing in general. There were a couple of days — Boxing Day, the first day of the series — but even when they won the Ashes there weren’t that many people celebrating. That’s when I thought, ‘Actually, we’re struggling a bit’. We’re very lucky in England — after being all around the world and seeing the crowds everywhere else, we’ve got the best fans, we’ve got full houses most of the time. But I think the Big Bash had bigger crowds than the Ashes. That’s great for T20 but for Test matches it’s a massive worry,” Moeen told Fox Sports.

However, numbers show that 866,732 people attended Ashes this year, a record second-highest for Australia.

“To have had more than 865,000 people attend the Ashes Series, the highest attendance since the 1936-37 Ashes, and millions more tune in to broadcasts around the country, demonstrates the enthusiasm the Australian public continues to have for Test cricket,” James Sutherland had revealed after Ashes.