Moeen Ali was sledged by Australia spectators    Getty Images
Moeen Ali was sledged by Australia spectators Getty Images

From cricketers to spectators, everyone gets charged up during England and Australia‘s eternal rivalry during The Ashes, which has seen a long history of sledging. However, during the ongoing 2017-18 season, Moeen Ali faced some harsh comments while fielding.

Somebody asked me what time my kebab shop opened, but that is about it, Moeen told Fox Sports about the incident. Moeen is not disturbed by the incident and seems have moved on. From the crowd you get quite a bit. You get some good ones and you get some not so good guys … but you take it on the chin, he said.

Australia have also been chirpy, as per Moeen.

One of the players asked if I was batting one place too high. I said I was actually two spots too high … but it went straight over his head. As much as sometimes you feel you want to, you can t afford to do that. I just like to get on with my own game, and it doesn t faze me whatsoever.

Moeen is rather concerned about his bowling, which has not been as successful as was expected.

You feel like you ve let the team down, and the captain down especially. Lyon is bowling so well everything, the revs, the areas he s bowling … he s just bowled the best I ve seen him bowl. The hardest thing is you try to compare yourself to that, and then you try even harder.