Mohammad Azharuddin Picks India’s Future Test Captain, Says He Is Our No 1 Player In All Formats Ahead of Virat Kohli

Former India skipper Mohammad Azharuddin feels that Rohit Sharma is currently India's best all-format player and there is no reason why he shouldn't be the captain of the team.

New Delhi: Former India skipper Mohammad Azharuddin made a big statement on Tuesday by saying that India’s No 1 player in all formats is Rohit Sharma and he doesn’t see any problem why he can’t be made the Test captain after Virat Kohli stepped down from his role.

The former India captain also went on to add that the immediate future needs to be looked at and not what will happen in five-six years, in a way answering all the critics who had put a question-mark on handing over the captaincy to Rohit citing his age.

“If he is your no.1 player in all formats, then what is the problem? I feel seeing 5-6 years ahead is a long time. You should definitely look forward but need to see immediately as well. Just to look forward, you cannot give to an inexperienced player, which might cause a problem.

“I feel Rohit Sharma is a good player and can be a very good captain. Whatever experience I have and whatever cricket I have played, I feel the captaincy should be given to Rohit only. He might play cricket for another two or three years, he might play more as well but his fitness will be very important because his hamstring becomes weak repeatedly,” Azharuddin was quoted as saying by India News.

Azharuddin reckoned that Rohit’s presence in the Test series could have made a huge difference in South Africa.

“His absence in this Test series also became an advantage for South Africa because he is an attacking player, plays in an attacking fashion as an opener as well,” he said.

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