Mohammad Hafeez is confident of getting his bowling action cleared    Getty Images
Mohammad Hafeez is confident of getting his bowling action cleared Getty Images

Karachi: Senior cricketer Mohammad Hafeez today brushed off a statement by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar Khan that his future in the national team depends upon his clearing the ICC bowling assessment test. Hafeez, who returned to Karachi after giving the test in Brisbane, told the media that he was confident of reviving his international career even if he cannot bowl again. “I am not looking to revive my international career by clearing this bowling test. My batting statistics speak for themselves. I just want to satisfy the bowler inside me after clearing this test,” he said. Live Cricket Scores, New Zealand vs Pakistan, 1st Test, Christchurch.

A reporter reminded him about a statement given by Shaharyar Khan few days back that if Hafeez fails to clear the bowling test he would find it difficult to find a place in the national team.

“I pray and wish the Chairman a return to health so that he can continue to serve Pakistan cricket. I do not know what he said exactly but I firmly believe that nothing happens with just statements. I am playing cricket and once you cross the boundary ropes that is where the real test begins. If I can perform and do well on the field that is good enough for me. What anyone says does not make a difference.” READ: Mohammad Hafeez: Confident of clearing bowling action test

He also said he was confident of clearing the ICC biomechanical test since he was just an off-break bowler and did not bowl the doosra or other deliveries.

“I have tried to bowl with variety and I stick to bowling off-spin. I have remodelled my bowling action. The repetition I have added to my new action will make it as effective,” he said.

Hafeez, who has served as a national T20 captain, did not feel that his future as a Pakistan player was tied to his clearing the bowling test.

“I personally have enjoyed the role of being an all-rounder as my bowling gives more options to our team but my strength has always been my batting so I just focus on that a lot to get back into the national side. I know I can justify my place in the team on basis of my batting alone but if I can bowl again it would be a bonus for me and the team,” he added.