Mohammad Kaif, Shahid Afridi
Mohammad Kaif (left) and Shahid Afridi AFP

Mohammad Kaif joined the bandwagon of Indian cricketers slamming Shahid Afridi for his controversial tweet on Kashmir. The former Pakistani cricketer had recently expressed his grief on bloodshed in “Indian Occupied Kashmir”. Afridi had tweeted, ” Appalling and worrisome situation ongoing in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. Innocents being shot down by oppressive regime to clamp voice of self determination & independence. Wonder where is the @UN & other int bodies & why aren’t they making efforts to stop this bloodshed?

He received a backlash from Indian cricketers for calling the land “India Occupied” and calling for its independence from the “oppressive” regime.

Gautam Gambhir was among the first to react. He had tweeted: “Media called me for reaction on @SAfridiOfficial tweet on OUR Kashmir & @UN. What s there to say? Afridi is only looking for @UN which in his retarded dictionary means UNDER NINTEEN his age bracket. Media can relax, @SAfridiOfficial is celebrating a dismissal off a no- ball!!!”

Afridi in response had tweeted his picture with Indian flag:

Kaif took a dig at Afridi stating that the all-rounder would not have made this comment if Pakistanis were allowed to play in the IPL. Kaif wrote, “Paisa bolta hai (Money speaks). Can’t imagine Afridi making these comments if Pakistani players were still playing in IPL. Rather, what’s needed to be commended foremost is the reason because of which Pakistani players are not allowed to play in the IPL – Infiltration from Pakistani terrorists and Pakistan’s support to separatists. We wish peace and love but peace is a two way process (sic).”

Earlier, Virat Kohli had said, “As an Indian you want to express what is best for your nation and my interests are always for the benefit of our nation. If anything opposes it, I would never support it for sure. , Kohli told reporters. But having said that, it s a very personal choice for someone to comment about certain issues. Unless I have total knowledge of the issues and the intricacies of it I don t engage in it but definitely, your priority stays with your nation.

Kapil Dev, when asked about Afridi’s comments, shot back, Who is he? Why are we giving importance to him? We should not be giving importance to certain people.

Even the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, showed little reservations in letting know his displeasure.

“We have got capable people to manage & run our country. No outsider needs to know or tell us what we need to do,” Tendulkar said.

Kashmir has been the principal matter of dispute and reason for strained relationship between India and Pakistan since their respective independence in 1947.