Mohammad Shami was recently ruled out of India's tour of Australia 2015-16 due to a hamstring injury © Getty Images
Mohammad Shami was recently ruled out of India’s tour of Australia 2015-16 due to a hamstring injury © Getty Images

Mohammed Shami’s father Tauseef Ahmad has claimed that his family is in danger after Shami’s brother Mohammed Haseeb was accused of allegedly ‘assaulting’ police officers. Tauseef went on to say that the issue of cow slaughter was being used to target them. He added,“My son was not even present there at the time of the incident and had reached the site only much later. He (Haseeb) was just an onlooker like so many others who had gathered there. He was unnecessarily dragged into the controversy. It is just that a few persons are nurturing enmity with our family because of the publicity we have got after Shami started playing for team India.” READ: Mohammed Shami out of India vs Australia 2015-16 series, Bhuvneshwar Kumar called as replacement

According to, Shami’s father said,“ I had reported the issue to the DM in this regard a month ago. This [the arrest] is the result of that. A term like ‘cow slaughter’ is being used to target us.”

Amroha district magistrate Ved Prakash said that Tauseef had approached him a while back but the latter did not reveal the identity of the person who was threatening his family.

On Thursday afternoon, Didoli police station’s station officer, Praveen Kumar, got information regarding a person wanted in a case of cow slaughter. When the team led by Kumar went to arrest the man, Haseeb allegedly prevented the police from doing their job and got into a scuffle with sub-inspector Pradeep Bhardwaj, tearing the latter’s uniform. After the accused fled the scene, police arrested and filed charges against Haseeb.