Batting legend Sunil Gavaskar believes there is a higher chance of the city of Lahore seeing snowfall than a bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan. The two countries have not faced each other in a bilateral cricket series since 2012-13 even though India and Pakistan continue to meet in ICC events.

As the world faces the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, former pacer Shoaib Akhtar had proposed a series between India and Pakistan for charity purposed, backed by Shahid Afridi. But many cricketing legends including the great Kapil Dev, India’s World Cup winning captain, played down the idea quite vehemently. As far as the possibility of these two teams playing each other outside an ICC event, even on a neutral venue is concerned, Gavaskar summed the situation up in his quirky manner.

“There are more chances of snowfall in Lahore than bilateral series between India and Pakistan. Both teams will keep on meeting in World Cups and ICC tournaments, but a series between them seem unlikely right now,” Gavaskar told Ramiz Raja during a video interview.

On the declining popularity of Test cricket, Gavaskar felt that as long as players like Steve Smith and Virat Kohli continue giving importance to the format, no harm is likely to occur.

“The good thing is that players such as Virat Kohli, Steve Smith such greats of the game have also voiced out the importance of Test cricket. So as long as this attitude exists, I don’t think Test cricket can go anywhere,” Gavaskar said.

“I understand that Test matches do not possess the excitement or thrill of a T20, but players like Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon have become famous through Tests and not T20s. No one can remember a great T20 game as quickly as recounting a Test classic. And that I feel is the beauty of the format.”

On the World Test Championship, Gavaskar feels the format going ahead for the next few editions should be altered. Giving example of the format of last year’s World Cup where all teams faced each other, Gavaskar believes the World Test Championship should follow a similar same pattern.

“I see why the current format exists. Each board wants to play as much international cricket and possible and fair enough, it should be done. But I would rather see the World Test Championship have a more open pattern,” he pointed out. “Last year’s World Cup I believe was the best World Cup because all ten teams faced the other nine. The WTC should have a similar format; only then can we actually see the top two teams battle it out for the crown.”