‘More Money, Less Wear And Tear on Body’ – Daren Ganga Explains Why Cricketers Are becoming T20 Specialists
Daren Ganga (© AFP)

Daren Ganga reckons more rewards with less effort is the biggest reason why more professional cricketers are focusing on becoming T20 specialists these days.

With new T20 leagues springing up every year, professional cricketers are spoilt with choices.

“Human instinct will tell you that if that opportunity (to) earn 10 times the amount of money by putting 10 times less wear and tear on your body, that’s the decision that you will make without batting an eyelid,” he said during Wisden and CricViz’s The Greatest T20 podcast.

“That is what I think has been the case with a lot of cricketers, not only in the West Indies but across the globe,” he added.

The presence of options throughout the year has resulted in cricketers no longer dependent on making a good living by playing for national team only.

“With T20 cricket you realise that it’s not just about playing T20Is for your national team,” the 41-year-old said.

“There are so many opportunities for players now. Players who don’t even go on to play international cricket, they’re playing in T20 franchise competitions all across the globe and making a living out of it,” he said.

The biggest example of this is West Indies which has seen several of its cricketers including the likes of Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, Andre Russell among others playing in T20 leagues across the globe and are a big draw.

Ganga, who played 48 Tests, 35 ODIs and one T20I during his international career, feels that those who have found success playing the shortest format would have been as succesful in other formats too.

“Like anything else in life, if you dedicate your time, your resources, and you train with a unity of focus in something, you would be able to achieve a fair amount of success,” he said. “So if there wasn’t T20 cricket, I still think a guy like Andre Russell or Sunil Narine would have played international cricket for the West Indies, in the 50-over format and even in Test cricket as well. Their focus would have shifted in that area.”