Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni could find himself in trouble after tonight’s game against Punjab Kings. Dhoni was fined Rs 12 lakh for a slow-over rate during CSK’s season opener against Delhi Capitals. Now, Dhoni has to be cautious in order to avoid getting banned for two or four IPL games. Prior to the tournament, the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) gave instructions to all the eight franchises about the maximum limit of 90 minutes for bowling 20 overs in an innings.

As per the IPL Code of Conduct, violating the rule for the first time would mean docking of Rs 12 lakh and if it happens again within the next couple of games, then the captain could face a harsh penalty. The game ban decision will rest with the match referee who will take the final call.

Dhoni and Co have to realise the consequences ahead of tonight’s game so that they do not exceed the time limit.

According to Clause 12.7.3:

1. The time lost as a result of treatment given to a player by authorized medical personnel on the field of play

2. The time lost as a result of a player being required to leave the field as a result of a serious injury

3. The time is taken for all third umpire referrals, consultations, and any umpire or player reviews

4. The time lost as a result of time-wasting by the batting side

5. The time lost due to all other circumstances that are beyond the control of the fielding side

(As per

Chennai Super Kings would like to bounce back with a win after losing their season opener against Delhi Capitals. Dhoni would once again be a key member of the CSK side.

Punjab Kings – who lost their opener will also be determined to register their first win of the season.