MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni said owning the racing team was a dream come true for him as the project is quite close to his heart PTI

Mumbai: Nov 8, 2012

After making its debut in the 600cc class of the FIM World Superbike Championship this year, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team is now considering entering other categories like Sport and Supersport.

“We will have to chalk out a plan because there are three categories, Sport Supersport and Superbike. We will see how it goes. Definitely it’s and option for us,” Dhoni told reporters last night.

The team rechristened itself as Mahi Racing Team India.

It was earlier called MSD R-N Rcing Team India.

On the name change, Dhoni said, “We thought MSD R-N was quite a big name. There were some other reasons also. So we thought let’s keep it sweet and simple to Mahi Racing Team India.”

He further said they will be opening two riding schools based out of Greater Noida and Sriperambudur.

“I would lie if I said I dreamt about opening a riding school. Opening a riding school definitely wasn’t the agenda.

But now we are in a position to do it,” he said.

Despite its entry midway into the season, the team put up a strong performance, peaking at the final race at Magny Cours, France with its rider Dan Linfoot pulling off a podium finish.

“There is nothing like Midas touch. It is all about the team. You need to have a good team. You need people to perform on the field. the same applies to the racing. You need to have good riders, good team, good technical support. Racing is something where technical assistance is very important apart from the drivers skill,” he explained.

“Riding a bike was a dream but I still cannot ride a bike at this level. We would like the team to do well. There is a mix of talent there are young drivers and there are experienced drivers,” Dhoni said.

“The team is good and they are getting good support. we are expecting to finish well next year. I don’t want to pressurise anyone that we want to be the top team or the top two or top three. We want good preparation to the guys. As I say in cricket, it is not the result but the process and preparation is important,” he added.

Dhoni said owning the team was a dream come true for him as the project is quite close to his heart.

“This racing team is like a dream come true. I never expected or wanted to do anything like this. But the opportunity came up and I said let’s do something and bring this sport to India.

“Last couple of years yew have have had formula-1 but biking was an aspect that was lacking. India is among the biggest two wheeler selling market in the world. It gives an opportunity to youngsters to show their skills but at the same time not be rash on roads,” he said.

“When the project popped up, we were in Australia at that point of time and the race was supposed to happen in Phillip Islands. As everyone knows, people call me a bike freak, because of my love for the bikes. And when the opportunity for me to get into something which was pretty new to be, when it comes to taking it as a project but it was something that was very close to my heart,” he added.