MS Dhoni should not lead India in all three formats: Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly suggests the idea of ‘split captaincy’ for the Indian team PTI

New Delhi: Dec 9, 2012

Former skipper Sourav Ganguly on Sunday endorsed the idea of “split captaincy” and said Mahendra Singh Dhoni should not be leading the Indian cricket team in all formats.

“I am not saying just ship him off all the formats of the game because India are going into a transition phase and building a new team.

“Sit with Dhoni and ask him what form of cricket he wants to captain. He has done a lot of good things for Indian cricket, but at the present moment, I am just fearing that we will lose him as a player if he continues like this,” Ganguly said with a note of caution.

Despite having lost six out of the last seven Tests against England, Ganguly chose not to be too harsh on Dhoni.

“Keeping is never easy and when you have a bowling attack like ours, which has not performed over a period of time. You keep for hours and then you captain the side and you come out and bat at no. 7.

“So it’s never easy for for Dhoni and I’m a firm believer that his job has to be split and he needs a reprieve in some format,” Ganguly told ‘Headlines Today’.